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Cortes campers: molded fiberglass travel trailers

Cortes Campers: Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailers

Published on March 1st, 2022
Updated on February 17th, 2024

Cortes Campers is the latest entry into the recreational vehicle market, with its line of futuristic travel trailers now shipping to select dealers in the US.

So, what makes the Cortes Campers different, and why should you consider this brand if you’re shopping for a small travel trailer?

Aside from the unique appearance that is sure to grab the attention of any RV owner, the company behind the brand, US Lighting Group Inc., says these camping trailers offer technologies not found anywhere else in the recreational vehicle industry.

To learn what Cortes Campers has in store for customers, check out this guide with all the latest details about their travel trailer, including features and price.

I also discuss what plans the company has to expand its RV offerings and where you can locate a Cortes Campers dealer to see this exciting new trailer in person, so keep on reading!

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History of Cortes Campers Travel Trailer

Cortes Campers is a subsidiary of US Lighting Group, which is a big player in the high-performance powerboat industry and has been in business since 1981.

The Ohio-based company is now using the superior technology and materials they use to craft high-tech, durable boats to their RV manufacturing facility to create Cortes Campers.

Cortes Campers isn’t coming into the RV market to join the hot market trends and grab a quick profit. Instead, the company wants to change how travel trailers are made and create futuristic models that withstand the harshest of camping environments and improve camper comfort, convenience, and safety while on the road.

With their first campers rolling into dealers and out to customers, the rave reviews are gathering attention for the brand’s many patent-pending designs and features that will transform the travel trailer industry as a whole.

What Sets Cortes Campers Apart from Traditional Travel Trailers

The Cortes Camper travel has an array of features not found on most other travel trailers currently on the market that include:

  • Upgrades in trailer body design and materials
  • Ultra lightweight yet strong construction
  • Timbren Independent Axle System
  • Built-in Furrion appliances
  • Four-season camping ability
  • Affordable pricing
  • Efficient Floorplans

Cortes Camper State-of-the-Art Molded Body

A comfortable RV

While a molded-fiberglass travel trailer body isn’t new, how Cortes does it is revolutionary.

The type of fiberglass Cortes uses is far superior to the cheaper and less structurally-sound materials current RV manufacturers use that end up fading, cracking, and crazing after several years of use.

Cortes uses marine and aerospace-grade aluminized biaxial fiberglass that is vacuum-infused over a honeycomb core material, the same used in airplane and helicopter wings.

The process of vacuum-infusing to bond the layers together is much faster than traditional fiberglass molding techniques, and it also reduces emissions, which is better for the environment.

The travel trailer forms are in two monolithic structures that include interior and exterior surfaces.

What really stands out is how Cortes fully integrates the body with the chassis for a solid trailer with fewer components that move independently from each other.

The resulting trailer body is incredibly aerodynamic, robust, and weatherproof and boasts being 50% lighter than other similar-size travel trailers, yet will last twice as long.

Cortes Camper is Super Lightweight and Tough

Cortes Camper starts its camper design by eliminating any wood, ending the rot or mold common in standard RV builds that leak over time.

By switching to only high-grade biaxial aluminized fiberglass materials in the build, Cortes lightens the entire structure by hundreds of pounds versus a traditional camping trailer. The resulting ultra-lightweight travel trailer makes the Cortes super easy to tow and reduces fuel costs for extra value over the life of ownership.

The company only uses ARMORCOTE 991 to gel coat the interior and exterior fiberglass surfaces. This brand of gel coat offers:

  • Higher elongation that enhances fracture resistance
  • UV resistant for reduced chalking and yellowing
  • Water-resistant to stop osmotic blistering
  • Wide range of color choices for customer

Any aluminum components on the trailer receive an industrial-strength powder coating layer for extreme corrosion resistance, leaving you with low-maintenance RV surfaces so that you can spend more time on camping fun.

The tilt-out windows on the Cortes Travel Trailer 17 are also unique. The smoke-tinted acrylic window material and double-pane design integrate screens and blinds for ultimate privacy, sun protection, and ease of use.

It’s rare to have an RV you can park and not worry about torrential rains, snow, sleet, ice, high winds, or dust storms damaging your camper, but the Cortes delivers.

Cortes doesn’t stop there. The company also includes a heavy-duty hitch for secure connections, rugged wheels, and a spare for all-terrain travel.

Cortes Campers Easily Towable by a Smaller Car (Video)

Cortes Camper Independent Axle System

Cortes takes the axle-failure issue common on most travel trailers and switches it on their camper to a Timbren axle-less independent suspension system.

This axle system mounts each wheel directly to the chassis, which eliminates the rod under the camper for better clearance and no chance of catching and breaking on large ground objects. The independent movement of the wheels also increases towing smoothness and stability in all driving conditions.

Cortes Camper Feature Only Furrion Appliances

Cortes Campers features an array of tech-advanced Furrion appliances for the kitchen, entertainment console, and RV control panel.

Furrion is the leader in energy-efficient, modern RV appliances and devices that RVers need.

Cortes builds backup cameras from Furrion into each travel trailer, such as compact, high-heat-output ranges and stoves or 12-volt RV refrigerators that change the game when it comes to cold storage for food and drinks when at campgrounds with shore power or boondocking.

With more reliability and functions with Furrion appliances, camping has never been more convenient and efficient.

Cortes Camper is a True Four-Season RV

Cortes Camper is a true four-season RV

From the double-pane windows to the seamless molded camper box to the enclosed and heated holding tanks, the Cortes Campers make all-season camping a breeze.

