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6 Best RV roadside assistance companies

6 Best RV Roadside Assistance Companies

Published on November 20th, 2021
Updated on February 2nd, 2024

When your RV breaks down, the last thing you want is to be stranded and waiting hours or even days for help from your RV roadside assistance company.

Unfortunately, many RVers only look at price when choosing which roadside assistance company to use, but you must look at the whole picture to ensure you have the protection and aid you need when things go wrong on your RV travels.

To help sort out what features are essential when selecting an RV roadside assistance program, you only need to read this guide. Inside, I explain all the details, from why you need to join a program to critical coverage in the package.

The best RV roadside assistance companies will be there when you need them most, so check them out and find the one most suitable for your motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or toy hauler needs!

RV Insurance Coverage vs. RV Roadside Assistance Coverage

RV roadside assistance companies

While RV insurance coverage is a must for most people to remain legal, having a roadside assistance plan is a voluntary purchase.

The difference between these two coverages is that RV insurance will pay for repairs to a recreational vehicle from accidents on the road or in a campground and cover potential damage to other vehicles, persons, or property.

Roadside assistance will not pay for repairs from accidents. Still, it will cover the smaller RV costs, such as fixing a flat tire or getting a motorhome engine running after the battery dies that standard RV insurance won’t cover.

Having both types of protection for your RV can prevent unexpected high bills and downtime when things go wrong. In addition, not having to worry about the “what ifs” when RVing is a major stress-reliever and leads to a much more enjoyable camping experience.

6 Best RV Roadside Assistance Companies

The companies below get high ratings from customers for their RV packages for roadside assistance. Compare the plans to find one that works best with your camping style.

1. Good Sam Roadside Assistance


Standard plan$65
Platinum plan$80
Platinum Complete plan$120

The Good Sam Roadside Assistance Program is a top choice for RVers, who find the company reputable, knowledgeable, and affordable.

The only catch with the prices above is that they are introductory for the first year only and will double in price if you wish to continue coverage in future years.

The Standard plan only provides coverage for a tow vehicle and travel trailer but not for any Class A motorcoach, Class C motorhome, or Class B campervan.

For motorhomes, you must purchase the Platinum or Platinum Complete plan. The Platinum Complete package also covers multiple vehicles and RVs.

Good Sam Package Benefits:

  • Unlimited distance for towing
  • Tire and battery service
  • Gas delivery
  • Lockout service and key replacement
  • Mobile mechanic service for onsite repairs
  • Coverage includes all members of your family
  • 10% discount on repairs at AAMCO

The Platinum Complete plan adds tire and wheel replacement, emergency travel and medical services, coverage for rented or leased RVs, hotel and car rental discounts, and an RV concierge that will assist with locating a repair shop or campground.

The Goodsam Roadside Assistance Review (Video)

2. AAA RV Roadside Assistance – The American Automobile Association


Standard plan$74
Plus plan$104
Premier plan$132

Many RVers already use AAA for their automobiles and appreciate the ease of extending coverage to their recreational vehicle at an affordable rate. But be aware you cannot purchase the AAA RV roadside protection plan on its own.

The plan’s cost will include any previous coverage for your automobile or truck. You’ll need to pay a small extra charge for each member of your household who will be driving the RV and using the service.

All plans cover towing for all motorized and non-motorized recreational vehicles up to 32 feet long. For people with longer motorhomes, fifth wheels, toy haulers, or travel trailers, you’ll need to select a different carrier.

The Classic plan is the most basic, with four service calls a year, towing only up to three miles, flat tire repair, and notary service.

The Plus plan provides up to four tows per year to a distance of up to 100 miles each. The Premier package allows one of the four tows to be up to 200 miles in distance.

AAA Package Benefits for Plus and Premier:

  • 100-200 mile distance for towing (depending on plan)
  • Flat tire and battery service
  • Fuel delivery
  • Lockout service and key replacement
  • You can choose your repair shop
  • Winching service
  • 1 day free car rental with Premier

The biggest plus with going with AAA for your RV roadside help is the discounts on other travel-related products such as hotels, car rentals, repair centers, and even tickets to local attractions.

