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Best RV parks directly on the beach

14 Best RV Parks Directly on the Beach

Published on April 28th, 2021
Updated on February 26th, 2024

Do you have an RV and love the beach? Many RV parks boast of “being on the beach,” but in reality, they aren’t.

As a full-time RVer with a passion for sandy toes, I had to learn the hard way that false advertising runs rampant at RV campgrounds near beach locations.

That’s why I put together this list of beachfront RV parks that allow direct access to ocean waters.

It’s a joy to stroll from your RV to the beach or have ocean views from inside your camper. If this type of camping sounds great to you, check out my list of the best RV parks directly on the beach!

Beachfront RV Parks – What to Expect

A beachfront RV park

If you have to cross busy highways or drive ten minutes to access a beach, that’s not what I consider a beachfront RV park. Many coastal campgrounds advertise beach access, so expect to check for more details before booking a site.

Beachfront RV parking isn’t always what you think it’ll be.

Don’t get me wrong. If I could park 24/7 at any of the beach RV parks below, I would undoubtedly be a happy camper! But you should be aware of five beachfront RV parking facts.

1. Full-Hookups Are Rare At Beachfront RV Parks

Federal and state laws often forbid sewer lines near open bodies of water. With RV parks packed in campsites tightly, getting permits to install full hookup sites with ocean views is a rare feat.

The good news is that most beach RV parks have plenty of campsites set back from the water that offer full hookups if this is important to you.

2. State Parks Rule the Beach RV Campground World

It was stunning to learn that most of the best campgrounds with direct beach access are in state parks. Florida and California have numerous options, but other coastal states have their gems.

Most state parks only offer water and electric RV hookups anyway, so not having sewer isn’t such a surprise.

In most instances, the campsites will be tucked back from the shoreline but are simple to access down pathways or internal campground roads by walking or riding your bicycle.

State parks are by far my favorite relaxing beach camping experience.

3. Beachfront RV Park Prices and Crowding May Shock You

Campers are parked on the beachfront RV park

For private RV parks on the beach, expect standard campsite rates to be double if not triple the average and the sites to be tight to your neighbor (think your awning touching their RV.)

Rates may start at $100 nightly and go up to $300 or more.

Even state parks that offer very affordable camping rates are slightly higher when they have beach access, but nothing outrageous. Expect nightly rates to be $5-$10 higher than average.

Many people ask, “Can I park my RV at Walmart to avoid high beachfront camping costs?”

The answer is no. Most Walmarts near any popular destination forbid overnight RV parking and have security patrolling 24/7 to move you along if you try.

4. Reservations Are Beachfront Camping Must-Do

It’ll be rare to luck into a campsite at a beachfront RV park without making a reservation. Some private RV parks are so popular you must claim a campsite a year in advance but do try at least six months out if you are trying to plan a vacation.

State park campgrounds let you make reservations 3-6 months in advance, and you’ll have better luck getting a short-term reservation if you have a smaller RV.

Most campsites at state and national parks accommodate campers under 30 feet. Larger RVs at public and private campgrounds will have more difficulty booking a spot, as there are limited spaces for 35-45 foot Class A motorhomes or fifth-wheel travel trailers.

5. Sand Will Be Everywhere in Your RV

Do expect sand to get into every nook and cranny of your RV and body! You are at the beach, and hopefully, you’ll be enjoying lounging in the sand and swimming in ocean waters.

You’ll drag sand back to your camper, especially if you have a pet. It’ll be in your bed, on the couch, maybe even in your fridge.

If keeping a pristine RV is a priority for you, you may find beachfront camping stressful.

Best RV Parks Directly on the Beach

An RV parked on the beach

The top question I get is, “Where can I park my RV on the beach in Florida?” For that reason, I’ll start this list with what I consider the best RV parks at the beach in my home state.

But don’t worry, I have plenty of other options from Maine to Oregon as well!

Henderson State Park – Florida

Henderson State Park campground in Destin, FL, is amazing and big-rig friendly. I visit often, and it never disappoints.

Enjoy wonderfully private campsites within walking or biking distance to the emerald green waters along the Florida Panhandle Gulf Coast. You still have access to all the entertainment, shopping, and dining that abounds in town a few minutes away.

