Best camper windows

5 Best Camper Windows

Updated on January 28th, 2024

If you’re struggling with how to open RV windows in your camper because they are in poor working condition or they are just awkward to operate, you can replace them with new RV windows and camper window handles that make the task much easier.

To help you locate the best camper windows, we put our top picks in this guide that also explains RV window types and sizes to make shopping less of a hassle, so let’s take a look and find you the perfect camper window replacement.

Types of RV and Camper Windows

When you install replacement RV or camper windows, you have several choices to upgrade how they look and operate. The following camper window types are prevalent across all brands:

Fixed Pane RV Window

A fixed pane window is a single sheet of glass that does not open. The window and frame are best for areas where you want daylight or a view outside but don’t need ventilation.

Fixed pane windows are the least expensive and the easiest to install.

Sliding Pane RV Window

The most popular type of camper replacement window is the sliding pane version. This window has two glass sections, with one section sliding open over the other when open. The side that opens will have a screen, so you can ventilate your RV without worrying about bugs entering.

The window remains flush with the RV siding, so you don’t have to worry about the glass sticking out and catching on external objects or that people walking around your camper don’t bump their heads.

This window costs a bit more but is still an affordable option for most RVers. The only downside to this camper window is that water will blow right through the screen if you leave it open during a rainstorm.

An awning or Crank RV Window

If you prefer a window that pops outward from the RV side, look for manufacturers that sell windows with one of these descriptions:

  • Awning
  • Crank or Crank-out
  • Hinged
  • Louver
  • Jalousie
  • Torque

RV awning-type windows will have a hinge at the top and open outward from the bottom by turning a crank handle, allowing rainwater to run off the pane and not into your camper.

You can find a version of this window type with two sections. One-half of the vertically-configured window will be a fixed pane, and the bottom half will louver open.

RV Egress Window

Every recreational vehicle should have an egress window for an emergency exit. You can purchase an egress window in many sizes and types so it can match your other RV window replacements.

Egress windows will have one or two red bars along the frame edge that you pop up or slide to release the window seal and allow the window to either hinge open or pop out entirely.

Frameless RV Window

Frameless or bonded windows are a new type of RV window that is a favorite of Class B campervan manufacturers but is spreading for use in fifth wheels, travel trailers, and Class A and Class C motorhomes.

The window has a sleek appearance because the glass’s framework is hidden. This design has a modern appeal because, visually, it eliminates the metal bands on the window that can make the camper’s exterior look choppy.

The lack of a metal frame on the exterior also reduces maintenance because you won’t have to worry about cleaning, sanding, or repainting the frame as it rusts, corrodes, or the paint finish starts to chip or wear off.

Single or Double Pane RV Windows

While most four-season campers or high-end recreational vehicles come with double-pane windows, the majority of RVs still come with single-pane windows.

As the names imply, single-pane windows have one pane of glass between the interior and exterior of the RV. A single pane allows faster temperature exchange through the glass, so your RV interior heats up faster in the summer and gets colder in the winter.

A double-pane window has two panes of glass with an air or gas layer sealed between them that acts as insulation, so it buffers your RV interior from temperature swings.

Double-pane windows also lower heating and cooling expenses and are better at buffering noise while on the road and at the campsite. The extra thickness of the window also makes it better able to withstand damage from flying objects versus a single-pane window.

Another considerable benefit of double-pane RV windows is that they don’t collect condensation like single panes, making camping in humid weather nicer.

The only possible downfall of choosing double-pane windows is that if the seal between the two panes of glass fails, the center of the window will fog up, ruining the view and the insulation qualities it provides. Luckily, this failure rarely happens, so upgrading to double-pane RV windows is worth the investment if you can afford it.

Tinted RV Windows

Clear glass windows are standard in older recreational vehicles, and if you kept the curtains or shades open, the carpet or upholstery fabric would fade quickly from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Now, you can buy pre-tinted RV windows that protect your camper’s interior from ultraviolet rays, give occupants more privacy, and help keep the interior cooler while reducing glare.

Most pre-tinted windows for RV installation come with a black or dark grey tint, but you can also get them in green, bronze, mirror, orange, or other custom colors to match the exterior of your camper. Tinting looks extra awesome on frameless window styles.

How to Measure RV Window Size

There are many standard RV window sizes, such as:

  • 12″ W X 22″ H
  • 24″ W x 15″ H
  • 30″ W x 15″ H
  • 30″ W x 24″ H
  • 30″ W x 20″ H
  • 42″ W x 22″ H
  • 48″ W x 20″ H
  • 60″ W x 30″ H

If your recreational vehicle has windows of these sizes, you can easily shop from many brands and types to fit your RV’s aesthetic. You can also custom order oddball RV window sizes from niche manufacturers or find a match from online resellers who pull windows from vintage or salvage campers.

However, you can never be sure of the exact size of RV window replacement you need until you measure the existing window correctly.

Unfortunately, removing the window and frame is the only way to get an accurate measurement. Next, carefully measure the width and height of the rough opening down to 1/16th of an inch.

Removing a window isn’t difficult, but it takes time to remove all the screws from the interior edges of the frame and carefully remove the rubber gasket or seal so the glass will pop out.

Where to Find Replacement Camper Window Handles

Don’t know how to open RV windows because the handle has broken off? Unfortunately, camper windows can get a lot of use, and with that comes the chance that handle mechanisms break or fall off, making the window operation a challenge.

