Keystone Springdale review

Keystone Springdale Review (Sleeps Between 3-10 People)

Keystone Springdale RVs are widely acclaimed for their innovative manufacturing, customer service, and assembly quality.

In particular, the Springdale recreational vehicles provide tons of features, many of which aren’t available in competing brands. Additionally, Keystone Springdales come in two varieties — travel trailer and fifth wheel, both of which we touch on later in the article.


Keystone RV was founded by Cole Davis in 1996. Cole was motivated by the need to create quality but highly affordable RVs.

When starting, Cole wanted to produce recreational vehicles that had many features, which would cost less than what was already in the market.

To help him achieve this goal, he started by recruiting and building a solid team with low overhead.

It’s a team that would empower those closest to the clients to make good decisions. The team managed to produce the first camper a few months after opening its doors to the public.

While at it, the team delivered on quality, value, and features, helping the company give birth to a new star in the RV industry.

Keystone Springdale Specs (for Travel Trailers)

Type of RVTravel Trailers
WeightDry Weight: from 3,396 lbs. to 8,994;
Wet Weight: from 4,400 lbs. to 11,105 lbs.
How many bathrooms do they have?Yes, all models have bathrooms; see the floor plans here
How many people can a Keystone Springdale model sleep?The travel trailers can comfortably sleep between 3 (models: 1740RK, 1790FQ) to 10 people (280BHWE, 282BHWE, 295BHWE, 298BH, 298BHWE, 38BH)
How many bedrooms does it have?The model determines the number of available bedrooms, but they all have master bedrooms
DimensionsLength: 21 ft 5 inches to 38 ft 11 inches.
Height: from 10 ft 2 inches to 11 ft 4 inchesManufacturer-Prices for New Keystone Springdale Travel Trailers From ,245 a 2022 Springdale 1800BH to ,133 a 2022 Springdale 38FL Price-Listings appearing on RVTrader for Used Keystone Springdale Travel TrailersFrom ,500 a 2003 Springdale 245FB to ,777 a 2021 Springdale 38BH

 Keystone Springdale 2010BH Specs (Video)

Keystone Springdale Specs (for Fifth Wheel)

Type of RVFifth Wheel
WeightDry Weight: from 8,633 lbs. to 8,944;
Wet Weight: from 10,300 to 10,350 lbs.
How many bathrooms do they have?Yes, all models have bathrooms; see the floor plans here
How many people can a Keystone Springdale model sleep?The largest Keystone Springdale can accommodate up to ten people — 1 model: 300FWBH;
the smallest one was built for 6 people — 2 models: 253FWRE and 302FWRK
How many bedrooms does it have?The model determines the number of available bedrooms, but they all have master bedrooms
DimensionsLength: from 32 ft 10 inches to 34 ft 10 inches;
Height: from 12 ft 2 inches to 12 ft 4 inches
Manufacturer-Prices for New Keystone Springdale Fifth WheelFrom $47,423 (a 2022 Springdale 253FWRE) to $53,850 (a 2022 Springdale 340FWBH)
Price-Listings appearing on RVTrader for Used Keystone Springdale Fifth WheelFrom $8,995 (a 2004 Springdale 279RLLGL) to $45,900 (a 2017 Springdale 302FWRK)

RV Overview Springdale Fifth Wheel (Video)

Keystone Springdale General Overview

The Keystone Springdale travel trailers are excellent condo-style aluminum sheet recreational vehicles. Their main difference from the fiberglass models lies in their price and weight.

Travel trailers having an aluminum wall tend to have a wooden frame, while those made using fiberglass typically have an aluminum frame.

As such, aluminum models will be heavier and more expensive. Springdale, currently, makes the following RVs:

  • Springdale Destination Travel Trailers
  • Springdale Toy Hauler Travel Trailers
  • Springdale Fifth Wheel Series
  • Springdale Travel Trailers

When looking to buy a Keystone Springdale RV, you’ll have to decide on the following:

  1. Are you interested in buying an affordable and comfortable travel trailer to tour the entire country?
  2. Or are you planning to live in a stationary camper for a long time?

The Keystone Group manufactures the Keystone Springdale series of RVs. It’s a group that has won various awards for continued innovation, customer service, and quality.

Which Models Are Available?

Nothing beats spending time outdoors in a comfortably furnished travel trailer. The Springdale series provides luxury camping options that ensure that its clients get to enjoy it all.

With these campers, you can expect to enjoy:

  • Marshmallows around an outdoor campfire
  • The sounds of chirping birds
  • The smell of nature
  • Comfort beyond anything else imaginable

The RV manufacturer has perfected the art of glamping. Glamping is a term that combines two words: glamour and camping.

The term helps to showcase the idea of a highly comfortable environment from a camping point of view. Its trailers are designed for both couples and families.

In the entire series, some campers can accommodate between three and nine people, as mentioned elsewhere in this article.

Its multiple features assist in giving the illusion of a luxuriously furnished apartment. The available models include:

Keystone Springdale 293RK is standing at twenty-nine feet long and features a large sink, ample counter space, and an elaborate kitchen. It comes equipped with an over, three-ring cooktop, and a microwave.

Floor Plan for the Keystone Springdale 293RK Model

Keystone Springdale Review (Sleeps Between 3-10 People)

Its common area is situated in the double-electric extension. Here, you’ll find a sofa bed facing two armchairs and a dining bench.

Users can convert the sofa bed and the dining bench into two double beds.

Keystone Springdale 293RK (Video)

Springdale SG 280BH: Most Accessible in the Series

The Springdale SG 280BH has helped Keystone push the limits of luxury travel and camping. Those who have used it have described it as a luxury house on wheels

Floor Plan for the Keystone Springdale SG 280BH Model

Keystone Springdale Review (Sleeps Between 3-10 People)

It’s so luxurious that its users rarely feel disoriented whenever they’re on the road or out in the wild camping.

It provides many storage options in terms of a wardrobe that you can use to hold your clothing and accommodate other equipment.

Other storage options include under the children’s bed and the carriage under the master bedroom.

Keystone Springdale 280BH (Video)

Pros and Cons


  • You have plenty of sleeping room depending on the model you have chosen
  • They’re towable thanks to their average weight
  • They come with many pre-installed features and amenities, ensuring that users get to enjoy a comfortable environment and overall experience.
  • They are manufactured for a company renowned for its excellence and superior customer service


  • Some customers have reported problems with its rear bracket, which may cause the television to fall off, increasing the risk of injury to its users.
  • Poor welding in some models can cause the outdoor folding ladder to separate from its hinges.
  • The manual stabilizer jacks in certain models can come off or loosen when the caravan is on the move.

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The Takeaway

Convenience and value are the hallmarks of the Keystone Springdale RVs. Its manufacturer, the Keystone Group, have received wide acclamation and won several awards for their highly functional and superb recreational vehicles.

These RVs offer many features, many of which aren’t available in competing brands. Keystone will provide you with everything you need to enjoy camping and countrywide travel.

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