Campsites60 (accept RVs up to 60 ft.)
Hookups30 & 50 amp, water
Extrasgrill, picnic table, dump station, coin-op laundry, bathhouse

Red Coconut RV Park – Florida

UPDATE: The Red Coconut Campground was destroyed by Hurricane Ian in 2022, and the owners sold the property on both sides of the boulevard for $57,000,000 USD. Your guess is as good as mine about what’ll be constructed in its place, but sadly, it’s not likely another campground.

The Red Coconut RV Park in Ft. Myers, FL, sits on the calm and clear waters of the west coast along 450 feet of shoreline. Most of the RV campsites are beachside, and more seasonal rentals are across the road.

What makes this beach RV park special is the location. You can easily stroll from the campground to many local shops and restaurants.

Campsites53 (beachside) no fifth-wheels in first-row beach sites
Hookups30 & 50 amp, water, sewer
Extraspicnic table, cement patio pad, shower, laundry, camp store, Internet access

Red Coconut RV Park (Video)

UPDATE: The Red Coconut Campground was destroyed by Hurricane Ian in 2022, and the owners sold the property on both sides of the boulevard for $57,000,000 USD. Your guess is as good as mine about what’ll be constructed in its place, but sadly, it’s not likely another campground.

Turtle Beach Campground – Florida

Turtle Beach Campground in Siesta Key, FL, is the place to camp from May through October if you want a chance to spot sea turtles emerging from their nesting sites on the beach.

This West Coast RV park allows guests to jump on a free trolley to head into town when the mood strikes. Come for the turtles or enjoy beach life camping any time of year.

Campsites39 (accept RVs up to 38 ft.)
Hookups30 & 50 amp, water, sewer
ExtrasWi-Fi, cable, playground (only service dogs are allowed)

Anastasia State Park – Florida

On the east coast of Florida, in historic St. Augustine, sits Anastasia State Park, another one of my favorites. Visit during off-peak times and feel you have the beach to yourself!

Aside from the beach, a pleasant walk from the peaceful campsites, you can enjoy hiking, bird watching, kayaking, biking, or taking part in seasonal educational programs.

Campsites139 (accept RVs up to 40 ft.)
Hookups30 & 50 amp, water
Extrasgrill/firepit, dump station, bathhouse

Beverly Beach Camptown RV Resort – Florida

Beverly Beach Camptown RV Resort sits on Flagler Beach on the Atlantic coast. I splurged to stay here directly on the beachfront during my first year of full-time RVing, and it was worth every cent.

The setting is perfect, nestled between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, so it’s quiet yet near all the excitement. This pet-friendly park presents more affordable camping options across the highway. Situated above a seawall, the beachfront campsites provide stunning views and the opportunity for beach walks in the morning and late evening.

Campsites62 beachfront/172 total
Hookups30 & 50 amp, water, sewer
Extrascement patio, camp store, laundry, bathhouses

Pensacola Beach RV Park – Florida

Sitting sound-side on Pensacola Beach, the Pensacola Beach RV Resort isn’t directly on the ocean beach but is my favorite “here for a good time” RVing destination in the Florida Panhandle.

It’s an easy walk to the Gulf-side Casino Beach, where you can watch the dolphins, swim, sunbathe, or enjoy Bands on the Beach performances. You can also meander from the campground through the restaurants and shops sound-side over to Quietwater Beach, where the kids can frolic in the calm, shallow waters.

Pensacola is home to the US Navy Blue Angels, and Pensacola Beach RV Resort gives you a front-row air show seat on practice and show days during large portions of the year.

Hookups30 & 50 amp, water, sewer
Extrascement parking pad, camp store, laundry, bathhouse

Pensacola Beach RV Resort – Pros and Cons (Video)

Long Key State Park – Florida Keys

A Florida Keys favorite is Long Key State Park, where all the RV sites sit along the sandy beach with stunning views of the warm and shallow turquoise waters.

Kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, and biking are the activities of choice.

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While this campground is currently undergoing renovations for RV campsites (tent sites open), please keep it in mind when they reopen reservations.

Campsites60 (accept RVs up to 38 ft.)
Hookups30 & 50 amp, water
Extrasdump station, bathhouse/restrooms

Bahia Honda State Park – Florida Keys

Bahia Honda State Park is the perfect RV campground for fishing, boating, swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing.

