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11 Dream RV Garages for Campers

Published on June 6th, 2022
Updated on February 8th, 2024

Are you thinking of building a roof over a travel trailer, motorhome, or other recreational vehicle to protect it from the elements? If so, then you need a reliable dream RV garage for campers.

An RVport is worth the investment because it shields your camper from the wear and tear of snow, ice, rain, hail, and UV rays.

Fully enclosed RV barns will also keep dust and dirt off the camper exterior and allow you to provide climate control to prevent plumbing lines from freezing during winter storage or mold from forming during humid summer days.

Many options are available to cover your RV, such as RV garages with living quarters or temporary camper shelter ideas for short-term use. That’s why we put all the details on the best RV carports below, including the average cost and where to find kits and contractors that specialize in these builds, so check it out to learn more.

Types of RV Covers or Garages

A small RV barndominium

One Level RV Garage with Living Quarters

An RV garage with living space is the ultimate choice for anyone who prefers to securely park their camper and enjoy private amenities. Extras include features like a residential-size bathroom, a laundry room, an entertainment area, or even a full kitchen or craft/hobby room.

Some seasonal or full-time RVers with permanent campsites often construct this type of garage to enjoy being able to move from their camper to other areas without exposure to the elements.

Most RV garages have a very tall and wide door with plenty of room to park a camper and have living quarters either next to or behind the RV. In addition, most garage floor plans situate the RV so you can use it while parked, while some place it in a separate bay for storage purposes only.

Most RV garages are fully enclosed and have a more residential appearance at first glance. In contrast, others have an open-sided canopy to cover an RV and a vehicle, with an enclosed space for the extra living quarters.

Trailer Shed

A trailer shed looks more like a classic metal carport with the front and rear open and the sides enclosed with metal sheeting to provide more protection from the elements.

The build is simple, with metal framing and corrugated metal sheeting that erects quickly by screwing the components together. The legs of the shed are fastened to the ground to prevent wind from blowing it over.

Trailer sheds are typically bought as a pre-fab kit and come in various sizes, colors, and other options to fit your needs. However, you can also design or buy design plans to have a more custom-looking camper shed or choose a pole barn style that works with your RV size.

RV Carport

RVports can look like a bigger version of a trailer shed, but the roof height is taller to fit larger recreational vehicles. Many are also wide enough to park a car underneath, even when the camper has the slides open.

RV Carport Install (Video)

There are typically no sidewalls on an RV carport canopy, but some people extend metal sheeting to the ground for more camper protection.

You can purchase a prefabricated kit made of metal framing and a metal roof over camper parking with the option to carry the metal down the walls.

Another option is to get a kit with 6×6 or 8×8 wooden posts, metal cross trusses that hold wood braces, and a sheet metal roof that is much more stable in locations where severe storms or heavy winds are common.

Many RV owners start with a standard RV carport to cover their camper and later add an enclosed structure off the side or back to use as living quarters when their budget allows.

Portable Camper Carports

Portable camper carports will have framing that is easy to assemble and disassemble and a canvas or polyethylene cover material for the top and sides that you attach to the frame for a tight, wind-proof fit.

A portable camper cover is ideal for temporary shelter from weather conditions, whether at a campsite or storing the recreational vehicle on your property or at a storage facility.

However, these camper shelters are not for long-term use or to withstand severe storms or high winds, especially if you don’t secure them to the ground.

If you want to upgrade your RV living or storage experience, these dreamy garages and carports will hit the mark:

1. The Bradley Mighty Steel RV Garage

Of the 11, The Bradley model from Mighty Steel RV Garages is an excellent balance of style and function for anyone looking to protect their dream campers and have ample living space to enjoy.

The floor plan includes a bay on the right side of the building with a high garage door to house your camper and smaller doors under an eave on the left that you can use to park a vehicle or to keep closed off and turn it into living quarters, a shop, or an entertainment space.

The basic plans allow you to customize the garage, yet the outside offers quaint residential styling with plenty of curb appeal for those looking for a classy RV garage.

2. Architectural Designs RV Garage Plan 23243JD with Living Quarters

11 Dream RV Garages for Campers
Floor Plan

This RV garage and living quarters combo is an elegant way to protect your camper while having plenty of space for a comfortable long or short-term stay.

The design plan has 585 square feet of heated interior space with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and small kitchenette. There is a 15′ x 38.10′ bay for an RV, a 17.6′ x 31′ bay for a vehicle with room for a small shop, and two covered porches on the front exterior to take in the views.

3. Mountain Barn Builders Pull-Through RV Carport

This large covered pull-through RV carport designed by Mountain Barn Builders features an attached screen room to the right of the cement parking pad and direct access to an enclosed bathroom, laundry, and storage to the left.

