The best RV travel apps

Best RV Travel Apps

Updated on February 2nd, 2024

Want to modernize your RV road trips? The easiest way to plan your RV travel is by using the best RV apps for Android and iOS mobile phones or tablets.

RV apps do more than give GPS directions; they help you find a safe RV route, locate the nearest points of interest, highlight gas stations with the cheapest fuel, point out dump stations and RV repair shops, and so much more.

Having information right in your hand lets you find everything you need quickly so your RV trip runs smoothly and may even direct you to hidden gems you may have otherwise missed.

So put those maps and pages of notes away and use these top RV apps to help you reach your destination and beyond!

Best RV Trip Planner Apps

RV trip planner apps

Togo – RV Companion / Togo Plus Pro

Price: FREE – Google Play / FREE – iTunes

The Togo – RV Companion app is available for iOS and Android and offers a ton of free RVing features, including:

  • Togo University to learn about everything RV
  • RV repair centers and tire location help
  • Listings of nearby attractions
  • Pre-made checklists for various RVing needs
  • RV recall alerts

You can also upgrade the app to the Togo Plus Pro version for $39.99 a year and receive RV-friendly GPS navigation maps that allow you to enter your camper’s dimensions, so there’s no more worry about low bridges or narrow roads.

The Plus Pro also provides unlimited access to over 15,000 overnight RV parking locations and nice discounts on select brands of camping gear, RV parts, and campground stays.

What I find most helpful about the Pro plan is a trip planning guide that allows you to plot your road trip and bookmark up to 150 points of interest you want to visit along the way. During the drive, you’ll also receive real-time traffic data.

The Dyrt / The Dyrt Pro

Price: FREE – Google Play / FREE – iTunes

The Dyrt is the top travel planning app for iOS and Android that highlights every campground location along your route, posts over a million honest ratings and reviews from guests, lists free campsite locations, and gives you some discounts on camping gear.

What I appreciate the most about the app is the links to get last-minute camping and travel information on over 44,000 campsites and a forum to connect with other RVers to get answers to camping-related questions.

You can upgrade to the Dyrt Pro version for $34.99 a year, which can be worth it for the in-depth information on terrain, downloadable maps, and complete trip-planning guide.

The Dyrt Ranger Daniel’s Guided Tour of Saved Camping Lists, New Filters (Video)

State Lines

Price: $4.99 – Google Play / $4.99 – iTunes

The State Lines app for Android or iOS is one you don’t think you’ll need, but it can be invaluable for RVers exploring the US.

I love the postings for each state’s laws that include:

  • Speed limits
  • Length of towable trailers
  • Cell phone while driving use
  • Legality of sleeping at rest stops
  • Double or triple towing legality

What I like most about State Lines is seeing the gas taxes, which allows me to decide where to fill up when I’m close to a border crossing. With fuel, a large chunk of RV expenditure, every penny you can add up.

Don’t assume all road laws are the same. As you move across the US in your camper, you could get stuck with a ticket or fine for breaking obscure roadway laws. Download the app and stay legal.

Allstays Camp & RV / Allstays Pro

Price: $9.99 – iTunes

One of the best RVing aids is the Allstays Camp & RV app. This mobile app for iOS gets high ratings from users taking long or short RV road trips. While this app had an Android version, they quit updating it in 2017.

The app quickly locates all the RV parks, campgrounds, rest stops, dump stations, fuel centers, maps, and other pertinent camping information with or without an internet connection.

The filters let you pinpoint what you’re looking for, so you don’t have to wade through screens of information and waste time.

AllStays Pro is a web-based service that costs $34.95 a year but offers the most comprehensive RV and camping data versus the mobile app.

The amount of features is so vast it’s hard to pick which of the 30 options to highlight, but RV washes and propane sellers, along with trail maps and elevation tools, are just some.

If you RV full-time or love to camp off-grid, I think moving up to the Pro version is worth every penny.

Avoid Bad Campgrounds Forever! Allstays App (Video)

Roadtrippers / Roadtrippers Plus

Price: FREE – Google Play / FREE – iTunes

RVers like me love the Roadtrippers App and web-based browser for easy trip-planning tools. When you type in your destination, the app shows the best route and points of interest, so you don’t miss a thing.

The app features include:

  • Simple turn-by-turn navigation
  • Nearby gas stations and fuel costs
  • Hiking trails and parks
  • Thousands of customer reviews
  • Cultural and educational activities
  • Favorites database

The Roadtrippers app is available for Android and iOS.

Suppose you want to forgo the ads and increase RV travel convenience. In that case, you can upgrade to Roadtrippers Plus for $29.99 a year, which adds offline maps, camping-related discounts, trip collaborations with friends, and real-time traffic alerts.


Price: FREE – Google Play / FREE – iTunes

GasBuddy is the fastest way to locate gas stations near you and see individual pricing for fuel so you can save the most when filling up your motorhome or tow vehicle.

I like using the app to estimate the round-trip fuel costs for future trips so that I can budget accordingly.

The GasBuddy app download is available for Android and iOS.

Ow to Save Money on Gas with Gas Buddy and Get Upside (Video)


Price: FREE – iTunes

The Trover app for iOS and Android is an interesting option for RVers as it’s a travel photo-sharing website and app that lets you see what nearby attractions look like and how far away they are off your route.

Each photo click offers information on location, a map to get there, and comments from the poster. You can add to the “trove” by uploading your photos, geo-tagging the site, and adding a description to help fellow travelers find it and learn more.

The best part is how easy it is to share posts to other social media accounts and to form a visual travel log to document your journeys.

