Prime Time Avenger RVs

Prime Time Avenger RVs (Reviewed)

Shopping for a new travel trailer RV can be daunting, with many brands and models on the market. However, Prime Time RV is one company that offers a unique line of Avenger travel trailers that may have just what you’re looking for.

I had to do some legwork to bring you all the details about the Prime Time brand, including specs, pricing, and customer ratings highlighting the Avenger pros and cons. I also toured Avenger units to see how they stand up to the real-life necessities of camping and travel.

My final thoughts on the Prime Time Avenger are below, so keep reading to see if this line of travel trailers is a good buy!

Prime Time RV and Avenger History

Prime Time RV began in 2009, with the company comprising a group of experienced manufacturers who aim to create great RVs with a customer-first attitude. A division of Forest River, Prime Time builds its towable camping trailers in the Amish community of Wakarusa, Indiana, and invites the public to tour the facility.

Prime Time hires local skilled craftspeople to create its line of Avenger travel trailers and implements a stringent quality-control system they call the Customer Assurance Inspection.

The inspection puts each complete RV through a 125-point checklist that must pass before being shipped to dealerships.

The attention to detail and commitment to quality has made Prime Time an award-winning recreational vehicle manufacturer with a growing fan base of customers who love the premium finishes and features.

The Avenger line of travel trailers came out in 2010 and currently has three lines for sale: the Avenger, the Avenger LE, and the Avenger LT.

Prime Time Avenger Travel Trailer Models

Prime Time Avenger RVs (Reviewed)
Picture from the official primetimerv website

The three lines of Avenger camping trailers let you select between smaller, more lightweight models and larger units with all the bells and whistles.

You can find the complete list of specs for the 2023 Avenger floor plans by visiting

Here is an overview of the 24 models within the three travel trailers lines to see which will best fit your tow vehicle’svehicle’s capabilities.

Prime Time Avenger LE Travel Trailers

Prime Time Avenger RVs (Reviewed)
Picture from the official primetimerv website

There are four models in the LE line.

Length:25” 3″” to 34’34’ 6″”
Dry Weight:5,450 lb. to 6,203 lb.
GVWR:7,557 to 7,773
Sleeps:5 to 9
Price: $32,966 to $44,281

Prime Time Avenger LT Travel Trailers

Prime Time Avenger RVs (Reviewed)
Picture from the official primetimerv website

There are six models in the LT line.

Length:20” 7″” to 26’26’ 1″”
Dry Weight:2,864 lb. to 3,709 lb.
GVWR:3,850 lb. to 7,495 lb.
Sleeps:3 to 7
Price:$24,988 to $29,592

Prime Time Avenger Travel Trailers

Prime Time Avenger RVs (Reviewed)
Picture from the official primetimerv website

There are 20 models in the Avenger line.

Length:27” 7″” to 37” 6″”
Dry Weight:4,776 lb. to 8,403 lb.
GVWR:7,488 lb. to 11,045 lb.
Sleeps:4 to 9
Price:$40,324 to $50,279

Prime Time Avenger Standard Features

The Avenger travel trailers come with some great standard features that go beyond what I typically find in other RV brands with the same price point. I think this gives the Avenger a headstart when comparing brands.

Here’s a list of the top Avenger standard features:

  • 16K BTU Furnace (In-Floor Ducted Heat) and 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner
  • Seamless Carefree Congoleum Flooring
  • Full Kitchen with Large 17″ Oven, Thermofoil Seamless Countertop, and High-Rise Faucet
  • Fully Enclosed Underbelly
  • Full Bathroom with Toilet, Sink, and Shower (some LE models have no sink)
  • Outside Speakers
  • USB Ports
  • Exterior Shower with Hot and Cold Water
  • Solar and Backup Camera Prep
  • Dexter EZ Lube Axles and Radial Tires (plus spare)
  • LED Lit Power Awning
  • Dynaspan 5/8″Seamless Floor Decking up to 24” with 25 Year Warranty
  • 2″ Wall Construction on 16″ Centers Cross-Banded Construction
  • 5″LVL Headers Above Slideouts

Visit the Prime Time website to see all the standard and optional features available for each Avenger floor plan.

Best Avenger Travel Trailer Floor Plans

As a long-time RVer, I want to give my opinion on which of the Avenger floor plans has the best flow and features to make camping trips more enjoyable. My picks are what I would buy and why.

Since nearly all the units can sleep at least four, I will not select my favorites solely on sleeping capacity.

Best Avenger LE Travel Trailer

Of the Avenger LE travel trailer models, I think the 24RKSLE model has a great layout. This unit is 25” long, sleeps up to five, and has a UVW of 5,450.

Why it works:

The first thing that grabs my attention is the rear kitchen and entry, which always make an RV feel more spacious and provides more privacy for the bedroom. The kitchen looks high-end, has plenty of cabinets, and the counter is spacious.

The sofa and dinette in the slide open up the living area, and there is no odd angle when you want to watch TV since the entertainment center is directly across the way. There is also a big pantry to hold bulky supplies, which is rare in such a small RV.

The bathroom is compact but has all the necessary amenities and some extra counter space that is always appreciated. The bedroom has a sliding door for privacy, storage under the walk-around queen bed, and dual wardrobes for clothes.

The design is clean, modern, and minimalistic. The design is fantastic, as I rarely tour an RV interior where I don’t immediately want to tear out or replace items.

