Storing and organizing jewelry in an RV

Storing & Organizing JEWELRY in an RV (10 Ideas)

10 Best RV Jewelry Organizing Ideas

1. Create a Hanging Art Display

If you have beautiful jewelry and an RV with spare wall space, displaying your collection by hanging them from a jewelry organizer or from found objects, like this driftwood display, is the way to go.

When you hang jewelry in the open, it allows you to easily see what pieces you want to wear and serves as an art piece to brighten and personalize your RV interior.

I hang all my jewelry in my RV, and the nice bonus is that through all the bumps and sways of road travel, not a single item has ever fallen, nor do the pieces tangle up as they can when placed flat.

The more creative you display your jewelry the more personal your camper will feel.

For example, I found a flat piece of driftwood on a camping trip to Michigan and glued on some of my late father’s fishing lures that had treble hooks underneath. Then, I sanded down the sharp tips of the hooks and glued a tiny bead over the top.

I also took some fishing line, tied fish hooks to both ends, and “snagged” it into the wood horizontally for a place to hook earrings. The final result is super functional and sentimental, which is a great combination for RV decorating.

2. Install a Jewelry Organizer Cabinet

Storing & Organizing JEWELRY in an RV (10 Ideas)
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When you want your jewelry easily accessible yet not on display, using an organizing cabinet may fit the bill in your RV.

You can purchase jewelry cabinets in many sizes and finishes, or you can make your own.

The cabinets are slim, which means they won’t take up much space no matter where in your camper you find room to hang them, and they keep your accessories tangle-free and safe. Many cabinets also come with locks if you own jewelry made of gold, silver, or precious gems.

To DIY a jewelry cabinet, you can use a hinged shadow box sold at craft stores as the base. Finally, screw some cup hooks into the upper frame to hang necklaces or space some across the back in two rows to hang bracelets.

Cover the front with a picture or mirror, so the boxes perform a double function and lower the chance of theft.

3. Nest Jewelry Trays in a Drawer or Bin

RVs lack storage space, so finding a drawer, cabinet, or shelf with a spare few inches may be just the place to slide in a jewelry tray to keep all your favorite pieces safe from damage or from getting lost.

Jewelry trays are lightweight, thin boxes with separate compartments. The whole interior surface will have a velveteen material that won’t scratch metal or gems.

It’s a breeze to lay a pair of earrings or a necklace into a slot so they don’t snag together as they would in a typical jewelry box.

Jewelry trays are affordable and stackable so that you can customize the storage to your needs.

If you worry the trays may tip over when the RV is moving, look for trays with covers to keep your jewelry in place.

4. Streamline Jewelry on a Hanger

Storing & Organizing JEWELRY in an RV (10 Ideas)
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If your RV has a closet, hanging jewelry is a very efficient use of space. There are different methods to store jewelry on a hanger, starting with a pocket organizer, which is a thin, long cloth, and a plastic bag with an array of separate little pouches.

The clear front on the tins makes it easy to see what piece you’re looking for, and the small pouches fit all types of jewelry items and keep them from falling out.

The organizer comes with an integrated hanger, so you can slip one or more into your closet without taking up much space.

If your jewelry collection is small, you can bring it along in your RV by making an organizer out of a wooden hanger and small cup hooks. If the hanger has a thin dowel crossbar, remove it, so you have an upside-down chevron shape.

Start screwing in the cup hooks along the bottom side of the hanger every 1/2-inch or so. The hanger should have wide enough wood to hold the hooks securely.

Most wooden hangers can hold 20-26 hooks, which gives you plenty of room to hang necklaces and bracelets tangle-free.

For earrings, you can hang a length of chain with larger links (a broken necklace might work) and use the holes to hook dangly earrings, or run post earrings through the hole and attach the back, so it stays secure.

Tucking your jewelry into a closet is such a great way to keep it out of the way but allows you to bring your entire collection while only requiring a tiny amount of space.

I use my DIY jewelry hanger for lesser-worn or bulky pieces that don’t fit my main driftwood display well.

5. Invest in a Travel Jewelry Carrier

Storing & Organizing JEWELRY in an RV (10 Ideas)
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A travel bag for jewelry is ideal for RVing as you can grab and go quickly and always look your best.

Travel bags are best for people with small RVs because the jewelry carrier either folds or rolls into a very compact shape that you can tuck just about anywhere in your camper.

What I like best about this type of RV jewelry organizer is there is a place for post earrings, along with zippered pouches for bracelets, a padded tube for rings, and even a section where you can snap in long necklaces so they won’t tangle until you wear it.

Travel jewelry carriers come in many sizes, shapes, fabrics, and colors, so you can personalize your RV jewelry collection storage to fit your needs and aesthetic.

6. Rethink a Magnetic Spice Tin Holder

Magnetic spice tins are fantastic to use as RV jewelry holders. Attach the wall plate to:

  • The inside or outside of a cabinet door
  • A closet wall
  • Unused space in the bathroom or bedroom
  • The ceiling

The magnetic tins can hold different jewelry items safely out of the way but always within reach.

