Best Campers Under 10,000 Lbs

8 Best Campers Under 10,000 Lbs

Updated on February 7th, 2024

Finding campers that weigh less than 10000 lbs isn’t all that difficult, but as they get lighter, it’s harder to know which brands are the most reliable in terms of construction and amenities or have the best floor plans.

To help you streamline your travel trailer or fifth-wheel shopping, we put together a list of the best camping trailers under 10,000 pounds and highlight a few campers under 7000 lbs. that will work with your truck or another tow vehicle.

Don’t waste time and energy searching through all the makes and models of campers to find one light enough for your requirements. Instead, check out these options that excel at the sleeping capacity, features, storage, and layout you need. We even include an opportunity if you’re looking for campers under 10000 dollars!

Benefits of a Lightweight Camper

Lightweight travel trailer specifications

Many people go for the largest RV they can find in hopes it will provide the most comfort, and they don’t give any thought to what it will be like to pull a heavy travel trailer down the road or park it at a campground.

In reality, a smaller and lighter RV can still provide all the space and features you want, with the benefit of easier and less expensive day-to-day use. So, let’s go over the reasons you should consider a lightweight camper.

Towing and Parking Flexibility

A lighter camper is generally smaller, so it’s much easier to find campsites that will fit your RV. In addition, most RV parks charge a premium for those “deluxe” campsites that only large fifth wheels or Class A motorhomes will fit.

Pulling a lightweight camper with your tow vehicle will also reduce strain on components and be easier to control. In addition, a lighter camping trailer isn’t going to bog down like a heavy version when camping off-grid, making travel over dirt roads or grassy areas less stressful.

Navigating through gas stations, parking lots, and tight campground roads or backing into campsites will be uncomplicated in a lighter and smaller camper.

Choosing a lightweight camper expands your options when selecting your tow vehicle. A light travel trailer means you can avoid the expense of buying a heavy-duty truck and can instead use a light-duty truck, an SUV, a crossover, or even a sedan with an appropriate tow rating.

Lower Overall Cost

A family vacation travel trip in a lightweight motorhome RV

It’ll cost less to purchase and operate lighter campers weighing under 10000 lbs than one weighing over 10,000 pounds, in most instances.

The first cost-saving feature is the reduction in fuel necessary to tow the camper to your destination. In addition, a lighter camper body creates less friction with road surfaces, so your tow vehicle doesn’t need to work as hard to move it down the highway.

A lighter camper will bounce and sway less while moving down the roadways, resulting in less wear and tear on all its components, from the tires to the interior trim work. Having to perform fewer maintenance tasks or repairs due to things shaking loose will keep more money in your camping-fun budget.

Another aspect of modern lightweight campers is the technologically advanced materials that go into the build. Most of these materials are super durable yet weigh much less than wood or other composites, so they are less prone to costly damage from moisture or impacts. Plus, keeping these materials clean is often much more manageable than using standard RV building materials, so you won’t have to be spending extra money on repairs or special cleaning products.

Lastly, it’s a fair expectation that a lighter and smaller RV will cost less than a larger, more amenity-filled camper. However, brands like Airstream may still produce sticker shock on even their smallest and lightest trailers.

Finding a travel trailer or fifth-wheel light enough for your tow vehicle doesn’t need to be stressful. These campers under 10,000 lbs. get great reviews from our fellow RVers:

1. Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2850BHSWE Travel Trailer

Length: 32.9 feet
UVW: 6,687 lbs.
CCC: 2,993 lbs.
Sleeps: Up to 10
Price: $55,664

The Aspen Trail 2850BHSWE Travel Trailer has an efficient floor plan that accommodates a group without feeling cramped. With a queen bed in the main suite, bunks in the rear, and a convertible sofa and dinette in the slide-out, you’ll have plenty of room for overnight guests. The full kitchen and bath are spacious, and all the furniture, fixtures, and appliances are top quality.

