Best RV Bike Racks

11 Best RV Bike Racks

Updated on January 7th, 2024

Enjoying leisurely bike rides while on RV trips is an excellent way to see local sites and take in the natural habitat. A bicycle is also handy for quick visits to nearby stores to pick up food or supplies without moving your camper.

However, packing bicycles inside your recreational vehicle is messy, easily causes damage to furniture, and takes up too much floor space. The solution to this problem is to buy and install the best bumper RV bike racks, ladder bike racks, or other styles to fit your fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome.

A great bike rack will safely carry the whole family’s bicycles outside the RV. This benefit leaves more room inside or in your storage bays for other camping gear, so check out the top brands and models below to start your search.

Types of RV Bike Racks

Before we dive into the best RV bike racks, we want to explain the different types of racks available and how they attach to your recreational vehicle.

Bumper Mount RV Bike Rack

Bumper-mount RV bike rack

A bumper mount RV bike rack secures directly to the rear bumper of your camper using square mounting brackets. A bumper mount is ideal for RVs without a rear hitch.

Hitch Mount RV Bike Rack

Hitch-mounted RV bike racks are very common and a top-seller because they are simple and quick to install and remove.

Hitch sizes vary, so pay attention to whether you have a 1.25″ or 2″ hitch receiver so you can buy the correct mount. Also, pay attention to the weight capacity of your RV hitch, so you don’t exceed safety standards.

RV approval on a hitch mount bike rack means the design will withstand the extra forces on the rack from the bumps and swaying of a long recreational vehicle.

Ladder Mount RV Bike Rack

Ladder-mount RV bike rack

This bike rack allows you to utilize the steps to carry bikes for motorhomes, fifth wheels, or travel trailers with a rear ladder. It’s also a great choice if you don’t have a hitch or a spare tire that interferes with other mounting options.

Before selecting a ladder-mount bike rack, check the RV owner’s manual to ensure it’s rated to carry the rack’s weight plus the additional weight of the bikes.

Front Mounted RV Bike Rack

Some RVs or tow vehicles have a front hitch or bumper that allows you to install a front-mounted RV bike rack.

The benefit of a front-mounted design is that the rack and bikes will move less than if placed in the rear. Mounting bikes in the front of the RV also leaves room to mount other camping gear to the rear bumper.

A-Frame Mount RV Bike Rack

A-Frame Mount RV Bike Rack

For tent trailers, pop-ups, or other small camping trailers with an A-frame hitch, this bike rack mounts just in front of the camper onto the metal of the A-frame.

The benefit of this type of bike rack mount for RVs is that it stabilizes the bikes much better by balancing the weight between the trailer and tow vehicle and provides more protection from theft or damage during transport.

The 11 Best RV Bike Racks

These 11 best RV bike racks have excellent customer reviews and pass our test for quality, straightforward installation, and ease of use while camping.

1. 1UP USA Super Duty Double

Capacity: Two 75-pound bikes / 225 pounds maximum weight
Rack weight: 47 pounds
Mount type: Hitch
Price: $680

The Super Duty Double Rack from 1UP USA fits a 2″ receiver and includes the slotted hitch bar lock. The rack is RV approved, has a rating for off-road use, and can fit up to 54″ wheelbase. You can add more slots to fit up to two more bikes if necessary.

The rack fits bikes with 16″ to 29″ wheels with tires up to 3.1″ wide, with a spacer kit available if you have Fat Tire bikes. This feature makes it suitable as an ebike rack for RV installation and mountain and standard bicycle styles.

The rack arms secure the tires without touching the bike frame, lessening the chance of scratches or damage. In addition, the rapid tilt and fold mechanism lets you minimize the rack size when not in use.

This rack is also ideal as a 5th wheel bike rack with an integrated anti-wobble mechanism in the hitch bar. All the components have an anodized aluminum or powder coat finish, but you can also pay a bit more for a black finish.

