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When do new RV models come out?

When Do New RV Models Come Out?

Published on July 2nd, 2021
Updated on February 6th, 2024

Are you in the market for a new RV and wonder when the new models come out?

Just like automobiles, new-model RVs come out before a new year begins. Each manufacturer sets its own timeframe to deliver new models to RV dealerships so they can profit from the surge of interest in camping as the weather warms up in the spring.

To learn when new models come out for RV manufacturers and how to snag a great deal on a new recreational vehicle, you only need to keep reading, as I put all the details below.

Don’t waste time shopping for an RV until you know when the best time is to buy!

What Month Do New RV Models Come Out?

New RV models

New RV models typically start rolling onto the dealership lots around March or April, so you can expect to see plenty of 2022 RVs for sale now.

But, unlike car manufacturers, RV companies are very flexible when they choose to announce new models and deliver them to dealers.

What an RV brand does one year will not necessarily happen the next, nor do brands bother to compete with each other over being the first to put out new models.

In most cases, dealerships have no idea when new model RVs will arrive on their lot, but large brands like Thor, Jayco, Aspen Trail, and Fleetwood are more consistent with delivering new models first.

With the increase in RVing interest, many manufacturers struggle to keep up with the demand. As a result, they are making fewer changes to floorplans and features to streamline production yet still entice buyers with “new” models.

By putting out new RV models in late spring, manufacturers hope to clear the current year inventory on the early-bird camping enthusiasts wanting to get a jump on travel by buying an RV in January, February, or early March.

Any buyers who insist on waiting to see the new models can still check out most of them before the height of summer camping trips commences.

When Do Manufacturers Announce New RV Models?

Interior of a new RV model

To increase buyer excitement for the upcoming year of sales, most RV manufacturers announce new model releases in the winter.

The cycle of RV marketing plays a significant role in the announcement, release, and sales of new camper models.

Typically, the timeline for RV brands is to start hyping new models in the late fall and winter of the previous year by featuring them at RV trade shows and in RVing and travel magazines and websites.

Travel enthusiasts love to browse RVing websites and check out trade show RV inventory during the slow months of late fall and winter, as most aren’t actively camping during this time.

RV brands then use that excitement from trade shows and advertising to get impatient buyers to purchase current-year campers during the winter and early spring.

Just as RV buying interest peaks just before summer, manufacturers deliver new models to the dealer showroom floor. Nothing new will happen again until the cycle repeats in the fall.

Are RV Trade Shows Worth Visiting?

If you’re in the market for a new RV, trade shows are an excellent way to see different makes and models of campers available. You can find trade show locations through the RVIA website.

Once you pinpoint which type of RV you want, you can then inquire from the salespeople what features the manufacturer will be adding to new models and whether or not it’s worth the wait.

I have a confession. I love my motorhome and have no intention of buying another RV anytime soon, but I still love stopping and checking out RV trade shows to see the latest innovations and floor plans found on current models.

Most staff at trade shows are very laid back and aren’t there for a hard sell, so you can peruse all the travel trailers, fifth wheels, pop-ups, and motorhomes in a leisurely way you’ll never find on a car or RV dealership lot.

EXPERT TIP: Bring a notepad and measuring tape, take pictures, and detail models that interest you so you can compare them at home later. After a while, it’s easy to have different RV models become blurry in your memory, as there can be a hundred at a single trade show to walk through.

As a bonus, most trade shows also feature the latest RV and camping gear that can make next year’s travel even more fun and organized.

Best Time of Year to Buy a New RV

A woman buying a new camper van

If you ask me, the best time of year to buy an RV is immediately! Please don’t miss out on the freedom and joy RVing brings for one minute longer!

In reality, there are times throughout the year you can get a better deal on a new RV, and saving as much as you can on the purchase price allows you to have more left for camping adventures.

If you want to buy a new-model RV, the fall and winter are still the best times to make that purchase.


First, at trade shows, manufacturers often offer excellent discounts on pre-orders of next year’s new model, which you should consider if you insist on having the latest camper model.

Second, dealers want to get rid of any new models that didn’t sell over the summer, so if you shop in the late fall of 2021, when sales become slow, you can often get an outstanding deal on a 2022 model.

A similar tactic applies if you don’t mind buying a 2022 model RV at the beginning of 2022, as dealers want to clear that inventory before new 2023 models come in later in the spring or early summer.

Yes, it won’t be the newest RV model, but it will still be current, and most will have the majority of features the next year’s model will offer. So when dealers are itching to sell off current year’s (or even last year’s) RV models, you have the best chance to gain the most from price negotiations.

Overall, waiting to shop until three to six months after new-model RVs hit the lot will help you save money, as this is when dealers begin to lower prices more drastically from the MSRP.

On the same note, waiting to shop until the end of the month is also helpful to snag a better deal.