Top features:

  • 16′ Awning with LED lighting
  • 82″ interior height
  • Tinted safety glass windows
  • 13,500-BTU furnace
  • Heated and enclosed underbelly
  • Bath skylight

Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2850BHSWE (Video)

2. Eagle HT 24RE Fifth Wheel

Length: 29.1 feet
UVW: 8,060 lbs.
CCC: 1,935 lbs.
Sleeps: 6
Price: $61,725

The Eagle HT 24RE Fifth Wheel delivers that residential feel in the interior layout and a massive amount of exterior storage that you can only find in this type of camper. With a queen bed, trifold sofa, and convertible dinette, you can sleep your entire family.

Hanging out inside doesn’t need to be boring when you can enjoy the fireplace and entertainment center. The full kitchen finishes off the main living space, with the large bathroom with a toilet, sink, shower, and storage up the stairs.

Top features:

  • 19′ Awning with LED lighting
  • 81-gallon fresh water tank
  • Exterior LP quick-connect
  • 35,000-BTU furnace and Climate Shield zero-degree weather protection
  • Ducted, heated and enclosed underbelly
  • JAYCOMMAND Smart System with TPMS

Eagle HT 24RE Fifth Wheel (Video)

3. Airstream Flying Cloud 23FB

Length: 23 feet
UVW: 5,000 lbs.
CCC: 1,000 lbs.
Sleeps: 4
Price: $94,400

The Flying Cloud is an iconic American travel camper under 10000 lbs that makes camping fun and comfortable. The 23FB floor plan includes adjustable main bed configurations, a convertible dinette, a very spacious bathroom, and efficient kitchen space.

The numerous large tinted windows envelop the interior with light and allow you to view the outdoors from just about anywhere. The design is modern yet retro, with sleek aluminum finishes inside and out.

Top features:

  • ZipDee awning
  • Stable dual axles
  • QuietStream Climate Control for cooling and heating
  • High-end appliances, fixtures, and furniture
  • Pull-out pantries and other storage
  • Ultraleather seating

Airstream Flying Cloud 23FB (Video)

4. Forest River Alpha Wolf 26 RL-L

Length: 34.5 feet
UVW: 8,900 lbs.
CCC: 1,812 lbs.
Sleeps: Up to 8
Price: $47,985

The Alpha Wolf 26 RL-L floor plan delivers the ideal living quarters for full-time or seasonal RVers who want plenty of room to spread out. While you can opt for putting extra guests on the fold-out sofas or convertible dinette, you can also choose a table and chairs for the dining area and theater seating to watch your favorite movies.

The kitchen island with farmhouse sink is a cook’s dream, and the main suite with a queen bed and attached full bath provide privacy. Two slides increase interior space, while the dual exterior awnings allow more weather protection over your patio area for outdoor entertaining and cooking.

Top features:

  • 11′ and 9′ awnings with LED lighting
  • Pass-through storage bays
  • Fireplace
  • Residential-size kitchen appliances
  • Panoramic rear window
  • Electric stabilizer jacks

Forest River Alpha Wolf 26 RL-L (Video)

5. Riverside RV Retro 245RB Travel Trailer

Length: 27.9 feet
UVW: 5,500 lbs.
CCC: 2,070 lbs.
Sleeps: 4
Price: $20,500

The Riverside RV is one of the campers under 10000 lbs.

The Riverside Retro 245RB Travel Trailer has that cool vibe that catches everyone’s eye but also delivers modern features that fit the needs of today’s RVers. The interior has a private bedroom with a queen bed and closets, while the main living area has an entertainment center and a kitchen with a four-burner range, fridge, microwave, and sink.

There is also a huge dinette and comfy sofa in the deep slide-out, which increases floor space. Across the rear is a roomy bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower. Storage isn’t an issue inside or outside this camper, with a pass-through compartment to hold long or bulky camping gear.

