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Best RV tire covers to reduce blowout and damage

7 Best RV Tire Covers to Reduce Blowout and Damage

Published on April 4th, 2021
Updated on January 9th, 2024

RV tires are expensive, so protecting them should be a top priority.

Parking on gravel, grass, or dirt campsites and exposure to the elements add to tire damage that can lead to dangerous blowouts during your miles of RV road travel.

The way to increase RV tires’ longevity is to purchase and always use the best RV tire covers on the market, which I conveniently deliver in this article to save you hours of research.

Don’t put your RV and life at risk by driving on deteriorated tires. Check out the great products below that are easy to install and protect your RV tire investment!

Reasons RV Tire Covers Are a Necessity

RV tires without any protection already suffer from loads of abuse.

Many RVs sit for long periods during storage or while camping, and the tires form flat spots that weaken the overall structure.

Putting RV tires up on blocks at campsites to level the rig puts undue stress on portions of the tire, leading to weakness, bulging, or cracking of the sidewalls.

Miles of road travel increase wear and tear on the tires as the tread thins under the camper’s massive weight and often uneven weight load. Hitting potholes or rolling over rocks don’t help tire condition either.

But these issues aren’t the only things that can damage your costly recreational vehicle tires. Next up are other concerns a quality set of RV tire coves can help mitigate.

Protection From Harsh Weather and Sun

An RV tire protection from harsh weather

Don’t underestimate the damage sun, rain, or snow can have on RV tires.

Scorching heat and harsh UV rays will quickly dry out the rubber in your tires, causing fading, cracking, and structural weakness in the material.

Rain, wind, and snow also cause tire and rim deterioration over time. Weather-resistant tire covers provide a protective barrier that keeps your RV looking its best.

Protection From Campsite and Roadway Dirt

Not all campsites have a beautifully paved parking pad that keeps your tires clean.

Much of the time, you’ll find you need to park your RV on grass, dirt, or gravel that splatters mud and debris when it rains.

Clouds of road dust also float and land on tires from other campers moving in and out of their campsites and along RV park roads.

Any grease, oil, or grime already on your tires from highway travel will act like glue to capture and hold the dust against the rubber and metal, degrading the rubber and causing corrosion to the metal rims or hubcaps.

Protection From Animals

RV tires are the perfect escape for birds, squirrels, and mice who have no problem doing their business in their shady hideout.

Dogs (yours or that random loose dog running free at the campground) love to mark their territory and find recreational vehicle tires irresistible.

The chemicals in urine and fecal matter may compromise your tires’ quality, which could then lead to an RV tire blowout when you least expect it.

Protection From Campground Workers

All campgrounds need landscape maintenance.

If your camper is sitting on a site that needs the lawn cut that day, you can be confident your tires will have some close calls with the mower or weed eater.

Flying gravel, sticks, and sticky wet grass can all get flung onto your tires as park workers groom the campsites.

A quality tire cover for RVs made of durable material can stop the damage maintenance workers may dish out.

Best RV Tire Covers

RV tire covers

RV tire covers come in many sizes, colors, and protection levels.

The fabric’s type and thickness are critical for RV tire protection, but the way the covers install and grip the tire is also important.

RV tire covers that are hard to secure will blow off on windy days or require you to get filthy crawling under your RV to attach them in place.

Setting up and breaking camp is already a stressful time for RVers. Dealing with tire covers shouldn’t add to that burden.

To make your RVing life easier, let’s dive into the best RV tire covers that prevent damage and reduce chances of blowouts.

Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover 45323

The Camco 45323 RV Tire Covers are an excellent choice for recreational vehicle owners on a budget. Users love that the closure clip is on the tire’s side and not the back making it much easier to install and remove.

The material easily wipes clean, and the white color helps deflect UV rays and heat penetration. The strap and buckle allow you to adjust the setting for quick and secure installation while the upper elastic grips the tire firmly to prevent blow-off.


  • White color reflects heat and won’t fade
  • Adjustable cinch strap for extra security
  • Durable weatherproof material keeps out rain and dirt
  • UV resistant
  • Available to fit a wide range of tire sizes
  • Elastic and strap hold cover firmly in place


  • Outer surface will begin to crack/peel after 2-3 years
  • Only comes with two covers per pack

ADCO Designer Series Tyre Gard Wheel Covers

The ADCO Tyre Gard Wheel Covers are thick and have a soft inner liner to protect the tire surface. Users love how the design and colorscheme upgrade the look of their camper and that four come with purchase making it a great value for the price.

The coverage is excellent, with material going all the way to the ground, so every portion of the tire gets protection. The velcro security strap holds the lower part of the cover securely around tires to prevent flapping about in the wind.


  • Attractive color and design
  • Sizes to fit even very large tires
  • Velco lower security strap stops blow-off
  • Heavy-duty weatherproof material with flannel liner
  • Protects against UV rays, heat, rain/snow, pets
  • Comes in a four-pack with handy storage bag


  • Colors are closer to off-white with tan bottom
  • Tires at the upper end of sizing chart need to go up a size for better fit

ADCO Tyre Gard RV Wheel Covers Review (Video)

AmFor RV Tire Covers

The AmFor Tire Cover Set is best for travel trailer owners or single tire RVs as the security strap would be hard to secure between dual tires on motorhomes.

Users find the covers to be high quality for such an affordable four-pack, and the material deflects heat and keeps tires cool. The big selling point is the full range of elastic along the top and sides that hold the covers secure even without clipping the base strap.


