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11 RV Brands That Have the Best Resale Value (And Why)

Updated on May 26th, 2024

Are you wondering how to get the most out of your RV when it’s time to sell or trade it in? The way you treat and maintain your RV certainly plays a crucial role, but the brand you choose can make a significant difference, too.

Resale value isn’t just about maintenance; it’s also deeply rooted in the construction quality and features of the RV. You need to trust that the manufacturer has adhered to government specifications and built your RV with care and precision.

When you select an RV brand, you can have a better chance of resale if you select the RV with the highest resale value. Listed are twelve of the top RVs as voted by consumers. Towards the end of this article, we’ll cover why RVs depreciate and (if you own one) what you can do to maintain a high resale value.

In this article, we’ll explore 11 RV brands that boast the best resale value and explain why they’re a cut above the rest.

Jayco RVs

A Jayco RV road trip

Rated #1, Jayco RVs have a higher resale value than other RVs. Number one on the consumer’s list is Jayco’s excellent warranty package. The company offers a three-year limited structural warranty that no other company offers.

The Jayco RV features ride stability, full air brakes, greater shock absorbers, and Hellwig® helper springs. Plus, Jayco provides strong foundations on their RVs with outriggers that run to the wall and are spaced close together for great wall support.

Jayco provides insulation that protects the wiring, electronics, and plumbing of the RV. Climate Shield packages are standard on several models, including fifth wheels.

In addition to structure integrity, Jayco offers Goodyear® tires considered the best in the tire business. Jayco RVs come standard with Goodyear Endurance radial tires that are high-performance build in the U.S.

The interior of Jayco RVs is classy, well-built, and comfortable. RVs, feature plenty of room for guests, granite-like countertops, and full-size refrigerators. Most models come with microwaves, a large bathroom with a skylight, and a large shower.


Airstream started building RVs before WWII. The company uses high-quality aluminum to construct the exteriors, and the exterior is so high-quality it should last you a lifetime.

Airstream RVs feature well-organized living spaces, and the overall design may be smaller than other RVs, but Airstreams are easy to tow and maneuver and have a low profile.

The name “Airstream” keeps the resale value on a high level, especially if your trailer is in great shape. It’s difficult to tell new Airstreams from older models, and this is a high market property.


A recreational vehicle on a summer road trip

Winnebago has been in existence for a very long time. They know how to produce a top-quality RV that retains its value. Winnebago often comes with slide-outs so you can get more space. The company has great design options, and you can get 6”5’ headroom if you need it. Winnebago has six floor plans.

The construction is top quality, and Winnebago uses panels to ensure that their RVs handle usual wear and tear. Winnebago also has a great interior that keeps the value high.

Winnebago is a well-known name, and the name alone keeps the resale value up. Consumers know this company makes quality products and has great standard features.

Grand Design

Grand Design RV is a privately-owned company with 25 years plus of experience in the RV industry. Grand Design’s goal is to keep its customers for life, so they provide more features, great design, and customer support for your RV investment.

Grand Design comes with 11 different floor plans to help you customize your living space. The company also knows that a warranty helps protect its customers and keeps them coming back. They offer a three-year warranty that is almost as good as Jayco’s.

Grand Design is designed for comfort, and standard features include a double-door fridge, upgraded furniture, and top construction.

Oliver Travel Trailers

Hohenwald, Tennessee, is the home of Oliver Travel Trailers, where the RV is built for life. Oliver builds the trailer’s exterior with four fiberglass shells – two inner shells and two outer shells. The outer shell is bolted to an aluminum frame, and all the plumbing and wires are placed inside and covered by another fiberglass shell.

Oliver RVs are built for easy towing, and the chassis has a five-year limited warranty. The chassis is built to resist rusting and corrosion.

Oliver Travel RVs have many upgrades and add available, including solar packages, composting toilets, and powered awning. You can personalize your “Ollie” from flooring, upholstery, awning colors, and graphics.


A winter camping with a tiffin RV

Tiffin is a family-owned business whose goal is excellent service. Tiffin is an RV company that offers luxury and well-built RVs at competitive prices. The Phaeton model ranks as a top-selling Class A model. Tiffin prides itself on understanding motorhomes and what customers want.

Tiffin feels the experience in an RV is most of the journey. Tiffin RVs have many unique amenities, which include:

  • Slide-outs that are air and watertight
  • Multiplex siring that sends multiple messages throughout your RV
  • LED lighting preserves battery life
  • Climate control technology that keeps air circulating
  • The large amount and quality of storage

Lazy Daze

The primary goal of Lazy Daze is to build RVs with quality. They do not know great built-in numbers but build to high-end quality. Their prices are also competitive. A lifetime warranty backs the Lazy Daze frame to the original owner.

The RV exterior is covered with sectional replaceable aircraft-type aluminum panels rather than fiberglass panels like other manufacturers. These laminated panels can be replaced individually at later dates if body damage happens.

Lazy Daze RVs are painted with aircraft polyurethane enamel that gives you easy maintenance and attractive exterior finishes. The roof is sun and tear-resistant.