AAA: Is it Worth the Cost? (Video)

3. Allstate Insurance RV Roadside Assistance

If you already cover your family car or truck through Allstate Insurance, you can utilize their Pay Per Use feature for your RV.

This handy roadside assistance perk includes:

  • Jump start service
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Lockout assistance
  • Trip interruption coverage

Allstate does allow non-policy holders the chance to purchase the RV plan options if they pay a low membership fee.

Allstate also provides short-term insurance coverage for RV rentals through peer-to-peer websites like RVshare and Outdoorsy.

Allstate Insurance RV Roadside Assistance (Video)

4. Progressive Insurance Company

Cost: Prices for the roadside assistance plan vary depending on your state and RV type

Progressive is a well-known insurance company that offers RV roadside assistance you can add to an existing automobile policy.

Progressive still provides roadside help for any non-Progressive-insured tow vehicle as long as you have their insurance on the recreational vehicle you are pulling.

Progressive Roadside Assistance Package Benefits:

  • 15 mile distance for towing (or to nearest shop)
  • Flat tire repair or replacement
  • Fuel delivery
  • Locksmith service
  • You can choose the shop to tow your RV for additional fee
  • Winching service within 100 feet of a roadway
  • Battery jump-starts and charging

Customers like the fact that they can also upgrade their package along with the standard roadside assistance plan. Choose other RV-friendly features such as coverage for loss of personal items inside the RV, emergency expense coverage, trip liability coverage, and pet injury coverage, just to name a few.

Progressive Insurance Review (Video)

5. Coach-Net RV Roadside Assistance


Towable RV plan$179
Premier Coach RV plan$249

Coach-Net has been offering RV roadside assistance for over 30 years, so they know what customers need such as concierge services, tire discounts, and camping discounts along with the standard roadside repair services.

Both plan packages include coverage for the RV owners and any other vehicles registered to them, as well as any kids they have up to 24 years old.

Another perk of Coach-Net is their reimbursement of up to $2,000 for lodging, food, and other expenses if you’re in an accident 100 miles or more from your residence.

Coach-Net RV Roadside Assistance Benefits:

  • Unlimited distance for towing to nearest service station
  • Unlimited tire and battery service
  • Fuel and fluid delivery
  • Lockout service
  • Emergency trip interruption coverage
  • Winching service
  • Cell phone pinpointing to find you in remote locations

Coach-Net offers a valuable asset for RVers in their unlimited access to their RV Technical Hotline to help you troubleshoot what is wrong and possibly walk you through a DIY fix to get you back on the road faster.

Coach-Net RV Roadside Assistance (Video)

6. Paragon Motor Club


Classic Roadside Membership plan$120 (may vary by state and RV type)
Advantage Roadside Assistance plan$150 (may vary by state and RV type)

Paragon Motor Club offers two levels of emergency roadside assistance for its RV customers in the US and Canada. The company covers drivers of motorhomes and any towable camping trailer.

This coverage follows the person, so it’s viable no matter which RV or automobile you are driving, whether owned, rented, or borrowed.

A membership covers the primary member and a single associate member such as your spouse, with additional family members under 21 added for a small fee.

The company allows you to purchase coverage on a monthly basis and provides a discount when paying for a whole year upfront which can help you stay on budget.

Some services have no set limit on cost, while others top out at $200-$400 per occurrence, so be aware that Paragon will not fully cover all the charges in some instances.

Paragon Motor Club RV Classic Benefits:

  • 24/7 towing
  • Flat tire and battery service
  • Fuel delivery
  • On-Site mechanical adjustments
  • Lockout service and key replacement
  • You can choose your repair shop
  • Extricating/Winching service

Paragon Motor Club RV Advantage Plan Benefits:

  • All benefits in the Classic plan
  • Customized trip routing
  • Legal defense reimbursement
  • Accident or stolen vehicle trip interruption reimbursement
  • Travel discounts
  • Ambulance reimbursement service
  • Automotive service discounts

Paragon also offers VIP services Travel Assistance which will help you plan other parts of your RV trip, such as making hotel reservations and finding ATMs and tourist bureaus.

