The best RV dehumidifier

Best RV Dehumidifier to Remove Air Moisture (And Relieve Your Allergies!)

What’s the difference between an RV dehumidifier and a regular (non-RV) dehumidifier?

An RV dehumidifier is the same appliance you use in your home — simply described, it pulls excessive moisture from the air. A dehumidifier works by drawing air into and over internal coils on which moisture condenses (changes from a gas to a liquid) and is collected in a tank.

A fan blows the remaining drier, cooler air back into the room.

The main difference you’ll find in RV dehumidifiers is the size, as few RVs are large enough to warrant a full-size unit.

Manufacturers make small dehumidifiers ideal for RV use, so you can find the perfect size to keep your RV comfortable.

Common Reasons You Need an RV Dehumidifier

  1. All RVs have relatively thin walls and inadequate insulation, which results in a lack of sufficient climate control. When the RV interior gets cool, but you’re parked in a humid region, the moisture levels in the air can condense and cause wet, drippy windows, walls, and ceilings.
  2. When you don’t open windows or run fans in the RV, just the occupants’ breathing can also cause condensation build-up.
  3. Running a propane heating system also adds a large amount of humidity to the RV.
  4. RVs are prone to quick mold and mildew growth, especially when camping in warm regions, so keeping humidity levels low can prevent issues.
  5. Showering in an RV is another reason moisture builds, as many bathroom exhaust fans are weak, and the entire space is cramped, so the shower is typically only a few feet from the living areas.
  6. Allergens, like dust mites, need at least 65-percent humidity to live, so keeping moisture levels under this number can alleviate irritation.

Common Benefits for Using an RV Dehumidifier

The main reason to use an RV dehumidifier is to stop having to continually wipe up the annoying condensation issue caused by camping in humid regions, running a propane heater, human breath that isn’t getting dispersed, or running showers.

If you leave high humidity inside an RV unchecked, mold will grow fast, and all the water will soak up into the furniture, walls, flooring, and ceiling. Musty smells will permeate the RV, and swelling or popping of walls or flooring can happen. Repairs to fix moisture damage is timely and expensive.

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For people suffering from allergies, keeping mold, fungi, mites, and other irritants that thrive in humid conditions from taking over the RV will keep the air fresher and reduce sneezing or runny eyes and noses.

Lower humidity helps people with asthma breathe easier.

A relative humidity level between 30-50 percent is the most comfortable for humans. A dehumidifier lowers humidity to comfortable levels, so you don’t feel muggy or sticky inside the RV.

Top Brands With a Strong Reputation

  • Eva Dry is a top dehumidifier brand specializing in floor or table models to desiccant-style rechargeable units ideal for RVs.
  • Frigidaire makes great dehumidifiers ideal for RV use. Large motorcoaches can run a full-size unit, while more compact floor-models work great in smaller RVs to reduce moisture levels fast.
  • Pro-Breeze caters to RV owners, as their models are small and quiet.

