How much does a casita camping trailer cost

How Much Does a Casita Camping Trailer Cost?

Are you in need of a small travel trailer and like the look of the Casita camper but aren’t sure what they cost?

For a new Casita camping trailer, expect prices to start around $24,000. Prices will rise depending on which make and floor plan you choose, along with whether or not you want the standard or deluxe version.

If you’re on a budget, used Casita camping trailers range from $8,000-$20,000 and are a possibility for people looking for a quality RV.

To break down all the different models Casita offers, I put together this guide that will detail the features and pricing so you can decide which travel trailer suits your needs best.

Casita Trailers have a growing fanbase among recreational vehicle enthusiasts, so stay right here to find out why!

History of Casita Camping Trailers

Casita camping trailer

During the 1970s, a new camping trailer company was born. Boler Trailers, a Canadian company, specialized in molded fiberglass construction that kept the weight of the RV down.

Since there were gas shortages during this time and fuel economy was an essential aspect of choosing a camper, Boler was an appealing choice.

As the company grew, one member of the original Boler team left and started their own company they named Casita, in 1981.

At this same time, another fiberglass-molded camper line called Scamp came onto the market, but Casita has no association with them in any way.

Casita means “little house” in Spanish. With the same lightweight fiberglass construction and excellent fuel efficiency as the Boler campers, it filled the need of people searching for a small travel trailer.

The Casita was small, but owners appreciate that it provides all the features that make camping more comfortable. The balance of function and amenities in an easy-to-tow camper allowed the company to keep growing.

Casita Travel Trailer’s home is in Texas and remains a family-owned company. The Casita RV keeps evolving in materials and design to suit the demands of the current RVing community and now offers five models of travel trailers.

What Makes Casita Camping Trailers Different?

The reason Casita campers are so popular goes beyond their size and charming, unique look.

The two-part molded fiberglass shell of the Casita travel trailer is what sets this brand apart from the more traditional wood or aluminum-framed, more boxy trailers.

The rounded corners and nearly seamless shell design reduce the problem of water and air leaks that are the bane of most RVs. In addition, solid foam insulation and fabric walls maintain interior temperatures and reduce noise.

Another benefit of the curved design is how aerodynamic the camper is, which increases fuel efficiency and reduces swaying during travel from the wind.

Since the Casita is so lightweight, it’s towable by many SUVs and sedans with a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. This feature increases the camper’s overall value versus the need to own an expensive, gas-guzzling heavy-duty truck to go on RV trips.

The interior features of the Casita are also noteworthy. The molded seating and cabinetry keep the look sleek and incredibly durable, giving the camper a more extended lifespan than a standard travel trailer brand.

Lastly, storage of the Casita is a breeze, which can eliminate charges for off-site parking when you’re not using the camper.

The smaller length and shorter height allow them to fit into many garages, or you can tuck them in your yard without taking up much space.

Casita Camping Trailer Models and Price

Here are the five Casita models available:

  • Spirit
  • Independence
  • Freedom
  • Heritage
  • Liberty

You can choose the standard or deluxe version for each model and select from optional features to customize your camper.

The 16-foot Casita’s are no longer in production, and all current campers start with a 17-foot-long shell with an overall length of 19′ 4″ with the hitch.

The company also decided to discontinue the shorter 13-foot Casita Patriot, but you can still pick up a used model if you want a short travel trailer.

Next, I explain each model and what features and price to expect.

Casita Spirit

Dry WeightStandard 2210/Deluxe 2480
Base PriceStandard $23,996/Deluxe $25,694

The standard Casita Spirit can sleep a surprising 3-5 people by converting the seating areas into beds and offers bunks and storage at the front of the unit.

The deluxe version accommodates up to four guests and includes a wet bath and closet at the front of the camper. In addition, you can choose from two interior color schemes.

I like how the interior floor plan remains spacious, with the ability to turn the rear dinette into a permanent bed. This feature is very convenient for solo or couple RV trips as you can still utilize the side dinette for eating, games, or work.

The kitchen features a stove, refrigerator, and microwave with plenty of counter space for such a compact RV.

Casita Spirit (Video)

Casita Independence

Dry WeightStandard 2210/Deluxe 2480
Base PriceStandard $23,996/Deluxe $25,694

The Casita Independence features two permanent twin beds (with under-bed storage) in the rear of the camper for more convenient sleeping arrangements each evening.

You can opt to remove the center table between the beds and form a single large bed.

The deluxe model offers the wet bath and storage upfront but reduces the guest occupancy to two.

I like the wrap-around overhead storage that provides ample room for camping supplies and personal belongings, which helps keep the interior neat and organized.

The kitchen design has the refrigerator on one side and the stove, sink, and microwave on the other for efficient use of the space for meal prep.

The interior of the Independence feels a bit tighter than other models, but the redeeming factor is the three large picture windows with screens you can open for ventilation and take in campsite views.

Casita Independence Deluxe (Video)

Casita Heritage

Dry WeightStandard 2210/Deluxe 2480
Base PriceStandard $23,996/Deluxe $25,694

The Casita Heritage is one to look at if you want to enjoy family camping adventures.

I like how the design features convertible double beds in the rear that work as seating during the day and permanent side and front bunks. The under seating/bunk storage space is impressive, along with the upper cabinetry so you can pack supplies for your whole group.

If you only need sleeping for four, moving to the deluxe model with the wet bath makes this camper complete for both on and off-grid RV trips. The deluxe also features a rooftop vent and air conditioner.

The kitchen appliances sit along one wall for easy meal prep and include the Casita standard mix of the stove, microwave, and sink.

