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How to Locate the Best Mobile RV Repair Service

Updated on February 17th, 2024

You never know where or when your RV will break down, but chances are that when it does happen, you won’t be near an RV service center. Therefore, understanding how to find the most reliable mobile RV repair service is crucial for maintaining your travel plans and ensuring the safety of your passengers and family.

Many RVers find that they just don’t know where to find a reputable mobile RV repair company when on the road, which is why I put together this guide that shows you the steps to locating the help you need.

There are times when it isn’t safe or practical to drive your recreational vehicle to a repair shop, so keep reading to learn the best way to find an RV mobile repair service.

What Mobile RV Repair Services Provide

The best mobile RV repair service

Most RV mobile repair companies are small, with only 1-5 employees specializing in all types of recreational vehicle repair, from mechanical issues to replacement of torn awnings or other common problems.

Locations with numerous RV parks will have more mobile RV repair companies to choose from, while remote regions may have only one or even none at all.

The benefit of a mobile RV repair service is that they come to your location to fix whatever issues you are having, so you don’t have to worry about moving your camper to a repair facility.

Some RV mobile repair technicians only focus on one type of recreational vehicle. For example, they will fix problems with Class A or Class C motorhomes or Class B campervans but won’t work on travel trailers or fifth wheels.

In general, most mobile RV technicians have the experience to deal with most problems on any camper model. However, for motorhomes that need engine maintenance and repair, you’ll want a tech with mechanic training.

Here are the top reasons you may need to hire a mobile RV repair service:

  • Broken RV appliances
  • Motorhome engine maintenance or repair
  • Awning frame or material repair
  • Electrical or propane issues
  • Flat tires
  • Hitch problems
  • General trim, flooring, or cabinet work
  • Roof recoating
  • Slide out repair
  • Lighting replacement
  • Leaking plumbing or holding tanks
  • RV generator issues
  • Broken RV furnace or air conditioner

One downside of using a mobile RV repair service is that you may have to wait for a technician to be available if you’re in a location with lots of RV traffic. In addition, once they do come to diagnose your issue, it still may take days for them to locate the correct part if they don’t have it in stock, which may ruin your travel plans.

Another downside is the repair price, as you’ll pay a premium for the convenience of onsite help. If you want the flexibility of using a mobile repair service in the event of emergencies, look into an RV roadside assistance plan that will cover some of the cost.

How To Find a Mobile RV Repair Service Near Me

 An RV in the mobile RV repair service

When you need onsite RV repairs and you don’t have an RV roadside assistance plan that will provide one for you, most people tend to search online for “mobile RV repair service near me” and see what names come up.

While this will lead to recreational vehicle repair services that advertise online in your area, there is no guarantee the business is reputable or has people with the correct skills to fix your RV right.

Next are the most efficient ways to locate a quality mobile RV repair service.

Referrals from Other RV Owners

The best way to find an onsite RV repair service that is trustworthy is to ask other local RV owners, whether in your hometown, at a campground, or through online RV forums.

Peer-to-peer reviews and ratings are much more reliable ways to find a technician to fix your RV and should always be the first line of action when searching for one in your location.

The reality is that many RV repair “companies” consist of one person, who may find themselves so busy from word-of-mouth referrals that they do not need to advertise online. These technicians generally provide the highest quality of repairs, and you’ll only find them through talking to other RVers.

Referrals from Local Campgrounds

An RV mobile repair service in the campgrounds

After talking to fellow RVers, the next best option to find an RV mobile repair service is to call local campgrounds (if you aren’t staying in one) and speak to the manager or a long-time employee.

Most campgrounds allow mobile repair techs to come in to fix RVs, so they become very familiar with the local repair businesses and who is good and who has a bad reputation.

Since the campground also wants to protect its image, they aren’t going to suggest a mobile RV repair service that provides poor work or overcharges customers.

Another great reason to call the campground office for a referral is that many RV parks have a diverse workamping staff who may have the skills to fix your camper’s issue immediately, especially if the problem is small and won’t impact the warranty.

Calling the Nearest RV Dealership or RV Parts Store

An RV dealership

If you are having no luck finding a mobile RV repair company to call, it’s time to phone the nearest RV dealership. The RV dealers will have insider connections for repair technicians who will come to your campsite or roadside location for assistance in getting you on your way.

Local RV parts stores like Camping World are also worth giving a call to see if they know of service technicians who can fix your RV.

Search Online for Mobile RV Repair Services

The last line of locating a mobile repair service for RVs is to look online to see what companies are in your area.

If you have the time, cross-check their reputation by Googling the company or technician’s name to see if there are any bad reviews. Don’t rely solely on website reviews for accurate information.

