How big is a moose?

5 Images That Show How Big a Moose Is

Ever wondered how big moose are? This post will show you! Let’s visualize the average-sized moose in weird places — e.g., in a kitchen, on a basketball court, next to a person, next to a tent.

I’ve found that comparing a moose with weird things helps with perspective — you’ll see (and remember) just how big these beautiful creatures are!

But first, let’s very quickly answer a few questions — just a few, about moose in general. And then we’ll get to the pictures.

What Is the Average Weight of a Moose?

Moose are the largest members of the deer family. The average weight for an adult male moose is about 1,100 lbs (approx. 500 kg), while females are around 800 pounds (approx. 360kg).

There’s a lot more variety in the spectrum than just these two numbers, though; it can range anywhere from 300 pounds all the way up to 1800 pounds!

How Tall Do Moose Get?

Like most animals, moose vary in size depending on their environment. However, both males and females in this species have an average height between 4-6 feet. 

The length of a mature moose can range anywhere between seven and ten feet long!

How Big Is a Moose?

Let’s Use Visual Aids to Gain a Perspective on the Size of a Moose.

Visualize a Moose Next to a Human

Size of a moose compared to a human
Moos and Human

Visualize a Moose Next to a Compact Car

Size of a moose compared to a car
A moose next to a compact car

Visualize a Moose in the Kitchen

Size of a moose compared to a kitchen
A moose in the kitchen — imagine waking to this sight!

Visualize a Moose on a Basketball Court

Size of a moose compared to a basketball hoop
A moose on a basketball court — redefining pick and roll

Visualize a Moose Next to a Camping Tent

Size of a moose compared to a camping tent
A moose next to a tent — quite a scary sight to behold!

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How Big Is a Moose? (Video)

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