The gravel campsites for RVs are situated in two separate areas and vary in size and shade. Direct RV waterfront sites in Buttonwood are #12-#25. Sandspur will only fit small pop-up campers and teardrops, with beachfront sites being #64-#72.

Hookups30 & 50 amp, water
Extrasgrill, picnic table, dump station, bathhouse

Libby’s Oceanside Camp – Maine

Libby’s Oceanside Camp in York Harbor, Maine, provides lighthouse views, local dining and shops, and a long expanse of beach to explore.

The beach is very rocky, so bring along good shoes for support. Enjoy peaceful Atlantic Ocean sunrises, bird watching, fishing, boating, shopping, and more in this well-kept park full of friendly staff and guests.

Campsites89 (accept RVs up to 60 ft.)
Hookups30 & 50 amp, water, sewer
ExtrasWi-Fi, cable, grassy lawn, firepit, bathhouse

Hunting Island State Park – South Carolina

Hunting Island State Park perches on the barrier island in Hunting Island, SC, with the most beautiful stretch of beaches in the state. The wooded RV campground is full of natural wonders to explore yet still provides ocean views.

Climb the 130-ft. historic lighthouse or put in some time fishing or beachcombing. The entire park has plenty to keep you busy, from the saltwater lagoon to the maritime forest.

Campsites117 (accept RVs up to 40 ft.)
Hookups30 & 50 amp, water
Extrasgrill, picnic table, Wi-Fi, dump station, bathhouse

Hunting Island Lighthouse Drone Flight – Hunting Island, SC (Video)

Dellanera RV Park – Texas

Located in Galveston, Texas, Dellanera RV Park is a fun family beach RV vacation spot on the Gulf of Mexico.

While the park fits large RVs, the spacing is tight on the access roads and between campsites. There isn’t much privacy, but the trade-off is easy access to relaxing days on the beach, swimming and catching amazing sunsets.

Hookups30 & 50 amp, water, sewer
ExtrasBBQ pit, picnic table, playground, beach shop/camp store, laundry, bathhouse

Dockweiler RV Park – California

Dockweiler RV Park in Playa del Ray, CA, backs right up to the sand and the 22-mile bike path that connects to Redondo Beach Pier, Venice, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey.

Beach volleyball, biking, and sunbathing are ideal at this location. Be aware it’s a busy park, with airplane noise and camping neighbors in the party mood.

Campsites188 (40 ft. max)
Hookups30 & 50 amp, water, sewer
Extrasdump station, showers, laundry

Sea & Sand RV Park – Oregon

The Sea & Sand RV Park in Depoe Bay, OR, puts you waterfront along the serene shores of the Pacific Ocean, where nighttime beach campfires create relaxing memories.

This big-rig-friendly RV campground lets you wander for hours beachcombing along the unspoiled beach or fishing for your dinner. It is still close enough to Newport Beach if you want to explore shopping, dining, or cultural options.

Hookups30 & 50 amp, water, sewer
ExtrasWi-Fi, picnic table, dump station, laundry, bathhouse

Sea and Sand RV Park, Depoe Bay, OR (Video)

South Beach Campground – Washington

South Beach Campground, located within Olympic National Park just west of Highway 101, operates seasonally from May to September and exclusively offers dry camping facilities.

This RV park campground is for the true wilderness adventurer, with the lush scenery of the Olympic Peninsula at your doorstep. Take an easy walk to the expansive beach full of so many creatures and driftwood treasures to keep kids and adults busy.

Campsites55 (accept RVs up to 35 ft.)
Hookupsnone and no potable water source
Extrasflush toilets, fire rings

NOTE: Reservations are first-come, first-served only (arrive at 11 am check-out time to snag a spot)

Beach RV Camping Final Thoughts

The list above is only some of the best beach RV parks and campgrounds you can find along the US coasts. Not having to pack up and drive to the beach from a campground during RV trips is such a convenience.

Being in the heart of local action is another benefit of beachfront camping in many locations. You can reach the beach, restaurants, and shops by walking a short distance from your RV door.

Beachfront camping should be on every RVer’s bucket list, so make a reservation and get ready to enjoy a unique, super-fun RVing adventure.

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
-- Andre Gide

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