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9 Best Wired and Wireless RV Backup Cameras (Reviewed)

When you own a large recreational vehicle, trying to drive and park can be quite challenging when you don’t have a backup camera to show you what’s in your blind spots.

The best RV backup cameras provide a wide viewing angle, a clear picture day and night, and won’t malfunction when you need it most.

To help you find the best wired or wireless RV backup camera, I put the top models in this guide so you can compare features and purchase the one that best fits your needs.

RV backup cameras make highway driving, campsite parking, and hitching up a travel trailer much safer, so check out the top brands below!

7 Best Wired and Wireless RV Backup Cameras

1. Furrion Vision S FOS43TASF

9 Best Wired and Wireless RV Backup Cameras (Reviewed)
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Main Features:

  • Wireless
  • 4.3 Inch Display
  • 120-degree Viewing Angle
  • Range-42 ft. Traveling/492-ft. Open Range
Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Backup Camera System with 5-Inch Monitor, 1 Rear Sharkfin, Infrared...
967 Reviews
Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Backup Camera System with 5-Inch Monitor, 1 Rear Sharkfin, Infrared…
  • Easy & Quick Installation: Most RVs are already prepped for the Vision S Sharkfin camera system, eliminating extensive drilling requirements
  • Waterproof Camera with Night Vision: Comes with 1 High Resolution (720×480) IP65 waterproof camera with infrared night vision, live streaming, intelligent IR cut filters and wide viewing angle of 120°
  • Stable & Long Range Signal Strength: The 2.4GHz proprietary wireless communication provides a reliable digital connection with no lag between the camera and monitor . Tested for up to 100ft at high speeds and extended range of up to 492ft in open spaces. Compatible with RVs, motorhomes, trucks, semi-trailers, box trucks, shuttle buses, commuter buses, and tractors
  • Clear & Easy Viewing: 5″ Touch Screen Anti-glare Monitor comes with park assist marker lines and displays a clear uninterrupted live-video . The windshield and table mount allow for easy viewing
  • Security & Safety: You can also wire the camera to serve as a security system to help you stay safe when parked. The camera has motion sensors which can auto wake the display. The microphone in the camera has audio transmission, allowing for parking guidance

The Furrion Vision S FOS43TASF is a top contender for its wireless installation, extensive range, and ability to provide clear, uninterrupted views even when traveling at highway speeds.

Owners of longer recreational vehicles like fifth-wheels, Class A motor coaches, and 35-foot-plus travel trailers find the Furrion an invaluable piece of equipment for parking with precision at campsites and making lane changes safely during road trips.

The anti-glare display keeps you from getting distracted during use, and the view remains crisp during any light conditions both day and night.

The rear assist marker lines make judging distance less stressful since you can avoid hitting obstacles like the campground power pedestal, trees, or other structures when backing up to park.

Lastly, the unit also works as a security camera, with the display lighting up when detecting motion in the camera’s range.

The biggest downside of this Furrion model RV backup camera is the cost. Another thing to mention is that RVs pre-wired for a backup camera system must have the power wire connected to the unit, as not all have the hookups ready to go.

2. Rohent RV Backup Camera System

9 Best Wired and Wireless RV Backup Cameras (Reviewed)
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Main Features:

  • Wireless
  • 7 Inch Display
  • 150-degree Viewing Angle
  • Range-60 ft. Traveling/990-ft. Open Range
Rohent RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P Waterproof Dual Antennas Digital Signals Rear View System...
875 Reviews
Rohent RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P Waterproof Dual Antennas Digital Signals Rear View System…
  • 【 Unique Dual Antenna Design 】►With the latest digital signal chip, rearview mirror backup camera can send 1080P videos to the display via the stronger signal. The signal can reach 980ft in open area and 320ft in vehicles.
  • 【 4 Video Inputs & DVR Monitor 】◄ RV backup camera wireless with monitor four wireless video channels monitoring four cameras. Monitor support full screen or split screen or quad screen. The 7 Inch monitor with recording function.
  • 【 IP69 Waterproof Level 】► Bluetooth backup camera with the latest sealing tech, the wireless backup Cameras are IP69 waterproof, also can withstand extreme temperatures from -23°F~179°F. No more lens water or fog problems.
  • 【 Wide Vehicle Compatibility & Easy to Install 】◄ RV backup camera system work with a wide range of large vehicles, such as Trucks Bus Box Truck Semi-Trailers Tractor and Motor home.
  • 【 Quality Guarantee 】► Trailer backup camera with touch key monitor, we provide two-year technical support and quality warranty. we’ll try our best for you.

