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RV security systems to protect and secure your camper

5 RV Security Systems to Protect and Secure Your Camper

Published on January 21st, 2021
Updated on February 15th, 2024

Protecting a traveling RV isn’t the same as securing a home, so it’s crucial to have a reliable RV security system that works wherever you roam.

RV break-ins do happen, as well as accidents or fires, so having a way to get a fast notification when they occur is crucial.

To save you time, I put the five best RV security system kits down below. Quickly compare each system’s price and function, then hear what features campers appreciate most.

In the end, I give you my top pick for the best security system for an RV and what makes it stand out above the others, so let’s check them out!

Why You Need a Security System for Your Recreational Vehicle

As a full-time RVer, my security system gives me peace of mind when I’m away enjoying the great outdoors or visiting local attractions.

Crime statistics for RV parks and campgrounds can be a bit difficult to determine, but data from the National Park Service shows that crimes against persons and property make up 76% of the total.

A good security system can:

  • Deter break-in of the camper, even when in storage
  • Identify suspects who vandalize or steal from your campsite
  • Provide proof of incidents, such as a loose dog biting your child
  • Allow you to check on your RV or pets while away for long stretches
  • Alert you to fires or faulty equipment inside your camper
  • Alert police instantly of problems, even when you aren’t there
  • Allow you to check around the RV for dangerous wildlife before venturing out
  • Lower RV insurance premiums

With all these benefits, a good camper security system is worth the investment.

Types of Security Systems for RVs

A caravan trailer with a security system parked on the beach

People ask how I protect my RV from theft, and the answer is a simple security system. With current technology, it’s much easier to install a quality product for your camper that works wherever you travel.

There are differences between RV protection devices you need to be aware of so you can select the right system for your needs.

Door and Window Protection Only

This alarm system places sensors on every recreational vehicle door or window that allows entry.

Once you activate the system, any sensor movement will sound an alarm. Some products will simultaneously send you a text, phone, or email alert when the system triggers.

This base system is sufficient for RVers who want a security buffer against break-ins at the campsite or during storage.

All-Inclusive Protection Systems

These security systems cover windows and doors and may also include cameras for video surveillance, motion sensors, and a private network to monitor them.

Smartphones can often run these systems through an app, so you can tune in to what is happening in your RV at any time.

A comprehensive system can include programming customization for other RV issues, such as fire alerts. Cameras may save footage to the Cloud or onto an SD card.

This type of system is best for full-time RVers, people who camp remotely or in places with higher crime, and for those with expensive RVs or valuable camping gear.

5 Great RV Security Systems

RV security system

1. SimpliSafe SS3-AMZ-4

PRICE: $460.00

The SimpliSafe security system is an all-inclusive wireless kit with point-of-entry sensors, motion sensors, a camera, a base station, a panic button, a keyfob, a sticker, and a sign.

The security kit can work with Alexa or Google Assistant and operates via cell and Wi-Fi signals. You pay $14.99 monthly to support the system, which includes 24/7 professional monitoring and cloud recording, with an upcharge if you want police, fire, and medical dispatch.

The main base must plug into an outlet, which means RVers who are boondocking will require solar or battery power to keep the system running. The internal backup battery is only reliable for up to 24 hours.

RVers who use this system love the ease of monitoring their camper, especially to check in on their pets via the video camera by using the app. Being able to control the volume level on the alarm is another perk.

On the downside, the camera is for indoor use only, and pets over 50 pounds can trigger the motion sensor alarm.

2. HeimVision HMD2 Wireless Security Camera

PRICE: $99

The HeimVision HMD2 security camera kit comes with a solar panel to keep the IP65 weatherproof wireless camera running without worrying the rechargeable batteries will run down.

This video surveillance protection system is super easy to install inside or out and uses HTTPS Certified security and Cloud technology.

Alerts and monitoring come directly through Android and iOS apps, allowing you to save footage history for playback at any time. Smart PIR Body detection ensures maximum security and two-way radio lets you verbally interact with visitors or intruders.

RVers love the affordable pricing for travel-friendly camera surveillance that doesn’t require 120v power.

Campers also mention the quality resolution and sharp night vision so they can clearly see what is creeping around their recreational vehicle.

3. Tattletale Alarm System

PRICE: $399 (for base unit)

The Tattletale is portable, with a wireless function and a durable build that is very reliable. The kit comes with a military-grade HALO Advanced Technology base with a built-in wide-angle motion sensor with 30-foot detection.

The service fee is $20.95 monthly for text alerts or $28.95 for fire, police, and emergency medical notifications.

But what makes the Tattletale system a top choice for RV security is the customization you can achieve by adding on compatible options such as:

Key Fob$34.99
Smoke Alarm$84.95
Glass Break Sensor$69.95
Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector$179.95
Wireless Signal Booster$74.95
Indoor Wireless Motion Sensor$59.95
Wireless Entry Sensor$29.95
10′ & 20′ Wireless Loop Locks$299-$335

All of these add-ons will trigger the alarm and alert when they are within 300 feet of the base unit. The company uses Verizon for coverage, which means it works just about anywhere.

RVers love this system for its easy setup and neat features like “pet mode” that stops alarm triggers from your furry friends.

