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What Does “Frugal RV” Mean?

Updated on February 16th, 2024

Everyone comes up with a different image when I mention “frugal RV.” Some think of a young couple in a converted utility van boondocking in the woods. Others picture a large motorhome in a Walmart parking lot. Still, others envision a camper adding solar power to a fifth-wheel trailer.

Technically, all are truly frugal RVers — reducing the cost of travel. However, the typical frugal RVer is following an economic philosophy rather than a mandate. Yes, in some cases, frugality is a necessity, giving homes to the homeless.

But must frugal RVers choose to be so to travel more and spend less. A frugal RVer seeks value for every dollar spent: buying a rig, filling it with fuel, finding enjoyable campsites, making meals, sharing the outdoors, and broadening horizons.

Traveling in a frugal RV can be as varied as the purposes for travel. Some campers are getting away while others are going towards. Many will carry all the necessities for a dinner party, and others will have a single plate and cup for each occupant.

Other frugal RVers will work on their own rigs, and some will seek the lowest-cost repair station. The common element among all is value — paying what something is truly worth rather than whatever the market will bear.

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Of course, value is subjective. The frugal RVer approaches each purchase and each trip by considering relative value. Do we really need a 40′ motorhome for our weekend trips? Is solar power worth the installation costs? How about RV road insurance, discount campsite clubs, a portable screen room, fuel additives, an off-season RV cover, a portable generator, a resort campsite, club membership, or any of the other things offered to RVers?

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