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Best teardrop trailers

Best Teardrop Trailer (5 Brands to Consider)

Published on December 29th, 2021
Updated on February 20th, 2024

Teardrop trailers are fantastic RVs for camping because they are small and lightweight, making them easy to tow and park.

However, when you know which teardrop trailer brands are best, you can enjoy quality construction and features other manufacturers don’t deliver.

To help you find the ideal teardrop trailer, I will tell you the five best brands of teardrop trailers on the market today.

Don’t shop for a new teardrop trailer without reading this guide. It can help you find the perfect teardrop model that will bring you years of camping enjoyment!

What is a Teardrop Trailer?

A DIY teardrop trailer

A teardrop trailer looks much like it sounds, having a shape that looks like a teardrop.

Most teardrop trailers are on the small side, with room on the interior for accommodations for up to two people. A typical design feature across most teardrops is the rear galley or kitchen, which you access via an exterior hatch door.

Some teardrops can sleep up to five if you want to take the family camping without the hassle of owning a larger travel trailer or motorhome.

The benefits of a teardrop trailer include the following:

  • Lightweight- so many cars, SUVs, and trucks can tow it
  • Aerodynamic and fuel-efficient
  • Small, making campsite and off-grid parking and storage a breeze
  • Simple – so it’s much easier and cheaper to maintain
  • Cozy yet functional – perfect for solo or couple travelers

Now that you understand the benefits of teardrop travel trailers check out the top manufacturers below.

5 Best Teardrop Trailers Manufacturers

A best teardrop trailer

The best teardrop trailer brands combine quality construction, design, and features in their RVs and deliver when it comes to customer input and service both before and after the sale.

If a teardrop trailer is on your radar, please check out these top manufacturers:

Vintage Overland

Vintage Overland upgrades the classic teardrop shape by creating each custom camper by hand using skilled craftspeople and U.S.-sourced materials.

The company has three teardrop models to choose from, all at very reasonable prices for such robust campers that can handle even rough terrain without failure.

Every model includes these impressive standard features:

  • UV Aluminum Exterior
  • Solar Panel
  • Goal Zero Generator
  • Powder-Coated Frames and Fenders
  • Hardwood Interior
  • Torsion Axle
  • Oversized Door
  • Diamond Plate Reinforcement
  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Tinted Window with Screen
  • Rear Receiver Hitch
  • Clear-coated Baltic Birch Interior

Vintage Overland (Video)

Here are the details on each Vintage Overland model:


Weight600 pounds
DimensionsLength-12’/Height-6’/Cabin 4′ x 8′
PriceStarts at $18,000

The Tuco is compact and ultra-lightweight but allows comfortable off-road camping trips for those who enjoy backcountry exploring.

As the smallest model in the lineup, the Tuco does not have a rear hatch, so you cannot customize the space into an exterior-access galley.

The Great Escape

Weight750 pounds
DimensionsLength-12’/Height-6’/Cabin 4′ x 8′
PriceStarts at $23,000

The Great Escape teardrop model includes a rear hatch door you can customize into a kitchen or more storage.

The design of the Great Escape features extra spaces to stash supplies so you can enjoy more extended getaways without cluttering up your sleeping area. It also has a built-in writing desk to journal your trips and a bug screen to keep the critters out.

T.E. Lawrence

Weight900 pounds
DimensionsLength-12’/Height-6’/Cabin 45 x 8′
PriceStarts at $24,500

The T.E. Lawrence model widens the cabin area by a foot, allowing room to modify the space to hold extra camping equipment or even an extra bed for a kid.

This model also features a rear hatch, bug screen, queen-size memory foam mattress, extra LED lights, and a spacious multi-purpose storage boot that you can outfit to your needs.

Customers give Vintage Overland high marks for:

  • Quality construction, materials, and insulation
  • Rugged tires and framing for off-grid trips
  • The wide door makes entry and loading of supplies much easier
  • The rear hitch to carry bicycles
  • Customization options and personal connection with a designer
  • Extreme value for the price
  • Towable by many cars

Little Guy Trailers

The Little Guy Trailers out of Somerset, Pennsylvania, offers three lines of teardrops: the Little Guy Max, Little Guy Mini Max, and the unique, ultra-lightweight MyPod.