The split-log structure fits perfectly into wooded campsites or property and allows you to pull in, open the RV door, and enjoy bug-free entertainment or meals on the spacious screened-in deck.

The storage space is perfect for holding all your seasonal camping gear and extra supplies, and the bathroom and laundry turn this structure into camping convenience bliss.

4. The Dream Eclectic Bunk Living Quarters with RV Garage

When you want plenty of space for guests to spread out after parking your RV, this bunkhouse and RV garage from 360 Construction and Design is ideal.

The floor plan delivers maximum use of living areas by offering a second floor with two sets of bunk beds at one end, a dining room, a living room, a kitchenette, and a bathroom for guests to enjoy. On the other side of the room is the private master bedroom with another bathroom to give separation between adults and kids or other guests.

Downstairs, there’s a large room to use however you wish, with separate bays for a large RV and a vehicle and an entry door to complete the charming, rustic exterior.

5. America’s Best Modern Farmhouse RV Garage

11 Dream RV Garages for Campers
Farmhouse Design Plan 963-00506

The Modern Farmhouse Design Plan 963-00506 from America’s Best House Plans features a 16′ x 41′ foot RV garage with a cathedral ceiling, a 21′ x 27′ car garage, plus a 10′ x 28′ lean-to cover with open sides that makes a wonderful patio space.

The stonework around the base of the RV garage adds warmth to the overall look, while the crisp lines and peaked roofline keep the design contemporary enough to fit in with many house styles.

You can customize the plans to add a taller door if your camper height requires it or install a door that leads directly from the RV bay to the patio area.

6. Family Home Plans 54769 RV Garage

11 Dream RV Garages for Campers

If you’re looking for RV garages with a southwestern flair that fits campers, then the 54769 model from Family Home Plans is one of the 11 dream garages to check out. This garage fits most recreational vehicles and features a half bath so guests can freshen up easily. Plus, there is a secondary garage door to park a car, boat, or other outdoor equipment.

The detached unit dimensions are 30′ wide by 41.4′ deep, with the RV door to the right. The smooth stucco exterior, wide curved detailing around each garage door, and stepped roofline will fit beautifully into a western or desert setting.

The four windows across the top of each garage door flood the space with natural light, and with some alterations, you have plenty of interior space to expand to a full bathroom with a shower or add a kitchenette.

7. The Architectural Design 68866VR Contemporary RV Garage with Loft

11 Dream RV Garages for Campers
68866VR Contemporary RV Garage

The stunning modern design of this Architectural Design RV garage plan with loft keeps a slim footprint so it can fit onto a smaller lot yet provides extra storage or living space in the 15′ x 30′ loft above your parked camper.

The 12′ garage door height is ideal for low-clearance truck campers or small travel trailers, or Class C or Class B motorhomes in the main 15′ x 30′ RV parking area, and there is still room for a standard vehicle under the 15′ x 18′ secondary garage area.

Stairs take you to the loft, which overlooks the garage area, and plenty of windows bring natural light into the 495-square-foot building. Two side doors on the ground floor provide easy access, and the dual color scheme and changing exterior siding orientation increase visual interest.

8. Just Garage Plans 11-040 RV Garage with Studio Apartment

If you want an RV garage that you can also call home, the 11-040 plan from Just Garage Plans is the perfect match. The design tricks the eye into looking like a traditional house and not a garage to protect your recreational vehicle.

The interior space features a 39′ x 37′ RV parking area plus a 39′ x 21.5′ shop area that includes a full bathroom. But the exciting part is up the stairs, where you enter a 39′ x 21.5′ studio apartment with a large open area for a bed or couch, a full bath, a kitchen, and double doors that open onto a small balcony that covers the main entry down below.

The exterior of this 40′ x 60′ garage is stunning, with stucco walls and stonework detailing around the large windows, plus wood trim accents that match the entry and RV garage doors. Moving the RV entry door to the end of the building keeps the distraction of the large door to a minimum.

9. MBMI Metal RV Garage

The team at MBMI Metal Buildings works closely with each customer to ensure they are designing and buying the best RV enclosure for their needs, such as the 30′ x 40′ unit with a slanted roofline.

The tall RV door on the right allows ample room to park small to mid-size Class C or Class A motorhomes, fifth wheels, and camping trailers, while the standard garage door on the left provides access for a vehicle, boat, or ATVs. You can also transform the garage space left of the RV parking area into living quarters, a workshop, or an entertainment space.

Each building is made with up to 60% recycled material. In addition, the company’s metal coatings have the rare Energy Star rating approval because they reflect more of the sun’s rays, helping lower heating and cooling bills by up to 40% annually.

