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Should I buy the Extended Warranty on my RV?

Updated on June 13th, 2024

The salesperson is going to be recommending you purchase the extended warranty. What should you do? Let’s go over the factors involved to help you avoid making a decision you’ll regret further down the road.

Warranties are complex legal documents. Make sure you take the time to read all the tiny print on the warranty policy and consider the costs versus the benefits before signing on the dotted line. If there are any policy provisions you don’t understand they should be explained to your satisfaction.

The best advice I can give you, do some research ahead of time. You should understand what is typically covered by a RV warranty, and what is not. Understand the concepts of deductible, exclusions, and coverage limits. It’s a good idea to get your own independent RV warranty quotes before considering the dealership’s offer. Knowledge is power.

Straight Talk From a RV Salesperson

Reasons to Purchase an Extended Warranty:

  • Piece Mind – If you are not in the financial position to cover a high cost repair an extended warranty may lower the stress of RV ownership.
  • Lower Quality Model – If you are purchasing a lower cost RV from a manufacturer with a questionable history of reliability it’s probably a good idea to consider an extended warranty. OR walk out of the dealership and consider a better quality RV model.
  • Heavy Use – If you are going to be living full time in the RV for long periods of time a warranty might be a good idea. Just make sure you can get warranty service in all of the locations you are traveling to.
  • You’re Not Handy – If are not comfortable making some repairs yourself a warranty might be for you.
  • Resale Value – If the warranty is transferable it may enhance the value of your RV when selling. That’s what the dealer told me….
  • You Always Listen to Your Wife – Nuff Said.

Why not to purchase the Extended Warranty:

  • Cost – The warranties sold at dealerships are provided by third party companies and have a high price markup. This is an add-on designed to increase the dealership profit. If you really want an extended warranty odds are you can buy one directly with the same or better coverage at a lower cost. Yes – the dealership is screwing you.
  • Exclusions – Buried in fine print in the terms and conditions of the warranty are typically numerous items the company is not including in the coverage. A long exclusion list can leave you paying for repairs out of pocket. They devil really is in the details on extended warranty policies.
  • Coverage Limts – Often times items covered by the warranty have a dollar amount claim limit that is below the actual cost of the repair. In some instances the only way the repair shop can complete the work under the limit is to cut corners. This is one I have personally encountered.
  • Deductibles – Even though lower cost repairs may be covered, the repair cost may be below your deductible. When this happens you end up paying for the repair out of pocket and there is little to no benefit to having the warranty coverage.
  • Your Wife is Wrong – Nuff Said.
  • Will They Honor the Warranty? – In my experience many Dealerships, Manufacturers, and Warranty Companies use a lot of under-handed tactics to avoid honoring their warranty obligations. They know it may not be financially feasible for you to hire an attorney to force them to approve a legitimate warranty claim.


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My advice is to skip any RV extended warranty and spend a little more to get a higher quality RV. Based on my own personal experience purchasing an extended warranty from an RV dealership is typically NOT a good deal. Most of the major items on your RV are covered under the standard manufacturer warranty. It’s typical for any manufacturing defects to show up during the first year of ownership. Make sure to file the claim before your coverage ends.

If you do decide to go with an extended warranty skip the dealership price markup and purchase one directly. Because sometimes your wife is actually right.

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