Trover App Review (Video)

GPS CoPilot

Price: FREE – Google Play / FREE – iTunes

When you need offline maps, the CoPilot GPS app for iOS and Android is pre-loaded with thousands of points of interest and easy navigation on-line links to find reviews and locations of gas stations, campgrounds, RV parks, restaurants, and more.

Type in your location and filter through options for ATMs, vets, hospitals, hotels, food, or other necessities without needing a data connection. I must warn you that storage of the information can quickly overload your phone, so get extra storage if you plan to use this app often.

Driving a large recreational vehicle is stressful, and the CoPilot GPS features 2D and 3D maps and lane indicators to help you navigate through even complex intersections or highway interchanges.

You can upgrade to the paid version that offers live traffic and map updates for a cost of $15.

Roadside America

Price: $2.99 – Google Play / $3.99 – iTunes

The Roadside America app covers mapping for the US and Canada, with over 15,000 points of interest, from standard driving directions to locations of quirky roadside attractions.

I like the off-line feature that lets you see driving directions and route suggestions to reach your destination safely.

The app offers seven regions, one of which you pick as your home base. After that, you can add regions for an upcharge. The cost is $9.99 to unlock everything, including continual updates to all the data.

The Roadside America app is available for Android and iOS 12.3 or higher.

RV Parky

Price: FREE – Google Play / FREE – iTunes

RV Parky is an Android and iOS app and has a web-based option for RVers looking for the perfect place to park and camp.

The app features:

  • Maps
  • Directory of RV campgrounds
  • RV park information
  • Ratings and reviews
  • US and Canada coverage

The data in the app updates as users add more locations and information. The entire site operates through peer-to-peer recommendations, so you know you’re getting real-life posts, both good and bad, and not advertisements.

RV Parky App | Planning A Great Low-Cost Florida RV Trip |(Video)

Sani Dumps RV Lite

Price: FREE – Google Play

The Sani Dumps app is a must-have for RVers, especially those who love boondocking and don’t have easy access to RV campground sewer connections. I must give a warning that the app can get glitchy at times.

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The Android app provides locations and maps to the nearest RV dump locations across the US and many other countries and lets you know business hours, pricing, and phone numbers.


Price: FREE – Google Play / FREE – iTunes

The iExit app for iOS and Android allows you to see what restaurants, gas stations, attractions, campgrounds or other lodging are available at highway exits along your route.

The app even highlights gas prices to see which offers the most savings.

I like this app most because it gives your co-pilot a chance to scope out potential stopping points without frantically trying to read the signs and make a quick, on-the-spot decision while driving your recreational vehicle.

KOA Camping

Price: FREE – Google Play / FREE – iTunes

The KOA Camping app is helpful for all RVers, not just those who are KOA members. The app for iOS and Android lists information that includes:

  • All KOA campground locations
  • Navigational routes
  • Off-line access to information
  • Local emergency alerts
  • Campground amenity filters
  • Local attractions
  • Campsite booking feature

The KOA app is an excellent addition to other RV-friendly apps. It gives you more in-depth information about particular KOA campgrounds available that may suit your camping style, from family-friendly resorts to short overnight stops.

Traveler’s Guide to KOA Campgrounds (Video)

NOAA Weather Radio

Price: FREE – Google Play / $4.99 – iTunes

The NOAA Weather Radio app for Android and iOS can be a literal life-saver while RVing anywhere in the US.

Storms can pop up unexpectedly, which is even more stressful when you’re in an RV driving or at a campground. Having a warning of dangerous conditions gives you time to prepare to find a safe location to pull off the highway and park, pull in your awning and camping gear, or move your camper away from trees.

Ultimate RV Checklist

Price: $1.99 – Google Play / $1.99 – iTunes

I am a fan of this app for iOS and Android and recommend RV Checklist to new RVers to help them keep track of important steps for packing, setting up camp, and tear down.

You can customize a list once you form set patterns for your RVing needs, and the app guides you so you don’t miss important details. The app benefits people who rent RVs and often forget crucial steps to complete tasks.


Price: FREE – Google Play

The Travelness app for Android and iOS is a beautiful way to journal your RVing adventures by adding pictures, diary entries, dates, and locations of all your favorite and even not-so-favorite camping trips.

The travel diary app is entirely offline, so you aren’t wasting data while keeping track of your vacation memories. Create a separate album for each trip, or sort them into regions or topics such as beach RV trips or Western US RV trips.

While the app isn’t available for Apple products, you can use a similar app like the free Travel Diaries.

Honorable Mention — for Readers on the Go

While this next app isn’t a travel app per se, it’s one of the coolest and most useful ones I’ve used while traveling.

If you haven’t come across Blinkist, please check it out. Blinkist summarizes all the books you’ve wanted to read so you get the best stuff in just a fraction of the reading time. If you’re old school and like sitting in front of a campfire with a book in hand, this probably isn’t for you… but if you have trouble concentrating on stuff, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll get out of this.

In a single weekend, I’ve read upwards of 20 summaries. It’s truly astonishing how much value this one little app has brought to my life, so I just can’t stop singing its praises.

Final Thoughts

The best RV apps will keep all your RVing adventures on track, on budget, and full of exciting experiences.

All the RV and camping apps on this list will provide concise data on campgrounds, gas stations, boondocking sites, dump stations, weather, and more, so you can tailor your downloads to only those you need.

The goal of every RV trip is to arrive at your camping destination and back home safely. The best apps for RVing will help you do that and give you many suggestions for unique and fun-filled side trips along the way!

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