Outside, there is a 16-foot awning that will provide tons of shade or rain protection and a substantial pass-through storage compartment that can hold all your camping toys and RV supplies.

Tour the Avenger 24RKSLE by Prime Time RV! (Video)

Best Avenger LT Travel Trailer

Of the Avenger LT travel trailer models, I think the 22BH model has great potential for a family or someone who wants extra space for storage or to create a small office area. This unit is 26” 1″ long, sleeps up to six, and has a UVW of 3,709.

Why it works:

The layout of this model offers flexibility for different types of RVers. For a family, the rear double bunks provide plenty of space for kids, and the addition of some curtains can add a layer of privacy for the adults up front in the queen bed.

For solo or couple RVers who want the simplicity of a smaller travel trailer with no slides, you can remove the bunks and turn that area into a workspace or large closet.

Yes, the whole unit is compact, but it’s very functional. I had no problem with fake food prepping, cooking, and washing up, and I appreciated the cabinet locations for easy access to dishes and pans.

I am also a fan of the USB ports near all the beds, the pantry next to the fridge, and the high-rise faucet that makes filling pots or washing dishes much easier.

The skylights above the bunks and in the kitchen are little touches that increase comfort and bring in daylight to brighten the interior.

Outside is a wide power awning with LED lights and small storage bays to hold camping gear. The extra-long, folding door handle is sturdy and makes it easier to safely enter and exit the RV.

Lastly, this unit tows smoothly and is lightweight, so you’ll enjoy higher fuel economy. Plus, the size gives you the freedom to camp just about anywhere.

Primetime Avenger 22BH Walkthrough (Video)

Best Avenger Travel Trailer

Of the Avenger travel trailer models, I think the 27RBS model is cool and unique. This unit is 33” 6″ long, sleeps up to five, and has a UVW of 6,663.

Why it works:

The flow of the furnishings as you enter and use this travel trailer is superior to any RV of similar size I’ve toured. Every detail works well, especially if you plan to RV full-time in this unit.

The sliding barn door that closes off the queen bed adds a high-end feel to the interior, and the massive U-shaped dinette welcomes you to sit down and relax. The kitchen has residential-style appliances and a large sink that is much more functional than a split basin.

However, the showstopper in this unit is the bathroom. It’s extra roomy, has a broader and deeper shower than other models, and features an astonishing amount of storage for linens and toiletries.

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The living area places the entertainment center across from the sofa, so you can watch movies or games easily and tuck away all your devices, books, or games in the large cabinets underneath. The large, deep slideout opens up the main living area, and plenty of windows let the sunshine in.

Step outside to enjoy the outdoor kitchen and cook some meals as you relax under the expansive awning.

Prime Time-Avenger-27RBS (Video)

Prime Time Avenger Pros

Excellent Towing

The Avenger gets five-star ratings for towability across all lines of its travel trailers. In addition, owners state the ride is stable and smooth, with excellent tracking and control.

Efficient Interior Design

Each model of Avenger uses the space wisely and places appliances and furniture in a way that promotes ease of use. As a result, storage is plentiful, with drawers, nooks, open shelves, and cabinets for belongings.

The decor isn’tisn’t fussy, and there is plenty of open wall space to hang pictures or other items, which is hard to come by in most recreational vehicles.

Residential-Style Amenities

The Prime Time Avenger travel trailers include a large refrigerator, kitchen sink, oven, microwave, queen bed, and shower unit, which feels more like home than camping.

Not sacrificing comfort when you travel by RV is lovely, and the Avenger brings value with these amenities.

Comfortable Furniture

Another bonus in the Avenger is comfortable furniture, even after continual use. The couches get the highest marks, and the mattress only needs a thin topper to provide a good night’s sleep, unlike a total replacement common for most other RV beds.

People say the dinette and bunk cushions are also better quality, and the upholstery holds up nicely.

Prime Time Avenger Cons

Cheap Carpet

A cheap carpet replacement in a RV

I am never a fan of carpet in the slideouts, but I suppose this choice is easier for the manufacturer. However, the carpet quality is poor, and it quickly mats down and gets dirty, bringing down the look of the whole RV.

Adjustable Awning

The awning angle is adjustable, which is a good thing if you need to block the sun. However, most people constantly go in and out of their RV, and if the awning is too low, the door frame will scrape across the canopy and tear the material.

Most owners state they’ve had to mark the awning arm to know where it’sit’s safe to open the door and not damage the fabric.

Bad Stove Knob Location

The location of the stove knobs high up on the front rail cause two issues. The first is it’s easy to accidentally bump them and turn them on if you’re working in the area, and the second is they can get hot if you’re using the front burners.

Hit-or-Miss Customer Service

An RV service

When problems arise in the Avenger travel trailers, dealing with the customer service team is either fantastic or a nightmare. I couldn’t find any pattern of why some owners had difficulty completing warranty repairs while others were happy with their experience.

I suggest that anyone considering buying an Avenger (or any other Prime Time or Forest River RV) do their homework about how their local dealership handles customer complaints and warranty claims before purchasing.

In Summary

After exploring all the pros and cons of the Prime Time Avenger, I absolutely recommend you check out this brand if you’re in the market for a new RV.

Some floor plans are better than others, and I wish the bathrooms were more spacious, but overall the layouts and amenities are ideal for seasonal camping or a full-time RV lifestyle.

The Avenger has a reasonable price, sleek look, and reliable build that should provide years of fun adventures, so find a dealership near you and take a tour to see it yourself!

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