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The best RV brand

What RV Brand Is the Best?

Published on November 6th, 2020
Updated on December 26th, 2023

Is there one best brand of RV? Some RV brands, like Jayco, consistently rank on top for design, construction, reliability, customer satisfaction, and highest resale value. But, a brand that makes the best motorhome may not make the best travel trailer.

To help you understand which RV brand is best, read this guide. Inside, you’ll find which exact brands rate the best in each RV category and what factors make or break an RV.

Best RV Brands

The best RV brands in a storage place

While some brands deliver quality products across the RV spectrum, some brands excel in one category over others. To make it simple, here is the best RV brand for each RV type based on feedback from customers.

Best Class A Motorcoach

The Monaco brand rates as the best for the luxury amenities and exceptional build-in Class A motorhomes. Models range in price from $350,000-$600,000 or more dependent upon design and upgrades.

Seasonal and full-time RVers consistently give Monaco the highest ratings for overall comfort, fantastic traffic flow, a reliable and durable engine and chassis, and excellent resale value.

The big-bore Cummins engine, hydraulic leveling system, independent air suspension, and wishbone arms allow for complete control of speed and maneuvering, all while enjoying a smooth, comfortable ride.

The interior floor plan features top-of-the-line appliances and hardwood cabinetry that ensure long-lasting quality and performance.

Best Class B Motorhome

Leisure Travel Vans are the best Class B motorhomes for the combination of intelligent use of space, modern amenities, and solid engine and chassis. New models start about $125,000.

Singles and couples overwhelmingly rate the brand on top. The size is longer than most Class B’s, which creates more storage and floor space that makes RV living more comfortable.

Customer service is readily available to assist in fixing any issues with your purchase promptly and resale values remain good for later models.

Best Class C Motorhome

Winnebago delivers consistent quality in the Class C category with ample storage, high-grade appliances, and technology upgrades that turn your camper into a home. Prices range from $55,00-$82,000.

Parents rave about the Winnebago brand’s thoughtful floor plan that fits the durability, layout, storage, and sleeping-space demands of family campers. Couples also rate the brand high for easy driving and interior spaciousness.

Resale value stays consistent as long as owners maintain the unit in good shape.

Best Travel Trailer

A recreational travel trailer on the highway

Grand Design is the best for travel trailer RVs from families and couples with RV experience. Prices average around $22,000-$35,000. Resale value is very high on these models.

The brand is known for its top-quality construction and comfortable-to-use floorplans that increase camping enjoyment for both long-term or short-term camping trips.

Residential-size appliances and furniture are standard in most models that other brands add an upcharge. The stability of the framing and hitch system makes towing Grand Design trailers a breeze.

Best Fifth Wheel RV

Grand Design also tops the list as the best fifth-wheel RV brand.

The design options deliver luxury amenities and spacious interiors at a surprisingly affordable prices in the $40,000 range. Many owners find resale value to be almost even to original pricing, especially if they got a great initial deal.

Larger families love the bunkhouses and extra bathroom many models provide. Couples appreciate all the extra room, especially those that work remotely.

Expect models to include high ceilings, full-height slideouts, tons of storage, superior stability and handling, hardwood cabinetry, ceramic tile, and so much more.

The company understands the needs of its customer base and keeps traffic and usage patterns free-flowing to avoid frustration.

Best Pop-up RV

Jayco brings the best quality and layout options for pop-up RVs. Prices range between $10,000-$16,000 new. Expect resale to be about half, as demand lowers for older models.

The company doesn’t skimp on anything, from the rigid framing to interior amenities and clever storage solutions.

Small families push the rating to the top for the ample interior space when the whole family must be inside for sleeping or during spells of inclement weather. When shut, the trailer box is compact and easy to store in a garage or side yard.

The tent materials are rugged and hold up for years without fail, and the higher clearance of the frame makes it easier to pull down back-country roads.

Best Teardrop RV

Timberleaf is the brand to check out when shopping for the best teardrop camper. Prices range between $12,000-$22,000 new. Again, resale on these trailers is lower, due to a smaller buyer pool.

Sporting campers who love off-road adventures and want more protection than a tent find the brand perfectly balances a rugged build, large tires, and high-clearance to withstand any terrain conditions.

Superior insulation allows you to camp in all temperatures and tons of storage space keeps gear safely stowed until needed. The rear pops open to reveal a well-equipped kitchen that includes a sink and grill, which upgrades your camping experience.

What Makes An RV The Best?