Most salespeople get a bonus if they hit monthly sales goals and will be more willing to take a lower commission off the RV final price if they can gain additional cash by hitting a higher unit selling figure.

Is It Worth Buying a New RV?

Is a new RV worth it?

There are pros and cons to buying a new recreational vehicle. Let’s break them down to see for yourself if you feel it’s worth the investment.


Buying an RV

1. The RV Doesn’t Have a Past

Any new RV will come with that feeling of freshness you’ll never have with a used camper, and this alone can be a great reason a new RV is worth the price.

There’s something special about starting your RV travels in something that’s yours alone, almost like having a new child or pet brought into your family.

Not thinking about who’s been sleeping in the bed or how well the last owner cleaned the bathroom or maintained the motorhome engine can alleviate a lot of stress.

2. A New RV Can Be Had at a Great Price

New RVs come with a hefty price tag, but you can use the tactics above to shop at the right time and negotiate a price reduction that often makes it comparable to the cost of a two or three-year-old camper.

If you can get a great deal, you’ll already be ahead of the standard RV depreciation that is highest during the first few years of ownership.

3. You Can Customize the RV to Suit Your Needs

When you buy a new RV, you have the option to select your interior color scheme for furniture, curtains, upholstery, flooring, and cabinets.

You can also add optional features, like an outdoor shower or entertainment center so that the RV will be more functional and comfortable during your camping trips.

The little details will make your RV a bit different from other new-year models, and it arrives ready to go, so you don’t have to redo much of the interior decor as you would with a used camper.

4. You Can Secure Financing

Buying a new RV allows you to finance the deal, so the initial output of cash won’t be so shocking.

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Many newcomers to the RV community are unaware that you can spread the terms of an RV loan out for 10-20 years in most cases, which puts an RV you thought was out of your budget within reach.

You can secure a loan directly through an RV dealership or shop financing through independent brokers of RV loans.

5. The RV Comes With a Warranty

New RVs come with a manufacturer’s warranty typically valid for the first 12 months after purchase, but some go up to three or five years on different components.

A standard warranty can lower the worry of coming up with cash if your RV needs costly repairs during the first year or so of ownership.

You can also opt to purchase an extended warranty with your new RV, which often comes with a roadside assistance package and other extras that can save your sanity if things go wrong during camping trips.


A couple buying a new RV

1. New RVs Depreciate the Fastest

You’ll see sharp depreciation in your new RV’s value after the first 3-5 years of ownership. This fact may or may not bother you, depending on how you plan to use your camper.

If you plan to keep it for a decade and travel with it often, you’ll undoubtedly reap the rewards of your investment.

If you find out the RVing lifestyle isn’t up your alley and want to sell after a couple of years, you’re most likely going to take a financial loss on the transaction.

2. New RVs Will Have Issues

All new RVs will have “quirks” that will need to work themselves out during the first year or so of travel. How bad the issues are will depend on the make of your RV.

The problems could be something as simple as trim work popping loose or serious malfunctions like a faulty transmission on a motorhome or a refrigerator that keeps breaking down.

Do expect something to go wrong when you buy a new RV because you never know what technician was working when your camper was built and how conscientious they were about putting it together right.

3. You May Encounter Problems Getting Warranty Work Done

A new RV will come with a warranty, but often, you’ll find a backlog of recreational vehicles waiting for repairs at your local RV service center.

I know plenty of fellow RVers who had to wait weeks, if not months, to get warranty work done on even a simple repair.

Before you sign away on a new camper, ask about restrictions on where you can have warranty work performed. For example, many will not let you take your RV to a small shop that can work on your camper right away and cover the reimbursement for the repair.

4. A New RV Can Become a Financial Burden

Along with the new RV monthly payments, you also need to think about:

  • Travel expenses to enjoy your purchase
  • Insurance payments
  • Cost of storage
  • Cost of general maintenance

When you add these other RV-related expenses to your new RV purchase, you may be in over your head.

5. A New RV May Stress You Out

When you drop a big chunk of money on an expensive new RV, you may get nervous driving it around and getting it dirty during camping trips.

Flinching through every gas station fill-up and campsite parking job for fear of dents or scratches can take a huge toll on your stress levels. Likewise, getting upset when the carpet or flooring gets dirty isn’t going to make for a fun camping trip.

Some people want their new camper to remain in top condition, which is a noble task, but if it’s interfering with your enjoyment of the RV and your adventures, then it really isn’t worth it.

Final Thoughts

Knowing when new RV models come out can help you plan when to look at the most current campers on the market, find out what features and technology manufacturers are adding, and help you get the best price when you finally decide to buy.

I hope the information in this guide assists you in learning more about the RV industry and when they bring new models out so you can find the perfect camper and hit the road on exciting adventures in your new RV!

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