OPUS Camper

Reviewing the OPUS Camper (Pros and Cons)

Updated on February 14th, 2024

OPUS is a lesser-known RV brand of foldable camper that is a favorite with the off-grid or boondock camping crowd. You may wonder what makes OPUS campers different, and the answer is an extremely tough and well-built chassis and excellent suspension system, among many other features.

To dive deeper into what makes OPUS hybrid campers so popular, what floorplans and amenities they offer, and how much they cost, we put all the information right here in this guide to OPUS campers.

There aren’t many RVs built with the off-grid camper in mind, so if boondocking way off-road is your camping style, then keep reading!

Opus Camper History

OPUS is a company that keeps its focus on catering to the needs of off-road camping enthusiasts.

The OPUS line of foldable travel trailers started in 2013 under the Purple Line LLC recreational vehicle manufacturer. Two of its employees saw the need to provide rugged campers with luxury-level amenities to the RV world and set to designing the first campers.

The brand is built in Pittsburg, CA, and evolves rapidly to suit customers’ demands and implement the latest materials and technology available. Each new model year, the company tweaks the design to make more features standard while also adding even better option packages.

If you love to RV and spend your free time exploring or adventuring in the great outdoors, then an OPUS camper should be on your shopping list.

What Makes OPUS Campers Special

While the look of the OPUS camper has a tough, almost military appearance, the real benefit of this RV line is the innovative features like inflatable air beams that quickly lift and hold the canvas in place.

Using air allows most OPUS models to be ready for living in 90 seconds without the hassle of the metal rod assembly of other brands. However, do note that the OP 15 model uses standard sidewalls and not air beams.

When towing, the box of the OPUS is low-profile, so it’s much easier to pull through tight spaces and reduces wind resistance for lower fuel expenses.

There are four lines of OPUS campers: the OP LITE, the OP 15, the OP2, and the OP4.

All of the models can utilize the optional Purple Line Enduro power trailer mover that allows owners to use a remote control to un-hitch, hitch, or park the trailer into a campsite with ease.

After you purchase your OPUS foldable travel trailer, you’ll want to snap up many of their other optional accessories that will improve your camping experience even more.

The Air Canopy is available on the OP2 and OP4 models and uses the same inflating power as the air beams to create a huge outdoor canopy with a 10-foot-high ceiling. You can get a smaller Air Annex canopy on the OP LITE model.

You can also opt for a:

  • Lithium battery upgrade
  • Hot shower system
  • Kojack jack system
  • Wheel and hitch locks
  • Dimmable LED lighting
  • Cinema system
  • Wind deflector
  • Single bike rack
  • ARB fridge
  • Solar power

All these options, and many more, are on top of the already feature-packed standard OPUS models that we detail next.

OPUS Travel Trailer Models and Prices

Here are all the stats on the four OPUS travel trailer models so you can easily compare size, weight, and features.


Length: 17′ 2″
Width: 5′ 6″
Box Height: 4′ 6″
Open Height: 10′
UVW: 2380
GVWR: 3527
Sleeps: 2
Price: Starts at $19,900

The OPUS OP LITE is the perfect foldable RV for solo or couple off-road camping.

The heavy-duty suspension, galvanized welded chassis and drawbar, alloy wheels, mud tires, and independent trailing-arm coil-spring suspension are just some of the rugged standard features that will withstand the roughest terrain.

With a 20-gallon freshwater tank and queen-sized bed, two people can camp off-grid easily for two days, making the OP LITE ideal for weekend escapes.

Other standard features include:

  • Leatherette seating and convertible dinette
  • USB and 120V plugs
  • Integrated speaker system
  • NOCO Genius 10 battery charger
  • Removable table
  • 12-volt refrigerator
  • Slide out stainless-steel kitchen

The camper is towable with a Jeep or small SUV, making it even easier to own and use. The OPUS LITE is the most affordable of the models, and while not having all the features of its larger brothers, it is super functional for all types of camping situations.


Length: 15′
Width: 7′
Box Height: 8′ 10″
Interior Height Open: 6’ 5”
UVW: 4960
GVWR: 6600
Sleeps: 4
Price: Starts at $51,200

The OPUS 15 is a hybrid camper because it’s a blend of travel trailer and pop-up that literally raises the roof for a fresh-air-filled spacious interior living space.

The entire ceiling lifts and creates upper walls with soft sides for extra headroom. The rigid rear walls flip upward and outward to create additional living space that includes a king-size bed and bunks to sleep two more. The size is suitable for a family of four to camp in comfort.

The OP15 showcases a bamboo interior with an impressive amount of storage for all your camping gear. In addition, the unit comes with a 300-watt solar system with three 100-amp-hour AGM batteries that provide ample power for boondock trips of longer length.

The full kitchen has a combination fridge and freezer and stainless-steel appliances, a chopping board, a preparation deck, and a pantry, all of which slide out from an exterior port.

The camper has dual freshwater tanks with a total capacity of 63 gallons, plus a 17-gallon grey holding tank and a 10-gallon black waste water tank, which adds to dry-camping convenience.

The articulating hitch and twin shock absorbers are only some of the features that let you travel down the roughest of roads without worry of damage.

Other standard features include:

  • Leatherette seating
  • USB and 120V plugs
  • Integrated 4-speaker system
  • Truma heater and hot water system
  • Shower, sink, and chemical toilet
  • 12-volt television
  • Dometic air conditioner
  • Power stairs
  • Electric brake
  • Front utility area

The heavier weight of this hybrid camper will require a beefier tow-rated SUV or truck to pull safely.