  • Silver textured finish reflects heat/UV rays
  • More elastic grips tires for quick installation
  • Soft cotton-wool lining
  • UV resistant


  • Sizing runs a bit small
  • Material wears out after a year or two of fulltime exposure to the elements
  • Security strap is not adjustable and in a difficult location to latch

Explore Land RV Tire Covers

The Explore Land RV Tire Covers combine durable materials and a great design that includes plenty of elastic to hold the covers in place without needing to crawl under your camper to attach a lower strap.

RVers with experience find the wind resistance of these covers very impressive. Users love how fast and easy they are to pop on and off, making them ideal for travelers who move campsites often.


  • Secure universal fit eliminates need for bottom strap
  • Available in several colors and range of sizes
  • Thick, durable weatherproof vinyl material lasts for years
  • UV resistant
  • Soft inner lining material
  • Installs super fast
  • Easy to keep clean


  • Taking precise tire diameter measurements is critical for best fit
  • White color is more cream or off-white

ELUTO RV Tire Covers

The ELUTO RV Tire Covers are super affordable, but deliver great protection from the elements. The silver metallic finish on the thick oxford material reflects heat off tires and provides waterproofing.

The material holds up well in extreme cold and delivers excellent protection during winter RV storage in northern climates. Customers also like that the design covers most of the tire treads but do find the lower center strap connector hard to secure without assistance.


  • Silver color reflects heat and UV rays
  • Lower strap for extra security against wind
  • Weatherproof material with soft lining
  • Slips over tires without struggle
  • Available in several tire sizes
  • Lightweight and comes with storage bag

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  • Thin material begins to wear out after a year or two of use
  • Location of lower strap connector hard to reach
  • Lining material sheds

ELUTO RV Tire Covers Review (Video)

Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Dual Axle Wheel Cover

The Classic Accessories Dual Axle Wheel Cover makes campsite set up or RV storage much more convenient. One single cover fits both tires at once, offering durable protection against the elements, pets, dirt, and harsh sun and wind.

RVers with dual-axle travel trailers find this cover fits well over both tires without being too lose or tight. The stitching and material stand up to constant use and all types of weather without tearing or cracking.


  • Easy installation and removal
  • Material is thick, yet stays pliable
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Rear eyelets let you attach a strap (not included)
  • Material is easy to wipe clean
  • Lining fabric won’t harm or stick to tire


  • Color fades over time
  • Only one cover per package

ADCO Silver Diamond Plated Steel 3753 RV Tire Cover

The ADCO Silver Diamond Plated Steel RV Tire Cover gets very high ratings from customers for looks, performance, and durability. The diamond-plate design on the fabric looks neat and the vinyl material withstands all types of abuse from weather, animals, or landscaping equipment.

Users mention how the covers reach the ground and stay in place without securing the bottom strap, making campsite setup a breeze. Getting two sets to cover all RV tires can get a bit pricey, but the durable construction should last for years for an overall great value.


  • Cool diamond plate design
  • Holds secure even without clipping bottom strap
  • High-quality vinyl material provides optimal tire protection
  • UV and Cold Crack Treated for durability
  • Sizing to fit most RV tires


  • Covers are hard to install in freezing weather due to material thickness
  • Only two covers per package

RV Tire Cover Tips

A cat near RV tires

Measure RV Tires Accurately

A good fit is key to having tire covers that stay put, even without clipping the security strap.

Tire cover sizing is for the diameter of the tire, not the size of the rim. As all tires can be slightly different, measure from outer tread to outer tread across the center of the tire and compare the number to the manufacturer’s size chart.

If your tire size is at the bottom range of the chart, expect the cover to fit looser, so you’ll most likely always want to clip straps to keep them from blowing off.

If your tires are at the upper end of the size chart, move up to the next larger size so you aren’t struggling to install a too-tight cover.

Use Helpful Installation Tools

Trying to reach around or between wide RV tires to grasp straps or cords to secure tire covers isn’t always easy. Crouching down low or getting on your belly to locate a wayward strap is strenuous and messy.

The trick to avoiding this frustrating issue is to use a grabber pole with a squeeze handle or use the hook pole for your manual awning to grab the cord or strap to pull it around where it’s easy for you to clip it in place.

Create a Routine and Extra Protection

Make putting on tire covers part of your regular campsite setup routine. By doing so, your tires will always have protection, even during short weekend camping trips where you may otherwise decide to skip putting them on.

I also like to immediately wipe down my tires and covers with a protectant spray during installation. My favorite is the 303 Marine UV Protectant.

I am sure the quick spray and wipe over my RV tires and covers are why they’re still holding strong after more than five years of use. My old sets of tire covers started to peel and crack after only a couple of years without the spray.

For around $20 a bottle, a protectant spray is well worth not only keeping your RV-tire sidewalls and tire covers in great shape but other RV components as well, especially if you camp in arid, sunny regions.

Final Thoughts

RV tire covers are a must-have accessory for all recreational vehicles to prevent damage from UV rays, weather, dirt, animals, and other things that deteriorate tire rubber and rims that can lead to a nasty blowout.

RVing and camping should always be an exciting adventure. Using high-quality RV tire covers, like the ones above, dramatically reduces tire damage or repair costs and makes road travel much less stressful!

Importance of Camper Tire Covers (Video)

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