Published on September 30th, 2020
Updated on January 21st, 2024

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As a leading source for RV industry insights, RV Troop is committed to offering up-to-date RV news, travel tips and tricks, impactful stories, RV park recommendations, and, of course, ample camping advice gained through decades of outdoor adventures. Come along with us as we explore real-world RVing.

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RV Troop is committed to equipping RV enthusiasts with the most current and thorough insights into the RV industry, featuring detailed articles and extensive information.

Readers will discover content specifically designed for RV consumers, offering an insider’s perspective on the RV industry. RV Troop explores topics that include:

Whether you’re a seasoned RV veteran or a newcomer to the world of RVing, be sure to check back often for the latest news, tips, and information.

The Origins of RV Troop

To start things off, I’m happy you’re here to share in the RV and camping lifestyle that so many of us love. Having the freedom to travel about where and when you like is what makes RVing so addictive, don’t you agree? My name is Charles, and I’m the guy behind RV Troop.

Growing up in New Orleans, I developed a deep appreciation for nature. The swamplands, dense forests, and ample opportunities for hunting and fishing immersed me in the outdoors. It also helped to foster great friendships. My childhood was filled with these adventures. This early connection to nature played a big part in shaping who I am today.

At University, I was introduced to geology and soon discovered it was far more than rocks. For me, geology became a journey into the Earth’s past. This newfound interest was a natural extension of my childhood love for the outdoors, connecting my past with my academic and professional future.

Today, I’ve made Stafford, Virginia, my home, and it’s a perfect spot for someone who loves the outdoors. I’m surrounded by numerous campgrounds and all the gorgeous nature one could imagine — all conveniently close for quick trips and new adventures (even for an old guy).

Below is a picture of my family. If you’re curious about me, I’m the shirtless guy in the below picture from 1986. That’s me with Dad and my brother at White Cypress Lakes, a campground that’s since closed but one that holds very fond memories for me.

Me, my father, and brother at the White Cypress Lakes campground
A Polaroid camera took this picture on 8/16/1986 — that’s me, my father, and my brother.

And here’s my grandfather, may god rest his soul, at another of my favorite campgrounds, looking sharp at the Paul B Johnson State Park.

My grandfather at the White Cypress Lakes campground
My grandfather, as I remember him.

Over the years, I made costly mistakes and found it difficult to find accurate information in the RV space. I wanted to help our fellow camping enthusiasts quickly find the information they need to make smart decisions.

As an adult, I have owned several recreational vehicles, including my latest — a Jayco 37′ travel trailer.

Even with years of travel experience under my belt, there are always new places to explore, people to meet, and things to learn, making every trip memorable. Being able to camp in luxury with full hookups or boondock amid the wilderness is what makes the RV vacation experience so unique.

My travels have taken me to 38 states so far, and I hope to complete all 50 in the upcoming years. I’ve always had a soft spot for the rustic camping found at state and national parks, but my family also has a fondness for private RV parks near beaches or historical attractions.

It’s very comforting being part of the quickly growing RV and camping fellowship, where so many are willing to lend a helping hand and look out for each other as we roam this beautiful country.

The best part about the RVing community is sharing ideas, which is why RV Troop exists. Being able to bring like-minded folks together who are passionate about RVs, camping, and the outdoors means we can help each other save time, money, and stress.

Both newbies and old hands at RVing and camping can feel comfortable here at RV Troop. We hope you check in often to read the latest articles, share ideas, ask questions, and network with fellow outdoor enthusiasts ready to take on the next journey.

Until we cross paths again, safe and happy travels!

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