A Forest river R-pod review

Forest River R-Pod Review (a Travel Trailer That’s Shaping Fun)

The forest river R-Pod is a seemingly cute small travel trailer featuring a distinctive shape intended to make outdoor camping fun. Its low tow weight makes it one of a kind in the luxury camping category.


Peter Liegi founded the R-Pod in 1996, intending to create a company that would make it easier for campers and adventurers to enjoy the outdoor experiences. Today, Forest River is a small subsidiary of Forest River Inc, the parent company.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. purchased Forest River in 2005 and included it in its holdings which comprise retail, manufacturing, energy, and insurance companies. But as fate would have it, Forest River remains one of the most renowned RV manufacturers in the world.

It produces a broad range of RVs, including toy haulers, Class A motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and Class C motorhomes. Forest River has, over the years, developed an owner’s community known as FROG, which has over 100,000 members in Northern America.

For one to join FROG, they need to love the RV lifestyle and own an RV.

Specs of the Forest River R-Pod

Type of RVTravel trailer
WeightDry weight: from 2,714 lbs. to 4,574 lbs.
Wet Weight: from 3,840 lbs. to 6,485 lbs.
Does it have a bathroom?Yes, all models have bathrooms; see the floor plans here
How many people can a Forest River R-Pod model sleep?The largest Jayco Jay Flight can accommodate up to 5 people — models: RP-193,
the smallest one was built for 2 people — modelS: RP-202, RP-192, RP-193, RP-196
How many beds does it have?One murphy bed and up to two twin bunk beds
DimensionsExternal Height: from 9 ft 7 inches to 10 ft 7 inches
Exterior Width: 96 inches
Prices for New Forest River R-Pod on RVTraderFrom $21,995 (a 2022 Forest River R-Pod 171) to $49,618 (a 2022 Forest River R-Pod RP-202)
Price-Listings on RVTrader for Used Forest River R-PodFrom $12,800 (a 2022 Forest River R-Pod 179) to $40,995 (a 2022 Forest River R-Pod 195)

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Features to Look Forward to in the Forest River R-Pod

The forest river R-pod

Its Exterior and Suspension

Its chassis has been made using a durable powder-coated steel frame. The sidewalls and the floors are of Azdel.

The finely designed roof has incorporated fiberglass to provide a classy finish. A look at the windows reveals the presence of a tinted safety glass material.

Every R-Pod camper comes with a rubber-on-rubber suspension, also known as an independent torsion-axle suspension.

Wheels and Tires

The forest river R-Pod sits on a fourteen-inch set of sturdy aluminum wheels. All its tires are filled with nitrogen to ensure they have the correct PSI needed to overcome any terrain.

Two battery racks have been added to assist in completing this setup. Furthermore, the camper comes with full-sized spare tires mounted on its inside left-through passage and right rear.


Lighting is always an issue whenever one goes camping. With the forest river R-Pod, you never have to worry about this as it’s possible to light up your campsite using the GFI electrical outlets built-in to its exterior.

You can also use the amber light porch for front docking. A bunch of LED lights are present at its rear.

Braking System

Every forest river R-Pod comes with a set of Nev-R-Adjust brakes. These brakes will help ensure you engage in smooth driving and emergency stops whenever necessary. Currently, most states require that RV drivers install brakes matching the trailer’s weight.

As an RV owner, it’s your obligation to check whether the RV has the necessary set of brakes. Check with your mechanic to confirm whether you need to install a brake controller or whether they are okay as they are.

Features You Will Love in the Forest River R-Pod

A Forest river R-pod

No one wants to travel around the country without an assurance that they will be safe and comfortable all through. To this end, the Forest River R-Pod has some unique features designed to ensure you get to travel safely and comfortably.

  • Optional Bike Rack: The forest river R-Pod has a mounted bike rack on its rear. Its rack can comfortably handle two bikes, making it ideal for couples who like exploring trails when camping.
  • Collapsible Dinette Table: The collapsible dinette table is advantageous for several reasons. You can collapse it and make an extra bed or choose to place it outside when dining. As a bed, it can accommodate up to two people as it measures 43” by 74”.
  • Entertainment Center: No one wants to miss out on their favorite TV shows while they are on the road! Every unit of the forest river R-Pod comes with a Bluetooth CD/DVD/AM/FM/USB stereo and a 19” LED TV. The combo allows you to listen to music and keep up with your favorite shows from any part of the country.
  • Optional r-Dome: Space is always an issue when traveling. Living on a camper for weeks on end can drive anyone crazy, especially when you can’t entertain the friends you have met along the way. If you want additional space, you can always grab an r-Dome and attach it to your R-Pod. It will provide you with additional space to hold large gatherings and enough ventilation to ensure that no one will end up feeling constrained.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Forest River R-Pod


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1. Compact Design

Its lightweight, compact design is one of the reasons you will want to buy this trailer. Looking at the dimensions mentioned earlier, it means that this trailer is easily towable by small trucks, crossovers, and most SUVs.

2. Full Bath

The forest river R-Pod has all the amenities you will ever want to use when on the move. It has a full shower, a six-gallon electric DSI water heater, and curtains to guarantee you privacy as you shower.

Its pocket organizers have plenty of room, allowing you to store all your necessities.


  • Its refrigerator is relatively small
  • While it does have some standard features, some components are missing in its air conditioning system
  • Some customers have complained that the build quality isn’t as good as it should be

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The forest river R-Pod trailers generally feature an exterior measuring 18’4” to 20’4” long and reinforced with steel frames. When buying, you have an option to choose from ten extendable floors.

Make sure that your choice is informed by the number of people you wish to host in the camper. Overall, the R-Pod is one of the best buys you can make today. It has everything that you need to make your vacation memorable.

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