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8 Best Small Motorhomes [on the Market Right Now]

When you want to travel efficiently, a small motorhome is the best recreational vehicle type.

A travel trailer needs an extra vehicle for towing, and it takes more time and effort to hitch and unhitch at each campsite. Long motorhomes need large, accessible access parking spaces that aren’t always easy to find.

Being able to drive your camper, park anywhere, and be ready to explore a new location is much faster with a small motorhome.

Come along as I detail the ten best small motorhomes on the market, including size, features, and price. As a full-time RVer with a small motorhome, I can attest they provide more perks than you can imagine!

8 Best Small Motorhomes

A small class C motorhome

For this article, the main focus will be on small Class C motorhomes around 25 feet in length. While Class B camper vans are technically motorhomes, I believe they are in a category of their own, as all of them are small.

Small Class C motorhomes offer bathrooms and kitchens, heating and cooling, and sleeping quarters for up to six people, so they provide all the camping and travel amenities you need and more.

1. Thor Chateau 24F Class C

Length25.5 ft.
Fuel TypeGasoline

The Thor Chateau 24F puts all the top-quality features campers appreciate into a compact RV ideal for small families and couples. The engine is powerful, and the camper has impressive handling, especially with the help of the backup camera for parking.

The full slide on one wall expands floor space for even more comfortable living while camping. What’s even better is this camper is ready for boondocking with a built-in Onan QG 4000 Gas Generator.

The queen bed in the rear means you don’t have to fuss with converting a dinette for sleeping, nor do you have to climb to access the cabover bed. In addition, the Dream Dinette is over six feet wide, so there’s ample room for family dinners or to utilize the space for working on the go.

Top Features:

  • Full bathroom with 24″x36″ shower
  • Kitchen pantry
  • Cabover bunk area cup holders
  • 84″ interior height
  • Electric stabilizing system

Thor Chateau 24F Class C Gas Motorhome (Video)

2. Coachmen Freelander 21RS Class C

Length24.3 ft.
Fuel TypeGasoline

The Coachmen Freelander 21RS has a comfortable layout and convenient bathroom in the rear master suite area that features a deep slide, so you’ll have plenty of walkways when set up at the campsite.

It’s the small details that make the Freelander one of the best small motorhomes on the market. The J-shaped dinette is unique and even has a child tether so you can safely attach a car seat for travel. In addition, the ONAN 4kW generator will enable you to enjoy dry camping trips.

The hardwood cabinets have a gorgeous finish, and there are plenty of them, so you’ll have storage for all your food, clothes, and camping supplies. The entire framing is aluminum, and the exterior siding is Azdel for long-lasting durability and resistance to mold while keeping the overall weight of the RV down to save on fuel cost.

Top Features:

  • Full bathroom and kitchen
  • Premium heavy-duty vinyl flooring
  • Firestone Ride-Rite rear airbags and front/rear stabilizers
  • Tinted high-airflow windows
  • Large cabover bunk with ladder

Coachmen Freelander 21RS Class C Motorhome (Video)

3. Thor Four Winds 22E Class C

Length24.6 ft.
Fuel TypeGasoline

The Thor Four Winds 22E makes campsite setup even more manageable, as this small motorhome has no slides to worry about leaking, breaking, or making the interior cramped on travel days.

For such a compact motorhome, it provides a high capacity for freshwater and waste tanks, ample propane supply, and even a sizable gas tank so you can cover more distance on each fill. The cabover bunk, spacious dinette, plenty of storage, functional kitchen, and full bathroom come standard, but you can further customize the camper with any of the 20 optional features Thor offers.

Thor doesn’t skimp on any materials going into the build, from the cabinetry to the exterior siding. The V8 engine and 8000-pound hitch rating can handle the demands of towing a toad or a trailer full of camping gear.

