The best RV shower

Best RV Shower

An RV shower is no different than a residential shower, except most have much smaller dimensions to save on interior space. Most RV showers are molded fiberglass, with a pan shape that can be square, rectangle, quarter-round, or neo-angle.

Some RV showers have a bathtub base that is way shorter in length than one in your house. Forty-two inches is a standard length tub, and the showerhead is nearly always detachable to make rinsing easier in such a small space.

All RV showers drain into a holding tank that you need to periodically empty in a designated sewer line at campgrounds or dump stations.

Common Reasons You Need an RV Shower

To clean up after a fun and tiring day of hiking, swimming, or sightseeing, so you feel refreshed.

To rinse off dirt, so your RV stays cleaner inside.

To wash clothes if your RV doesn’t have a washer and there’s no laundromat nearby.

To bathe your pet while camping.

Installing an outdoor RV shower allows you to wash camping gear, rinse mud or sweat off pets, or keep excessive moisture out of the RV on already hot, humid days.

Common Benefits of Using an RV Shower

Using an RV shower

Having an RV shower allows you to wash off daily sweat and dirt that can build up inside your camper on the furniture, carpets, and bedding, making it look old and worn.

The shower can double as a free make-shift washing machine, letting you clean dirty clothes when no other options are available.

RV showers are ideal for washing a pet while on the road, so you can keep their fur clean and smelling fresh without having to locate, drive to, and pay for grooming service.

RV shower built-ins or add-ons for outdoor use make it much easier to wash up your person, pet, camp gear, or dishes without dragging a mess inside your camper.

RV showers can double as extra storage space for bulky items during travel, such as lawn chairs, patio plants, umbrellas, or pool floats.

Top Brands With a Strong Reputation

Lippert knows RVers and makes solid-coated fiberglass and lightweight yet super-strong ABS showers with pans with an integrated non-slip surface to help prevent falls. Shapes and sizes are ideal for new installs or replacement of old units.

ProFlo makes heavy-duty RV showers made of composite materials, ideal for larger RVs that can handle the extra weight.

ICON is another RV brand that focuses on light yet solid ABS shower material. Prices are affordable, and the units lower the RV weight and any chances of cracks or deformation from road-travel stress.

Best RV Shower

How Does RV Troop Select the Best?
The folks behind RV Troop believe that actual, real-world experience provides the best measure of a product’s value. We also believe there’s value in product sales data — real figures that determine what real people are spending their hard-earned money on.

The below are our recommendations for the top RV showers.

Dura Faucet DF-SA170-BK RV Weatherproof Exterior Shower Box Kit - Lock and Key (Black)
1,257 Reviews
Dura Faucet DF-SA170-BK RV Weatherproof Exterior Shower Box Kit - Lock and Key (Black)
  • Details | RV Exterior Shower Box Kit Space Saving 90 Degree Elbow, UV Protected, 60” Vinyl Hose, Synthetic Waterways, Mounting Cutout: 11”x 6”
  • Design | Shower Faucet with 90 Degree Outlet and Acrylic Knobs
  • Features | 59" Shower Hose Includes Shower Wand with Flow Control Trickle Switch (Not On/Off Switch)
  • Specifications | Mounts into 11”x 6” portal located outside of Motorhome, RV, Camper, Trailer, or 5th Wheel. We are an American company with USA-based Customer Service.
  • About Us | Dura Faucet is an American company with US-based Customer Support.
Lippert 306204 Better Bath 34" x 34" x 64" Neo Angle RV Shower Surround White Slate
  • RV tiled design shower surround by Better Bath Modern, tile design gives your RV a luxurious look for a low price Perfect for those purchasing used RVs that want to replace bathroom fixtures
  • Buy matching Better Bath rivets to complete installation
  • Each Better Bath shower surround is made of durable, scratch-resistant ABS acrylic material
  • ABS is 20-25 percent lighter than fiberglass and is better for the environment
  • RV Tiled Design Shower Surround 34" x 34" x 64"
Builders Shoppe 2001BN/3220BN/4120BN RV Bathroom Faucet with Matching Hand Shower Combo Brushed Nickel Finish
379 Reviews
Builders Shoppe 2001BN/3220BN/4120BN RV Bathroom Faucet with Matching Hand Shower Combo Brushed Nickel Finish
  • Elegant design ideal for travel trailers, campers, and 5TH wheelers
  • Lever handles with Quarter-turn Stops for ease of operation and precise temperature control
  • 59 inch durable synthetic hose with mounting bracket and guide ring included

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