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Who Camps in RVs? A Deep Dive into the RV Community

Updated on February 23rd, 2024

Sipping your first morning cup of coffee or tea by your RV rig, have you ever found yourself pondering who the other RV campers might be? Your camping neighbor is likely wondering the same thing.

Recently, I joined a conversation among RVers sharing their stories:

  • Who they are
  • What they do
  • How they arrived
  • Where they’re camping next

The answers were inspiring.

Who Camps in RVs

Friends camp in RV

A couple of RVers were renaissance performers traveling to festivals to fund their adventures. Another launched an online business, which required stable internet access and four hours of work a day.

A third was a young couple with high expectations on their way to the Burning Man event. Some are frugal RVers camping on a budget. Others don’t bother collecting receipts.

Many demand full hookups, while others dry camp with little more than solar panels and large tanks. Some are turtles with everything they own in their rigs. Others are on weekend vacations from boring jobs.

Many have pets traveling with them. A few are traveling toward commitments as National Forest campground hosts, while others are awaiting their seasonal jobs at an Amazon distribution center.

Some are vanning at Walmart, and others are motorhoming to exclusive RV resorts. Many are readers of the RV Troop blog.

Inside your neighbor’s rig, they may be watching an action movie or football game on a 72″ screen, or they may be outside huddled around a picnic table playing Kings in the Corner.

A few have maps and directories out to decide where they will be tomorrow night, or they are daydreaming about camping next winter in Quartzite or an upcoming golf tournament. Or they’re waiting for the sun to come up so they can drop the ramp in their toybox and take off in an ATV.

So, who camps in RVs? Folks just like you and me: people looking for a new view from their RV campsite, an opportunity to find something exciting from the comfort of the familiar.

Call them campers, RVers, boondockers, snowbirds, tin canners, tenters, or whatever. They are your new neighbors. They are all of us.

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Related Questions

1. What Types of Jobs Allow for an RV Lifestyle?

A wide range of jobs allows for the RV lifestyle. This includes jobs that can be done remotely, like running an online business that only requires an internet connection and a few hours of work a day. Some RVers work at seasonal jobs such as at an Amazon distribution center or serve as National Forest campground hosts. Others use their unique talents or skills to earn income while traveling, like performing at Renaissance festivals.

2. How Do RVers Adjust to Different Camping Conditions?

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RVers have a wide variety of approaches to camping, catering to their comfort and convenience. Some prefer full-hookup campsites for all amenities, while others embrace a minimalist lifestyle, dry camping with solar panels and large water tanks. Some choose to park at free locations like Walmart, while others prefer the luxury of exclusive RV resorts.

3. What Sort of Entertainment Do RVers Enjoy?

The entertainment choices of RVers are as diverse as they are. Some might watch an action movie or a football game on a large screen inside their RV. Others might prefer spending time outside, enjoying a game of Kings in the Corner around a picnic table. Some get thrills from outdoor activities like riding an ATV.

4. How Do RVers Plan Their Next Destination?

Planning for the next destination varies among RVers. Some have maps and directories out, planning meticulously where they will camp the following night. Others are more spontaneous, daydreaming about winter camping in Quartzsite, Arizona, or looking forward to an upcoming golf tournament.

5. What Makes the RV Community Unique?

The RV community is a diverse group comprised of people from different walks of life, united by a love for the open road and a sense of adventure. They could be campers, boondockers, snowbirds, tin canners, or tenters. These fellow travelers, often your temporary neighbors, are looking for a new view from their RV campsite, an opportunity to find something exciting while enjoying the comfort of the familiar.

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
-- Andre Gide

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