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A lance travel trailer

Are Lance Travel Trailers High-Quality Campers?

Published on January 23rd, 2021
Updated on February 18th, 2024

Lance has been the RV industry leader in truck campers since 1965, but is their current line of travel trailers of equally high quality?

With RVing more popular than ever, you want to make sure you invest in a travel trailer that’s going to last and be comfortable for your family.

To help you make a smarter recreational vehicle purchase, I quickly detail Lance’s history and discuss what makes their campers different from other brands.

I then review the Lance travel trailer product line with stats, price, and top features so you can easily compare models. I even break down the models into weight categories to quickly find trailers that match your vehicle’s towing capacity.

Don’t go RV shopping without reading this Lance travel trailer review so you know what campers you need to check out!

Lance Camper Company History

Lance travel trailers

Lance Camper Company began creating truck campers in California in the 1960s, but they only began manufacturing travel trailers in 2009.

The company’s more recent foray into travel trailers has RV shoppers wondering, “Does Lance make a good travel trailer, or are they missing the features and quality customers demand?”

As a brand, Lance continually wins industry awards for quality, comfort, and customer satisfaction in both their truck camper division and travel trailer lines.

In 2018, the REV group acquired the Lance brand, which owns Fleetwood Enterprise, American Coach, and other RV companies.

Lance continues the tradition of producing innovative campers that cater to the demands of customers and lower their impact on the environment during the construction process.

What Sets Lance Travel Trailers Apart From Other Brands

Aside from excellent customer service ratings and comprehensive dealer training about their products, Lance also uses these latest advancements during travel trailer manufacturing:

  • Azdel panels (a mold-, rot- and water-resistant composite) are used instead of plywood to improve durability, soundproofing, and insulation, and won’t expand and contract like plywood
  • LanceLock is the company’s patented system to secure exterior camper panels by using interlocking lightweight aluminum extrusions to increase the strength of the framing
  • Eco-friendly renewable materials that are free of toxic mercury and chemicals
  • Euro-Lite (Lite-Ply) is a layered poplar-wood composite that is lighter yet stronger than standard wood for more durable cabinetry
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners hold layers of walls, flooring, and roof together to prevent warping
  • 3D CAD engineering and design using CNC machines to precisely cut material so everything in the camper fits tight and clean

Lance’s products and procedures put into their camper build to ensure each travel trailer’s bones are as strong as they can be while remaining lightweight. This design combination is what consistently keeps the Lance brand at the top of the RV industry.

Lance Travel Trailer Review

A high quality Lance travel trailer

Lance delivers a high-quality travel trailer build, but what about the other half of the equation?

The interior layout and amenities of a trailer are critical. Does Lance make a good travel trailer that delivers on camping comfort and efficient function?

To find out, let’s look into the 12 Lance travel trailer models and review the features.

All the units have an interior ceiling height of 78 inches (6′ 5″), which works well for most people. All prices are current 2021 MSRP.

I separate the models by weight so you can quickly find the models that will work with your vehicle’s towing capacity.

The good news is that the dry weight of the largest Lance travel trailer tops out at just 5,875 pounds, making them an easy tow for some SUVs and most trucks.

Ultra-Lightweight Travel Trailer Models – for 3,500 Pound Tow Capacity Vehicles

Lance 1475 Travel Trailer

Floor Length14’10”
Overall Length19’8″
Dry Weight2,600 lbs.
Sleepsup to 3

The Lance 1475 floorplan includes two options so you can suit the interior space to your needs.

The compact RV provides a full bathroom, kitchen with fridge, and space to lounge. The interior feels spacious by having everything perfectly arranged to allow for storage and comfortable traffic flow.

The 1475 model is perfect for solo- and couple-RV enthusiasts, but it does have space to sleep one more if you have a small family. This camper is one of the best small 4-season travel trailers on the market.

Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

Floor Length15’9″
Overall Length20’5″
Dry Weight2,775 lbs.

The Lance 1575 floorplan is just shy of a foot longer than the 1475, but the super-slide convertible dinette to bed makes it feel a whole lot bigger.

The trade-off is the bathroom and shower feel tighter and offer no sink. This trailer is perfect for small family camping, full-time solos, or couples who can use the ample dinette table as a workspace.

Lightweight Travel Trailer Models – for 5,000 Pound Tow Capacity Vehicles

Lance 1685 Travel Trailer

Floor Length16’6″
Overall Length21′
Dry Weight3,980 lbs.
Sleepsup to 5

The Lance 1685 floorplan packs in more storage and counter space along with a bit more square footage via the super-slide to create a home-like feel.

The queen-size bed, corner shower, and larger kitchen increase comfort and function, while the convertible dinette creates even more sleeping space for small families.

Lance 1985 Travel Trailer

Floor Length18’9″
Overall Length23’3″
Dry Weight4,245 lbs.

The Lance 1985 floorplan is spacious and offers plenty of storage with three closet areas to hang clothes.

The expansive bathroom features a large skylight over the shower. The slideout dinette converts to a 54″ X 78″ bed. The main queen bed is walkable on both sides, and the large wastewater tanks extend dry-camping time.

Lance 1995 Travel Trailer

Floor Length19’2″
Overall Length23’8″
Dry Weight4,265 lbs.

The Lance 1995 floorplan includes a corner bathroom, dinette super-slide, and more living and storage space for camping comfort for a couple or small family.

The entry door is at the rear of the camper to keep the bed and kitchen area free of in-and-out traffic and provide quick access to the bathroom while entertaining outdoors.

Mid-Weight Travel Trailer Models – for 6,000 Pound Tow Capacity Vehicles

Lance 2075 Travel Trailer

Floor Length20’3″
Overall Length24’9″
Dry Weight4,450 lbs.

