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Casita Campers: History, Models, and Unique Features

Updated on February 13th, 2024

What is a Casita camper, and what sets it apart from all the other RVs out there? Casita is a brand of travel trailer that has a unique look that’s easy to spot. We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of the small, rounded-off white campers rolling down the highway or parked at campgrounds.

So, what makes Casita a popular RV choice? To explain everything about Casita Campers, we put together this guide on the brand, including:

  • Casita brand history
  • Casita RV models and pricing
  • What features set Casita Campers apart from other brands
  • Casita travel trailer pros and cons

If you’re in the market for a recreational vehicle, keep reading to learn more about the Casita camper to see if you need to add it to your shopping list!

The History of Casita Campers

The Casita Camper company now operates out of Rice, TX, but formally began in Kerans, TX, in 1983.

The original Casita camper began a few years earlier, with some models coming out of Minnesota. The designer was a member of the same family who created the Scamp line of travel trailers.

The Casita company filed for bankruptcy, a couple bought the rights for the camper, and the company moved the manufacturing of the trailer to Texas.

Secrets Casita Won’t Tell You (Video)

The design of the camper forms around a fiberglass shell that the RV company Boler put out starting in the 1970s. Scamp followed the same molds for their camper builds, and Casita also followed suit.

In the 1990s, Casita’s sales began to grow, and now, it is a common site in RV parks across the US. The Casita design hasn’t changed much over the years, which tells you that the camper works well for its owners.

Casita RV Models and Pricing

Current Casita trailer models start around $23,000. The price rises as you add options or change floor plans.

There are five lines of Casita models:

  • Spirit
  • Independence
  • Freedom
  • Heritage
  • Liberty

You can choose from standard or deluxe versions of each model and different options to customize the camper to suit your needs. The website posts a 16-ft option for all lines, but as of 2020, all 16-foot Casita models are discontinued.


The standard Spirit travel trailer in the Casita line can sleep up to six by using two seating areas that convert into beds. The deluxe version sleeps up to four and features a roomy closet, toilet, shower, and wet bath at the front of the trailer.

The layout of the Spirit is both roomy and functional, with the option to keep the convertible rear dinette in the bed configuration at all times.

You can still use the side dinette for working, gaming, and eating and convert that space only when you require more sleeping quarters.

The kitchen space is on the opposite wall to the dinette and features a fridge, stove, and microwave. The extra counter space over the refrigerator and the sink cover increases the food prep area.


The Independence line has two twin beds in the rear of the camper and can accommodate two to four people. The permanent beds provide more accessible storage underneath.

This model of the Casita brand is ideal for solo RVers or for people camping with a friend as the separate beds allow more privacy and less disruption when getting up to use the bathroom or grab a drink from the fridge.

The beds convert to seats during the day, which you must consider before deciding on this model, as you’ll need to use up storage space to keep your bedding out of the way during the daytime.

The kitchen is in two parts: the fridge on one side and the sink, stove, and microwave on the other.

The overall layout of the Independence model feels less spacious than others, but the huge window across the rear of the camper does improve the look.


The Heritage line can sleep up to six and is great for families. The floorplan includes double back beds that convert into seating during the day, a set of bunks along the wall, and more bunks and storage upfront on the standard version.

The kitchen appliances are all on one wall for easier meal prep, and the deluxe model offers a rooftop air conditioner and a separate ceiling vent.

The standard model is an affordable way for families with up to four kids to go camping, but you will need to stick to campgrounds that offer restroom and shower facilities.

Couples or families with one or two children should opt for a camper floor plan that includes a shower and an indoor toilet. This setup offers greater convenience during camping trips, especially by eliminating the need for nighttime walks to the campground bathroom.


The Freedom Line offers a permanent double bed for couples who prefer the convenience of not moving components to create a sleeping space every night. If you need extra dining or workspace, you can still convert the bed into a large dinette.

The Casita camper can sleep up to four, depending on the floor plan you select. The kitchen space is together on one wall across from the seating area.

The Freedom is very similar to the Spirit design but offers two swivel seats and a table instead of a dinette. This layout makes the interior of the trailer feel more spacious and improves traffic flow.


The Liberty line can sleep two to four people and can convert the spacious dinette or double twin bed in the back of the camper to create a king-size bed. The deluxe model is ideal for a couple and features a roomy bathroom with a shower.

The second dining area is perfect for setting up a computer to browse the internet or work remotely.

The standard model will offer extra storage and bunks in the front of the trailer, and this is the placement of the bathroom and closet in the deluxe model.

Standard Casita Travel Trailer Features

Interior Height: 6’2″
Overall Height: 8’11”
Overall Width: 6’8″
Standard model dry weight: 2,210 pounds
Deluxe model dry weight: 2,480 pounds

All Casita campers use every square inch of space efficiently, with most seating arrangements convertible into sleeping space. Each trailer features three large windows with screens for tons of natural light and air circulation. Each model line also offers ample storage.