With 21 colors to choose from and customization for size, shape, windows, and more, you can create the ultimate solution to secure your camper when not in use or for enjoying the RV without the worry of hot, wet, or snowy weather conditions.

Absolute Steel RV Garage (Video)

10. The General Steel Buildings I-Beam RV Carport

If you’re looking for a ruggedly built RV garage carport cover to protect your camper plus another vehicle, boat, ATVs, or other outdoor toys, then the 26′ x 36′ I-Beam metal structure from General Steel is the one to buy.

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The design is much sleeker than other metal pre-fab canopy kits and is far superior in wind, weather, and rust resistance, which is why it comes with a 50-year structural warranty. In addition, the company offers many sizes and 16 color choices to create the ideal match for your existing home or RV.

We like the three sets of legs that integrate with the I-Beams and allow obstacle-free clearance to walk or drive through each opening, unlike other steel carport canopies with a metal crossbar along the ground between each post.

11. The Canvas RV Carport from Portable Garage Shelter

If you need portable or temporary RV garages to protect your dream campers from the elements, then the 18’W x 52’L x 16’H Canvas RV Carport is perfect for one of the 11 dream garages. a large travel trailer, motorhome, or fifth wheel will be fine with no problem.

The fabric drapes over a series of easy-to-assemble curved metal trusses, each with a steel footplate so you can secure the garage framing to dirt, gravel, concrete pads, asphalt, wood rails, or block walls. The canvas stays taut using a double-ratchet mechanism, and the tall zippered entry door rolls up easily using the crank handle.

The roof curve allows rain and snow to run down the sides to prevent sagging or damage. The RV garage comes in four colors, and the company has plenty of accessories available to provide extra ventilation, stability, or lighting if necessary.

Where to Find RV Garage Contractors

It pays to find an experienced RV garage contractor to construct your camper carport to ensure you’ll have all the critical features in the build, like the proper amperage electrical outlets for your RV and hookups for sewer and water if necessary.

Word of mouth from other RV garage owners is the best way to find a quality contractor, but you can also find skilled craftspeople through companies that sell RV garage kits or design plans. Another suggestion we like is to contact your nearest RV dealership and ask what RV carport or garage builders they recommend.

It pays to have someone with RV knowledge build your garage. This extra step will mean you aren’t stuck with a building that may be large enough to park your camper but doesn’t allow enough space to open slideouts or easily move around the unit to perform maintenance tasks.

Of These 11, How Much Does It Cost to Build a Dream RV Garage for Campers?

RV Garage 20x42x16 (Video)

A basic and small pre-fab metal RV carport kit you plan to DIY can cost as little as $4,000, while a fancy RV garage with living quarters built by a contractor can cost $150,000 or more.

In general, you can build a spacious RV carport cover with open sides for under $10,000.

Factors that play a role in overall price include structure size, whether or not you’re placing the RVport on bare ground or a concrete slab, whether it’s a pre-fab metal kit vs. a wooden structure if the unit is enclosed, and what types of utilities you want in place.

An RV is an investment, so it pays to protect it with a cover no matter what type your budget allows.

RV Garage Wrap-Up

Once you see the value of covering your recreational vehicle, you may want to expand the design to include features that will make the structure more functional during storage or for day-to-day living and camping.

We hope the 11 dream RV garages for campers above inspire you to build the perfect cover for your camper to keep it safe and make a space everyone can enjoy!

Related Questions

  1. What are the benefits of having an RV garage with living quarters?

An RV garage with living quarters offers the convenience of having a mobile home and a stationary residence in one place, reducing the need for separate maintenance and utility costs.

It also provides the flexibility to travel at a moment’s notice while ensuring a comfortable, personalized space to return to, enhancing the overall RV lifestyle experience.

  1. What are the different types of RV covers or garages available?

RV covers and garages come in a variety of types to suit different needs and preferences.

Some common types include universal-fit RV covers, custom-fit RV covers, roof-only RV covers, and full RV garages, which are typically made of metal or fabric and provide complete protection from the elements.

  1. How does the cost of building an RV garage vary?

The cost of building an RV garage can vary greatly depending on factors such as the size of the garage, materials used, labor costs, and any additional features like electricity or plumbing.

On average, you can expect to spend between $20,000 to $50,000, but high-end custom builds can cost over $100,000.

  1. What factors influence the overall price of building an RV garage?

The overall price of building an RV garage is influenced by several factors, including the size and design of the garage, the materials used, labor costs, and any additional features such as electricity, plumbing, or custom storage.

Additionally, location-specific factors such as local building codes, permit fees, and the cost of land can also significantly impact the total cost.

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