Top Features:

  • Flip up counter extension in kitchen
  • Large closet and queen bed in rear bedroom
  • Onan RV QG 4000 Gas Generator
  • 12V Outlet in bedroom for CPAP machine
  • Winegard ConnecT 2.0 Wi-Fi/4G TV Antenna

Class C Motorhome Four Winds 22E by Thor Motor Coach (Video)

4. Winnebago View 24J/D/V Class C

Length25.6 ft.
Fuel TypeDiesel

The Winnebago View comes on three different floorplans so you can select the perfect match for your camping needs. In addition, all three models come with slides to expand living space and a cabover bunk for extra sleeping capacity.

The 24J model comes with a double bed in the rear, while the 24V has twin beds in the back you can convert to a single king-size bed. The 24D has a murphy bed sofa and a full bathroom in the rear.

All models have 41-gallon waste tanks and 50 pounds of propane capacity, so you can utilize the solar package and expand your camping adventures to off-grid locations.

Top Features:

  • On-demand water heater
  • 2 100W solar panels with battery charger/controller/junction box
  • Mercedes Sprinter chassis with 2-point electric stabilizing system
  • 3600-watt ONAN MicroQuiet LP generator
  • 15,000 BTU AC/20,000 BTU furnace

5. Jayco Melbourne 24L Class C

Length25.2 ft.
Fuel TypeDiesel

The Jayco Melbourne 24L delivers a clean, modern, efficient interior space ideal for a couple or solo RVing enthusiast. The large slide opens up the floor so you can move about freely when cooking or entertaining.

While the RV comes with a rear queen bed and the standard cabover bunk, you can choose to go with a sofa bed instead of the dinette or theater seating to increase sleeping capacity up to six. Outside, the electric awning and exterior storage compartments make it easy to set up camp quickly.

The full bathroom is a bit tight but does allow you to avoid using campground facilities. The kitchen has a water filtration system and a cover over the sink, which is useful when you need more food prep space.

Top Features:

  • Residential-size convection microwave
  • Entertainment center with 32″ LED TV
  • Sony infotainment in dash with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • 8 cubic foot refrigerator
  • Swivel driver and passenger seats

Jayco Melbourne Full Body (RV Review Video)

6. Coachmen Leprechaun 210RS Class C

Length24.3 ft.
Fuel TypeGasoline

The Coachmen Leprechaun 210RS is more affordable than others on this list, but that doesn’t mean it lacks quality in craftsmanship or design.

The kitchen is great for cooks, with the residential-size microwave, ten-cubic-foot fridge, double basin sink, range hood with light, three-burner cooktop, and a high-rise faucet to fill pots or wash dishes with ease.

The rear bedroom has a queen bed in the slide, across from the full bathroom. The dinette has a roomy J-shape with extension seating for game nights or family dining.

Top Features:

  • Durable Ford 350 chassis
  • Cherry cabinetry with hardwood drawers and door fronts
  • Pleated night shades on all windows
  • Vacu-bond laminated walls, floor, and roof
  • Power Awning with LED Lights

Coachmen Leprechaun 210RS Short Class C Motor Home (Video)

7. Entegra Odyssey 24B Class C

Length26.8 ft.
Fuel TypeGasoline

The Entegra Odyssey 24B is possibly the best small Class C motorhome for families on a budget with a smaller starting price and the option to add bunk beds for even more sleeping capacity.

The kitchen features convection microwave and a Furrion all-in-one cooktop and oven so that you can prepare any meal on your camping trips. You can also access a convenient pop-up charging station on the counter with a 110V outlet and USB plugs.

Ford E-450 chassis is ready for any terrain, and the 55-gallon fuel tank reduces stops on travel days. With the 7,500-pound hitch with 750-pound tongue capacity, you can tow a boat or toad with no problems.