You can line the metal tins with a bit of soft fabric to protect your pieces from scratches during travel, and many kits have containers with clear windows so you can see what’s inside.

You can add more plates and tins as your collection expands.

TIP: To keep post earrings separated, cut a cardboard circle to fit the tin, and insert your earrings in pairs before storing them inside, so none get lost.

7. Repurpose Household Items

Using household items for organizing jewelry

You may be on the road in your recreational vehicle before you realize your current jewelry storage plan isn’t working well.

Some great RV jewelry storage hacks are to use items you most likely have in your RV and repurpose them to keep your collection safe and organized.

A tension rod you place sideways across a bookshelf or inside a cabinet will hold bracelets and necklaces in place. If the rod is thin enough, you may also be able to hook on dangle earrings.

You can also hang a rod or dowel between two cups or Command hooks for an instant jewelry display that stays neatly in one place.

Another option is to use a towel bar or curtain rod in a pinch.

If you’re into crafting, you may have a plastic bin with grid compartments you can use to hold your jewelry. Once you close the lid, it seals off each section, so nothing will jumble together when driving the RV or carrying the box.

I saw a clever repurpose of a cooling rack as a jewelry holder. The person hung the rack from two hooks and used the gaps to hold drop earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

The person went a step further and weaved in some ribbon down two lines of grids so they could attach post-earrings as well.

You can grab the whole collection off the wall and bring it along while you’re getting dressed so you can quickly match up jewelry to your outfit. Then, replace the rack on the hooks for efficient storage.

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Beer or beverage bottles are perfect for holding a large number of bracelets. You can glue an empty bottle down to a shelf or use Museum Putty to keep it from falling over.

Slip your watches, bangles, or chain bracelets over the top, and they slide down into a neat stack, letting you see all your options in one organized place, as shown in this photo from ScoopWhoop. Of course, you may have to remove several other bracelets to reach the one you want to wear, but in a pinch, this is a unique way to show off your bracelet collection.

8. Use a Metal Rod and Magnets

For a modern and artistic way to keep your rings or other jewelry in place while traveling in your RV, use a simple metal rod cut to the length you require, and glue two magnets to your camper wall so the ends can attach.

You can pop the rod off to remove or add jewelry items, but it won’t budge during driving days. Putting a small one near the bedside or sink is a great way to keep rings from getting lost.

You can find thin decorative metal rods at craft or hardware stores (bring along a magnet to test before buying) and cut them down using wire cutters, or a hack saw. Then, you can leave it plain or spray paint it any color you desire.

Invest in a pair of strong magnets so you can load up plenty of jewelry without fear it will fall off the wall. You can cover the magnets with fabric or paint to match your RV decor.

9. Use Nature’s Gifts

Storing & Organizing JEWELRY in an RV (10 Ideas)
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A great “camping” vibe is a tree branch jewelry holder you place in a vase or bottle to make a display in your RV bathroom, bedroom, or living space.

Make sure the branches angle upward and are thick enough so any items you hang don’t fall off, and they can withstand heavier jewelry pieces.

For long-term use as a jewelry organizer, try to sand down or peel off any loose bark and use clear spray paint to seal the branches or go glam painting it gold or bronze.

To keep the branch and bottle or vase from tipping over, weigh it down by filling the vessel with plaster of Paris, pebbles, or cement and stick in your branch before it hardens. You can also add some Museum Putty underneath for more security.

I also know of one couple who hangs their jewelry and watches from a set of deer antlers they found on a camping trip hike. The quirky display is a conversation starter, that’s for sure!

There is plenty of found or purchased objects you can pick up on your camping adventures that could work for one-of-a-kind jewelry display and organization. For example, a beach-themed RV would look fantastic with a set of shark jaws to hold jewelry!

10. Install a Row of Knobs

There are many spaces inside an RV that could work for jewelry organization, and one place is the area above upper cabinet doors or along the upper portion of walls in the bedroom or bathroom.

One of my favorite looks is to install simple knobs in a row across the space and hang jewelry. The knobs alone will add visual interest, and the addition of jewelry will make the display pop.

You can match the knobs to your decor from fancy crystal to modern metal, to farmhouse chic, and so many more decorating styles. Match all the knobs for a clean look or mix and match for a whimsical feel.

If you don’t like the look of a row of knobs, try hanging a small group here and there about your RV where space is available. Even if you don’t use the hooks for jewelry all the time, they are great for clothes, bags, hats, or other uses, so they won’t go to waste.

Look for screw-in hanger bolts to add to the knobs for easy installation in places it may be difficult to drill a hole for a traditional knob attachment.

Final Thoughts

A jewelry organizing

Just because you love to RV doesn’t mean you have to give up wearing jewelry or enjoying the fun of matching accessories to your daily outfits.

When you use clever jewelry organizing hacks like the ones above, you’ll be able to bring all your favorite jewelry pieces along on your travels and keep them safe and organized as well.

Any size recreational vehicle has space for some of the ideas above, so give one a try so you can show off your jewelry and style no matter where you roam!

Organising My Jewellery Collection! Storage Inspiration (Video)

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