A Keystone Hideout review

Keystone Hideout Review (an RV for the Adventurous)

Are you looking for versatility in your holiday camper choices? Look no further than the Keystone Hideout. It’s an RV of choice for adventurous couples and families.


Keystone Hideout is manufactured by Keystone RV, founded in 1996 by Cole Davis. The goal behind its creation was to create an affordable but fully loaded RV.

By focusing on engineering, Keystone revolutionized how RVs are built. Its engineers ensure that every component goes through thorough testing before it’s used in an RV.

Its high level of standards has helped make the Keystone RVs the most popular in the market. Its ownership changed hands in 2001 after Thor Industries purchased it.

Despite the change in ownership, Keystone has maintained its commitment to providing an ownership experience focused solely on the client.

Keystone Hideout Specs (for Travel Trailers)

Type of RVTravel Trailers
WeightDry Weight: from 3,351 lbs. to 6,901 lbs.
Wet Weight: 4,400 lbs. to 9,500 lbs.
How many bathrooms do they have?Yes, all models have bathrooms; see the floor plans here
How many people can a Keystone Hideout model sleep?The largest Keystone Hideout can accommodate up to 10 people — models: 25BHWE, 26BHWE, 28BHSWE, 29DFS, 29DFSWE, 30BHKSWE, 318BR, 32LBH, 38BHDS;
the smallest one was built for 4 people — models: 174RK, 177RD, 178RB, 179RB, 20RDWE, 243RB, 24RBWE, 253RL, 25RLWE, 27RLSWE
How Many Beds Does It Have? One queen-size bed and up to two bunk beds
DimensionsLength: from 34 ft 4 inches to 39 ft 6 inches
Exterior Height: from 12 ft 11 inchesManufacturer-Prices for New Keystone Hideout Travel Trailers From ,567 a 2022 Hideout 175BH to ,647 a 2022 Hideout 38FQTS Price-Listings on RVTrader for Used Keystone Hideout Travel TrailersFrom ,999 a 2007 Hideout 19FL to ,995 a 2021 Hideout 38FKTS

Keystone Hideout Specs (for Fifth Wheel)

Type of RVFifth Wheel
WeightDry Weight: from 8,699 lbs. to 9,661 lbs.
Wet Weight: 12,000 lbs. to 12,100 lbs.
How many bathrooms do they have?Yes, all models have bathrooms; see the floor plans here
How Many People Is It For?The largest Keystone Hideout can accommodate up to 10 people — models: 308BHDS and 301DBS;
the smallest one was built for 6 people — model: 300RLDS
How Many Beds Does It Have? One queen-size bed and up to two bunk beds
DimensionsLength: from 34 ft 2 inches to 39 ft 6 inches
Exterior Height: 12 ft 11 inch
Manufacturer-Prices for New Keystone Hideout Fifth WheelFrom $49,583 (a 2022 Hideout 301DBS) to $54,728 (a 2022 Hideout 320MBDS)
Price-Listings on RVTrader for Used Keystone Hideout Fifth WheelFrom $22,990 (a 2014 Hideout 299RLDS) to $42,997 (a 2021 Hideout 320MBDS)

Keystone Hideout 308BHDS Bunk House Fifth Wheel (Video)

General Overview of the Keystone Hideout

If you’re into family adventures and getaways, it’s high time that you thought about getting yourself an RV. And for this, there’s no better model than the Keystone Hideout.

Even though the model is relatively new in the RV space, it does come with some features that easily set it apart from everything else available right now.

Read on to learn what the Keystone Hideout has to offer!

RV Overview: Keystone Hideout (Video)

Luxurious Kitchen

Camping and living on the road don’t necessarily mean that the family must eat all its meals around a campfire. Access to a luxurious kitchen can allow you to enjoy home-cooked meals.

Every Keystone Hideout RV comes equipped with a three-burner stove and an oven. You also have access to a microwave allowing you to prepare and warm your food in no time.

An onboard refrigerator is available to handle your food storage needs. Additional features included in the travel trailer are:

  • Seamless pressed countertops
  • 12V refrigerator
  • Backsplash
  • Platinum maple interior cabinets
  • Furrion oven with a glass top
  • High-rise faucet
  • Kitchen sink cover
  • Stainless steel sink

Bedroom Design

Every camper needs to have a good night’s sleep to enjoy their time at the campground. It explains the presence of the master bedroom fitted with a queen-size bed.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about storage space as there’s enough space underneath the queen-size bed to hold all your possessions.

Other items in the bedroom include dual closets to hold your clean clothes and a laundry chute for the dirty clothes.

You’ll find that the bathroom has dual doors allowing you to access it from the bedroom or the hallway. If you’ve kids, you can opt for the two bunk beds design.

Additional features you’ll come to love include:

  • Built-in smoke detector
  • Laundry chute
  • Onboard fire extinguisher
  • Under-bed storage
  • Mirrored wardrobe

Keystone RV Hideout Bedroom Design (Video)

Living Amenities

The Keystone Hideout travel trailer comes with a luxuriously furnished living area. Among the things you’ll find in this space are an electric fireplace and a 50″ HDTV.

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The TV ensures you’re always up-to-date on all your favorite TV shows. You can use the fireplace to keep your family warm during the cold, chilly nights.

The RV comes with an inbuilt central vacuum which you can use to keep its floors clean. If these aren’t enough, it has other additional features such as:

  • An electric fireplace
  • Blackout nightshades
  • Accent lighting
  • Central vacuum

Pros and Cons of the Keystone Hideout RV


If versatility and space are the features you need in a camper, then the Keystone Hideout is what you need to buy. Below are its top benefits.

I. Reasonably Priced: Pricing is a major concern for most families. Fortunately, the Keystone Hideout is reasonably priced, allowing you to buy one, and remain with enough money to go on a road trip. Moreover, it has everything the family may need, from fully loaded bathrooms to bunk beds and spacious bedrooms. It also has additional features such as two entry doors and an outside kitchen.

II. Space: Just because it’s possible to pull the Keystone Hideout travel trailer with your vehicle doesn’t mean it has limited space. Its living room includes a fully loaded kitchen, a dinette, and a couch. There is a pantry for dry foods, a microwave for the movie popcorn, and a double kitchen sink for the cleanup.

III. Private bathroom and bedroom: The one thing most people miss when on the road is their bed back at home. When on vacation, access to a clean bed and bathroom can significantly make things better. The adults can use the master bedroom with the queen-sized bed and have the kids sleep in the bunk bed. Your Keystone Hideout has everything you need to enjoy your vacation without ever having to use public bathrooms.


While most customers have nothing but good things to say about the Keystone Hideout, a few have encountered some issues.

In the course of reviewing the RV, the most common problems we have encountered include:

  • Depending on the dealership where you purchased the Keystone Hideout, the customer service can prove frustrating.
  • Some customers have complained about recurring leaks in the kitchen sinks and the bathroom.

RV Tour and Minor Issues after 6 Months – Keystone Hideout (Video)

The Takeaway

The Keystone Hideout travel trailer is perfect for individuals looking for a family camper or a couple’s coach. It comes fully loaded with all the amenities you need to live in a camping ground or off the grid for weeks. Make sure to choose a floor plan informed by your needs.

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