Top Features:

  • Cockpit backup and side-view cameras
  • High-intensity LED ceiling lights
  • Onan MicroQuiet 4,000-watt generator
  • Seamless fiberglass front cap and roof
  • Tire pressure monitoring system

Entegra Odyssey 24B (Video)

8. Leisure Travel Vans Wonder Class C

Length24.9 ft.
Fuel TypeGasoline

The Leisure Travel Vans Wonder with the Murphy bed option is an ultra-efficient motorhome for solo or couple RVers that delivers luxury details that increase travel comfort. There are other floor plans with front or rear twin beds or a rear lounge if the Murphy bed is not your style.

The motorhome’s sleek design (that will make you forget you’re in an RV) offers seating with a center table during the day, then folds out into a queen-size bed at night. The kitchen provides all you need to create meals, while the bathroom features a spacious shower.

There’s an incredible amount of storage with every nook utilized for optimal function for such a small space. For example, the exterior storage can fit two sets of golf clubs, camp chairs, fishing rods, and the rear twin bed model can even hold two full-size bicycles.

Top Features:

  • Gorgeous natural wood cabinetry
  • Frameless glass windows
  • Exterior quick-connect LP outlet
  • Aerodynamic front and rear fiberglass caps
  • Twin-turbocharged 3.5L EcoBoost V6 Engine

Leisure Wonder Class C Motorhome (Video)

Top Perks of a Small Motorhome

I’ve spent plenty of time in motorhomes of all sizes at campsites and during travel across the US. Large RVs offer more space and have extra room for fancy features, but that doesn’t make them a better choice.

Next are some great reasons to consider a short Class C motorhome over a longer model or a massive Class A motorcoach.

Fuel Savings

The smaller the RV, the less it will weigh and therefore will get better gas mileage. The smaller profile will also catch less wind and add to your fuel savings.

Newer motorhomes have more efficient engines, better tires, and smoother suspension that help you get the most out of every gallon of diesel or gasoline.

Easy to Maneuver and Park

Driving and parking a big RV or travel trailer can be stressful and sometimes scary. Making lane changes turns, and heading up or down inclines, all take more effort with a large motorhome.

Even with backup cameras, trying to get into tight campsites is no piece of cake and can often start your camping trip off on the wrong foot.

Larger RVs are also taller, putting the camper in danger of low-hanging branches or short underpasses that can cause expensive damage. Driving in and out of gas stations is another aspect of RVing that is much more difficult when your camper is big.

Small motorhomes are much easier to drive and park. You’ll also have more space within your campsite to move about and get the placement perfect, especially if you want your awning over the paved patio.

Less Cost to Maintain and Store

A parked small motorhome

A larger RV will have more things that will eventually break, wear out, or need repair. Unfortunately, keeping up with maintenance chores can get pricey and become time-consuming.

A small motorhome will require less maintenance overall and is also less to keep clean, both inside and out.

When it comes time for storage, many small RVs can fit into a residential driveway or outbuilding, so you don’t have to pay extra to park it at a lot.

Fits Into More Campsites

I feel one of the biggest reasons to choose a smaller motorhome is so you know you’ll always fit into campsites, especially those found at state and national parks that very often have a 27-foot-length size restriction for RVs.

When private campgrounds start to fill up, you’ll have a better chance to snag a remaining site as your camper can fit just about anywhere, even a tent site if need be.

You can always park your small motorhome in a deluxe big-rig campsite, but you can’t fit a long motorhome in a tiny one.

Provides an Efficient Camping Experience

Once you get used to packing and using a small camper, you’ll find it so much easier to take camping trips.

Humans have a terrible habit of filling space with things, and a shorter motorhome has fewer storage options, which means you’ll learn only to bring along items you need at the campsite.

Less space translates into a streamlined and efficient camping trip, making it faster to set up and tear down the camp so you can get to the fun quicker!

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Final Thoughts

The best small motorhome will have a kitchen, bathroom, dining or hanging out area, heating and cooling, quality construction and materials, sleeping space, a powerful engine, and a smooth ride.

If you’re ready for an RV, check out the models above to see why they get the highest reviews from owners. The small Class C motorhomes in my list deliver all the features you need, plus plenty more that will make every camping trip a wonderful experience!

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