Handles are more common on an awning or crank-out window style, while slide windows typically have a tab and clip-lock that are much harder to damage. You can buy RV window replacement handles through these companies:

  • RecPro RV
  • JR Products
  • Star Mobile Home Supply
  • Tweetys RV

Amazon also offers a wide array of replacement handles for camper windows. Finally, if you want to find handles or other components for older RV windows, eBay tends to have a good offering of vintage RV handles.

The 5 Best Camper Windows

Replacing RV windows or installing windows in a DIY RV makeover or new build will be much more successful in the long term when you select from the top camper window manufacturers in our list.

No products found.

Window styles: Fixed pane, vertical/horizontal sliders, egress

ToughGrade RV windows are a top choice because the company offers quality construction and an easy installation design, along with a wide array of sizes. In addition, each window comes with a mounting ring, and you can choose clear or tinted glass.

ToughGrade RV window design eliminates exterior fasteners on the frame for a clean look, and they feature low-profile screens that are flush with the framing and keep more dirt out of the track. The company also upgrades the weep chamber design to eliminate those annoying dark water tracks that ruin the look of your camper’s exterior between washings.

The only downfall is the company only offers windows in a fixed pane or sliding pane option, without any louver styles.

2. Lippert RV Windows

Window styles: Fixed pane, vertical/horizontal sliders, bonded, awning, egress, door

Lippert RV Windows is an industry leader for their innovative designs and premium construction and materials that function beautifully through years of camping trips.

The company has been making RV products for over 50 years and prides itself on these features on each of its window lines:

2000 Series Awning Windows

  • Wide mounting flange for easy install
  • Steel or zinc hardware
  • Nylon-reinforced vinyl seals
  • Sloped sills for better drainage

3000 Series Bonded Windows

  • Modern flush frameless exterior
  • Hidden hinge and scissor open for ventilation
  • Automotive silk screen tint
  • Glass penciled edge perimeter

8600 Series Windows

  • Dual pane insulation for better temperature control
  • Tint for privacy and glare reduction
  • Large mounting flange
  • Sloped sills and dual sweep system for quick drainage

8700 Series Egress Windows

  • Surpasses all FMVSS 217 standards
  • Heavy-duty standard safety glass or laminated glass (choose flat or contoured)
  • Optional sliding screen available
  • In-field repairable without removing window

Lippert 8800 Series Window (Slide Windows)

  • No fastener, automotive-like exterior design
  • Improved weep drainage design
  • Upgraded screen improves retention and function
  • Sloped sills for better drainage

The company offers window frames in white or black, as well as clear glass and four tint shades. They also sell Sprinter cargo van window packages for DIY projects.

3. RecPro RV Window

Window styles: Fixed pane, vertical/horizontal sliders, awning, frameless, egress

RecPro RV Windows are very affordable yet made to last, with premium-grade tempered glass that resists impacts and scratches. The company offers an ultra-sleek frameless line and a teardrop line of sliders with a more traditional appeal.

The company only uses anodized aluminum for the window frame that resists corrosion, and you can paint it to match any RV exterior color scheme. In addition, the mid-level tint on all their window products protects interior camper finishes from fading and reduces heat and glare.

The rubber seals around the windows are well-fit to eliminate leaks and noise from rattling. The window mechanisms are straightforward and operate very smoothly, while the screens keep out the pests while letting in the fresh air.

4. Vintage Technologies

Window styles: Fixed pane, vertical and horizontal sliders, egress, porthole, frameless

Vintage Technologies offers affordable premium RV windows in an array of styles, including jalousie windows for camper installation if you prefer a tilt-out style of window for your egress or frameless window.

The company has many sizes and shapes but mainly focuses on two lines of fixed or slider windows. However, they offer a cool porthole window and a long and wide frameless option if you want to include an unusual touch to your RV. All the windows have medium to dark tint glass, black extrusion framing, a fixed screen, efficient weep holes, and a neoprene seal for a gap-free installation.

The company offers clamp rings for various wall thicknesses from 1/2 inch on up to 2 1/4 inch, making it the go-to choice if your RV installation is outside the standard 1 1/2 inch measurement.

The only thing to nitpick about this brand is that they don’t include the install kit with the inner seal and screws. Luckily, it’s less than $4 to add to your order.

5. LandCamp RV Windows

No products found.

Window styles: Vertical and horizontal sliders

LandCamp RV Windows is another budget-friendly option for camper window replacement, but the styles are very limited.

The company caters to smaller-size vertical-mount windows for horse trailers, tiny homes, teardrops, and other short travel trailers, but they have a few larger options for motorhomes, fifth wheels, or travel trailers.

Putting in the window is more manageable, as LandCamp windows come complete with the mounting ring, seals, putty tape, and screws, so you aren’t running off to the hardware store mid-install for random bits.

The exterior frame is free of fasteners for a smooth look, and the screens are removable for cleaning or if you want a pass-through to the outside of the camper. The sliding and lock mechanisms are simple, which reduces maintenance and lessens the chance of breaking after seasons of use.

Lastly, the window design covers the weep holes, which reduces clogs and streaking from water drainage under the windows, so your RV exterior looks cleaner.

Best Camper Window Wrap-Up

Installing any of the best camper windows in our list above will ensure a quality product that will operate smoothly, stop some common RV problems and air leaks, reduce interior fading, improve temperature control, and modernize the appearance of your recreational vehicle.

There’s no need to keep struggling with old, broken RV windows when you can easily replace them, so check out our top picks and find the size you need!

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