Personalized gift ideas for RVers

23 Personalized GIFT IDEAS for RVers (From ETSY)

Do you have family or friends who are avid RVers and want to give them a gift they will love and use?

No problem! I’ve put the best 25 Etsy gifts for RVers down below that will put a smile on any recipient’s face. Etsy products are more personal, handcrafted, and most are customizable for an even more unique gift.

Buying presents for full-time RVers or those that love to camp means the gift must be practical for use, display, and storage since camper space is limited. To make shopping easy, check out my list below for the top RV gifts ideas from Etsy sellers!

23 Best Etsy Gifts for RVers

1. Customizable Vinyl Decal RV Sign

Adding a personal touch to the outside of any RV will make a camper stand out from the crowd, which is often a necessity in busy campgrounds.

There are an array of Etsy sellers who offer customizable RV decals for a camper door or window or to place on the rear or sides.

The vinyl decals are easy to apply, are weather-resistant, and come in small designs or full landscapes that cover several feet. The best part is that the decal is removable if the RV owner decides to sell.

2. Beeswax Container Wraps

Beeswax container wraps or seals save space in an RV kitchen and reduce waste, which is a big win for RVers!

Beeswax wrap is a cotton fabric with a wax coating that grips to bowl or pan edges like traditional cling wrap. But unlike single-use plastic wrap, beeswax wraps are reusable.

The wraps are washable in cool water and air dry, which is ideal for campground life. You can stack them flat for easy storage, and you can reapply the wax using a refresher bar when the stickiness fades after several months of use.

RVers should not use the wraps to seal off warm or hot dishes or wrap up fish or raw meat.

If the wraps are no longer needed, they can go into the compost pile or work as a firestarter.

3. Carved Wooden Sign

RVers love to meet fellow campers, and a great way to spur conversation is by having a custom wood sign made as a gift.

The wood signage is best when you add the family name, hometown, and state so the recipient can place it at the front of their fifth wheel, motorhome, or travel trailer.

Not all wooden signs need personal details, some may be decorative only, but all will make any RV and campsite feel more welcoming.

4.Push Pin Travel Map

For cross-country RVers, it’s always fun to track where you’ve been, and this push pin travel map lets recipients mark where they’ve been with one color pin and mark points with another color pin for destinations still on their bucket list.

The design looks cool, and the size is ideal for hanging on the wall of any size RV.

You can add a special touch to the gift by requesting to add personal touches like names and dates to the print.

5. Charcoal Air Purifier

RVs get musty during storage but also during active use. Using charcoal air purifier packets helps tremendously in keeping an RV interior smelling fresh without adding any additional scent.

RVers will love how easy these packets are to tuck into a closet, hang on a hook in a cabinet or living space, or even use in the RV refrigerator to allow the activated charcoal to work its magic.

The packets work to control odors for up to two years, making them an excellent value. In addition, to recharge the packs, you only need to set them out in the sun for two hours each month.

6. Amish Magic Towel Holder

Amish “magic” towel holders look sleek, are easy to install, and work wonderfully in RVs as they hold towels or clothing securely, unlike hooks that often let items slip to the floor.

The magic holders are wood, with different designs available, to make the gift fit an RVer’s decorating style such as a sea turtle for a beach-themed camper, or a stained wood for a modern, minimalistic look.

The marble surface inside the two pieces of wood grabs material firmly, without harming fabrics, yet releases easily by lifting the towel.

7. Unbreakable Multi-use Cup

RVers love multi-task products, and an unbreakable insulated cup that works as a coffee cup, water mug, stemless wine glass, cocktail glass, and soda glass will keep an RV kitchen streamlined.

The tightly sealed lid helps prevent spills, making these cups great for travel days too.

Give a set to your favorite camping couple or family, and look for a seller who will personalize the cups to make them more fun to use!

8. National Parks Scratch-Off Poster

For RVers who love camping in our country’s national parks, this National Park Scratch-Off Poster is a thoughtful gift that doubles as RV artwork.

This unique gift is printed on thick paper and holds 62 US National Park foil scratch-offs you can easily remove as you visit the parks.

The poster lets the RVer scratch off the parks and states they’ve visited to make planning the next adventure a breeze.

9. USA Sticker Travel Map

RV travel is fun to track, and this USA Sticker Travel Map is a popular gift for recreational vehicle owners.

The vinyl decal template applies to the exterior of an RV (many love to use the flat side of a slide-out for application), and the user fills in the states they have visited.

The map is durable, so you won’t need to worry your gift will peel off or fade. You can find different designs or colors from various Etsy sellers, so look around to find one you like.

10. Foldable Bathroom Sink Cover

RVs have little counter space, so gaining any inch, like you can with a foldable bathroom sink cover, is worth its weight in gold.

The silicone sink topper unfolds and offers a non-slip option to expand counter space yet keeps a section open so you can run water to brush teeth or wash hands.

The surface is safe to lay down a hot curling or flat iron and is easy to wash, and can hold up to seven pounds of toiletries.

When not in use, fold up the sink cover and set it on a shelf or use the incorporated loop to hang it for storage.

11. RV Camper Wooden Clothes Drying Rack

Most RVers hang clothes, rugs, and beach towels out to dry, but finding a clean surface to handle several items is challenging at most campsites.

That’s why gifting your favorite RVer with an Amish Wooden Ladder Mount Clothes Drying Rack will be much appreciated.

This quality wooden rack attaches to the rear ladder found on many recreational vehicles but can also work over a fence, or you can request a wall-mount kit.

The drying rack can hold up to 250 pounds of laundry over the 16 feet of hanging rods, which is sufficient to handle most RVers laundry needs.

When you don’t need to use the rack, it simply collapses for easy and safe storage.