2. Swagman RV Approved Traveler XC2 Bike Rack

Capacity: Two 35-pound bikes / 70 pounds maximum weight
Rack weight: 47 pounds
Mount type: Hitch or Bumper

The Swagman XC2 is a superior bike rack for RV bumper with a 4.5″ or 2″ width or a 2″ Class 3 hitch mount and comes with a lifetime warranty, so you know the quality is impressive. The rack assembles in a few minutes, with a design that allows you to secure the bike wheels and frame for extreme security while driving.

The 3.5″ wide tire mounts are adjustable up to a 52″ wheelbase, and the push-button ratchet arms slide down to lock the frame into position. The entire rack features a black powder coat finish that resists rust and corrosion with exposure to the elements.

In addition, the center upright arm folds down to easily mount the inner bike or to provide access to the rear of the RV when bikes are out. This feature lets you quickly remove the rack from the hitch and slide it under your camper for storage.

3. Camco 51492 RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack

Capacity: Two 30-pound bikes / 60 pounds maximum weight
Rack weight: 9 pounds
Mount type: Ladder

Of the 11, the Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack is an affordable and secure way to carry lighter bikes on the back of your recreational vehicle with a standard RV ladder. Just hook the top of the rack at the appropriate rung height, install the locking pins, and engage the security straps before use.

The lower rack folds up when not in use, so you can avoid hitting your head on it when moving around the RV. Or, as a bonus, you can leave it down and hang beach towels or other items you want to dry or keep off the ground once you remove the bikes.

The cradles hold bikes by the center frame and feature adjustable straps to ensure a tight fit to reduce movement while driving. The heavy-duty steel construction won’t fail as long as you’re careful not to overload the rack. However, most RVers suggest using this rack for kids’ bikes to avoid stressing the unit.

No products found.

Capacity: Four 37.5-pound bikes / 150-pound maximum weight
Rack weight: 36 pounds
Mount type: Hitch

Thule Range Hitch Bike Rack is RV-approved and perfect for up to four bikes, even beefier mountain bikes. The swingarm is super strong and features four slots holding bikes by their frame.

Quickly load bikes by slipping the frame over the arm and placing it in a slot. Then, tighten the ratchet strap and anti-sway cradles to keep the bike stationary. With seven inches between each bike slot, there is less chance of damage from accidental banging or rubbing.

The rack includes a hitch lock and an integrated cable lock that secures the bikes to the rack to prevent theft. In addition, the swingarm folds down when not in use to provide more space behind the RV.

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Capacity: Two 40-pound bikes / 80 pounds maximum weight
Rack weight: 35 pounds
Mount type: A-frame
Price: $300

Lippert Components Jack-It Bike Rack is one to consider if you’re looking for a way to carry bikes in front of your travel trailer on the A-frame instead of on the rear bumper. The rack supports the bicycle by the wheels, reducing movement that can cause damage.

The rack fits most A-Frame travel trailers, and the adjustable straps secure all bike frames, so you don’t have to purchase a new rack if you switch bikes. The rack features a durable, rust and corrosion-resistant finish that will last for years in all weather conditions.

Better yet, the rack will not void the chassis warranty of your camping trailer. The kit has sway-control cradles, lockable no-motion pins, and bolts to secure the rack to your trailer hitch.

No products found.

Capacity: Two 30-pound bikes / 60-pound maximum weight
Rack weight: 47 pounds
Mount type: Bumper

This Swagman Deluxe Bike Rack fits around the RV spare tire, conserving space when you want a bumper bike rack for a travel trailer or motorhome installation. With the RV-approved construction that can withstand extreme stress, you can be confident your bikes will arrive safely at all your camping destinations.

The wide stance of the rack bars provides a better balance of the bike’s weight. This feature, along with the adjustable anti-sway straps, will keep your bikes in excellent condition, mile after mile.

The steel construction and easy installation increase the value of this bike rack, but keep in mind this unit doesn’t have a high weight capacity and is best for lighter bicycles.

No products found.

