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Can You Rent Out An RV On Airbnb?

Published on December 27th, 2020
Updated on January 9th, 2024

Does Airbnb rent out RVs?

Yes, you can find all types of recreational vehicles for rent on Airbnb when you click the “unique stays” option on their website.

Having the option to rent an RV through Airbnb makes a vacation more memorable for the adventurous traveler and gives RV owners a chance to make extra income.

To explain the ins and outs of Airbnb RV rentals, check out this guide. Inside, I detail the pros and cons of listing your RV for rent, what to consider before renting a camper, how to list your RV on Airbnb, and alternative RV rental companies.

If a hotel sounds boring for your next trip, or the idea of making cash off your existing RV is appealing, looking into an Airbnb camper rental is a fantastic option!

Airbnb RV Rental Pros and Cons

A couple rented an Airbnb

No business arrangement is without its benefits and disadvantages, including renting an RV either as a host or guest.

Let’s take a good look into the pros and cons of both types of Airbnb RV rental arrangements.

For RV Owners


  • Brings in extra cash and saves on storage fees
  • Can offset the cost of RV purchase and upkeep
  • Introduces you to new people
  • Allows you to showcase the fun of RV travel
  • Forces you to stay on top of RV maintenance


  • Packing away your personal belongings during rentals
  • Damage to your RV from inconsiderate guests
  • Hassles of maintaining listings, booking guests, tracking taxable income
  • Cleaning the RV after guests depart
  • Maintaining a legal place to park the RV for Airbnb rental status

For RV Renters


  • More affordable option over most hotels (especially in tourist areas)
  • More cozy and private accomodation and many are pet-friendly
  • Quirky option that adds excitement to a trip
  • Most RV rentals have kitchens so you can cook your own meals
  • Let’s you learn before buying a recreational vehicle


  • Interior not as spacious as you imagine (or looks in pictures)
  • Using the toilet, shower, propane appliances takes practice
  • Location may not be quite what you expect (a backyard vs. private lot)
  • Rarely is there a standard-size bathtub (or one at all)
  • You can’t move it, which is part of the fun of RVing

As you can see, the pros and cons for both guests and RV renters are evenly split.

Deciding on choosing to rent an Airbnb camper comes down to personal preference and budgetary needs.

Even the most luxurious of RVs is not a hotel room. What you gain in privacy or cost savings you may feel you lose in lack of taking a long, hot bath or access to free Wi-Fi.

Some RV owners find it a hassle handling reservations and guests, no matter how much money they make.

Other owners never have a problem with guests and use the extra cash to pay down the RV loan or upgrade camper appliances.

What to Look for When Renting a Camper or RV Through Airbnb

A man checking a camper for renting

Here are the top things to consider before deciding on an RV rental over a standard Airbnb home rental:


The location of the camper is essential.

In hot tourist areas, renting an Airbnb camper will be cheaper than a hotel or a room or two in a home rental.

The privacy of having a whole space to yourself is a bonus, but if the camper is far from local attractions, it defeats the cost savings because you’ll have to spend time and money driving to reach them.

Think about what type of vacation you want. If you prefer being in the heart of the action, you may be hard-pressed finding an RV rental within a city.

For those looking for some peace, a camper rental on private land in a rural area is an ideal choice.

Also, consider how you’d feel about renting a camper in the back of someone’s home. Is the RV set back far from the house or right next to the back door?

Will the owners be using the same space while you are there? Do they have a dog they let loose every morning at 5 AM?

Of course, reading through reviews of past guests can help you navigate some of these possible issues, but do ask direct questions about the location of the camper itself and its proximity to local attractions.

RV Rental Indoor Space

Sleeping accommodations in any RV is tighter than you might expect. A king-size bed probably only has one foot of space around that bed to get in and out.

Bunkhouses are best for smaller children as they aren’t always a full twin bed size.

The remainder of possible sleeping arrangements includes the couch, a pull-out sofa, or a dinette table that transitions to a bed. I can attest that the last two are not comfortable for adults.

An RV rental that states it can sleep up to six isn’t going to be as spacious as it sounds, nor as comfortable for a large group trying to share a tiny bathroom.

Unless you want to bring the kids, I suggest keeping an Airbnb RV rental to just a solo or couple for the most comfort.

Attractive and Useful Camper Outdoor Space

Campers parked outdoor

The best RV rentals will provide an outdoor space that includes decks, patios, awnings, fire pits, grills, lounge chairs, and other amenities that increase the value and enjoyment of your stay.

Since Airbnb camper rentals must remain in one location, many owners prefer to set up the RV in a permanent and very charming “glamping” configuration.

Doing so makes the guest feels like they are getting more for their money, even if the camper’s in a residential backyard.

Instructions for How to Operate the Camper

If you’re new to camping, you may be unaware that RVs do not operate like a traditional home or hotel room for cooking, bathroom use, heating, and other functions.

You’ll need instructions, both verbal and written, from the RV owner if it’s your first time, to safely use the equipment and know when you need to call for help.

You may need to track how full the fresh, grey, and black water tanks are.

It would help if you also got a quick lesson in:

  • The right way to flush the toilet
  • How to ration power usage for appliances, so you don’t blow fuses
  • How to put the awning in and out
  • How to switch over propane tanks for cooking and heating
  • The 3-minute shower as you won’t have hot water very long

This all may sound a bit much, but in reality, most RV functions are straightforward once you know what you’re doing, and a good host will make sure you do.