12. Personalized Name Flag

Camping banners or flags are another way RVers can communicate with fellow campers their home state, name, or even favorite sports team.

Flags are lighter and easier to fold and store versus a wooden sign, and you can select several designs so your gift recipient can switch out banners for the seasons.

Flags or banners hang from a metal bracket that sticks into the ground, making them easy to move at display at each campsite.

13. Customizable RV Checklist

New RVers will especially love a customized RV checklist tablet that lets you see at a glance that nobody misses the critical campsite set up and tear down tasks.

Due to lack of experience, RV accidents from rushing through the setup and packing process are common and can lead to anything from embarrassment to expensive damage.

You can have the checklist pre-printed with standard RV arrival and departure instructions or use the Word template that comes with the purchase to create and print additional items as necessary.

14. RV Camper Door Window Shade

The RV camper door window is one place that most recreational vehicle manufacturers fail to install a shade to prevent privacy or intense sunlight issues.

An RV door window cover is an easy way to provide a buffer from the bright light that impedes peaceful daytime naps and UV rays that fade furnishings, and also prevents heat penetration and prying eyes into your camper.

The cover fits most RV door windows by removing the mounting screws and swapping them out for the included snap screws that will hold the shade to the window. For full light, the shade snaps off entirely and can roll up for easy storage.

Custom sizing is available, as is the option to use a black canvas for more light control or a tan canvas to filter the light more gently.

15. RV Campground Tracker Journal

When you begin RVing, you’ll find it doesn’t take long for campground locations and features to become fuzzy, so an RV Campground Tracker Journal is a very thoughtful gift to help your RVing friends keep all their campground information in order.

Filling out all the details about each campground in a hardback book while it’s fresh in the memory will help any RVer have all the information necessary to reference when making future reservations or to give camping friends campground suggestions.

RV campground journals are a gift most RVers will appreciate for reference and reread for a fun trip down memory lane.

16. Portable Wine Table

If you know a wine-loving RVer, they will love getting this portable wine table they can take on camping trips, to the beach, or anywhere else they want to take a relaxation break.

The bottom pole stakes into the ground and screws loose from the tabletop for easy transport. Set the table up between two camp chairs or next to a blanket, and slip wine glasses into the slots to hold them securely.

The bamboo wood table can be engraved with any design, name, or quote and makes an ideal anniversary or wedding gift for RVing enthusiasts.

17. Portable Burn Box Campfire/Stove

The Magnum Target Portable Campfire/Burn Cage is a tremendous portable camp stove or fire pit made of steel for long-lasting durability yet only weighs 38 pounds for easy transport.

The pieces lock together like a puzzle and can be bolted for extra security. When not in use, the steel plates stack together into a pile under an inch thick, allowing for compact storage.

There are different setups available, as the one above is taller and more square with a top cover the RVer can use for campsite cooking. You can also choose a wide fire pit style to make a safe fire anywhere.

18. Personalized Camper Stove Cover

Many RVs do not come with a burner cover, so adding a stove cover is a fantastic way to increase counter space in small RV kitchens.

This particular RV cover has handles on the sides, which allows use of the cover as a serving tray or portable tabletop as well.

Many Etsy sellers who offer RV stove top covers allow you to customize the surface design or select a specific stain color to match the camper’s cabinetry.

19. Ready Bag Emergency Kit

Even RVers need an Emergency Ready Bag in the event of sudden evacuation or extreme weather events.

The small bag comes with essential survival items, like water purification tablets, and leaves room for other supplies the user may feel are necessary.

The bag is compact and requires little storage space, but it can be a lifesaver if living conditions become dire at your campsite or home.

20. RV Time Clock

This RV Time Clock is a fun addition to any camper that will poke fun at the idea that RVers find it easy to lose track of time.

The wood clock comes in three sizes, and you can request custom stain or paint colors to match any RV decor perfectly.

The clock will run for months on a single battery, and the hour and minute hands will still allow camper occupants to figure out the actual time.

21. RV Patio Mat

RVers spend lots of time outside, and all can use an RV Patio Mat.

These mats are made of recycled plastic and allow water and dirt to pass through the webbing so the campsite and RV interior can stay cleaner. The mats come in many sizes, designs, and colors which allow you to pick the perfect match to any RV color scheme as a gift.

The mats are super lightweight and are easy to roll or fold for storage between camping trips.

22. Flag Holder

Many campers love to fly flags at their RV campsite, especially those who camp long-term or seasonally in one location.

A PVC flag holder, like this double-flag version, breaks down for storage but sets up quickly and securely to display your flags proudly.

The center pole allows the user to stick in a solar light to illuminate the flags at night and help mark the RV location. The holder is more stable if you include a length of rebar or a metal stake to support the pole to complete the gift.

23. Fresh Camper Deodorizer and Rodent Deterrent

RV deodorizers like Fresh Camper do double duty to reduce camper odors and deter pests like mice who don’t like the essential oils that humans find pleasant such as lemon, peppermint, cedarwood, and more.

Fresh Camper is eco-friendly with reusable sachets filled with absorbent corn-cellulose fibers that will last indefinitely with the reapplication of 20 or so drops of the oil blend as the scent dissipates.

This gift is a thoughtful way to keep harmful chemicals, mustiness, and pests out of RV compartments and cabinets during the active camping season and winter storage.

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Final Thoughts

Giving gifts to RVers

Giving gifts to RVers that are thoughtful and practical will make both the receiver and the giver happy.

With so many excellent handmade products available on Etsy, it’s even easier to find the perfect custom gift you can give to any RVer to brighten their camping trips and make them think of you.

The best gifts are those that come from the heart, and choosing any of the Etsy gifts on the list above will endear you to all your camping family and friends!

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-- Andre Gide

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