The Little Guy Max and the Little Guy Mini Max are larger, heavier teardrops that allow serious campers extra comforts not found in smaller units. With large, tinted windows, you can take in the scenery while reducing heat build-up inside the trailer.

Little Guy Max

Weight3,010 pounds
DimensionsLength-12’/Height-9’9″/Cabin 7 x 17′
PriceStarts at $38,995

The Little Guy Max feels more like a traditional RV inside, with a dinette/bed, queen bed, wet bath, kitchen area, tons of storage, and nice perks such as an air conditioner and furnace, charging outlets, holding tanks, and entertainment center.

This model features:

  • 6′ 7″ Interior Height
  • 100% Maple Hardwood Cabinetry (no MDF)
  • 2″ Rear Receiver Hitch
  • Large Pass-Through Storage Compartment

Little Guy Max Teardrop Trailer Tour (Video)

Little Guy Mini Max

Weight2,320 pounds
DimensionsLength-17’2″/Height-9’/Cabin 6’9″ x 12’6″
PriceStarts at $28,995

The Mini Max is more compact yet still offers a 6-foot interior ceiling height and tons of luxury-level amenities that put this teardrop in a class of its own. In addition, the trailer weight is low enough for many SUVs and crossovers to tow.

The kitchen has a 5-cubic-foot fridge, stovetop burners, and a deep sink. The wet bath allows guests the pleasure of showering in private, and you can convert the dining area into either a queen-size bed or two twins for sleeping.

The large windows open up, with integrated screens and shades for maximum airflow without the worry of bugs.

Little Guy Mini Max – Small RV (Video)


Weight760 pounds
DimensionsLength-11’6″/Height-5’2″/Cabin 5′ x 6’4″
PriceStarts at $13,811

The MyPod features a futuristic-looking 100% fiberglass molded body perched on an ultra-lightweight frame.

This model features:

  • Rear Entry Door
  • Gravel-guard Exterior Trim
  • Entertainment center
  • A/C and Fantastic Fan
  • Adjustable Tables
  • Full-Size Mattress

You can attach the optional rear tent to increase living space.

Customers give Little Guy Trailers high marks for:

  • Top-notch construction, especially the kitchen cabinetry and outer shell
  • Excellent floor plans with thoughtful details RVers appreciate
  • Fully enclosed and insulated underbelly great for cold-weather camping
  • The rear hitch to carry bicycles
  • Attentive customer service

The Worlds Smallest Travel Trailer — MyPod (Video)

nuCamp Teardrop Trailers

nuCamp is a top seller in the RV industry because its line of five teardrop models is highly functional while providing enough interior space to stretch out.

The company has the needs of campers in mind, and it shows in the Amish craftsmanship and precision construction and materials that will last for decades.


Weight1,300 pounds
DimensionsLength-13’7″/Height-6’3″/Cabin Sleeping Area TAG: 5′ x 17′ TAG XL: 6′ x 6’6″
PriceStarts at $20,000

The TAG and TAG XL share the same overall design, but the XL model widens the cabin area by about a foot to increase interior roominess.

The standard features include:

  • Sink and Stove
  • Air Conditioning
  • Under-Bed Storage
  • Composite Floor
  • Electric Brakes and Spare Tire
  • Exterior Shower
  • Exterior LP Hook-Up

nuCamp has a long list of optional features you can add to the TAG for even more customization.

TAB 320 S

Weight1,946 pounds
DimensionsLength-15’3″/Height-7’8″/Cabin 5’11” x 6′
PriceStarts at $32,995

The Tab 320 S is the perfect size for short camping trips. You can tuck the teardrop into a campsite anywhere you please and be ready for relaxation or outdoor exploration in minutes.

The standard features include:

  • Full Kitchenette
  • Dual Pane Windows
  • Tank and Battery Monitor System
  • Electric Brakes and Spare Tire
  • Bluetooth Media Center with TV
  • Exterior LP Hook-Up
  • Exterior Shower

Trick out the TAB 400 with the Convenience Package for the ultimate teardrop amenities.