The Rohent Backup Camera System for RVs is an affordable option that features a large display to make it easier to see the obstacles in the rear of your camper.

The range of this unit is quite impressive for both traveling and when parking in open spaces. You can also split the screen display and add up to three more cameras to provide even more visual coverage of your RV exterior.

The ability to hook up the unit to either the RV backup lights for reverse parking assistance only or the battery for full-time visuals gives you more installation flexibility.

The unit is waterproof and features a fog-resistant lens that delivers a crisp video feed both day and night.

Lastly, wireless transmission reduces annoying issues with interference from outside electromagnetic forces. With a chip upgrade for 2021, there is no lag time between the camera and the display for safer use.

On the downside, the menu takes time to learn to navigate, and the bracket for the camera doesn’t allow you to customize the angle of the view.

3. DoHonest RV Digital Wireless Backup Camera

9 Best Wired and Wireless RV Backup Cameras (Reviewed)
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Main Features:

  • Wireless
  • 7 Inch Display
  • 170-degree Viewing Angle
  • Range-40 ft. Traveling/500-ft. Open Range
RV Backup Camera Wireless Easy Hookup: Plug and Play for Furrion Pre-Wired Mount Recording 4 Channel...
1,158 Reviews
RV Backup Camera Wireless Easy Hookup: Plug and Play for Furrion Pre-Wired Mount Recording 4 Channel…
  • – With the latest digital signal chip and a unique dual antenna design, the DoHonest rv backup camera wireless sends high-definition 1080P videos to the 7 inch screen through a strong signal. You won’t have to worry about interference or delays, as the rv backup camera wireless with monitor signal can extend up to 500ft in open areas and 320ft in vehicles.
  • – Equipped with a 4 way DVR video input, wireless backup camera for rv can accommodate up to 4 cameras, you can watch split/full/quad screen modes. Wireless trailer backup camera as a smart highway back/front observation tool for real-time driving security.
  • – The furrion backup camera for rv comes with an extra bracket adapter and pigtail wire for Furrion pre-wired systems. The side view mount B089Y3NXQ can be added to use the wireless rear view camera on the side. Equipped with 11 IR infrared night vision LED lights, wireless rv backup camera can transmit real and vivid images during the day and also real-time color images at night.
  • – The DIY guide line is your powerful assistant when reversing, this trailer camera system wireless allow you customize and adjust the guide line depending on the installation position to fit the parking spot.Designed with an IP69K waterproof wireless rv camera security system , the trailer backup camera wireless can be installed anywhere near the running/reversing light.
  • – With a 170-degree viewing angle, S19 wireless backup camera for trailer is easy to hook up and use for vehicles, such as cars, suvs, semi-trailers, box trucks, campers, 5th wheels, travel trailers, buses, motorhome, towing a boat,horse trailers, tractor and RVs expressing versatility.

DoHonest RV Digital Wireless Backup Camera System features two channels with a recording function for continual monitoring of your recreational vehicle during your travels.

The weatherproof housing keeps problems like lens fogging or water droplets from impairing the video on the large display monitor. Another plus is the video feed stays solid and consistent at all times, no matter how fast you’re driving.

Installation is a breeze with this unit, and it includes an external antenna to boost signal strength to the max through all types of weather events. In addition, the night vision, high-definition display screen, and color option let you clearly see any objects in your path.

Lastly, the unit comes with two different mounts so that you can place the monitor in a comfortable viewing position in your motorhome or truck cab.

On the downside, the antenna jiggles loose from road vibrations, and you’ll need to tighten it occasionally to keep it from falling off.

