Buccaneer Cruiser Camper Review

2023 Buccaneer Cruiser Camper Review

Ever wondered what it’s like to live on the move in the comfort of home? The Buccaneer Cruiser might just be what you’re looking for.

This caravan has got some nifty features like a gas BBQ, a self-leveling system, and plenty of storage space. However, it’s not without its quirks.

Intrigued? So was I. Let’s dig deeper.

Important Features of the Buccaneer Cruiser

When I first looked around a Buccaneer Cruiser, I became pretty excited. I noticed right away a tiny area next to the bed where you can put your phone or even your laptop. This little convenience is really nice for people who enjoy having a coffee over the news when they wake up in the morning. The only problem was a lack of nearby USB ports, which means you’ll need to find another place to charge your phone.

One of the main highlights of the new Buccaneers is the self-leveling feature, located just inside the door. Once you activate it, the system takes care of setting the legs down for you. This ensures that your caravan is perfectly level, a feature that’s not just a gimmick but crucial to many.

The Cruiser is equipped with an external gas BBQ point, a common sight on many vans these days. It also has a handy storage locker under the seating at the front, an external 230-volt socket, and an aerial point. But be warned, the beeping sound it makes can be a bit annoying.

The Cruiser is built on an AL-KO chassis, a change from the previous BPW chassis. It comes with 13-pin electrics, an AL-KO stabilizing hitch, and the AL-KO ATC system. There’s also a nice little light at the front to illuminate the area in the evenings.

The Buccaneer also boasts an external shower point. While the thought of taking a shower outside might not be appealing to some, it can come in handy, say, for washing off your dog or kids after a day at the beach. However, this caravan is so pristine that you might think twice about letting your muddy pet inside.

The Cruiser also comes with a four-wheel drive motor mover and a built-in battery.

As for storage, there’s ample space under the bed and in the lockers, especially considering that this is an 8-foot-wide van.

The kitchen is also quite spacious, though I’m not too keen on the backsplash. Still, it’s fitted with a big fridge and a conveniently located microwave.

The washroom at the back is a lovely sight with a proper washroom sink, rather than a typical caravan sink, and a large skylight with an extractor fan.

And finally, the Buccaneer Cruiser is undoubtedly heavy, weighing in at just under 2 tons. This will be an important factor in costs and where you travel.

Continue reading for my review (next section).

Buccaneer Cruiser (Video)

My Nuanced Review

My impressions of the caravan are generally positive. I was immediately struck by its sleek and modern aesthetics.

The pull-out bedside table design leaves room for improvement; it doesn’t latch, which poses the risk of accidental spills.

I’m still undecided about Elddis’ (the manufacturer) decision on exterior materials. On one hand, aluminum has a classic charm, but on the other, GRP might offer better resistance against dents and damages.

I have an appreciation for thoughtful features such as the counter-raised platform shelf. However, I’m left wondering if it’s a universal design that can be adopted across other caravans.

On a technical note, the caravan’s compatibility with certain vehicle models is a point of consideration. There’s much to be learned about the E&P leveling system and the need for careful attention during its setup.

The payload limitations of the caravan are a source of concern for me. After adding essentials like a mover, battery, and awning, it appears the legal towing limit might easily be exceeded.

Finally, the big price tag of 43,000£ (GBP) gives me pause.


  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Interesting features, such as the counter-raised platform shelf
  • Variety of models with unique features

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  • Pull-out bedside table design flaws
  • Ambiguity about the best exterior material
  • Payload limitations that could exceed the legal towing limit
  • High price point
  • Reports of poor customer service when viewing the caravan

What’s So Special about the Buccaneer Cruiser? (Video)

Related Questions

1. Who is the parent company of the Buccaneer brand?

The Buccaneer brand is part of the Erwin Hymer Group, which acquired Elddis in 2017. Erwin Hymer Group owns the brands Compass and Buccaneer.

2. Where is the Erwin Hymer Group located?

The Erwin Hymer Group is based in Bad Waldsee, Germany.

3. What type of camper vehicles is Buccaneer known for?

Buccaneer is best known for its high-end, luxury caravans.

4. What are some distinguishing features of Buccaneer caravans?

Buccaneer caravans are known for their spacious designs, high-quality finish, and an extensive list of features. Many models include luxuries such as underfloor heating and self-leveling systems.

5. Where are Buccaneer caravans made?

Buccaneer caravans are manufactured in the UK, specifically in Consett, County Durham.

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