Capacity: Two 60-pound bikes / 120-pound maximum weight
Rack weight: 49 pounds
Mount type: Hitch

From the 11, the YAKIMA RV Bike Rack HoldUp is a rugged hitch-mount with one of the best designs that allows fast mounting and release of bikes with the least chance of scratches or other damage. In addition, the higher weight capacity works well for mountain or adult leisure bikes, and the lifetime warranty provides peace of mind.

The StrongArm design fits bike wheelbases up to 48″ and holds 27.5″ bike tires up to 3″ wide and 29″ tires up to 2.5″ wide, even with disc brakes, full suspension, or through axles. The individual uprights are adjustable to fit around all shapes of frames to lock in the bike and prevent movement.

The rack can tilt for access to the RV rear or conserve space when empty. Other features include adjustable bike spacing, locks for the rack and bikes, and the option for a 2″ or 1.25″ hitch receiver.

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Capacity: Two 30-pound bikes / 60-pound maximum weight
Rack weight: 22 pounds
Mount type: Bumper

The Quick Products bumper bike rack for RV is affordable and offers one of the most flexible sizing adjustments to fit all widths of bicycle frames. However, the slots will not fit fat tires or wheels over 29″.

The steel rack has corrosion and rust-resistant powder coating and anchors to 4″ or 4.5″ square bumpers with locking brackets. The stabilizer post gives you a point of contact to strap the upper portion of the bike in place to keep movement to a minimum during travel days.

This model is great as a toy hauler bike rack, and all the rack components disassemble and store flat to save on space when not in use.

No products found.

Capacity: Four 60-pound bikes / 240-pound maximum weight
Rack weight: 47 pounds
Mount type: Hitch

KAC K4 Rack holds up to four bikes and is one to look at if you need an ebike rack for RV trips. The platform-style carrier can accommodate slim or wide bike tires and fits into any 2″ hitch receiver.

The unit comes with frame and tire straps for more security, along with an adjustable padded frame hook that locks into place. In addition, the hitch system includes a wobble-free design and lock for further stability.

The KAC K4 is a top fifth-wheel bike rack because it can hold bikes for the whole family. The Smart Tilting quick-release feature allows access to the RV or vehicle rear without having to unload the bikes and folds up for compact storage.

Capacity: Two bikes / no maximum weight restriction
Rack weight: 23 pounds
Mount type: A-Frame

The ProRac RVPB-020-1 Carrier is a quality tent trailer bike rack with telescoping arms so you can adjust the height to work with any trailer size. The rack base attaches directly to the trailer frame for extra rigidity versus a hitch mount.

The rack loads bikes easily, with integrated T-slots for secure front frame fork mounting with the rear wheel resting on the trailer cover. While this rack requires removing the front wheel, this design delivers superior stability to prevent damage to the bikes no matter how far you journey. However, you’ll need a ratchet strap to hold the rear tires down.

The frame is a durable aluminum alloy with a powder coat finish, so it’s lightweight yet resistant to the elements. After removing the bikes, you can lower the uprights and open and use your tent trailer as usual.

No products found.

Capacity: Two 30-pound bikes / 60-pound maximum weight
Rack weight: 5 pounds
Mount type: Ladder

The Surco 501BR Ladder Rack for RV use can carry two bikes on the heavy-duty aluminum frame that quickly hooks onto your ladder. The design and installation procedure are simple, and the unique pivoting arms allow you to use the ladder without removing the rack.

RV ladder bike racks may seem unstable, but the Surco features two places per tire to strap in the bike, dramatically reducing movement. In addition, the unit comes fully assembled, with only the mounting brackets to install onto your RV ladder.

The weight capacity is best for lightweight adult or children’s bikes to avoid overloading the rack.

Best RV Bike Rack Wrap-Up

Bikes are a fantastic way to enjoy exercise while getting around a campground or when touring nearby towns, parks, or other attractions on RV trips.

We hope the 11 best RV bike racks above give you a head start shopping for the model that suits your needs!

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