Best lightweight Toy Haulers for RVing

8 Best Lightweight Toy Haulers for RVing

Updated on February 2nd, 2024

Much of the fun of RV camping trips involve busting out the toys like kayaks, ATVs, or motorcycles to explore the great outdoors.

A lightweight toy hauler is a perfect solution to bring all your camping equipment and pleasure vehicles yet help keep fuel expenditures under control.

To help you find the best lightweight toy hauler RV on the market today, I put together this list of brands and models that customers give top ratings. Along with reviews of the features that make these toy haulers stand out, I detail how many guests the recreational vehicle can sleep, size and weight specifications, price, and more.

Don’t shop for a toy hauler until you learn about the best-of-the-best lightweight models that get high marks for style, function, and durability!

8 Best Lightweight Toy Haulers

The best lightweight Toy Hauler

Keeping RV travel efficient when you own a toy hauler is crucial. Not only do you want to be able to save on fuel costs by owning the lightest model you can find, but it also needs to function well.

A toy hauler that is hard to load and unload or doesn’t have enough sleeping capacity for your family will only cause frustration.

To avoid buyer’s remorse, first, look at the best lightweight toy haulers below that deliver the complete package.

1. Jayco Octane Super Lite 161 Toy Hauler

Length20 feet 8 inches
Dry Weight4,570 pounds
GVWR:7,500 pounds
Price:Starts at $28,850

The Jayco Octane Super Lite 161 Toy Hauler devotes a considerable portion of the RV to garage space so you can fit tall and wide toys with ease.

But don’t feel this toy hauler lacks the amenities you want while camping. Enjoy the corner kitchen with microwave, stovetop, sink, and storage with a roomy refrigerator just across the way. The front of the trailer also houses a bathroom with a toilet and separate shower.

When it’s time to sleep, the rear convertible sofas turn into queen beds by removing the central indoor/outdoor table and opening the frame. If you want the beds entirely out of the way to load your toys, you only need to push a button, and the power lift will flatten and raise the beds to the ceiling.

Top Features:

  • Spring-assist 7′ rear cargo door
  • 8-11 foot deep garage space
  • 13,500 BTU roof-mounted air conditioner
  • Electric tongue jack
  • Heated and enclosed underbelly
  • Auto-ignition furnace with wall thermostat
  • 11′ awning

Jayco Octane Super Lite 161 (Video)

2. Winnebago Spyder S23FB Travel Trailer Toy Hauler

Length30 feet 4 inches
Dry Weight7,300 pounds
GVWR:11,300 pounds
Price:Starts at $38,276

The Winnebago Spyder S23FB Toy Hauler is lightweight for its size, with a durable build that allows you to carry an impressive amount of cargo.

With the permanent queen bed (with king mattress option) in the front of the trailer and the drop-down queen bed in the 14-foot garage, you can take a small family camping and still enjoy all the toys.

From the frame-bolted D-rings in the garage for secure tie-downs of ATVs, bikes, motorcycles, or boats to the 48-inch-wide shower in the full bath, this toy hauler provides all the features you want for safe travels and comfortable campsite living.

Top Features:

  • Full kitchen with solid surface countertops
  • Furnace and Air Conditioner
  • Zero-gravity ramp
  • Pre-wired for solar
  • Onboard generator
  • 18-foot power awning
  • Adjustable frame provides more clearance above or below as necessary
  • Enclosed and heated underbelly

Winnebago-Spyder Toy-23FB (Video)

3. Forest River 10.6 No Boundaries

Length13 feet 10 inches
Dry Weight1,763 pounds
GVWR:3,972 pounds
Price:Starts at $22,477

The Forest River 10.6 No Boundaries is short in length but can hold a full-size four-wheeler, making this a no-brainer for anyone wanting a super lightweight and compact toy hauler travel trailer.

You can create sleeping quarters by going with a queen bed foldable lounger in the interior or adding the NoBo Nest Rooftop Tent that can sleep up to three people or a total weight of 500 pounds.

The rear cargo-loading ramp and the two rear side doors make taking the toys in or out a breeze. The no-frills interior does not include a kitchen or bathroom, helping to keep the unit lightweight, but it will require you to use campground bathhouses and outdoor grills to wash up and cook.