TAB 320 Teardrop Camper by nuCamp (Video)


Weight2,075 pounds
DimensionsLength-15’3/Height-7’8″/Cabin 5′ x 11′
PriceStarts at $32,995

The TAB CS-S clamshell teardrop camper is small but mighty in standard amenities.

The interior boasts a wet bath, convertible dinette-to-sleeping space, and ample storage to house all your camping gear. In the rear hatch galley, you’ll even find a 12V fridge, sink, and burners for campsite meals.

Other standard features include:

  • Convertible sleeping configurations
  • Pass-through cabinets to the galley
  • Under-Bed Storage
  • LED Lighting
  • Electric Brakes and Spare Tire
  • Exterior Shower
  • Solar Ready

Customers give nuCamp Teardrop Trailers high marks for:

  • Superior Amish construction with stringent quality control
  • Innovative designs with a spacious feeling
  • More convenient features available in the standard package
  • Easy towing
  • Taller ceiling heights

TAB CS-S (Video)

Rustic Trail

Rustic Trail is a small company out of North Carolina that takes the time to create lightweight teardrop campers in several models at prices any RV or camping enthusiast can afford.

All of the models have similar standard features that include:

  • Heavy-duty Wood-Plank-Look Vinyl Flooring
  • MaxxAir Vent/Fan
  • Rear Receiver for Bikes and 2 Folding Rear Stabilizing Jacks
  • LED Lights and Interior Power Strip with USB Ports
  • Screen Windows and a Door with Screens and Locks
  • Electric Brakes and Full-Size 15″ Spare Tire
  • Heavy-duty 3,500 Lb. Rated Axle
  • Roof Rack with 350-lb Load Capacity
  • Insulated Roof and Radiant Barrier

Kodiak Stealth

Weight1,525 pounds
DimensionsLength-13’/Height-6’8″/Cabin 5′ x 10′
PriceStarts at $13,950

The Kodiak Stealth is a rugged teardrop that you can tow with most small SUVs and vans. With a 15-amp shore connection, you can use campsite power to keep your devices charged and lights on.

The 5-foot high ceilings increase interior comfort and provide more space for storage under the convertible seating/queen-size bed.

Rustic Trail Teardrops Kodiak (Video)

Grizzy Bear

Weight1,975 pounds
DimensionsLength-13’/Height-6’8″/Cabin 5′ x 10′
PriceStarts at $11,950

The Grizzly floor plan gives you a front door with a separate screen door that opens onto a small vestibule, ideal for changing clothes or getting a leash on your pet.

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It’s super easy to pull the dinette seat pad forward to create a queen-size bed or lift them to store gear. With the standard folding rear stabilizer jacks in place, you can enjoy interior living with no annoying sway or bouncing.

Grizzly Bear Teardrop Camper, by Rustic Trail Teardrops (Video)

Papa Bear

Weight1,795 pounds
DimensionsLength-13’/Height-5’9″/Cabin 5′ x 10′
PriceStarts at $10,950

The Papa Bear is great for SUV owners who want to enjoy camping trips without the hassle or expense of a full-size recreational vehicle. With only 4-foot-high ceilings on the interior, it somehow still provides comfortable seating at the dinette before converting to a queen-size bed at night.

The sleek shape and low profile make it very easy and fuel-efficient to tow, while parking and setting it up at the campsite is super straightforward.

Koala Bear

Weight1,250 pounds
DimensionsLength-13’/Height-6’8″/Cabin 5′ x 8′
PriceStarts at $8,950

The Koala Bear is the least expensive option for campers who want a step up from tenting but want a few extras while traveling. The super-lightweight teardrop makes towing stress-free, and the handcrafted construction means a lifetime of enjoyment.

Including a 5-foot ceiling makes it feel airy inside but still allows you to store it in a garage when not in use. The solid wood interior and commercial-grade vinyl flooring can withstand the abuse yet bring a peaceful and rustic feeling to the overall design.

You can choose from different sleeping configurations, like a tri-fold queen mattress or a twin bed for solo travelers.

