The best RV thermostat

Best RV Thermostat

Updated on May 13th, 2024

An RV thermostat monitors the unit’s interior ambient temperature and “tells” the heating and cooling systems to turn on or off so the RV maintains the set temperature you select.

RV thermostats operate on a 12-volt DC system, where a residential unit works on around a 27-volt AC system, so they are not interchangeable. Sensors within the thermostat flip a switch when it reaches a trigger temp, so its location within your RV is critical for overall heating or cooling comfort.

Common Reasons You Need an RV Thermostat

To keep the RV at the temperature you desire. Without a thermostat, you’d have to manually operate the air conditioner or a space heater to control the temperature.

A thermostat will maintain a setting without supervision, so you can leave the RV and come back to a warm or cool environment.

To prevent waste of propane or electricity. Some heaters or air conditioners will run continually, using up power, until you shut them off.

Smart thermometers allow you to monitor your RV from your phone so you can be alerted to malfunctions. These thermometers can give you peace-of-mind when you leave the RV for extended lengths of time.

To replace a broken or outdated model. Old thermostats can malfunction and set off the air conditioner or heater when it isn’t necessary, leading to too cold or hot RV interiors and a waste of energy.

Common Benefits for Using an RV Thermostat

Using an RV thermostat

Maintains the RV interior temperature without you having to always open or shut windows or manually adjust the air conditioner or heater settings.

Saves money on electricity charges or propane fills, as it turns off the heating or cooling when it’s not needed. Running out of propane gas in the midst of a cold night due to a malfunctioning thermostat that won’t shut down the furnace is an all-to-common problem RVers hate.

A constant temperature is more comfortable for RV occupants. Grabbing for a fan or blankets off and on all day is annoying.

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Will maintain the interior temperature even when you’re not in the RV. Knowing your RV is safely cool or warm allows you to leave pets while running errands or seeing some sights.

Many offer fault control, which will turn off the system if it senses a dangerous issue like wiring getting too hot or a stuck sensor that won’t switch as it should.

Top Brands With a Strong Reputation

Coleman RV Thermostats come in both digital or manual versions to match existing or new RV heating and cooling systems.

Dometic is an industry leader for reliable and tech-advanced RV thermostats that can replace an original model or upgrade to an easier-to-read and program digital model.

Best RV Thermostat

The below are our recommendations for the top RV thermostats.

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