Casino camping

Casino Camping

RV camping can be expensive, especially campground fees. Give your Frugal RV Budget a break and take advantage of the hospitality of gaming casinos throughout the U.S. and Canada that offer free or reduced-rate overnight camping. Here’s what you need to know about casino camping.

Casino Basics

Casinos in the United States

There are nearly 1,000 commercial and native-American casinos in the United States. Canada has more than 200. And most casinos are open 24/7. Many of the largest casinos, especially in resort areas, have their own campgrounds.

Most other casinos offer free or low-cost overnight dry camping for patrons. A patron can be anyone who gambles at the casino, eats at a buffet, buys fuel there, or otherwise spends money with them.

It can be an hour on the penny machine or simply a buffet plate or restaurant meal. Some casinos offer pet boarding while patrons are inside. Others offer a dump station or related RV services.

A few casinos are smoke-free or have enclosed sections that are non-smoking. Even for RVers who don’t gamble, casino camping can help keep their travel budget on track. For gamblers, casino camping offers entertainment at whatever level the traveler wants.

Casino Camping Tips

Casino camping tips

Casino camping offers Frugal RVers an opportunity to equalize their camping budget with a few free or low-cost nights — and maybe a break from the road. Here are some smart tips about casino camping:

  • Check in with casino security. Ask a host or employee at any casino entry for a security officer. “Where can patrons park RVs overnight safely?” If allowed, most security officers will direct you to the preferred location. They may even offer you patron coupons for food or gaming.
  • Ask what the stay limit is; it could be overnight only or two or more days.
  • Park as indicated by a casino employee or location of other RVs, leaving space for other rigs.
  • Ask security if you can use a generator, stabilizer jack, put out an awning or chairs, extend slides, or otherwise set up camp. Some casinos are more restrictive than others.
  • Keep your parking site clean.
  • Be considerate of other parking campers as you use a generator, television, or radio. Remember that some RVers sleep during the day and gamble at night.
  • Have fun!

For additional information and tips on casino camping, read Casino Camping: Guide to RV-Friendly Casinos (8th Edition)Casino Camping.

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Casino Camping – Where to Find Free Overnight RV Parking (Video)

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