A travel trailer on a beautiful beach

The best RVs seamlessly blend:

  • Easy driving and parking
  • Quality materials both inside and out
  • Excellent floorplan


Living in an RV is significantly different than driving it, so getting to your campsite safely with the least stress is crucial.

Motorhomes must have durable brakes and strong engines that can pull a heavy RV up inclines, make merges at highway speeds, and have the stability to offset winds and sharp turns.

If possible, take RV test drives onto highways and smaller side roads to feel how smooth and powerful the ride is over different terrain.

Travel trailers need to be stable while being towed. Sway bars and integrated bracing within the frame decrease the chance your trailer will sway or shimmy during high winds or quick lane changes.

Many fifth-wheel owners say the towing difference over a travel trailer is like night and day, with many stating they often “forget” they are pulling an RV at all.


Any RV is reasonably easy to drive in a straight line, but many shoppers fail to test backing up or making tight turns in the RVs that interest them.

A backup camera system is an excellent feature on any RV to assist in parking safely.

Remember that most RV campsites require you to back in the RV. The length and type of RV you own has a significant impact on how hard or easy that is.

Adding to parking stress is all the obstacles you need to avoid, such as trees, power pedestals, water spigots, picnic tables, and sewer connections.

Test out the actual RV turning radius, as the location of the axles will change the swingout.

Swingout is the RV body that hangs out behind the axle, which varies significantly between models and types.

Many accidents happen when RVs have a large swingout, as it’s easy to forget about it when navigating gas stations or tight campsites.


The main upper framing of an RV is typically wood, aluminum, or steel. Of the three, aluminum is the best choice as it’s lightweight yet is durable and won’t rust.

Steel is more structurally sound but can rust and adds additional weight that reduces the amount of gear you can load into the RV.

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Wood is lightweight but expands and contracts, which leads to the interior wall and ceiling panels popping loose.

For external walls, fiberglass and aluminum are common. Aluminum is better long-term as it won’t crack from age or from being hit by road debris.

Roofing should be aluminum for the longest lifespan, whereas rubber or fiberglass will quickly deteriorate and pull away at the seams, which cause leaks.


Only a few manufacturers supply all the RV builders with appliances and furniture when it comes to standard RV interiors. Most offer “grades” of a single product, such as three microwave oven models at different price points.

The best RV brands select the higher-grade materials and appliances, and the less expensive RVs will use the lower-grade options to keep their profit margin high.

The key is to inspect the RV components for quality. Open cabinets to see the wood, slide the blinds to check for smoothness, look for porcelain toilets and sinks, get appliance model numbers and check them against internet reviews.

What looks nice may not feel nice or hold up to years of use and road travel vibrations.

Floorplan design

A modern floor plan in a travel trailer

RVs are tight on space, but many manufacturers like to impress shoppers with visual impact to distract them from poor floorplans.

Upper cabinets are the worst. When you squeeze around the bed or get up from the couch, you may need to watch your headroom constantly.

Kitchen layouts are notoriously short on counter space, which can drive even basic cooks batty.

Bathrooms may not allow you to sit on the toilet and shut the door without hitting your knees.

Never buy an RV without going through the everyday motions of life. Lay down and get up from the bed, go to the bathroom, take a fake shower, pretend to cook.

If something feels “off,” don’t think you can learn to live with it. You’ll only become more and more disenchanted over time and begin to hate the RV and start looking for a new model.


There is a fine line between RV storage and what you can realistically bring along while camping to stay within weight limitations.

Remember that if you fill up all those storage compartments and cabinets with food and supplies, you could be stressing your RV frame and axles to the point of failure.

Give your storage needs heavy consideration as excessive storage may also be decreasing floor space, making the RV feel more cramped.

Get Out There

One brand does not fit all when it comes to RV types, so knowing which one is best in each category and what factors to look for can help you save time and frustration when shopping.

When you own the best RV brand, it ensures you’ll have a safer drive, a more comfortable living space, plenty of storage, and reliable customer service.

I hope this guide helps you select the perfect RV, so you can get out there and experience incredible camping adventures!

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  1. Recently retired and decided to sell my home and become a permanent RV lifer. Leaning more towards travel trailers and the video that I just found on your post from Grand Design it’s absolutely helped me in deciding which brand to choose. Now it’s up to the model decision.

    All the information I found on your site giving us the pros and the cons and the good and the bad and the ups and the downs about RVs and travel trailers has been extremely helpful.

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