OP15 Opus Camper (Video)


Length: 16′ 2″
Width: 6′ 8″
Box Height: 5′ 1″
Open Height: 11′ 6″
UVW: 2777
GVWR: 3970
Sleeps: Up to 4
Price: Starts at $24,900

The OPUS OP2 has the slimmest closed box dimensions of all the models and features a larger soft-top when the air-beam system is deployed, giving this model a definite tent camper feel. The OP2 build is so clever it won many awards for design.

While the look is different, it can sleep four comfortably in the queen-size bed and convertible dinette to bed. The camper features don’t stop there because you can enjoy hot showers in the optional shower room extension and load-up gear in the array of storage spaces tucked all around the unit.

The kitchen slides out the entire width of the trailer, giving you tons of space to prepare and cook food on the four-burner cooktop, store food in the pantry, and grab utensils from the handy drawer. The fridge slides out from a separate compartment for easy access.

The galvanized steel-truss chassis upgrade makes this camper an all-terrain beast, with 15″ off-road-ready tires and an independent suspension system to get you to the most remote of campsites safely.

Other standard features include:

  • Leatherette seating
  • LED outdoor cooking light
  • One-button-touch air inflation
  • Hot and cold water sink
  • 40-gallon water tank
  • Front toolbox
  • 12-volt refrigerator
  • Water-proofed 10-ply flooring
  • NOCO battery charger
  • Smoke, LP & CO detectors
  • USB and 120-volt outlets

The OP2 is light enough to tow with a compatible SUV or truck.

OP2 Opus Camper (Video)


Length: 18′ 4″
Box Height: 4′ 9″
Width: 6′ 10″
UVW: 2870
GVWR: 3970
Sleeps: Up to 6
Price: Starts at $24,500

The OPUS OP4 is the model to choose when you want it all in an off-road or campground-ready foldable travel trailer. The windows and skylights allow tons of natural light to flood the living space which features a fantastic 8-foot ceiling height.

Enjoy sleeping for six on two double beds on either end of the open camper and converting the wrap-around dinette with an adjustable table into a third sleeping space.

A slide-out kitchen has all the features you need, including a 12-volt fridge, cooktop, prep space, pantry, wind guards to keep the flames hot, and more. The camper also features a porta-potty for extra convenience.

The materials that comprise the airframe are super durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions without fading, tearing, or cracking. The chassis, suspension, and tires are similar to the OP2 in performance, so you know you’ll have no problems pulling the camper off-grid to camp.

The freshwater tanks hold 40 gallons, and with the addition of the solar package, you can enjoy four days of wild camping with ease. The options are too numerous to mention for the OP4, but we suggest looking into them to create the custom camper of your dreams.

Other standard features include:

  • Leatherette seating
  • USB and 120V plugs
  • Stereo system with Bluetooth
  • Exterior rinse shower
  • Electric brakes
  • Galvanized-steel chassis with rock guard
  • Mud tires plus a spare
  • LED roof lighting
  • Two 100ah deep-cycle batteries
  • Front utility area

Many SUVs, minivans, and light-duty trucks are capable of towing the OP4.

OP4 Opus Camper (Video)

OPUS Camper Cons

We highly recommend the OPUS camper line for its thoughtful attention to campers’ needs and the quality materials and build of each model.

While the ratings from owners rave about the OPUS hybrid travel trailers, we must discuss a few negatives to give you a complete picture of the brand.

Bed Sizing

The bed dimensions inside the camper are a bit shorter than expected (especially on the OPUS LITE), which could pose problems for taller people whose feet will hit the walls when trying to stretch out. As a result, the camper is best for people who are 6 feet or under for the most comfort.

Interior Space

While it’s obvious these aren’t large RVs, the OPUS line is tight on the interior living space, which may feel even more so when more than two people occupy the camper.

We feel that the best way for the lounge area to feel most comfortable is to remove the table when not using it for work or eating, so you have more legroom.

Interior Storage Access

The lounge seats are open to allow storage underneath. While the space is large enough to pack away plenty of camping supplies, easy access means getting everyone off the couch and out of the camper to do so.

Small Toilet and Cold Shower

Some OPUS models come with a petite toilet, so you have a place to go while at the campsite. Families with little kids appreciate the toilet size, but most owners feel it’s awkward for a grown adult to use it.

The toilet tucks into a dedicated cabinet, which is nice for storage, but the overall toilet function isn’t much better than a DIY camp toilet.

Many owners remove the toilet, use the space as extra storage, and go with a different camp toilet setup.

The outdoor shower is a delightful touch on the OPUS camper, but if you don’t get a model with a water heater or you upgrade, you’ll be taking a cold shower.

While this isn’t a huge complaint from owners, be aware that having hot water for washing dishes or your body is one camping luxury you probably don’t want to bypass.

OPUS Camper Wrap-Up

OPUS is a top-of-the-line RV manufacturer that is possibly one of the best hybrid travel trailer choices for anyone planning to spend more camping excursions off-road than in a traditional campground.

If you’re looking for a lighter-weight, compact, easy-to-store, simple-to-tow, durable, cool-looking foldable camper, the OPUS models should be on your shortlist.

We found very few negatives and an overwhelming amount of positives when researching and reviewing the OPUS line of campers, so why don’t you check it out for yourself and see if you agree?