A Coleman pop-up camper models

Popular Coleman Pop-Up Camper Models

Updated on February 17th, 2024

Coleman is a popular name in the camping and RV industry, but many people are unaware that the Coleman brand of pop-up camper hasn’t been in production since 2011.

Luckily, there are plenty of older Coleman pop-up campers coming up on the resale market daily, so you still have a chance to get an easy-to-tow foldable trailer at an affordable price.

To simplify Coleman’s pop-up campers, I detail each series and point out the top features and cons of customers to help you decide if a used Coleman is right for you.

Coleman Pop-Up Camper Guide

Destiny Series by Coleman

The Coleman Destiny Series was the most affordable of the RV lines and also the smallest and lightest.

The series offers these models:

Coleman Sedona

SleepsUp to 6
Dry Weight1,650 pounds
Cargo Weight550 pounds

The Sedona received the highest reviews for effortless towing and set up and the two-burner stove, fridge, and sink. One person wrote, “This was my first time pulling a trailer of any type, so I was nervous, but it wasn’t a problem at all.”

On the downside, the crank mechanism to open and shut the unit tends to break, requiring a hard-to-find replacement or a DIY fix.

Coleman Sedona (Video)

Coleman Yuma

Dry Weight1,645 pounds
Cargo Weight755 pounds

The Yuma received the highest reviews for the reliable propane system for off-grid cooking and heat and that the soft sides withstand heavy rainstorms without leaks. One person wrote, “The battery and propane capacity keep the camper working for a weekend boondocking trip.”

On the downside, the thermostat is in a hard-to-access location, and the dinette table can’t push to the wall due to the wheel well.

Coleman Sea Pine

Dry Weight1,805 pounds
Cargo Weight695 pounds

The Sea Pine received the highest reviews for the best layout for the most space in the main living area. One person wrote, “The extra space for cooking and hanging out on the couch or dinette was super nice.”

On the downside, a noted concern was any plastic components in the unit become brittle and crack after several years.

Coleman Westlake

Dry Weight2,155 pounds
Cargo Weight845 pounds

The Westlake received the highest reviews for the wet bath, kitchen, king-size beds, and big sofa, so larger families can camp and sleep comfortably. One person wrote, “We love being able to wash up after a day out doing camping activities and cook up a hot meal.”

On the downside, the addition of the wet bath decreases kitchen counter space to practically nothing.

Coleman Westlake (Video)

Americana Series by Coleman

The Coleman Americana Series is the next largest of the RV lines, with additional length and features to increase camping comfort.

The series offers these models:

Coleman Santa Fe

Dry Weight1,890 pounds
Cargo Weight1,110 pounds

The Santa Fe received the highest reviews for ample sleeping accommodations, a toilet cabinet, and indoor and outdoor stovetops for cooking. One person wrote, “Our family of five fits nicely in this camper, and we love having the option to cook messy or steamy foods on the outside burners.”

On the downside, depending on the model year, the camper may have an ABS roof that is prone to sudden cracking and delamination, even after years with no issues.

Coleman Sun Valley

Dry Weight2,175 pounds
Cargo Weight1,325 pounds

The Sun Valley received the highest reviews for the access to the fridge, even when shut, and the water heater and furnace. One person wrote, “Being able to pack supplies and load the refrigerator without popping the camper makes getting ready for trips simple.”

On the downside, the Sun Valley had the same ABS roof issues of cracking or sagging before they switched to a Filon material.

Coleman Sun Valley Quick Walkthrough (Video)

Coleman Cheyenne

Dry Weight2,140 pounds
Cargo Weight860 pounds

The Cheyenne received the highest reviews for the great build, spacious interior, kitchen galley, awning, and leak-free roof and sides. One person wrote, “This pop-up changes my mind about camping because it doesn’t feel like you’re roughing it!”

On the downside, it’s easy to make the camper tongue heavy by overloading the storage truck at the front of the camper box.

Coleman Bayside

Dry Weight2,655 pounds
Cargo Weight845 pounds

The Bayside received the highest reviews for the king beds, the slide-out kitchen-to-bed conversion, tons of storage, and the AC option. One person wrote, “We take this camper on weeklong trips with two adults, three kids, and an infant, and it functions great.”

On the downside, the pre-2004 models have the fresh water tank location in an area that tends to cause swaying when towing with a full tank.