Several floorplans are available, and each interior is customized to the consumer, and the standard equipment is conducive to livability. Lazy Daze uses numerous large-sized windows in all models, and this creates a spacious open interior. Large windows allow unobstructed views where you are traveling.

New Horizon Summit

New Horizons Summit is the winner in well-built fifth-wheel RVs. It is the perfect RV for retirees to live in all season or just for camping. Quality construction gives RVers the feeling of comfort in any weather due to the superior insulation.

The RV is handcrafted, and cutting corners is not an option. New Horizons is dedicated to unique craftsmanship, and the company uses the best materials and the best carpenters. The company says that most of their craftsmen have been with them for decades and turn out RVs that are beautiful and safe.

There are several floor plans from which to choose. You order factory-direct with your specifications, and you get just what you want.


Coachmen have been manufacturing RVs for more than 50 years, and today, they are part of the Berkshire Hathaway company. The brand states that they are dedicated to the enrichment of your life. Coachmen work to bring value to every RV they produce.

With a high focus on simplicity and functionality, Coachmen listens to its owners’ feedback and changes each model at the consumer’s direction.

Each Coachmen RV is designed with simplicity, functionality, and efficient interior living spaces. Coachman is located in the heart of an Amish community and area that prides itself on craftsmanship. Many skilled and committed individuals are employed by Coachmen to ensure the brand is one you trust and purchase.


Newmar has been an excellent brand of RVs for over 50 years. The company takes its principles from the Mennonite faith and still uses those principles in every RV they manufacture. Newmar produces Class A RVs and was the first manufacture to include slide outs.

Newmar believes that their RVs are the way to have fun and make memories. They manufacture RVs with precision, and the chassis is welded to assembled steel frames designed to handle Class A RV weight.

The interior has wood cabinetry that is custom-made and hand-finished by experienced woodworkers. Newmar believes that they have a level of craftsmanship you won’t find anywhere.

Casita RVs

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Casita has been manufacturing RVs since 1983. However, their RVs are unique. RVs are lightweight travel trailers, but they are reputed to have remarkably high quality.

Exceptional customer service is another plus for Casita, and the company is family-owned and operated. They take great pride in every RV they manufacture.

Casita RVs feature lightweight and durable construction that makes each RV easy to pull and fuel-efficient. The RV is super simple to set up and maneuver. The interior is insulated and features spacious seating that can be converted to sleeping accommodations.

Casita understands that top quality is what consumers want, and they have a one-year warranty on installation and quality. The warranty is for the original owner and starts on the date of delivery.

Casita installs top-quality appliances that are guaranteed by the buy the manufacturer. They do not repair or service appliances that are not made at Casita; however, they will help you get them repaired.

Keystone Passport Travel Trailer

One of the best lightweight or under 5,000 lbs GVWR is the Keystone Passport. Every RV is different, but each RV has great homey appliances, furniture, and ambiance.

Keystone Passports are equipped with exterior speakers, a retractable awning, an LED awning light, and a patio entrance light.

Key Features of the Keystone Passport RV include:

  • Flip-up entry steps
  • Solar prep ready
  • Exterior wall mount that is a leash attachment or bottle opener
  • Aluma about roofing
  • optional off-road package

Keeping Values High

Purchasing an RV is a huge investment. A moderately-priced RV costs thousands of dollars, and they do depreciate. There are, however, steps you can take to make sure your RV values stay high. Taking good care of your RV ensures you have a great vacation and helps you earn back more of your purchase price when you decide to sell it.

What Makes an RV Depreciate?

A scenic camping sunset


An RV tends to drop in value with every passing year. Many RVs depreciate about 25% after three years from their manufacture date. You can’t stop age, but if you purchase an RV that is 3-5 years old, that RV has been through the deepest drop in depreciation.

As a tip, buying a new RV does not make financial sense. You will lose quite a bit of your purchase price once you drive your RV off the lot. However, buying new will get you the interior and exterior you want without dealing with someone else’s tastes.


If you are using an RV class A coach or C class, if the odometer reading has high miles, these miles will lower your RVs value. However, on the flip side, you don’t want an older RV with too few miles. Too few miles could indicate the RV has sat for quite a bit, and corrosion has taken over.

Water Damage

RV owners realize that water damage is awful. When water gets in between the outer covering and the inner covering of an RV, the result is rot. Small leaks and rot can be repaired, but your RV value is low if you have a large obvious leak.

Wear and Tear

Visible wear and tear will lower the value of your RV. Cosmetic issues might not hurt your RV capabilities, but they do cause trouble for your RVs value.

Stick to a preventative maintenance schedule and make sure you clean your RV before and after each trip. Go through season cleaning on your RV, holding tanks, and interior. If you notice scratches or torn upholstery, get these problems taken care of immediately.

Final Thoughts

Today, the demand for used RVs is high. It could be due to the pandemic and people needing to stay outdoors or a revival of the camping trip and the great outdoors.

When you trade in your RV today, if it’s in good condition, you’ll get premium top-dollar. This is also why we recommend trying out several dealers first to get a range of comparisons. This is a good option even if you’re selling your RV on your own as you’ll have a greater understanding of its value.

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