The best RV steps

Best RV Steps

Most RV steps deploy from under your RV doors either manually or by a push of a button that opens them under electrical power. While traveling, the steps lock-in under your RV to avoid damage.

The steps are made of metal and will typically have a non-slip coating to reduce falls. Many standard RV steps are narrow and not very wide, making it difficult to maneuver up and down without falling off an edge.

Common Reasons You Need RV Steps

For people to safely move in and out of the RV because the height difference to the ground can be several feet in some RV models.

For pets to easily come in and out of the RV, especially those that are smaller with short legs.

To stand outside the RV without touching the muddy or wet ground, say to check the weather conditions, or talk to a camping neighbor.

To have a “landing” spot for items you don’t necessarily want inside your RV, like muddy shoes or the dog’s leash, but you need to keep handy.

The steps can retract under the RV or pack away in a compartment so that you can drive without worrying they will stick out or fall off and hit things while you travel.

Common Benefits of Using RV Steps

Using RV steps for safe exit and entry

For safe RV exit and entry of the RV, so you don’t have to jump or strain your legs trying to cover three or so feet of distance.

You can upgrade your steps to offer a handrail to help keep your balance, especially when you are often carrying camping supplies in and out of the camper with one of your hands.

Pre-made models can provide a more massive landing so that you can transition into the RV easier. Large platforms, even with your RV door, can give you a safe spot to place a cooler, your pet’s food bowls, or even a chair.

Pre-made steps are fiberglass-coated for longer life and won’t rust like metal. The steps are several feet wide and of standard residential height, which reduces the chances of falls.

Wide RV stairs have enough room along the edges to place shoes, plants, or pet toys, to keep them off the ground but out of your RV interior, so it stays cleaner and less cluttered.

Top Brands With a Strong Reputation

Lippert brand offers a wide array of steps for manufacturer installation or owner upgrades to improve stability or safety from poor-quality, wobbly RV stairs that came with the unit.

Stromberg Carlson offers park model steps that are ideal for traveling RVs, as long as you have space in your basement or interior to carry them between campsites.

Buyers Products offers compact yet durable plastic steps perfect for RV travel, which allow you to pop these into place instead of using the less stable integrated RV steps.

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Best RV Steps

How Does RV Troop Select the Best?
The folks behind RV Troop believe that actual, real-world experience provides the best measure of a product’s value. We also believe there’s value in product sales data — real figures that determine what real people are spending their hard-earned money on.

The below are our recommendations for the top RV steps.

Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step- Supports Up to 1,000 lb., Includes Non-Slip Rubber...
2,797 Reviews
Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step- Supports Up to 1,000 lb., Includes Non-Slip Rubber...
  • Maximum Support: Step can hold up to 1, 000 pounds
  • Durable Construction: Strong and sturdy aluminum construction with non slip rubber feet
  • Provides Great Stability: Grip tape allows a secure footing
  • An Ideal Size: Platform measures 19 inch x 14. 5 inch. Adjustable Height: Height adjusts from 7. 5 inch – 9 inch for leveling on uneven surfaces
  • Easy to Transport and Store: Folds to just 3 inches high
Lippert Components - 791574 Solid Step Quad Step for RV and Travel Trailer Entry Doorway
898 Reviews
Lippert Components - 791574 Solid Step Quad Step for RV and Travel Trailer Entry Doorway
  • ADDED STABILITY — Built with an extra-wide top step, aluminum step treads and adjustable legs that can adapt to uneven surfaces
  • EASY STORAGE — When you’re ready to hit the road, all you have to do is fold your Solid Step up right into your RV’s entry doorway, it’s that easy
  • OPTIMAL SAFETY — Recessed feet at the bottom of the step help prevent tripping hazards — plus, the no-bounce, steel steps provide more stability
  • EASY INSTALLATION — With all mounting and installation hardware included, the Solid Step easily installs into your RV’s existing entry door threshold
  • MULTIPLE SIZING — Available in Double, Triple and Quad assemblies, please reference measurement guide before purchase
Lippert 432687 24' Radius Corner Manual Step - Triple, 7' Rise
264 Reviews
Lippert 432687 24" Radius Corner Manual Step - Triple, 7" Rise
  • Triple step
  • 24" Width x 7" Rise
  • Compact design allows user to expand and collapse step with one hand
  • Powder coat finish protects from the elements
  • Comes with anti-slip skid tape
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