Riverside RV Retro 245RB (Video)

3 Best Travel Trailers Under 7000 Lbs

If you’re searching for an even lighter travel trailer, check out these top models:

1. nuCamp TAB 400

Length: 18.3 feet
UVW: 3,900 lbs.
CCC: 1,060 lbs.
Sleeps: 3
Price: $49,501

The nuCamp TAB 400 teardrop camping trailer is one of the most unique campers under 7000 lbs. You have many options to customize the look, from the exterior color scheme to the interior amenities.

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The camper features a roomy wet bath for washing up anywhere, a queen-size bed, a second sleeping area for guests, and custom Ohio-Amish cabinetry that will last for decades. In addition, with the solar roof package, you can easily camp on and off-grid.

Top features:

  • Galley kitchen
  • Dual 110v and USB outlets
  • Large “stargazing” picture window
  • Alde Central Heat and Water Heater
  • Exterior shower
  • Nautilus Water Management System

NuCamp TAB 400 (Video)

2. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 174BH Travel Trailer

Length: 21′ 8″ feet
UVW: 3,135 lbs.
CCC: 1,015 lbs.
Sleeps: Up to 5
Price: $22,134

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX 174BH Travel Trailer is one of the best lightweight travel campers not under 10000 lbs but actually under 7000 lbs that offer enough room to sleep a small family. The floor plan includes a queen bed, bunks, and a convertible dinette. The bathroom has a toilet and stand-alone shower, with the kitchen featuring a fridge, microwave, two burners, and sink.

Top features:

  • 10′ Awning
  • Ample cabinetry and storage
  • High-rise sink faucet
  • 19,000-BTU furnace
  • Magnum Truss Roof System
  • G20 dark-tinted safety-glass privacy windows

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 174 BH (Video)

3. Oregon Trail’R DoDrop

Length: 7 feet
UVW: 700 lbs.
Sleeps: 2
Price: $8,500

The Oregon Trail’R DoDrop teardrop travel trailer is the perfect solo or couple RV, and it’s also one of the best campers under 10000 dollars on the market. The design is no-frills, but the craftsmanship is superior down to every last detail.

It’s so effortless to tow this trailer behind any tow-rated vehicle. You can pull this baby to off-road campsites just as easily as parking it in your garage.

Top features:

  • Natural baltic birch interior
  • Dual entry doors
  • Custom pillowtop mattress
  • Powder-coated aluminum exterior
  • Interior shelving and outlets
  • Rubber torsion axle

Oregon Trail’R DoDrop (Video)

Lightweight Camper Brand Optional Floor Plans

If you like the general price, weight, or features of any camper models above but don’t feel the floor plan is ideal for your needs, don’t worry!

If you visit the websites of each RV manufacturer, you’ll find that many of the brands have other floor plans for campers under 10000 lbs. Again, it helps to look at the design and location of features so you can envision how it would work for you or your family during camping trips.

Always double-check the towing capacity of your vehicle and choose a camper with a total weight rating under that mark. This gross weight should include the dry weight of the trailer plus the maximum cargo-carrying capacity.

It also helps to stay under your tow vehicle’s towing capacity by a few hundred pounds to ensure you travel within the safe limits of your vehicle and camping trailer.

Many people overpack their RVs for trips and unknowingly exceed weight ratings, which leads to tire blowouts, axle damage, or serious accidents. If you’re unsure how much your trailer and tow vehicle weigh, take your loaded camper to a truck stop or weigh station and get on the scales. It may be very eye-opening!

Lightweight Camper Wrap Up

Campers under 10000 lbs don’t have to lack the space, storage, or amenities you want when enjoying RV trips.

Many campers utilize modern building products that reduce maintenance and weight and add all the latest technology for control panels, solar, and entertainment centers. In addition, with a lightweight camper, you can reduce fuel costs and have an easier time towing the trailer.

We hope our camper selections above hit the mark for quality, design, guest capacity, and features so you can purchase the perfect model and hit the road on your first of many RV trips!

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