Coleman Bayside Camping Trailer (Video)

Coleman Utah

Dry Weight2,680 pounds
Cargo Weight820 pounds

The Utah received the highest reviews for the electric lift system, roomy sofa, slide-out dinette seating, and the wet bath option. One person wrote, “While the bathroom space is tiny, it’s awesome to have a place to refresh in private.”

On the downside, the front storage box seals aren’t the best and tend to leak, and you can’t load the fridge when the top is down.

Evolution Series by Coleman

The Coleman Evolution Series adds more living and cargo space for bigger families or longer camping trips, along with heavy-duty steel reinforcement of the chassis for better off-road performance.

The series offers these models:

Coleman Cobalt

Dry Weight1,245 pounds
Cargo Weight1,055 pounds

The Cobalt received the highest reviews for how easy it is to tow and fit into a garage for storage. One person wrote, “The size of this camper is perfect, and the construction is solid.”

On the downside, guests will have to climb over the dinette to reach the smaller bed, and the width makes sleeping tough if you’re over 6 feet tall.

Coleman E1

Dry Weight2,405 pounds
Cargo Weight1,095 pounds

The Coleman E1 received the highest reviews for the exterior cargo deck, outdoor wash station, 12-volt water heater, and how well it can pull over dirt roads. One person wrote, “I can now haul most of my camping gear on the deck without jamming up the interior.”

On the downside, the box only provides four more inches of clearance, so trying to take this camper way off-road may not be a good choice.

Coleman E1 (Video)

Coleman E2

Dry Weight2,705 pounds
Cargo Weight1,695 pounds

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The Coleman E2 received the highest reviews for the payload capacity, two propane tanks, and the power lift and slide. One person wrote, “I easily carry all I need for even long camping trips without fear I’m overloading the trailer.”

On the downside, the black water holding tank is only five gallons, which means you’ll need to empty it often.

Coleman E3

Dry Weight3,030 pounds
Cargo Weight1,370 pounds

The Coleman E3 received the highest reviews for the massive gear deck to fit an ATV or up to 800 pounds of other camping equipment and the wet bath. One person wrote, “This PUP gives me all the features of a hard side toy-hauler RV, with easy portability.”

On the downside, the rear of the trailer tends to droop during towing, so users suggest adding airbags.

Coleman E3 Tent Trailer (Video)

Coleman E4

Dry Weight3,995 pounds
Cargo Weight3,005 pounds

The Coleman E4 received the highest reviews for the size, durability for off-road camping, and the size upgrade on grey and black waste tanks. One person wrote, “I can take this baby way off-road and camp for days without needing to refill or empty tanks.”

On the downside, if it has the biggest available deck to fit two ATVs, the length makes towing more difficult.

Highlander Series by Coleman

The Highlander Series is Coleman’s luxury line and features a high side-wall which allows the models to include:

  • Full kitchen with 3-burner stove, dual-bowl sink, oven, microwave
  • Slide-out dinette
  • Solid-walled bathroom with flush toilet and shower
  • Power-lift system
  • King-size quilted mattresses

The series offers these models:

Coleman Saratoga

Dry Weight2,850 pounds
Cargo Weight650 pounds

Owners like the shorter length for towing and that one bed has easy access (no crawling over furniture). The few complaints were with wiring issues that stem from the tow vehicle connection.

Coleman Saratoga (Video)

Coleman Niagara

Dry Weight3,275 pounds
Cargo Weight695 pounds

Customer reviews are high in all categories, from quality to comfort and features. The large U-shaped dinette and sofa bed is a hit with big families. The downside is the low load capacity for packing camping supplies.

Coleman Avalon

Dry Weight3,805 pounds
Cargo Weight795 pounds

Camping chefs highly rate this popup trailer for the abundant counter space, the most of any Coleman foldable camper. The heavier weight is the only drawback that may entail having a beefier tow vehicle.

Coleman Avalon Walkthrough (Video)

Final Thoughts

The Coleman pop-up campers have a strong fanbase that doesn’t deter them from buying, using, and enjoying their trailers even after they shut down production.

The ABS roofing concerns from the 1998-2006 model years only affected about 15% of all Coleman folding trailers made, and replacement parts aren’t difficult to find for any of the components.

If you find a great deal on a Coleman pop-up camper, give it a look; it may be the start of years of incredible camping adventures!

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