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A travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen

9 Travel Trailers With Outdoor Kitchens

Published on January 13th, 2021
Updated on February 2nd, 2024

Are you getting a new travel trailer, but aren’t sure which models offer high quality along with an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is an extremely practical RV amenity that allows extra cooking space plus access to quick snacks and drinks from the fridge or general clean up in the sink after play.

With so many makes and models of travel trailers with outdoor kitchens available, trying to find the right one can be stressful.

To make things simple for you, I put together a list of the top travel trailers with outside cooking centers. From small to large, I feature the best trailers in each category for quality, floorplan, and ease of using the outdoor kitchen, so let’s dive right in!

9 Travel Trailers With Outdoor Kitchens

Best Small Travel Trailers With Outdoor Kitchens – 25′ and Under

1. Coachmen RV Apex Tera 16T

  • Length: 19 feet 7 inches
  • Price: Starts at $25,300

The outdoor camp kitchen on this Apex Tera travel trailer sits in its own compartment, making it simple to open and set up for cooking, yet stores away securely for travel.

The slide-out gas camp stove has two burners, so you can stir up delicious stews or sides in a pot or put down a griddle pan for burgers, chicken, fish, or steaks. The stove has convenient wind-guards to maintain the flames.


  • Sleeps up to 3
  • Large storage area within camp kitchen compartment to hold supplies
  • Full-width awning keeps camp kitchen under cover
  • Lightweight/2,860 lb. dry weight

2. Forest River RV Rockwood Geo Pro 19FD

A kitchen in a Forest River RV Rockwood Geo
  • Length: 20 feet
  • Price: Starts at $18,399

The Rockwood Geo Pro small travel trailer doesn’t offer a full outdoor kitchen, but the gas griddle is extremely user-friendly for both cooking and clean up over a grated grill. Pop open the power awning to cook in the rain or under protection from the sun.

Whipping up breakfast or burgers outdoors is a breeze with the large cooking surface. The griddle attaches to the camper exterior securely, so you don’t have to worry about setting up a standard grill on uneven ground.


  • Sleeps up to 3
  • Interior 4-burner stove with oven for more cooking options
  • Comes standard with a 100W Roof-mount solar panel with inverter
  • Super-lightweight/2,829 lb. dry weight

3. nuCamp T@B CS-S Camper

  • Length: 15 feet 3 inches
  • Price: Starts at $24,400

The T@B CS-S small teardrop travel trailer features an impressive outdoor kitchen that opens up from the rear of the unit. The hatch doubles as an awning to protect from rain or sun during cooking.

Enjoy meals off the two-burner flat-top stove and use the built-in microwave to warm up side dishes. The compact refrigerator is super convenient to hold food for meal prep or grab a refreshing beverage while you wait for dinner.


  • Sleeps up to 2
  • Kitchen includes a sink with hot and cold running water
  • Wood cabinetry upgrades the look of the kitchen
  • Lightweight/2,105 lb. dry weight

Best Mid-Size Travel Trailers With Outdoor Kitchens

A mid-size travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen

4. Grand Design Reflection 297RSTS

  • Length: 33 feet 11 inches
  • Price: Starts at $47,200

The Reflection 297RSTS brings luxury RV living and the enjoyment of outdoor cooking together. While the interior kitchen is great, using the outdoor stove for cooking up messy or smelly foods keeps your camper clean.

The compact outdoor kitchen opens from a small exterior hatch that exposes beautiful wood cabinets that house the mini-fridge and slide-out two-burner stove. The simple design provides function without wasting space.


  • Sleeps 4
  • LP quick-connect to hook up grill next to camp stove
  • Outdoor speakers and ready for exterior TV hookup
  • 8,096 lb. dry weight

5. Jayco White Hawk 26RK

  • Length: 32 feet 6 inches
  • Price: Starts at $46,403

The White Hawk 26RK features a pull-out exterior kitchen shelf with both the sink and two-burner camp stove, which make cooking and clean up much more comfortable.

The countertop and tall, compact fridge provide more space for food prep, while the vast awning protects from the elements and outdoor speakers entertain the chef and guests. For the size, this camper is lightweight and perfect for a small family.


  • Sleeps 4-6
  • Second door provides direct access to interior and exterior kitchens
  • 20-foot awning covers outdoor kitchen
  • 6,585 lb. dry weight

6. Coleman Lantern 244BH

  • Length: 27 feet 7 inches
  • Price: Starts at $16,100

The Lantern with a slide and bunks, is great for family camping. The outdoor kitchen increases value by allowing you to keep messes out of your camper while enjoying family time during cooking.

The outdoor kitchen pulls out and features a mini-fridge, sink, two-burner gas stovetop, and some storage. The location is near the back of the RV and has a convenient outdoor shower next to it, perfect for rinsing out large pots or pans.


  • Sleeps 8
  • Awning covers outdoor kitchen
  • Outside shower next to cooking station
  • Lightweight/5,603 lb. dry weight

Best Large Travel Trailers With Outdoor Kitchens – 35′ and Above

7. Crossroads Volante VL33DB

  • Length: 38 feet 1 inch
  • Price: Starts at $42,365

The Volante VL33DB is a spacious travel trailer that offers an efficient outdoor kitchen with a sink, fridge, counter space, drawer storage, and slide-out stove.