Paragon Motor Club- RV/Trailer Roadside Assistance (Video)

RV Roadside Assistance Coverage vs. RV Insurance Coverage

It’s essential to know the difference between RV insurance and what RV roadside assistance services entail.

Roadside assistance isn’t insurance and won’t cover any repairs to your recreational vehicle from crashes with other vehicles. It also won’t provide any protection against damage to other cars, people, or property.

On the other hand, consider scenarios like a flat tire, dead battery, or disabled engine that leave you broken down on the side of the road. Your insurance company won’t cover the cost of repairing any of these issues.

But, a roadside assistance plan will provide a battery jump or a tow to the nearest service station, so you aren’t stranded in a possibly unsafe situation for long.

What to Look For in the Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans

An RV insurance coverage

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The type and size of the recreational vehicle you own and the way you camp play a role in what services you want and need a roadside assistance program to provide.

For example, you won’t need an assistance package that provides 200 miles of towing if you only visit campgrounds within 50 miles of your home. You don’t want to pay for more than you need but certainly don’t want to miss out on the services that you do.

Overall, you’ll want to consider the following factors to determine which program fits your needs best.

Types of Vehicles the RV Roadside Assistance Plan Covers

Many roadside assistance plans for recreational vehicles only cover a specific type of RV, so always check that your camper fits within its scope of coverage.

There are benefits to buying a plan that only covers travel trailers or motorhomes. Such companies have assistance services and technicians tailored to handle any roadside emergency for that type of RV efficiently.

Some plans will only cover RVs up to a particular length or weight, as the company only has tow trucks or equipment to handle that size recreational vehicle.

For towable campers such as travel trailers, fifth wheels, teardrops, pop-ups, and toy haulers, the roadside assistance package may also include coverage for the tow vehicle.

Other roadside assistance plans for RVs may cover other vehicles you bring along on trips, such as golf carts, ATVs, and motorcycles, so keep this in mind when shopping for a policy.

Cost of the RV Roadside Assistance Plan

A driver is waiting for the RV roadside assistance

Every RVer has to find a roadside assistance plan that fits their budget and provides all the benefits they require.

If you camp locally only a few times a year, you can forgo packages with loads of benefits and save money on the annual fee.

On the other hand, buying the cheapest package you find may leave you stuck with hefty repair, towing, or hotel bills if your RV breaks down and the plan doesn’t cover the costs.

It pays to slow down and compare several different RV roadside assistance plans and find the right balance of benefits to price so you can get the best value.

RV Roadside Assistance Towing Distances and Rules

Always read the fine print for the towing distances an RV roadside assistance plan offers to avoid making an expensive mistake.

Some plans may agree to cover up to 150 miles of towing charges, while others may only agree to 20. Where you camp, and the route you travel to get there, play a role in figuring out what distance you can safely choose with your plan.

If you plan to make extensive cross-country RV trips, it’s best to select a plan with the longest towing mileage coverage as you may break down very far from a town that offers an RV repair facility.

Some plans also have restrictions on which RV repair shop they will tow your camper to or may only have a tow truck that can handle RVs up to a particular length or weight.

Check the plan details on whether or not you can choose the repair facility they tow your RV to, or if they only bring it to the nearest tow yard or service station and you need to arrange further delivery to an authorized RV repair center.

Extra Benefits of the RV Roadside Assistance Plan

A person is waiting for the roadside assistance

Some RV roadside assistance plans only cover basic items like tire changes, engine hose and belt replacements, jump starts, towing, or fuel delivery if you run out of gas.

Other plans will provide a comprehensive array of extras such as lockout assistance, winching services if your RV gets bogged down off-road, hotel stays while your camper is being repaired, rental car coverage, and discounts at RV dealerships or camping stores.

The more “extras” a plan offers, the higher the price, but the best roadside assistance companies for RVs know what their customers need and put together packages that provide a good value.

Final Thoughts

RV travel is less stressful when you know you have a reliable roadside assistance package that will get you back on your journey as quickly and affordably as possible.

RVs, from Class A motor coaches to small teardrop campers, all require special equipment and technicians to fix problems, so it’s wise to choose a company that specializes in only RV care.

I hope you look into all of the best RV roadside assistance companies on this list and see for yourself why RV owners give them the highest ratings!

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