Top Features:

  • Interior/Exterior LED lighting, including the entry step
  • USB charging station
  • Azdel composite paneling
  • Two optional equipment packages
  • Optional rear screen door, power tongue jack, kitchenette, and more

Forest River No Boundaries 10.6 | Toy Hauler (Video)

4. inTech Flyer Explore Toy Hauler

Length13 feet 9 inches
Dry Weight1,650 pound average (options dependent)
GVWR:2,990 pounds
Price:Starts at $17,500

The inTech Flyer Explore is so lightweight because it’s the smallest and least expensive RV camping trailer on this list.

The Explore is a hybrid toy hauler travel trailer with an optional fold-out screen room with a bed and a slide-out exterior kitchen to make the most of the space. The interior garage is roomy enough for motorcycles or an ATV, with a rear ramp making loading less stressful.

The biggest pitfall of this unit is the lack of any bathroom, even as an option.

Top Optional Features:

  • 10-foot power or manual straight awning
  • Off-road tires
  • 270-degree awning
  • Double rear doors
  • Roof rack
  • Air conditioner with heat strip

inTech Flyer Explore (Video)

5. KZ Sportsmen Classic 180TH

Length21 feet 8 inches
Dry Weight3,260 pounds
GVWR:5,000 pounds
Price:Starts at $17,995

The KZ Sportsmen Classic 180TH is another smaller toy hauler trailer, but this model includes a bathroom with toilet and shower and a compact kitchen for convenient camping trips both on and off-grid.

The garage in this unit offers nine feet of cargo depth once you flip up the convertible couch. In addition, it’s simple to load your outdoor adventure toys through the 78″ x 73.5″ ramp door.

The bonus feature in the 180TH model is the front bunkhouse that features a lower bunk just a bit wider than the upper bunk so two people can rest comfortably without the need first to convert the area.

Top Features:

  • 13′ power awning
  • Flip up entry steps
  • 8 cu. ft. refrigerator
  • Off-Grid/Off-Road Package (optional)
  • Roof solar prep

KZ Sportsmen Classic 180 TH (Video)

6. Forest River XLR MicroBoost 25LRLE

Length28 feet 9 inches
Dry Weight5,078 pounds
GVWR:8,700 pounds
Price:Starts at $41,000

The Forest River XLR MicroBoost 25LRLE is a fifth-wheel toy hauler trailer that brings more luxury amenities to your camping experience yet remains lightweight.

The whopping 14.5 feet of garage space means you can bring all the toys you want and still have room to sleep, eat, and hang out inside your RV. The bedroom above the hitch holds a queen-size bed, and the rear power couches flatten for more sleeping capacity for two adults or three kids.

The kitchen features residential-size appliances, and the overall interior design is sleek, with the modern touches campers demand like USB ports to keep devices charged. There is also plenty of storage in overhead compartments and the bathroom and kitchen cabinets for all your camping supplies and personal belongings.

Top Features:

  • Private master bedroom
  • Spacious full bathroom
  • Fireplace
  • 15-foot power awning with LED lights
  • 35,000 BTU forced-air ducted furnace
  • Seamless countertops
  • Heated underbelly
  • Seamless PVC roof

Forest River-XLR Micro Boost Toy-25LRLE (Video)

7. Livin’Lite Quicksilver VRV 8.5x26FBR

Length30 feet
Dry Weight5,544 pounds
GVWR:9,646 pounds
Price:Starts at $30,000

The Livin’Lite Quicksilver VRV 8.5x26FBR Toy Hauler is available in older model years but remains a top choice for RV families looking for a lightweight toy hauler for RV trips that offers a deep 12′ 4″ garage.

Sleeping accommodations are outstanding in this model, with two queen beds along with a sofa bed and convertible dinette. In addition, you can fold up all of the rear seating to load your toys for camping fun.

The bathroom houses a toilet, shower, and sink, while the kitchen has all the appliances you need to cook, clean, and keep food cold. Cabinets are plentiful to keep everything organized.

Top Features:

  • Flexible seating and sleeping configurations
  • 94″ x 84″ rear ramp door
  • Strong aluminum frame construction
  • Durable vinyl flooring
  • 19-foot power awning

8. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBTH

Length20 feet 2 inches
Dry Weight3,433 pounds
GVWR:5,512 pounds
Price:Starts at $29,000

The Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBTH is lightweight and one of the shorter toy haulers in this list if you want a more compact RV. While most suitable for a single or couple, there is room for up to two more guests by extending the rear seat.

By flipping up the rear bench seat, you can load cargo up to 6′ 11″ in length into the rear of the trailer. The 60″ by 68″ ramp door is wide enough for bulky gear, and when lowered, it is incredibly stable which helps avoid accidents.