4. Rear View Safety 770613-213 RV Backup Camera System

9 Best Wired and Wireless RV Backup Cameras (Reviewed)
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Main Features:

  • Wired
  • 7 Inch Display
  • 130-degree Viewing Angle
  • Range-66 ft. of Cable

The Rear View Safety RV Backup Camera System features infrared night vision and a super sharp digital monitor display to make parking at any time much safer.

The weatherproof system is wired, which means absolutely no lag between the camera and the display. In addition, the wiring and quick-connects are airplane-grade, with the highest shock and vibration ratings in the industry for years of reliable operation.

The system comes with a 3-power harness, so you can attach two more cameras if you wish. Other top features include an audio microphone so the driver can hear instructions from the rear of the RV, parking assist grid lines, automatic display dimming, and night visuals of up to 50-feet in complete darkness.

On the downside, the camera’s position may produce monitor glare on sunny days, interfering with seeing the complete picture. Another concern is that the mount isn’t as secure as users would like, which will require some adjustments for a better fit.

5. ZEROXCLUB HD BW904 RV Backup Camera System

9 Best Wired and Wireless RV Backup Cameras (Reviewed)
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Main Features:

  • Wireless
  • 9 Inch Display
  • 149-degree Viewing Angle
  • Range-85 ft. Traveling/120 ft. Open Range

The ZEROXCLUB HD RV Backup Camera System costs a bit more, but the features like the high-def 1080P 9-inch display, four weatherproof cameras, and a stable signal make this kit a great value.

The wireless application uses IPS technology advancements that eliminate delays from the camera to the display monitor for safer RV driving and parking. Installation is a snap with this system by using the easy-to-follow instructions so that you can get on the road faster.

You can use the built-in 32G SD card slot to record video to ensure you’ll have evidence of any mishaps while you travel. The four cameras form a complete picture around your entire RV, with the side cameras allowing you to see blind spots, which can help avoid accidents.

On the downside, while the range rating while traveling states it’s long, this unit works best on RVs around 30-feet or less in length. The mounting angle of the cameras may also need an adjustment on certain RV types to ensure proper coverage.

6. eRapta HD ERT01 RV Backup Camera

9 Best Wired and Wireless RV Backup Cameras (Reviewed)
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Main Features:

  • Wired
  • Display size-N/A
  • 149-degree Viewing Angle
  • Range-26 ft. Wire

If you own a small Class C or Class B motorhome or short travel trailer, the eRapta HD ERT01 RV Backup Camera is a budget-friendly license-plate-mount unit that you can pair with any compatible RCA cable/connector display or your vehicle’s radio screen.

The IP69 rating means it will withstand the harshest weather conditions without failure. In addition, the angle of the camera is adjustable, and the low-profile design keeps your RV looking sleek.

The “true color” image display helps you see objects more clearly, and the complete kit with all the wires allows you to install the camera and hit the road quickly. The universal fit is another nice touch, which eliminates the need to drill holes for attachment to your camper.

On the downside, the location of your RV license plate may not work for this camera depending on what type of view it portrays, and again, this is only for shorter RVs as the cable is only 26-feet long.

7. Furrion Vision S FOS07TASF RV Backup Camera

9 Best Wired and Wireless RV Backup Cameras (Reviewed)
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Main Features:

  • Wireless
  • 7 Inch Display
  • 120-degree Viewing Angle
  • Range-100 ft. Traveling/492 ft. Open Range

Furrion Vision S FOS07TASF RV Backup Camera is a second Furrion model that gets high ratings from RV owners for dependable operation in all types of weather, campground, and road conditions.

The IP65 waterproof design also features infrared night vision, a large high-resolution display, and the ability to live stream at all times if you wish. You can purchase special mounts for the windshield or dash console for optimal viewing ease.

The built-in microphone is super handy when trying to back up with a spotter, so you don’t have to disturb campground guests by shouting instructions back and forth. The rugged design will hold up for years, and the entire system is very user-friendly.

On the downside, the price is higher than other similar models, and the suction mount isn’t strong enough to hold the larger monitor without popping loose.

