The best RV siding

Best RV Siding

RV siding is typically aluminum or fiberglass. The sheets can be flat or have three-dimensional grooves or fluting.

RV siding clads the exterior to protect the unit from rain, snow, sun, and dirt. Some siding fully covers the RV side, while others are thinner and stack three or four high to cover the vehicle.

Common Reasons You Need RV Siding

Older RVs often have steel siding, which is heavy and rusts, so many owners opt to replace it to save on fuel costs.

When you damage your RV, for example, by backing into a tree, you will need RV siding for a repair. RV siding manufacturers offer custom or standard designs that match most brands, so your RV looks complete, not patched together.

Exposure to UV rays or rain wears down RV exteriors, so they look dull or begin to warp or crack. New siding can fix the issue by making the surface smooth and shiny again.

Fiberglass siding upgrades can increase the RV resale value as it’s durable and lightweight. A clean, flat exterior surface can make even older RVs look newer and more valuable.

RV siding is the answer to fixing the delamination and bubbling from low-quality, thin siding that shakes loose from the framing. Thicker, new siding won’t warp, which makes your RV look terrible.

Common Benefits for Using RV Siding

Instantly upgrades the look of your RV. Some RV siding looks very dated, causing some campgrounds to refuse you entry due to RV age. New siding can make even vintage RV models look current, so “age” issues become a non-issue.

Flat siding is easier to clean. Fluted siding captures much more road dirt, grime, and dust, which increases the time and effort it takes to wash your RV.

RV siding applies in full sheets or long, thin sections like siding. If your RV has siding-style siding, any damage you may incur may only require you to replace one section and not the whole side.

Modern RV siding is lightweight, which reduces overall stress on your RVs framing. The lighter weight also decreases fuel costs, which all RVers can appreciate.

Modern RV siding is much more durable, so it’s less prone to scratches from road debris or low-hanging tree branches. Modern technology offers coatings on the siding that protects better against UV deterioration.

Top Brands With a Strong Reputation

RecPro manufactures high-quality fiberglass-sheet RV siding.

Patrick Industries makes fluted RV siding to match existing units for repair or to upgrade the entire camper.

RV Parts Nation offers stock or custom-order RV siding, so you only have to buy the amount you need without waste.

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Best RV Siding

How Does RV Troop Select the Best?
The folks behind RV Troop believe that actual, real-world experience provides the best measure of a product’s value. We also believe there’s value in product sales data — real figures that determine what real people are spending their hard-earned money on.

The below are our recommendations for the top RV siding.

RecPro Arctic White RV Fiberglass/Filon Siding (10ft)
58 Reviews
RecPro Arctic White RV Fiberglass/Filon Siding (10ft)
  • Fiberglass is 102" Wide and gauge: 0.045
  • Has a protective film that must be removed after installation
  • Made of Filon
  • Does not dent like aluminum siding
  • PLEASE NOTE** All fiberglass/Filon/flooring/Superflex/EPDM/Roofing cuts are obtained from a master roll. This means the ends will have a rough edge and will be longer than the purchased cut length. This is done so the customer may cut the piece to exact specifications. Customer will make final cuts.
Tough Grade 8.5 Arctic White RV Fiberglass Sidewall | Roofing Product (5 Foot)
57 Reviews
Tough Grade 8.5 Arctic White RV Fiberglass Sidewall | Roofing Product (5 Foot)
  • 8-1/2 ft wide
  • .045 thickness ( 1/16")
  • Made from Fiber glass reinforcement mesh
  • Manufactured for long lasting life for RV,Commercial trucks, Motorhomes and much more .
  • Does not dent like aluminum siding
Meguiar's M4965 Marine/RV Fiberglass Restoration System
2,542 Reviews
Meguiar's M4965 Marine/RV Fiberglass Restoration System
  • BRING YOUR BOAT BACK TO LIFE: Fiberglass restoration system helps to restore fiberglass and gel coats
  • REMOVE BOAT STAINS: Oxidation Remover will remove oxidation stains and scratches from your boat
  • MAKE YOUR BOAT SHINE: High Gloss Polish will make your boat shine brightly in and out of the water
  • WAX THAT LASTS: Pure Wax provides long-lasting and durable protection to your boat
  • QUALITY AND QUANTITY: Each bottle is 16oz, which means you get more bang for your boat
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