The front of the trailer has a full-size bed, while along a back sidewall is the kitchen with microwave, cooktop, sink, and 12-volt refrigerator. The full bathroom is another huge plus customers love, as most recreational vehicles of this length rarely offer anything more than a wet bath.

The interior styling is bright and modern, with touches that give it a luxury feel.

Top Features:

  • Two large exterior storage compartments
  • 12 Volt TV with DVD Player
  • 190W roof-mount solar panel with 1000W inverter
  • 4 frame-mounted stabilizer jacks
  • Outside Shower
  • Exterior griddle with LP hookup
  • Heated Holding Tanks
  • 12-foot power awning

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBTH (Video)

What to Consider When Buying a Lightweight Toy Hauler RV

Toy hauler travel trailers are for a niche market of RVers who want the security of traveling with their outdoor sports equipment and vehicles in an enclosed area.

It helps to consider many things before shopping for a toy hauler recreational vehicle, so you can pair your needs to the model that suits them best.

Here are the critical things to look for when researching lightweight toy hauler brands and models:

The Toy Hauler Floor Plan

The whole point of purchasing a toy hauler is to have the room to bring your scooters, ATVs, boats, motorcycles, or golf cart when you go camping.

Any potential toy hauler RV floor plan must have the garage space to fit your current toys and those you may purchase in the future.

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Some floor plans place kitchens or seating along a portion of the garage area, cutting down on the width of open floor space to load your gear. Some garage areas won’t have the depth you need to fit in a boat.

Don’t assume the specs given in a brochure are accurate in real life. Try to see any toy hauler in person to take measurements and see what it would be like to load and unload your gear.

You may want a floor plan with a bedroom, kitchen, and full bathroom, to make boondocking or campground vacations less troublesome.

Floor plans with flexible use of the garage area, by adding in flip-up or powered seating, tables, and beds are much more functional for daily living once you offload your toys.

Toy Hauler Carrying Capacity

A towing vehicle for a Toy Hauler

Every toy hauler brand and model will have a different carrying capacity for the toys and general camping supplies you bring on RV trips.

Before shopping, weigh all the equipment or vehicles you plan to take along when you camp to ensure you are buying a toy hauler that can handle the load safely.

Not only will the overload of a trailer lead to tire blowouts or broken axles from the extra stress put on the frame and suspension, but it will also cause damage to floors and walls, especially where you secure your toys to attachment points.

Toy Hauler Overall Weight

Ultralight toy haulers need to have better engineering to withstand the abuse and stresses heavy sports equipment or vehicles put on the frame and chassis.

Aside from being durable, the toy hauler must be light enough for your tow vehicle rating. Most people choose to purchase a half-ton truck to pull a travel trailer, and many of these truck models have a towing capacity of about 8,000 pounds.

Before buying any toy hauler, first, learn the towing capacity for your current truck or the truck you plan to purchase.

While many of the lightweight toy hauler travel trailers on the list above have a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) around 5,000 pounds, some can weigh much more and still fall within the “lightweight” RV category.

Always double-check your truck towing capacity versus your toy hauler GVWR, and also be sure you never load your camper over this limit.

Toy Hauler Length

Like any recreational vehicle, the shorter it is, the easier it is to drive, park, and access a wider variety of campsites.

Finding the balance between a sufficient length to load your toys into the garage and having the living amenities you require is key to buying a toy hauler that makes camping trips comfortable and efficient.

The more length you add to a travel trailer, the more it will weigh, so keeping it as short as possible will keep fuel expenses down and put less stress on your tow vehicle.

Toy Hauler Price

A toy hauler RV parking

You certainly don’t need to blow your budget buying a toy hauler. There are plenty of options for interior amenities that make a significant impact on the final price.

Think about the features that are important to you when camping, and stick to what you need and can afford. Don’t let a salesperson sway you with fancy electronics, appliances, decor, or premium packages that will add little to your camping experience if you aren’t going to use them.

Base model toy haulers, especially the shorter versions, start under $20,000. However, if you have room to splurge, you can easily end up with a lightweight toy hauler with every bell and whistle that has a price tag well over $80,000.

Final Thoughts

Toy hauler RVs are gaining popularity every year, especially with new building techniques and materials that make them towable by half-ton trucks.

When you want to avoid the stress and hassle of pulling a flatbed trailer behind your camper with all your outdoor toys or worry about them getting damaged or stolen during travel days, a toy hauler is a recreational vehicle for you.

Check out the best lightweight toy haulers above, and see how they match the features, size, and weight you need!

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