RV Backup Camera Must-Have Features

A backup camera in the RV

RV Backup Camera Range and Signal Strength

It’s best to purchase a backup camera with enough range to easily work between the cab of your motorhome or tow vehicle and the rear of your RV.

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Don’t just look at the “open range,” which can be hundreds of feet when your camper is stationary, but also the “driving range,” which will be much shorter of a distance. For example, if you have a 45-foot RV, you’ll want a driving range of at least 50 feet for reliable operation for safe roadway use.

The strength of the signal from the camera to the display unit is critical for a clear and uninterrupted image.

Digital signals are better than analog signals to reduce interference that make the image fuzzy or even shut down completely.

Remember that any nearby Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless radios, cell phones, and other devices that emit an electromagnetic signal can all impede your RV backup camera system from working correctly.

RV Backup Camera Image Quality

9 Best Wired and Wireless RV Backup Cameras (Reviewed)
Click to View on Amazon

Display monitor images need to be clear so you can safely navigate while driving your RV.

Look for a high-pixel resolution for both the screen and the camera, so the images are crisp.

Check out the images on the night vision setting, as it’s common for the quality of the picture to lessen, which may not work for your needs. A lower lux rating is best when comparison shopping, such as choosing a 0.1 lux camera versus a 1.0 lux camera.

You’ll also want the widest angle you can find for the camera, so you can see more of what is around you when you’re traveling down roads or trying to park at campgrounds. Side cameras are ideal for recreational vehicles to eliminate dangerous blind spots that make lane changes and turns stressful.

A large display screen is beneficial for the eyes, so you don’t have to strain to see the images. If you plan to hook up more units to your RV backup camera system, get the largest monitor screen size you can find that will support multiple cameras, so each screen section is easier to see.

RV Backup Camera Helpful Features

While not necessary, there are some extras you can find on some backup camera for RVs that make them more user-friendly such as:

  • Grid lines for parking assistance
  • Adjustable mounts for cameras and display
  • Infrared night vision
  • Ability to add extra cameras
  • Mirror image capability
  • Video recording capability
  • Motion sensors and security camera option
  • Camera microphone

RV Backup Camera Weather Resistance

9 Best Wired and Wireless RV Backup Cameras (Reviewed)
Click to View on Amazon

A poor-quality RV backup camera will allow moisture to fog the lens and penetrate the unit, causing corrosion and malfunction in short order.

To combat this problem, always buy a system that can withstand all weather extremes, from ice and snow to dusty, hot climates. Also, look for an IP65-IP69 rating which you will find on better quality RV backup cameras.

RV Backup Camera Installation Requirements

How you install the backup camera system for RV use will be different for various models. Most wireless RV backup cameras install much quicker than wired units, but they do still need a connection to the tail light wiring or some other power source to operate.

Wired units will require running harnesses from the rear to the front of your RV to attach to the display monitor. Where and how you run this wiring can be very time-consuming if your RV didn’t come pre-wired for a camera system.

Wireless RV Backup Camera vs. Wired RV Backup Camera

Wired RV backup camera

While a wireless RV backup camera system is much easier to install, it doesn’t necessarily make it the best choice for your needs.

Check out these pros and cons of wired vs. wireless backup cameras for RVs:

Wireless Backup Camera Pros:

  • Faster installation (often free DIY) and can move it to another RV easily
  • Camera system is less expensive to purchase
  • No need to drill holes in your RV for wiring
  • More high-tech with integration with mobile apps

Wireless Backup Camera Cons:

  • Range may not work for longer RVs, especially trailers and fifth wheels
  • Image is more prone to external interference, especially during inclement weather
  • Image tends to appear more grainy due to the weaker signal strength

Final Thoughts

Once you experience the pleasure of using an RV backup camera system, you’ll never want to travel without it.

An RV backup camera provides more control and safety, from recreational vehicle highway driving to maneuvering through gas stations or tight parking lots to parking at campsites.

By bringing you the best wired and wireless RV backup camera systems all together in the list above, you can save time comparing brands and quickly find the perfect model for your needs!

Best RV Backup Camera Wireless Review and Installation (Video)

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