The 3 best women RV groups

The 3 Best Women RV Groups

Updated on February 6th, 2024

RV life can be challenging, especially if you’re a solo female traveler. The lack of female community when on the road can increase stress and may cause women RVers to give up their camping and travel dreams.

Luckily, some incredible women’s RV groups are available to fill the void. These groups provide an array of benefits, no matter your age or RV lifestyle. With current data by the Escapees Club showing that 40 percent of RV owners are women between 35 and 60 years of age, it makes sense the membership rolls in women’s RV groups keep rising.

So, if you want to learn about the most popular women’s RV groups, what they offer members, and why you should consider joining, check out all the details below. The RV life as a solo or couple doesn’t need to lack female support, and these groups may be just what you’re looking for!

What Are Women RV Groups

A women RV group

Women’s RV groups come in many shapes and sizes. Some are local and can be a group of ladies who met through Facebook with similar camping interests who travel together during the year. You can also find national RV groups for women that require membership and host events like RV rallies where men are not allowed.

The point of a women’s only RV group is to give them a chance to learn about the RV lifestyle, new camping skills, RV maintenance, and many other topics without the intrusion of males.

When not actively hosting meet-ups, women’s RV groups offer a chance for members to connect online, share day-to-day happenings, offer support, and provide resources such as where to find a great campground near you or which type of RV insurance is best.

Reasons to Join an RV Group for Women

Here are the top reasons to join a women’s RV group:

  • Opportunity to travel with like-minded women
  • Make a network of friends across the US
  • Have an understanding sounding board when RV issues, or life in general, get you down
  • Educational resources and in-person events to learn how to operate, fix and live in an RV
  • Fun rallies and “traveling” RV group trips
  • Inside tips on the best camping locations
  • Teach how to RV or camp safely as a woman traveler

Many women join an RV group only to have online access to useful information and to share thoughts through private forums. Others participate because they love socializing at rallies and annual conventions with other women who share their love of the RVing lifestyle.

While there are many RV groups for couples and families, there is something special and empowering when you can join a group only for women. Women understand the hurdles and issues they encounter while RVing and feel a sense of belonging and security when they have a network of “sisters” across the US who can help if necessary.

Best Women RV Groups

A women RV group

These best women’s RV groups focus on creating a safe space for women to navigate the RV and camping life, free from societal pressure. From teaching RV basics to participating in national rallies, group members can enjoy a variety of girls-only events and expand their circle of friends and support within the RV world.

Sisters on the Fly

The most well-known RV women’s group is Sisters On The Fly, which was started in 1999 by siblings Maurrie Sussman and Rebecca Clarke. The main goal was to make the outdoor lifestyle and RVing (especially in restored vintage campers) an exciting adventure full of learning experiences and a lot of fun.

Since its inception, more than 20,000 women have been part of Sisters On The Fly. The current yearly membership is around 8,000 across all 50 states and continues to grow yearly.

The group is the largest women’s organization in the US and has members in Australia, Canada, and France. You must be 21 years old to join, and no men or children are allowed at events, but most do allow pets.

Members can partake in a variety of camping-related group activities, such as:

  • Hiking
  • Campground rallies
  • Geocaching
  • Kayaking
  • Local cultural events
  • Fishing
  • Horseback riding
  • Campfire cooking

The group also hosts meet-ups for community service projects, wine-tasting tours, sightseeing, nights out with the girls, and more.

Membership is $70 a year and gives you access to forums, member directories, networking avenues, an events calendar, and a fun and supportive community. To learn more about Sisters On The Fly, you can visit, their Facebook page, Twitter account, or YouTube channel.

Meet the Sisters on the Fly (Video)

RVing Women

RVing Women began in 1991 when Zoe Swanagon and Lovern King decided it was time women RVers had a safe zone to learn about all aspects of the RV lifestyle. The group caters to solo female RVers and is a welcoming place to share concerns, funny stories, life’s general ups and downs, tips and tricks, and connect to set up travel plans.