Getting into and out of most RVs requires the use of small, high, often wobbly steps. If you have mobility issues, trying to maneuver your way into a camper can be difficult or even dangerous.

Look for an Airbnb RV rental with a ramp and deck to the main door for the best access. Even a set of solid wooden stairs beats the heck out of standard RV stairs and will help prevent trips and falls.

How to List Your RV on Airbnb

A holiday trip in a motorhome

If you own a camper you only use a few weeks a year, you can list your RV on Airbnb to use it as a side-hustle to increase your income stream.

First, you’ll need to have a place to park the camper and hook up to power, water, and sewer connections.

Some people can set up the RV on their property to allow paying guests, or they can place it on a separate RV-ready lot full-time.

Check with local zoning laws and your HOA, if applicable, to ensure you won’t have legal issues if you plan to Airbnb your camper.

Alternate Option – Some RV owners list their camper through but then deliver and set up the recreational vehicle at a local campground at check-in that the guest books in advance.

Once the stay is over, the host takes the camper away.

This option is very trendy in popular Gulf Coast beach towns and is a great rental option for people who love camping but don’t want to commit to owning an RV.

Airbnb does not offer RV rentals for guests to drive or tow, as liability issues are too troublesome. If driving a rental RV interests you, I list companies below that offer such arrangements.

So get out your camera, clean your RV, and get ready to post your pictures and details to the Airbnb website!

Step 1. Visit the Airbnb website and click “become a host” on the upper right-hand side of the page.

Step 2. Fill in the details about your rental location and create an Airbnb account or sign in if you have one

Step 3. Read through the section about joining to understand the process and what to expect

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Step 4. Under the “type of space,” choose the “unique spaces” button and toggle down to the camper/RV option and click it

Step 5. Fill in all the information about your RV, plus spaces guests are allowed to access, whether you’re listing as a company or individual, and any other details Airbnb asks

Step 6. Add in the location of the RV, with details about local attractions that will attract renters

Step 7. List all the amenities guests can enjoy like washer/dryer, Wi-Fi, grill, etc., that add value

Step 8. Add in your photos and post up your listing along with your nightly rate and wait for potential guests to contact you

The Benefits of Renting an RV Through Airbnb

A woman sitting in a renting RV

What makes Airbnb better than other RV rental sites?

Low Fees

The fees for hosts on a rental are around 3%, which is much lower than the 15-25% commission a service like RVshare charges or the 20% Outdoorsy takes from hosts once they rent their camper.

Renter Protections

Airbnb has an excellent reputation for protecting both renters and hosts from potential problems. The company requires guests to provide valid identification during a booking and will cancel any reservation they deem suspicious.

The company allows hosts to set their rental parameters, offers insurance coverage, and keep communication and honest reviews flowing between hosts and guests. The company removes poorly performing hosts from the platform.

How Much Can You Earn Renting Out an RV?

If you have a nice RV in a great location, you could make upwards of $1,000 a month or more renting out your RV. But, even off-the-beaten-path RV rentals can bring in a nice sum over a year instead of just sitting somewhere in storage costing you money.

For a helpful average of what you could expect to earn nightly from your camper, check out these stats:

Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers$75-$175 per night
Class A Motorhomes$150-$300 per night
Class C RVs$125-$250 per night
Small travel trailers, pop-ups, and truck campers$25-$100 per night

Remember, Airbnb prohibits the rental of RVs that move, so don’t expect such high rates for your Class A or C when it’s parked for guests in your backyard unless you are in Los Angeles and offer private pool access.

These rates are the average from across all camper rental companies, with most people booking rentals over weekends.

Alternative RV Rental Companies

A panoramic view with campers in a resort

If you want to allow people to drive your motorhome or tow your travel trailer, you can opt to rent your RV through these companies:

RV Share

RVshare offers peer-to-peer rentals with vetted owners who then set their terms and pricing for renting to guests.

RVshare brings great camper variety to the rental table, from tent campers to luxurious 45-foot motorcoaches.

Because the company allows guests to travel in rented RVs, they offer healthy insurance coverage packages and 24/7 Roadside Assistance. RVshare also provides online booking, country-wide (plus Canada) locations, and a 5% cash-back loyalty program.


Outdoorsy gets high ratings for its more in-depth rental requirements, including a DMV driving history check, broader insurance, and 24/7 Roadside Assistance coverage.

Outdoorsy strives to achieve excellent service for both the rental guest and RV owner through its peer-to-peer rental structure. The user-friendly platform allows quick-access to list your RV for rent during downtime between personal trips.

Outdoorsy also offers pick-up locations across the US, Mexico, and Canada to make your rental more accessible to guests.

Final Thoughts

The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) states that the number of households with an RV tops 9 million, with over 30 million RV enthusiasts who rent or borrow a camper yearly.

With these astounding numbers, you see that there’s a strong demand for owners to rent out an RV on Airbnb or other websites.

For those who enjoy a unique vacation experience, I highly recommend you rent a camper through Airbnb or take one on the road through Outdoorsy or RVshare to experience the thrill of a real RV adventure!

Camper Van Listed for Rent on Airbnb (Video)

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