Stay cool or cozy warm in hot or cold temperatures as the floors, ceilings, and walls hold in whatever temperature you want, or open the windows on those perfect spring and fall days and let the air circulate inside.

With an air conditioner and furnace standard, you’re ready for any RV trip at any time of year.

Cortes Campers Floor Plan is Ultra Efficient

The Cortes Travel Trailer 17 is a small camper, but it doesn’t fall short when it comes to amenities.

You can choose from three current floor plans depending upon what sleeping arrangements you prefer, but all come with full kitchens, a wet bath, and plenty of storage to stow away gear, so the living areas remain clutter-free.

Finding a layout suitable for your needs is easy. For example, you can have a double bed or two twins in the rear that convert to a dining or work area, ideal for solo or couple camping trips. In addition, you can choose the design with the additional seat/twin bed if you plan to travel with a child or extra guest.

The wet bath at the front of the camper is spacious and has clever touches like the waterproof toilet paper holder and anti-fog mirror when it’s time for a shower.

Cortes Campers Offers a Lifetime of Use at an Affordable Price

New RVs for selling

The Cortes Camper is built with longevity in mind.

All the materials and equipment are of the highest quality and utilize the latest technology, so your camper won’t look or feel outdated a couple of years after purchase.

When you compare the cost of the Cortes Camper with similar size travel trailers from other brands, you’ll find the price is very reasonable. With the standard features, plus the fact you’re going to get decades of low-maintenance and better towing fuel economy, the Cortes Camper blows the competition out of the water for overall value.

Cortes Campers Travel Trailer 17 Specifications and Features

Length17 ft
Width6 ft 8 in
Height8 ft 11 in
Sleeps2 – 3
UVW1,800-2,860 lbs (depending on floor plan)

The Cortes Travel Trailer 17 is a great all-purpose camping trailer for long and short RV trips.


Other features of this camper include 32-gallon fresh, 35-gallon grey, and 18-gallon black water holding tanks with sensors, so you always know their level.

Inside, you’ll enjoy custom LED lighting under the cabinets and around the living and sleeping areas, so you’re never searching in dark recesses for supplies or having a hard time reading at night.

There is a central control for the heating and cooling ventilation system, plus a Maxxair Vent in the roof. Enjoy 120-volt outlets and USB ports to keep devices charged.

The Furrion Soundbar Speaker System and HD LED 24-inch Color TV give you the option for music, movies, television shows, or streaming at the campsite.

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All the storage compartments are molded fiberglass with acrylic doors and drawers with stainless steel hardware and handles for years of use with no wear and tear.

The kitchen has a ductless range hood, a 17-inch gas oven with a 3-burner cooktop, a microwave, an 8-cubic-foot refrigerator, a Ruvati Workstation, a sink with removable cutting board, and even a gooseneck faucet with pull-down spout to make clean-up simple.

In the wet bath, you’ll find a low-profile porcelain toilet, a multi-setting showerhead on a slide bar, a Ventline Dex exhaust fan, and plenty of water pressure from the high-flow water pump.

Safety is another concern that Cortes handles by including a fire extinguisher and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the build.


When you buy a Cortes Camper, you’ll also get the Furrion 3-camera System with two side cameras and a rear Sharkfin camera to make parking quicker and safer.

With portable solar panels, LED lights, fold-up aluminum steps, and room for two 20-pound propane tanks with gauge and leak detector, you’ll have what you need to camp in style and comfort.

The entire exterior will remain vibrant, shiny, and watertight with a thick marine-grade gel coating developed for offshore racing boats. Not having to spend hours each month on weatherproofing maintenance as you do on a traditional RV increases this camper’s value significantly.

RV Living with Cortes Campers 17-ft Travel Trailer (Video)

Cortes Campers Travel Trailer 25

Price: TBA

Cortes Campers is currently manufacturing the Travel Trailer 25, which is 25 feet in length and features a double-axle using the independent suspension system found on the Travel Trailer 17.

The look of this travel trailer is one-of-a-kind, with an incredible mix of futuristic and retro design that no other camper brand can replicate. Just as people can instantly recognize an Airstream trailer, the Cortes 25-foot trailer will offer the same level of prestige.

With the option for a roof-length skylight, the interior of this camper will be bright and cheery, unlike the cave-like feeling inside most travel trailers.

While the company has yet to roll out more information and floor plans for this larger travel trailer in their RV line-up, it will probably exceed everyone’s expectations.

Cortes Campers Tear Drop Travel Trailer

Price: $27,900

The Cortes Campers Tear Drop is a compact and streamlined trailer towable by just about any vehicle.

You will have the option to choose from a wide array of colors to customize the look even more than its already eye-catching exterior design.

Inside, the teardrop will hold a bed and storage and other details the company has yet to release to the public.

The large skylight, rear hatch galley or storage bay, and porthole dual entry doors will round out this anything-but-basic camping trailer, ideal for simple outdoor adventures.

Use the link to find a Cortes Camper dealer near you and see for yourself why this travel trailer is bringing fresh excitement to the RV world!

In Summary

​Cortes Campers are creating a new breed of state-of-the-art travel trailers that won’t rot or rust, that quickly devalue your investment when you purchase a traditional recreational vehicle made of wood and metal.

With a complete kitchen and wet bath package standard, you can buy a Cortes Camper, fill it with your gear, and hit the road. It’s a one-and-done purchase that will put a smile on any camping enthusiast’s face, so don’t skip checking out this newcomer to the RV market; this may be just the RV you’ve been looking for!

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