Another nice touch about Casita RVs is that you don’t have to drag along extra grills or camp stoves to cook meals while on camping trips. Each model comes with a microwave, a two-burner stove with a range hood, and even a silverware drawer.

Add in the freshwater and greywater storage tanks, and you have much more convenience when cleaning up after meals.

Casita Camper Options:

  • Aluminum Cased Patio Awning
  • Video Entertainment Package
  • Roller Shade
  • Furnace
  • Electric Tongue Jack
  • Andersen “No Sway” Weight Distribution Hitch
  • Casita Trailer Cover
  • Maintenance-Free AGM Deep Cycle Battery Upgrade

Used Casitas are at a more affordable price point of $10,000-$20,000. Older Casita campers are of great value as the fiberglass shell is durable and timeless, so it’s hard to distinguish the age.

The Casita Patriot is a small, older Casita model coming in at 13 feet in length if you’re looking for a compact RV.

What Makes Casita Campers Different

Casita camping trailer

Here are the top features that set Casita travel trailers apart from more standard camper models:


The shorter length and light weight of the Casita line of travel trailers make them very easy to tow. The rounded shape and lower roof height increase aerodynamics and decrease driving stress and fuel costs.

Customers love Casitas because you can tow them with mid-size and standard SUVs or a light-duty truck. The size also makes them very easy to store in a residential garage, lowering the overall cost of ownership.


The design of the Casita brand is no-nonsense simplicity but delivers huge on comfort and camping livability.

Every space is functional, with almost everything you need and nothing that you don’t. All the models come with a small kitchen, seating, dining, and sleeping areas. Deluxe versions offer a bathroom with a shower and extra options for storage and permanent beds.

The rounded and curved edges are reminiscent of Air Stream trailers, which give it a retro vibe that’s always an attention grabber.

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One of the best design features is the independent rubber torsion bar suspension, which isolates the trailer unit from rough terrain and road vibration so items inside don’t break free or wiggle loose.


The shell of Casita Campers is molded fiberglass that comes in two parts. The top and bottom halves bond together in the center of the wall, so there is only one major seam in the entire structure.

The fiberglass is marine-grade, which means it will handle decades of exposure to the sun, rain, road grime, salt, and snow without worry. You only need to give the camper a routine wash and wax to maintain its finish.

The construction means fewer parts to pop loose or entry points for leaks. The fiberglass shell, along with additional insulation during the build, creates an air-tight environment that’s easier to keep warm or cool.

Casita Travel Trailer Pros and Cons

For people considering a Casita camper, let’s go over the pros and cons of the brand as all the lines are very similar in size and shape. Customers are the best source of information, and these are the highlights from our research:

Casita Camper Pros:

  • Cool look
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easier and cheaper to tow
  • Lots of features and amenities to choose from
  • Can sleep a small family in comfort

Casita Camper Cons:

  • The rounded shape reduces storage and headspace
  • Difficult to customize
  • Wet baths instead of full bathrooms with separate shower
  • Short lengths can’t accommodate large families

Should You Buy A Casita Camper (Video)

The benefits of the Casita regarding fuel economy, ease of towing, and functional floorplans are evident. Owners mention time and again how simple this camper is to pull, even for beginners.

Having an option for a kitchen, toilet, and shower in such a short travel trailer is another bonus not found in most other campers of this size.

Owners also take pride in the neat shape that’s a conversation starter at stops or campgrounds while traveling.

The cons may not be so apparent at first, but they are there.

Owners find the attractive curves a selling point but then realize how the rounded edges reduce storage space and the ability to install many standard RV upgrades like squared-off cabinets or shelving, or even a picture.

The curve and built-in upper cabinets also reduce headroom along the walls, becoming annoying for taller people.

The molded seating and storage spaces also make after-purchase upgrades or renovations nearly impossible without causing major damage to the fiberglass structure.

The bathroom that comes with the deluxe Casita travel trailer model is a luxury previous tent-camping enthusiasts appreciate, but the small size may wear on you over time.

Shower time leaves the toilet, walls, and floor all wet, which takes time to air dry or wipe down. All that water sitting around also increases humidity levels inside the camper and the chances of mold or mildew forming.

Lastly, the short length does create space issues. While some Casita trailer floorplans state that they can sleep up to six, having that many people inside the camper at one time is going to be very cramped, even if four of them are small kids.

Having six people in the camper may pose challenges, such as not having sufficient freshwater storage and needing to empty the greywater tank more frequently.

Casita Camper Wrap-Up

Buying any new or used RV is a big commitment and investment, so the more you know about different brands and models, the better choice you can make.

The Casita camper brand is known for high-quality, efficient campers ideal for small families or RVing couples. The durable build and compact size allow the trailer to fit easily into any RV campground or go off-grid to tuck away into a hidden campsite.

We hope all the details about Casita campers in this guide help you learn more about the RV trailer brand and what it has to offer!

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