For motorhome owners with engine troubles, you may be able to find a mobile mechanic who works on gasoline or diesel components if an RV technician isn’t available.

Types of Mobile RV Repair Service Companies

A repair service for an RV

Never assume every mobile repair service has the skills to fix every RV issue. If they don’t list your problem on their website, always ask if they work on your specific issue before you allow them to travel to your location.

Calling out a technician to diagnose a problem they can’t fix will only leave you with a bill for the visit and another bill when you finally hire someone else who can fix your RV.

General RV Maintenance Mobile Repair

General RV maintenance mobile techs are the ones to call when your awning needs repair, some trim needs renailing, a pipe is leaking, or you want a wash and wax. Most are willing to drive a reasonable distance to help you out and can often fix your issue on the spot.

These companies offer a more general and less technical repair service. Still, they are often the least expensive to hire, and they have good overall knowledge of most motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer components.

A general RV mobile repair service should suffice for the small things that go wrong in your camper, especially those that won’t interfere with your RV warranty.

RV Mobile Repair Specialists

A specialist in RV mobile repair service

For work on RV appliances, electrical wiring, or plumbing issues with holding tanks, water pumps, or water heaters, you’ll want an RV mobile repair specialist.

You want to hire a specialist RV repair company to maintain your RV’s warranty and overall value since you can verify the technician is certified to handle such repairs.

In some instances, you may need to contact your RV warranty or RV roadside assistance company to ensure the mobile tech you hire is acceptable.

Motorhome Mobile Repair Specialists

It’s always best to find a certified motorhome mobile RV repair service if your Class A diesel pusher, motorcoach, Class B, or Class C motorhome has problems.

The wiring that runs from the engine to other camper components is often tied together, and only a trained specialist in this type of repair work can diagnose and fix the problem correctly.

What to Expect When You Hire a Mobile RV Repair Service

A man working on RV upgrades

There are some general rules to expect when you call a mobile RV repair company, so read this section to avoid surprises.

Not Every Campground or RV Park Allows Mobile Repair

If your RV breaks down within a campground or RV park, always inquire with management or camp hosts if they allow RV mobile repair at your campsite.

Some RV parks do not allow any type of repair work within campground boundaries, which means you’ll need to take your RV to the nearest service center for repair via a tow truck if you cannot pull or drive it there.

Again, you don’t want to call out and pay for a repair person to your RV park only to find out they can’t do any work.

In the event you cannot move your RV due to specific issues, such as your slide not going in, most parks will make an exception so you can remove your camper from their campground.

Expect to Wait For an Appointment, and Parts

Outside of 24/7 roadside assistance mobile RV services, you should expect to wait anywhere from several hours up to a week to get someone out to diagnose your problem.

In locations with a thriving RV community, the best mobile RV repair companies will have a backlog of customers waiting for help.

If you need immediate help, you’ll need to call several companies to see who has the earliest availability so your travel plans can stay on track.

Another aspect of the waiting game is on parts. If your RV needs replacement components and the technician doesn’t have them in stock, they may need to drive to an RV parts store to pick it up or order it online and then wait for the parts to be shipped.

Mobile RV Repair Service Costs Will Be Higher

It only makes sense that you will pay a premium for having a repair company come to your RV location instead of you bringing it to a shop.

Expect to pay anywhere from $50-$150 for an initial RV mobile repair visit and diagnosis. Then, you’ll get an extra itemized bid for the work and parts to fix your RV that you’ll pay if you agree to hire them for the repair.

Some companies’ rates for a diagnostic RV visit are per mile plus an hourly charge to pinpoint the issue.

A Day in the Life of a Mobile RV Repair Business (Video)

Pros and Cons of Mobile RV Repair Services

Here are the main benefits and disadvantages of hiring an RV mobile repair service so you can better understand if calling one out to fix your camper is the right choice:

Mobile RV Repair Pros:

  • Protects against further damage to your RV from moving it
  • Convenient
  • Often saves time versus in-shop repairs
  • You can save money depending upon your location and repair need

Mobile RV Repair Cons:

  • Overall costs for the visit plus repair are generally more
  • A service technician may not be available as quickly as you need
  • There may not be any mobile RV repair companies in your area
  • Repairs may not be up to par or may invalidate an RV warranty

Final Thoughts

RVers need to keep on top of all the ways to remain safe on the road and while camping, which is why knowing how to locate the best mobile RV repair service should be a priority.

I hope the details in this guide help you find a quality RV mobile repair service when you need it so that you can keep your camper and your travels running smoothly.

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