Over the years, the group has grown steadily, with 18 regional chapters in the US. Most events are local to each chapter and include seminars, tours, rallies, and caravans where members have a blast learning and socializing with their peers.

RVing Women also has national rallies and an annual convention that brings more than 1,000 female RVers together to enjoy friendship, live entertainment, education, great food, networking, and plenty of laughs.

Membership cost is $72 for the first year and $62 for renewals and includes six bi-monthly issues of their magazine. Most local chapters also have a yearly due, typically around $5-$10. Visit or check out their Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube channel for more information.

Meet RVing Woman: A Group Dedicated to Women Who RV all over the US (Video)

Girl Camper

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One of the newer entries into the RV women’s group category is Girl Camper, founded by Janine Pettit. This club is for all female campers, whether they RV, backpack, rent cabins, tent, or car camp. The group is very welcoming to all levels of female campers, from novice to expert.

Girl Camper offers online education and resources to teach women about all aspects of camping and outdoor living. The group also hosts camping get-togethers, meet-ups, and road trips where members can socialize in person, create friendships, and learn new camping skills.

The organization has a base of regional chapters so that you can find a support group near you. You can also apply to become a Girl Camper Guide and receive an exclusive region to build your local “tribe” of fellow women camping enthusiasts.

You can find more information about Girl Camper through their Facebook page, YouTube channel, or by visiting

There is no cost to join Girl Camper, but there are nominal fees to join most events. In addition, the group charges $20 for a yearly digital or paper monthly magazine full of camping news, upcoming events, product reviews, how-to’s, and so much more.

Tips for RV Camping as a Woman

RV camping as a woman

RV camping as a woman can sometimes feel intimidating. Maybe you don’t have the physical strength to perform a particular task, or a location makes you feel unsafe.

While you don’t need a big, strapping man to fix all your problems, there are times it would be nice to have a helping hand. Here are some tips from experienced solo women RVers to keep you rolling down the road safely:

  • Trust your gut – Leave if you feel uneasy about any situation. Don’t feel you need to prove a point you aren’t a “weak” woman and stay at a campground, rest area, or other location when things appear sketchy.
  • Be confident – Always walk tall and present yourself like you know what you’re doing (even if you don’t). Others will not try to take advantage of someone they see as strong and capable.
  • Be clever – Sometimes, it’s safer to let others think you are traveling with a partner. Have fake conversations with another “person,” set out two camp chairs, or put a pair of large men’s shoes or boots outside the door to seem like you aren’t alone.
  • Take personal safety seriously – Learn self-defense, carry a weapon (and learn how to use it), always lock your doors, and consider traveling with a dog you can train to protect you from harm.
  • Use RV connections wisely – It’s smart to inform your RV pals of your travel plans so they can locate you if your RV breaks down or you haven’t checked in when you said you would.
  • Plan ahead – You can avoid many issues by vetting your campground choices and travel routes with fellow female RVers who have been to that area and can tell you what places are safe and which to avoid.
  • Learn basic camper and car repairs – Learn how to change a flat tire on your trailer or vehicle, fill engine fluids, replace hoses, and other common problems. A breakdown can happen in remote areas, and you’ll have to rely on yourself and your tool kit to get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Change your routines – If you camp in one location for several days, make an effort to change how you perform certain tasks. For example, if you like to take walks, don’t take them at the same time each day or follow the same route. If someone is looking to harm you or break into your camper, they will track your movements to take advantage of a time when they think they can do so and not get caught.

Final Thoughts

Women travelers are a unique group with a variety of skills and personalities that are worth getting to know. They can be a sounding board when you’re unsure about making a big decision or can walk you through a DIY repair when your RV breaks.

RV women’s groups provide more than just companionship for fellow travelers. With educational opportunities, emotional support, and fun special events, they become an extended family that will make your RV life more fulfilling!

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