Casita Heritage (Video)

Casita Freedom

Dry WeightStandard 2210/Deluxe 2480
Base PriceStandard $23,996/Deluxe $25,694

The Casita Freedom features a spacious rear dinette or double twin bed that can convert to a king-size bed.

I like the main living space, with two swivel chairs on either side of a large table that opens up the area and avoids the need to squeeze in and out of the dinette booth arrangement.

The table and chairs make it the ideal camper design for a solo or couple, allowing room for both to eat, work, or hang out comfortably.

The kitchen is compact and sits just inside the entry door to the left but offers a two-burner stove, microwave, sink, and fridge.

Both the standard and deluxe Casita models have a rooftop vent, while the deluxe brings in the wet bath and closet to the camper, while the standard version offers more storage and bunks in this area.

Casita Freedom (Video)

Casita Liberty

Dry WeightStandard 2210/Deluxe 2480
Base PriceStandard $23,996/Deluxe $25,694

The Casita Liberty features two seating areas that can remain as two single beds or convert into a double or king-size bed depending on your needs.

I like the layout of the deluxe model that sleeps two. You can leave the double bed configuration permanently in place and still enjoy a seating area, kitchen, and wet bath, which means you can camp anywhere in comfort.

The kitchen is across from the entry door, with the fridge to the left. There is a three-burner stove and range along with the sink and microwave.

If you require more storage space and sleeping quarters, the standard version removes the wet bath and adds a closet and bunks.

Both the deluxe and standard Liberty models have the longest stretch of overhead cabinetry that wraps around nearly 3/4 of the unit.

Casita Liberty

Casita Camping Trailer Standard vs. Deluxe Models

All Casita camping trailers have these dimensions:

Overall Height8’11”
Overall Width6’8″
Interior Height6’2″

With an interior ceiling height of just over six feet, taller people may want to forgo choosing a Casita, especially for full-time RV use. The need to hunch when inside the camper may get annoying.

Casita Standard vs Deluxe Differences

Each Casita travel trailer floorplan will feature either a bunk and storage on standard models or a wet bath with sink, shower and toilet combo and separate closet on the deluxe version.

The standard Casita model has no black waste tank, but all offer large windows for airflow and light, and you can opt for an air conditioner. Deluxe models come with an air conditioner standard.

Storage is not lacking in these tiny travel trailers, but room for large or bulky gear may present an issue in most models.

Casita Camper Optional Features

If you’re wondering what extras you can add to your Casita camper, here is a list of most features:

  • Furnace
  • Patio Awning
  • Electric Tongue Jack
  • Video Entertainment Package
  • Roller Shades
  • Andersen “No Sway” Weight Distribution Hitch
  • Trailer Cover
  • Folding Kitchen Shelf
  • Maintenance-Free AGM Deep Cycle Battery
  • 180 or 230-Watt Solar Panel
  • High-Lift Axle
  • Water Filter
  • Casita Maintenance Kit
  • Aluminum Alloy Wheels
  • Surge Protector

Casita Camping Travel Trailer Pros and Cons

To complete this overview of the Casita trailer lines, let’s take a moment to go over the pros and cons of this brand.

Choosing an RV is not only a substantial investment but needs to fit in with your camping style, so look over this list before deciding if a Casita camper should be on your shopping list.

Casita Travel Camper Pros:

  • Cool aerodynamic and retro look
  • Lightweight and fuel efficient
  • Easy to tow, park, and store
  • Offers most features and amenities for a comfortable camping trip
  • Models can sleep from 1-6 guests

The benefits of choosing a Casita are many, including the good mix of floor plans and how even a beginner can safely tow the camper.

The trailer chassis has an independent rubber torsion-bar suspension. This design feature isolates the trailer unit from the shell, so items inside don’t shift or vibrate as much during road travel and sustain damage.

The interior and exterior design is thoughtful and functional, without bothersome decor or colors that clash with your style.

Having a kitchen and a shower and toilet option in such a short travel trailer is another massive bonus for the brand.

Owners also appreciate the seamless molded shell made of marine-grade fiberglass that reduces maintenance for moisture leaks, scratches, and scuffs. The exterior will look good for decades with regular washes and waxing.

Casita Travel Camper Cons:

Here are the top cons from Casita owners to take into consideration:

  • Casita will not fully customize a camper and sticks to the basic floorplans
  • Rounded edges reduces storage inside cabinets
  • Interior height may be too low for taller people
  • Wet bath design combines the toilet, sink, and shower into one room
  • Camper isn’t suitable for large families

The biggest con of the Casita trailers is the size. While the camper can sleep up to six people, having everyone inside on a rainy day can be tight.

The rounded design can make hanging decor challenging, and it reduces headroom around the perimeter of the camper. Another negative is the carpet-like walls that take a while to get used to and can be difficult to clean.

The molded fiberglass seating and cabinetry are solid but aren’t easy to alter without damage if you want to remodel your camper.

Wet baths leave your entire bathroom wet after a shower, which can lead to humidity issues inside the camper when the windows and door are shut. In addition, wiping down the bathroom after each shower can become tiresome.

Should You Buy a Casita Trailer? Pros and Cons (Video)

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Final Thoughts

The Casita brand creates very high-quality and efficient campers that are very suitable for full-time RVing for solos and couples and short-term trips for small families.

An investment in a new Casita camping trailer will cost between $22,000 on up to around $30,000, but the durability means you can enjoy the camper for years with little maintenance or fuss.

I hope you find this guide to Casita campers helpful and you take the time to check out this unique RV brand. Hopefully, you’ll find a floor plan that fits your needs perfectly!

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