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The best RV TV

Best RV TV

Published on October 6th, 2020
Updated on January 28th, 2024

Manufactures make RV TV’s to survive the constant bumps and vibration of travel without breaking the screen or having wires wiggle loose.

RV televisions will have a built-in antenna that turns on or off, depending on if the campground offers a cable hookup or you will be pulling in local stations.

The sizes of RV TVs go from small, countertop versions to wide-screen models to watch the big game. Most RV televisions are under 30-inches due to limits on open wall space and the proximity to the viewer, which is much closer than in a house.

Reasons Why You Need an RV TV

RV TVs allow you to track local weather or watch your favorite shows or sports. The antenna can pull in local channels without having to pay for campground cable.

RV TVs have a long lifespan and are less prone to break over residential units. Many RV owners find they need to upgrade older model TVs for looks more than for function.

When you don’t have a satellite or cable connection, you can still watch DVDs for entertainment, or stream from your computer, as many RV televisions have integrated DVD players or connection ports.

RV TVs offer anti-glare screens, making it easier to watch in the often sunny RV interiors due to their being so many windows.

RV televisions can withstand temperature and humidity extremes without corrosion or cracking. Residential televisions can quickly malfunction in the ever-changing weather conditions found inside an RV during travel, camping, and storage.

Benefits of Using an RV TV

A senior couple using a TV in an RV

RV TVs last longer because they have such a durable build, so you save money on fewer replacements. Residential TVs can break on the first hard bump you take while on the road.

When inclement weather keeps you inside, the TV provides entertainment either through cable or local channels or a movie player or streaming service.

You can mount units in the living room and a bedroom so two people can watch different programming. Mounting a television outside the RV, say inside a basement compartment, allows you to watch programming from your patio, which is great for tailgating parties.

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The TVs are lightweight, so you reduce the stress on your RV framing and are pre-mounted, so you don’t have the hassles of looking for studs strong enough to hold up a residential TV.

Some RV TVs work strictly on a 12V system, so you can plug it into your 12V outlets and run it off your RV battery bank when shore power is not available. These models are especially helpful in keeping track of dangerous weather conditions.

Top Brands With a Strong Reputation

Jensen offers a range of quality RV TVs to suit any need that lasts for years of trouble-free use.

Free Signal provides the latest flat-screens to fit any RV space so you can replace older or broken units with more sleek models.

Tyler makes portable 12-volt RV TVs ideal for camping off-grid or as an accessory TV when the whole family is camping and wants to watch different shows.

Best RV TV

The below are our recommendations for the top RV TVs.

RecPro RV T-Style Door Holder Catch | Latch Holder | Cargo Hatch |…
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Valterra F02-2030 3″ Rotating RV Wye with Bayonet Fittings, Red
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