Polar Bear

Weight1,700 pounds
DimensionsLength-13’/Height-7’10″/Cabin 5′ x 10′
PriceStarts at $13,950

Are you looking for a teardrop with 6-foot ceilings and a dinette that can seat up to four so you can entertain campground guests? If so, the Polar Bear may be one to consider.

Enjoy lots of storage with exterior dual-side-opening hatch doors. The interior front wall features cabinets with a countertop and shelving.

The Polar Bear is a company limited edition model. Unfortunately, all slots are sold for 2022. Contact Kodiak to reserve a slot for 2023!

Customers give Rustic Trail high marks for:

  • Being small enough to give customers one-on-one attention
  • Excellent designs that fit particular camping needs
  • Rugged, reinforced construction to withstand any terrain
  • No particleboard is used, only knotty pine birch
  • More headroom in most models

Rustic Trail Polar Bear Teardrop Camper (Video)


Escapod Trailers is gaining a fanbase amongst RVers due to the steel frame and aluminum exterior that looks rugged and very unique. In classic teardrop style, you can enjoy the convenience of dual access doors and a rear-hatch galley with full amenities.

Quality is king for the Escapod brand, down to all the tiny details. The sheer amount of standard features and accessories that come with the units is too many to list fully.

Topo Series

Weight3,010 pounds
DimensionsLength-12’6″/Height-6’6″/Cabin 5′ x 8′
PriceStarts at $19,750

The TOPO Series teardrop trailer is what you want if off-road camping is your thing. With standard Thule crossbars to carry kayaks or gear and a ROAM Awning to extend living space, you’re ready for weekend adventures.

The interior space features a queen-size memory foam bed, gorgeous birch cabinetry, LED lighting, and plenty of outlets and USB ports.

The galley has waterproof HDPE construction, a stainless steel countertop, storage drawers, cabinets, cubbies, and a slide-out YETI Tundra 65 cooler to keep your food and drinks cold.

Other TOPO Series standard features include:

  • Rugged Off-Road Tires and 18″ Ground Clearance
  • Double-Pane Stargazer Window
  • Fully-Insulated Walls, Ceiling, and Floors
  • Cover-Ready Magnetized Window Frames
  • Rear and Side 2″ Receivers
  • Built-in Galley Rain Gutters
  • Baltic Birch Interior Cabinetry
  • Two 3000-Pound-Rated, Leveling Stabilizers

Escapod Topo Series Off Road Teardrop Trailer Review (Video)

TOPO2 Series

Weight1,500 pounds
DimensionsLength-14’6″/Height-6’10″/Cabin 10′ x 6′
PriceStarts at $39,500

The TOPO2 Series is a premium off-road trailer made from a one-piece fiberglass composite shell with a structural PET core for all-season camping. When you open up the hatch and spy the galley, you’ll be stunned by all the features.

From the rain gutters that protect the side doors and hatch to the elimination of wood in the structure to prevent rot, the design of the TOPO2 rises above other brands.

The four-speed MaxxAir exhaust fan keeps the cabin air fresh, while the integrated forced-air heating ducts warm the camper when you need it.

Other TOPO2 Series standard features include:

  • Rugged Off-Road Tires and 23″ Ground Clearance
  • Double-Pane Stargazer Window
  • Fully-Insulated Walls, Ceiling, and Floors with Heated Mudroom Entries
  • Rear and Side 2″ Receivers
  • Queen-Size 6” Memory Foam Mattress
  • 100 Amp VPR 4EVER Lithium Battery
  • Proprietary Freeride Suspension System

Customers give Escapod Trailers high marks for:

  • Super cool exterior and interior design
  • Rugged off-road capability
  • Well-Equipped Galley
  • Comfortable memory foam bedding
  • Innovative lightweight, yet tough construction materials
  • Awesome selection of options
  • Excellent customer service

Escapod TOPO2 Trailer Walk-Around Tour (Video)

Final Thoughts

Teardrop brands are not alike, and a low price doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality.

Check out these best teardrop manufacturers to see what genuine craftsmanship looks like, and hopefully, you’ll find a model that fits your camping needs and budget to perfection!

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