RV horse trailer with living quarters

7 RV Horse Trailers with Living Quarters (and What They Cost)

Updated on February 1st, 2024

Do you have horses and love to travel to competitions or take them out to remote trails for a ride?

Without the right horse trailer, both you and your animals may endure undue stress. However, you can avoid issues by checking out the top RV horse carrier motorhomes that will get everyone to your destination safely and comfortably.

Inside, you’ll find all the top features, along with pros and cons — we’ll even include prices so that you can make an informed decision. Motorhome horse-carrier travel trailers are in a class of their own, and these seven best options will have you traveling in style!

7 Best RV Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

Best RV horse trailers with living quarters

1. Equicruiser Super Luxury 26T Mercedes Actros

Horse Capacity6
Towing CapacityN/A

EquiCruiser, a UK company, specializes in luxurious, customized horse motorcoaches. The 26-ton Mercedes Astros horsebox features side and rear hydraulic ramps and ample storage for tack and personal items.

We find the two slide-outs and roof bump-up in the living area impressive. These features increase guest comfort, and the walnut furniture, tile flooring, and leather upholstery will withstand years of use while looking sleek.

Features abound in this horse trailer motorcoach, including a satellite system with broadband Wi-Fi connection, a complete bathroom suite, and a full kitchen with plenty of counter space. An on-demand water heater, outdoor fridge, grill, or underfloor heating increase value even further.

The only issue we could find with this RV, aside from the high price tag, is the need to ship it to the US unless you can locate a used Equicruiser on this side of the pond.

Top Features for Horses:

  • Padded partitions in the stall area
  • Large indoor storage bins for horse gear
  • Superior materials make cleaning stalls a breeze
  • Climate control in stalls keeps horses calm and cool
  • Flip-out rear horsebox windows for ventilation

Super Luxury 26t Mercedes Actros (Video)

2. Equine Motorcoach 6 Horse Carrier

Horse Capacity6
Towing Capacity40,000

Built on a Volvo or Freightliner cab, this stunning Equine motorhome caters to horse enthusiasts who need space for more animals yet allows passengers to travel comfortably.

We appreciate the two-year warranty on both the motorcoach and individual appliances, with a company striving to keep customers happy after the warranty period expires.

The living space includes a full kitchen with a three-burner stovetop and pantry and a bathroom with all the features, including a separate shower that gives you plenty of room to move around.

The downside of this model is the smaller living quarters, which means there is no separate bedroom, and instead, guests sleep on a sofa bed and cab area bunk. On the other hand, a single slide expands the space, which helps open up the area.

Top Features for Horses:

  • Tack boxes have dual access from both inside and outside the manger
  • Passenger-side storage bins increase gear capacity
  • Inside storage of saddles
  • Hay lift moves food up/down from the ceiling with the push of the button
  • Two wide exterior hitching posts give horses space to spread out
  • Easy-control powered rear ramp with blinders for safe loading/unloading of horses

Equine Motorcoach Tour (Video)

3. Equine Motorcoach 2 Horse

Horse Capacity2
Towing Capacity30,000

This Equine Motorcoach is built on a Freightliner truck, and with only two stalls needed for horses, you’ll have the most room to spread out during travel in a beautiful chestnut wood interior.

The rear hydraulic hatch door opens smoothly and securely, allowing you to load supplies and your animals with the least amount of stress.

We find the living quarters impressive, with a private bedroom, tile flooring, a giant slide with sofa bed, an expansive kitchen with a full array of appliances, and a full bathroom with a closet.

On the downside, there isn’t much exterior storage on this model. The saving grace is the interior storage in the tack room which is plentiful for keeping saddles and gear safe from road bumps and vibrations.

Top Features for Horses:

  • Roof hatch, vents, and AC in the stall area keep horses comfortable
  • Single hitching post to secure horses outside
  • Plank flooring in the stalls is gentler on hooves
  • The tack room has mounts for four saddles, blankets, and more

Equine Motorcoach 2 Horse with Queen Suze Bedroom (Video)

4. Wade Equine Pioneer Series

Horse Capacity4
Towing CapacityN/A

Wade Equine is a reputable dealer of luxury motorhome horse trailers that combine an array of fine features in their Pioneer Series of coaches that eliminate the slideout for a streamlined look.