The kitchen’s location at the rear of the camper behind the slide provides space for cooking without being in the central area right outside your camper door. This feature keeps kids and pets away from accidental contact with hot pots and pans.


  • Sleeps 8
  • Hatch door provides shade/rain protection
  • Open space above counter allows for storage of large items
  • 7,394 lb. dry weight

8. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 294QBS

  • Length: 40 feet 10 inches
  • Price: Starts at $$31,766

The Jay Flight SLX has a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, which you’ll need to help feed all the people this huge bunkhouse travel trailer can hold.

The full outdoor kitchen with a gas stove has a functional layout, making it easier to cook and clean up without hassle. The countertop and cabinets are of quality materials, which give the space a luxurious feel.


  • Sleeps up to 10
  • Tall mini-fridge can hold plenty of food/drink
  • Door hatch doubles as overhead protection
  • 6,715 lb. dry weight

9. Cruiser Embrace EL310

  • Length: 36 feet 5 inches
  • Price: Starts at $34,900

The Embrace has a large compartment that houses a complete exterior kitchen so you can cook for your group while enjoying the outdoors.

The kitchen includes a sink, medium-size fridge, and pull-out gas camp stove, so you don’t have to run in and out of the camper. The best feature has to be the three large cabinets and two drawers to keep all your cooking essentials at hand.


  • Sleeps up to 9 (has king-size master bed)
  • Hatch door doubles as overhead protection
  • Excellent amount of storage space
  • 7,200 lb. dry weight

Frequently Asked Questions About Large Travel Trailers

An outdoor kitchen in a large travel trailer

Can You Add an Outdoor Kitchen to an RV?

Many recreational vehicle dealers have outdoor kitchen packages you can add to your camper if it doesn’t come standard.

Trying to DIY a kitchen is possible, but it will require a lot of wiring and plumbing work for the full complement of a sink, fridge, and gas stove. Leaving this type of project to the professionals is much easier and most likely safer.

If you want a permanent place to set your camp stove, you can purchase a heavy-duty sliding drawer from a home improvement store and install it in one of your outdoor storage compartments. Make sure you add a locking mechanism to prevent it from moving during travel.

Is There a Pop-up Camper With Outdoor Kitchen?

Yes, you can find pop-up trailers that offer outdoor kitchens.

Check out the rugged off-road-ready Opus Camper OP4 with its large slide-out stainless steel cabinet that houses a grill, 4-burner stove, and sink for the ultimate in outdoor cooking.

Do Airstreams Have Outdoor Kitchens?

No, Airstreams do not have outdoor kitchens on any of their models, past or present.

While some owners may customize an outdoor kitchen on their Airstream, doing so may violate the aluminum exterior’s look and integrity, which may devalue the trailer.

Are Outdoor Travel Trailer Kitchens Worth It?

To answer this question you need to consider your personal preference.

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Many RVers prefer to cook on a custom, free-standing campsite kitchen set up, which offers much more space for prepping food.

Other RVers may avoid cooking entirely, and won’t have a need for such a feature.

What does an outdoor kitchen include?

Typical outdoor kitchens built into campers are compact, with little to no counter space. Most camp kitchens on RVs have gas stovetops, not grills that many campers prefer.

Larger kitchens will include cabinets, drawers, a sink, a fridge, and an icemaker, but most only offer a stove and sink or fridge.

What is fantastic about outdoor kitchens is convenience. It houses not only your cookstove (which you need to bring anyway) but also a fridge, sink, and cabinets.

Even when you’re not cooking, you can grab a drink or wash your hands without having to go inside the camper. This feature keeps your camper cleaner and reduces foot traffic.

What Features Are Most Important in an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen

A survey of camper owners with outdoor kitchens find that what they use most are the fridge and counter space.

Being able to grab a cool drink without going inside is a perk they really appreciate. Most also use the limited counter space to set up snacks while entertaining guests.

Next up is the stove, but a big complaint is the lack of enough burners or the ability to add a grill grate to many models. If you plan to cook outdoors for a crowd, look for a kitchen that offers three or four burners, plus a hookup nearby to place a gas grill.

Another feature many buyers often overlook is cabinetry or storage in the outdoor kitchen compartment. It’s much more convenient to store bulky cookware and utensils outside than trying to find a space for them indoors.

Lastly, consider the location of the outdoor kitchen. While people love their camp kitchen, many have issues with it being in a bad place.

Kitchens that are near the RV door may seem convenient at first but actually cause a logjam if people are always going in and out of the camper while you are cooking.

Many people are often uncomfortable cooking underneath their awning, even if it doesn’t cause any issues. A separate area away from the awning is also better to keep that area free for chairs and tables for the family to gather.

A large hatch door that opens above your outside kitchen is the best of both worlds. It keeps the heat away from the awning, but still provides protection from sun and light rain.

Final Thoughts

Cooking outdoors is part of the RV lifestyle, but dealing with charcoal grills or open firepits is messy and stressful. Cooking inside the camper leaves behind grease, odors and heats up the interior.

Having a camper with a built-in outdoor kitchen with a gas grill or stove makes campground cooking much more enjoyable while keeping your trailer’s interior in better condition.

So, if you’re in the market for a new recreational vehicle, check out the top models above that come with extra cooking space. No matter which size camper you desire, there’s a great travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen just waiting for you to discover!

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