The Lance 2075 floorplan is very spacious for a no-slide travel trailer. The abundance of upper cabinet storage, full bath, modern kitchen design, huge rear dinette, outdoor camp stove, and tons of windows make this model a true home away from home.

The model can sleep a small family or provide ample space for a couple’s getaway. The rear door entry keeps foot traffic away from the bed for more privacy.

Lance 2185 Travel Trailer

Floor Length21’2″
Overall Length25’8″
Dry Weight4,565 lbs.
Sleepsup to 7

The Lance 2185 floorplan includes dual entry doors, a triple bunk, a convertible dinette/bed in the super-slide, and a queen-size bed so a large family can fit with ease.

The bathroom has a toilet and shower, so a camper can shower while others can get ready at the sink and mirror in a convenient location just inside the rear door. A full kitchen, U-shape dinette, and entertainment center round out the amenities.

Large Travel Trailer Models – for 7,000 Pound Tow Capacity Vehicles

Lance 2285 Travel Trailer

Floor Length22’6″
Overall Length27′
Dry Weight4,930 lbs.
Sleepsup to 6

The Lance 2285 floorplan keeps the dual entry doors but creates a private master suite by pushing the kitchen to the front of the trailer.

The living area has a wide couch and a large dinette in the super-slide. The bathroom conveniently places the sink and vanity outside the shower and toilet area.

For a family that wants more privacy and storage, this model is one to check out.

Lance 2295 Travel Trailer

Floor Length22’6″
Overall Length27′
Dry Weight4,840 lbs.

The Lance 2295 floorplan delivers so much space and cool features that make it perfect for full-time RVers or small families that desire a more luxurious camping experience.

The entertainment wall centers on the main living space and doubles as a privacy wall for the master bedroom. The TV swivels for viewing in both the bedroom and living area, and you can install a fireplace below for a cozy camping atmosphere.

The back bathroom is the trailer’s full width, so there’s plenty of space to move about and storage to hold supplies and toiletries. An outdoor kitchen with a sink adds to the overall value and function.

Lance 2375 Travel Trailer

Floor Length23’6″
Overall Length28′
Dry Weight5,030 lbs.
Sleepsup to 5

The Lance 2375 floorplan keeps the convertible dinette in the slideout but adds two captain chairs and a table (or a couch) to the front of the camper for reading, relaxing, or conversation.

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The master suite is private, with an entry door and TV, plenty of closet space, and a full bathroom. This RV is perfect for full-timers who work remotely or older couples and solos who entertain occasional overnight guests.

Lance 2445 Travel Trailer

Floor Length24’11”
Overall Length29’5″
Dry Weight5,525 lbs.
Sleepsup to 8

The Lance 2445 floorplan includes a residential-size fridge next to the U-shape dinette in the super-slide to expand the living space even more. The very spacious bathroom, entertainment center, and double-size bunks make this camper the ideal escape for large families.

Many storage compartments and extra counter space increase functionality, while the single entry door keeps traffic patterns under control.

Lance 2465 Travel Trailer

Floor Length24’11”
Overall Length29’5″
Dry Weight5,875 lbs.
Sleepsup to 5

The Lance 2465 floorplan features two slides that make both the kitchen and master suite roomy and open so a small family can camp without feeling cramped.

The walk-through bathroom separates the sink and vanity from the toilet and shower for efficient use of space. The L-shape sofa wraps around the front of the trailer so you can kick back and watch TV.

Lance Awards for Quality and Service

A parked Lance travel trailer

Year after year, Lance wins awards for quality, like the Quality Circle Award from the National RV Dealers Association. The company also rates for Best in Owner Satisfaction.

Consumers Digest rates all of Lance’s travel trailers and truck campers as a “best buy” for reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction.

Customer service is a considerable part of Lance’s excellent reputation. When most RV brands lose interest in customer satisfaction after a sale, Lance keeps on top of customer concerns and problems and works diligently to fix issues.

Another perk of being a Lance owner is the LOA (Lance Owners of America) organization that brings all Lance owners together to spread information and tips about RV ownership, local events, advice on camping equipment, and so much more.

The Pros and Cons Lance Owners Mention Most


  • Ample storage
  • Easy interior access while slides are in
  • Efficient kitchen design
  • Durable cabinetry
  • Comfortable beds
  • Plenty of standard and optional amenities/accessories
  • Full bathrooms with room to move


  • The kitchen is very compact
  • Limited floorplans
  • Prices are higher than comparable-size travel trailers
  • Some complaints of slide components not functioning correctly
  • Long-time customers feel the attention to detail is lower since REV took over

What Is the Lance All-Weather Package, and Is It Worth It?

The 4 Seasons Travel Trailer package from Lance adds insulated hatch covers, heated holding tanks, a water heater bypass, and a wintering valve.

By combining these features with the standard dual-pane windows, insulated propane and battery compartments, and ducted heating system, you can camp down to 0°F without worrying pipes burst, tanks will crack, or you’ll have high propane expenses to keep the camper warm.

Plus, the package also helps keep the trailer cooler’s interior in the summer and more comfortable during more temperate times of the year, so it’s clear it’s worth adding to your trailer.

Final Thoughts

A lancer camper on a scenic camping sunset

Owning a recreational vehicle allows you to escape the stresses of work and life and enables you to bring your family closer to each other and the peace and beauty of nature.

So, is Lance high-quality? You better believe it!

The investment in a Lance camper means decades of camping enjoyment with less money and time spent on maintenance and repairs.

I hope you explore Lance Campers when shopping for a new lightweight RV and check out the models above so you can experience first-hand just how well Lance designs and builds their travel trailers.

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