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Best RV Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier,TABYIK 35 OZ Small Dehumidifiers for Room for Home, Quiet with Auto Shut Off,...
  • High Efficient Dehumidifiers for Home: Still annoyed about the muggy weather? Just Take it easy! have a try at TABYIK 35OZ Peltier dehumidifier, in a closed small room with humid environment of 86°F and 80% RH, it can collect a max of 16oz(450ml) of water in 24 hours, and with very low energy consumption (no more than 1-kilowatt hour a day).
  • Small Dehumidifiers with Colorful Light: There is a separate light button, which can emit 7-color romantic atmosphere lights for you, and the ultra-quiet operation (28dB) creates a comfortable and peaceful environment for your bedroom and office.
  • 35OZ Dehumidifiers for Bathroom: With 1000ml (35OZ) large transparent tank, you can see the water collection volume of the dehumidifier in real-time, and there is a groove design at the bottom of the water tank, you can easily take it out, pour water and clean it!
  • Auto Shut Off Protection: When the water tank is 700~800ml full, dehumidifiers will auto shut off work, and the light will flash red to inform you. It is also very safe and convenient to use when you are not at home.
  • Portable Dehumidifier for Bedroom: With a compact size of 5.9X5.9X10.1 inch and a built-in handle on the back, it is very convenient to be placed everywhere. Helping to get the excess moisture out of the air for you in bedroom, bathroom, RV, closet.
Dehumidifiers for Home, TABYIK 42oz Dehumidifier for Bathroom, Dehumidifiers for Room with Auto Shut...
  • Fast & Quiet Dehumidifier for Home: Removes moisture quickly and quietly with advanced semiconductor technology. 42oz water tank for ample storage. Sleek design, easy-to-use controls, and healthy living environment benefits. Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, RVs, wardrobes, closets, and trailers. (NOT suitable for basement)
  • Safe Auto Shutoff Dehumidifier: Worry-free operation with automatic shutoff feature. Dehumidifiers for bedroom prevents leaking or overflow when water tank is full. Red indicator flashes to remind you to empty the tank. Easy to use, simply empty the tank and continue enjoying comfort and health.
  • Safe Auto Defrost Dehumidifier: Reliable Defrost Protection. Operates flawlessly even at low temperatures (eg. 39℉/4℃). Automatically activates Defrost Mode to prevent frost formation and ensure uninterrupted performance. Protects against damage for long-lasting use.
  • Ultra Quiet & Colorful Lights: Advanced Peltier Technology ensures whisper-quiet operation for undisturbed sleep, work, or study. This dehumidifiers for bedroom with sliding colorful lights create a sweet and romantic night ambiance. Say goodbye to excess humidity and hello to a cozy and dry bedroom!
  • Portable & Compact Design: Size: 5.6"D x 6.37"W x 11"H. Easy to place anywhere. Lightweight and portable, this dehumidifiers for home can be positioned in various spaces such as the bedroom, bathroom, closet, kitchen, cabinet, garage, RV, and more. Say goodbye to damp troubles with this efficient solution! (Power: 40 watts. Water Tank: 42oz/1200ml.)
MORFY Portable Quiet Dehumidifiers for Home, 6800 Cubic Feet(700sq ft) 85 OZ Small with Drain Hose...
  • 【Powerful Moisture Absorption】 : MORFY dehumidifiers for home adopts semiconductor condensation technology ,Maximum dehumidification area Up to 700 sq. ft dehumidifier removes 34oz(1000ml) day (86°F, 80% RH) depending on moisture condition,Quickly reduce the humidity of the room and dries the air. Help you improve air quality and create a healthier, more comfortable living environment.
  • 【Multiple Drainage Options】:Manual Drain- The dehumidifiers features a more intuitive front water tank design that allows you to see the water collected. When the 2500ml water tank is full, the small dehumidifiers will automatically stops running and lights up the full water indicator to remind you to empty it; Continuous Drain- Our dehumidifier for basement comes with a 1.5m (4.92 feet) drain hose that you can easily connect to the outlet of the dehumidifier for continuous drain.
  • 【Overflow Protection】:The dehumidifier adopt new innovative design of the water-full cut-off principle.We use a tiny stainless steel probe to detect full water,When the water tank is full, sensitive stainless steel probe against switch and the dehumidifier will automatically shut off without water overflowing. The built-in "red light" indicator will light up to remind. stainless steel probe design, ensuring the bedroom dehumidifiers great performance for longer service.
  • 【Quiet Dehumidifier】:The compact dehumidifiers for small room have 2 modes of dehumidification switch freely (high power mode and sleep mode), automatic defrost:effectively reduces the damage to the machine caused by the ice of the collected water. dehumidifiers for bedroom with a considerate 40dB peak sound can hardly notice, ensuring no disturbing during work and sleep.
  • 【Breathing Atmosphere Light】: The mini dehumidifiers comes with breathing atmosphere lights in 7 colors, It automatically changes color in the form of a breathing light, Just slightly tap the top light area, the light will be turned on/off. When you like a certain color, you just need to wait for the light to automatically change to that color and then press the light button to pause on the color you like. This dehumidifier for bedroom creates a sweet and romantic sleeping atmosphere for you.
Hoomifier Dehumidifiers for Home, Dehumidifier with Drain Hose Small Portable 2000ml(68oz) RV...
1,562 Reviews
Hoomifier Dehumidifiers for Home, Dehumidifier with Drain Hose Small Portable 2000ml(68oz) RV...
  • 【DOUBLE SEMICONDUCTOR REFRIGERATION & DUAL AIR OUTLET】---Compared with other small dehumidifiers, our dehumidifier has upgraded to dual semiconductors refrigeration technology and dual air outlet which making double dehumidifying effect. High efficiency for remove moisture in the air spaces up for 650 Sq.ft.
  • 【EXTRA DRAIN HOSE FOR CONTINUOUS DRAINAGE】- Say goodbye to frequent water pouring! Unlike other models on the market, our dehumidifier comes with a drain hose, making it ideal for basements and other high-moisture areas
  • 【COLORFUL ATMOSPHERE LIGHT】- The Dehumidifier comes with breathing atmosphere lights in various colors. It automatically changes color in the form of a breathing light. You can turn it on or off at any time. When you like a certain color, you just need to wait for the light to automatically change to that color, and then press the light button to pause on the color you like. The Hoomifier bedroom dehumidifier creates a sweet and romantic sleeping atmosphere for you
  • 【SPACE SAVING & PORTABLE】---This small dehumidifier has a oval design and compactable size(8.2X5.9X13.3 inches),which with a hidden portable handle ,easy movement.Perfect for control humidity in your home, such as kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, caravan, garage, basement.
  • 【AUTO-OFF & SAFETY】---One-button control,visible indicator.You can clearly see whether the dehumidifier is working or full of water.Small dehumidifier for bathroom features an auto-off function that it will stop working automatically if the water tank is full, and it will the indicator turn red to remind users empty the water. Our dehumidifier built-in power supply , which is safer than an external power supply.

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