What RVs appreciate the most is the ability to keep track of smoke, fire, broken glass, and outdoor sports or camping equipment by using compatible components and loop sensor locks.

On the downside, the system doesn’t provide video surveillance, and the price for service and components can stretch a budget.

4. Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Observation Camera System

RV observation camera system

PRICE: $825

The Furrion security system is made for RVs and combines a visual protection system and a useful camera for parking or driving that’s worth the investment.

The kit includes three wireless cameras with night vision and motion detection and a 5-inch monitor that can display four cameras if you want to add another.

The cameras are weatherproof, and the side marker cameras replace existing lights for a seamless appearance. The built-in digital transmitter stops interference from other nearby devices.

While not a full-alert alarm system, this kit does provide exterior monitoring of the RV. The sensors’ sensitivity is adjustable, so you can get an alert when objects or people are at a distance that makes you uncomfortable.

RVers love the speakers on the cameras to aid the driver and the spotter when parking large rigs and hearing and seeing what’s going on outside if there’s a commotion.

The monitor lights up upon motion detection. The cameras have excellent night vision and can produce clear video up to nearly 500 feet.

The system is best for RVers with motorhomes, so the monitor is within the camper unit to see when it triggers.

5. Reolink Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

PRICE: $115.00

The Reolink security cameras are a great RV video surveillance option because they are easy to install. The camera can run uninterrupted through a small solar panel you can mount on top of your camper.

The free Reolink Software lets up to ten people connect via smartphone or computer to monitor the camera with no monthly subscription fee, adding to the value.

The affordable pricing and smart technology make this a budget-friendly security option so you can monitor what’s happening inside or outside your RV at any time. The footage is sent to the Cloud for easy retrieval.

RVers find the price and the live-feed monitoring via smartphone the best thing about this system. The motion activation lets you know when anything comes near the camper, and an SD slot allows you to save footage personally.

On the downside, these cameras operate through a Wi-Fi signal, which may be an issue for some RVers who don’t have a hotspot.

Which RV Security System Do I Think Is Best?

My top pick for the most reliable and user-friendly security system for a camper is the Tattletale, even if the total price for all the accessories is a bit steep.

The security system’s ability to alert for break-ins, smoke, fire, and tampering with outdoor items like bikes or kayaks is a stress-saver.

While I wish it came with video surveillance, it’s easy to pop on a Reolink camera to round out RV protection.

The Tattletale system functions well during all my travels, and the backup battery has done the job when I can’t connect to shore power.

Things to Consider When Shopping for an RV Security System

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Here are the things you must consider before planning and purchasing an RV security system:

Protection Level

Many RVers only want a basic system that alerts for a break-in attempt, while others need 24/7 live-viewing video surveillance along with alarms for fire or smoke.

Many RVers only want a simple camera to check on their pets while they’re out for the day.

The most common campground crimes I see are the theft of items left outside the RV overnight.

If you plan to camp with expensive sporting equipment, fancy grills, propane tanks, pricey coolers, or even a golf cart, having a camera system or cable locks with alarms is the way to go.

Spending money on a system with unnecessary components is a waste, so think about what you want to protect and match the equipment to your needs.

Power and Connectivity Requirements

A portable solar panel for an RV

Most RVs travel, which means you can’t always have an outlet available for the base station or a Wi-Fi signal to transmit data.

Do you only camp at one location with excellent wireless internet you can connect to, or will you need a hotspot because you move your camper to new places every trip?

What about power?

Many security systems have a base station that requires a continual power feed. If you can’t plug your RV in, do you have a solar or another backup power source to keep your security system running?

Each RV protection system is different, so tailor your camping style to the right product.

Installation Requirements

RVs have enough concerns with leaks, so adding new holes to install security equipment is something you should try to avoid.

Luckily, most systems are wireless and easy to install. You may only need a couple of screws to secure exterior cameras and small solar panels instead of drilling numerous holes for hardwiring.

Like entry sensors, other components often attach via a foam tape adhesive to prevent marring the RV interior.

Many cameras slip into a bracket, so you can remove them for travel and attach them at your camping destination to prevent damage.

Alert Delivery

RV security systems

How do you wish to be notified if something triggers your camper’s security system? Many systems can send a nearly real-time notification to your phone, which is great if you always have it nearby.

Having the system burst an audio alarm at the RV is maybe all you require to deter thieves from hanging around. Perhaps you want police or fire notification in case you can’t get back to your camper right away.

Will a motion detector light up a monitor display enough to catch your attention, or will an audible sound be better?

Match a security system to your camping lifestyle so keeping track of it doesn’t create a burden.

Maintenance / Programming Needs

A fussy security system can be more trouble than it’s worth. You’re in your RV to enjoy and relax, not try to figure out why you can’t maintain a Wi-Fi connection or waste time cleaning the fog off a camera lens.

Figure out how much time you want to spend taking care of your system or setting it up to send and receive signals at every campsite and buy an appropriate product.

RV Security Wrap-Up

In general, RVing is a very safe activity, with crimes much rarer than needing your security camera to check on your pets or to document your camping neighbor backing into your slide.

What I do know is that having an extra layer of security while camping helps you sleep sounder and spend carefree time away from your camper.

I hope you look into the top security systems for RVs above and find the one that’s best for your recreational vehicle!

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