We like the high-end features like the wine rack and kitchen with a grill and stove with an oven so you can cook up meals for a crowd.

The amount of storage this motorcoach provides doesn’t disappoint, with compartments along the entire exterior and cabinetry on the interior, including unique nooks and mounts for tack.

The one downside of such a spacious motorhome horse trailer is the wet bath instead of having a separate shower stall. However, even with an all-in-one bathroom, there is plenty of space to wash up after a day of showing or riding your horses.

Top Features for Horses:

  • Interchangeable horse partitions let you customize the spacing
  • Stainless steel bay for durable wear
  • Stalls include cameras and a monitoring system
  • The ramp can remain open by using the drop-down weather curtain for the trailer bay
  • Rear retractable hose for washing out the stalls

5. Wade Equine Signature Series

Horse Capacity3
Towing CapacityN/A

If you want an upgrade from the Wade Pioneer series, check out the Australian brand’s Signature line, which gives you more living space for longer trips for the whole family.

We find the kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, microwave, stove, storage, and plenty of counter space very functional. The large U-shaped dinette brings guests together for meals or game nights.

The RV features a wet bath which provides the most efficient use of space yet allows passengers to shower inside the motorcoach. Sleeping accommodation includes a cab-over bunk, sofa bed, and convertible dinette.

On the downside, the lack of slides can make the interior feel tight, especially with a full RV of guests.

Top Features for Horses:

  • Dedicated storage for bridle hooks and up to six saddles
  • Cameras in stall bay to monitor horses
  • The large rear entry ramp opens hydraulically with push-button control
  • Retractable hose in the horse bay for fast clean up

Wade Equine Signature Series (Video)

6. George Smith Horse Boxes Challenger 2/3/4

Horse CapacityUp to 4
Towing CapacityN/A

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The Challenger 2/3/4 Coach approaches horse travel and guest comfort in a new way that appeals to practical RVers who also enjoy extravagance.

Enjoy amenities in the living space that include a full-size bathroom with a separate shower, an efficient heating system, hot and cold water, a flat-screen TV, an entertainment center, and beautiful cabinetry to store your belongings.

We like that you can access the horse stalls from the cab, and the onboard generator provides power when parking off-grid.

We also like the choice of both manual and automatic transmission and the ability to custom paint the exterior and choose which engine best suits your needs.

On the downside, the customization possibilities for George Smith Horse Boxes mean prices can rise quickly, so you’ll need a large budget.

Top Features for Horses:

  • The rear ramp with gates safely loads horses
  • Choose stall floorplans to accommodate 1-4 horses
  • Choice of full or 3/4 partitions with full rubber to the bottom
  • Aluminum plank floor with one-piece rubber matting
  • Large tack locker with saddle racks and bridle hooks

7. Equine Motorcoach 4 Horse

Horse Capacity4
Towing Capacity40,000

The Equine Motorcoach 4 Horse is a beast, with more room than many other brands or models of horse transport RVs. But more than the size sets this coach apart, like the sizeable 560HP engine on a Freightliner truck and the drop-down haypod in the manger for out-of-the-way food storage.

The kitchen inside this coach feels very residential, with a full-size fridge, range, microwave, pantry, sink, and wide counter space for food prep or entertaining. Enjoy a peaceful night’s rest on the sofa bed (that sits with the dinette in a wide slideout) with an air mattress or above the cab in the bunk.

Outside, we find the choice of dual-side awnings and numerous storage compartments to be very grand. In addition, the stalls include venting and an air conditioner so horses can travel without worrying about extreme heat causing stress.

On the downside, while of high-quality materials, the interior design is a bit bland and will need you to add some personal touches to warm up the space.

Top Features for Horses:

  • Choice of straight or angled padded stalls for long-ride comfort
  • Access to horses from the cab
  • Single rear entrance/loading hatch
  • Indoor tack room for storage
  • Choice of haypod that retracts into the ceiling to save space

4 Horse Equine Motorcoach Living Quarters (Video)

Final Thoughts

When you travel with horses, whether thoroughbreds or the family pet, it can be much more relaxing when you own a horse-specific RV like the ones with horse stalls in this article.

Investing in a horse trailer is the way to travel with the control and ease of a powerful engine, the reliability of a durable truck chassis, and high-end features that will bring a new level of pleasure to every trip!

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