Best RV for winter camping

Best RV For Winter Camping

Updated on February 23rd, 2024

The ideal RV for winter camping varies depending on your personal camping preferences. Numerous RV brands offer models ranging from travel trailers to motorhomes designed to withstand the rigors of winter conditions, produced by both established and specialized manufacturers.

To assist you in discovering the perfect RV for winter camping, I’ve compiled this guide highlighting the top brands and models equipped with superior insulation, robust tires, and heated underbellies, among other features.

Important Features to Look for in a Winter Camping RV

A winter camping RV

Recreational vehicles made for winter use need to offer a higher grade of features to combat cold or freezing weather.

A true winter-ready RV will have:

  • Stronger framing to support snow and ice buildup on the roof
  • Freeze or crack-resistant exterior siding
  • Higher R-value insulation on all floors, walls, and ceiling
  • Automotive-style windows more impervious to weather extremes
  • Rugged tires with deep treads
  • Powder-coated chassis to resist road salts
  • Heated underbellies to keep plumbing lines and tanks working properly
  • Excellent propane, solar power, or generator system for off-grid use
  • Heated mirrors or other components for safety
  • Caulking and seals that withstand a low-temperature range without failing

RV manufacturers utilizing the features above know it can make a massive difference in the performance of a camper during cold weather. But the cold-weather improvements also work to enhance camper use during every other season of the year.

Better insulation keeps the camper cooler when running the air conditioner in summer. Higher-quality siding can prevent scratches or cracks during harsh spring weather events or when driving down roads overgrown with brush.

Better caulking materials will stop heavy rains from penetrating the RV, causing wood rot or mold. A great onboard power source can expand camping location choices so you can avoid busy campgrounds when you want to commune with nature.

The reason most RV manufacturers don’t make campers suitable for winter use is understandable, as most people prefer to stay in the safety of their homes when snow or freezing temperatures are forecast. Companies also dislike the additional expense of outfitting an RV with higher-grade features.

But, once you experience the joys of quiet winter camping locations and the beauty of waking up to a fresh blanket of snow, you may find yourself a winter camping enthusiast and want an RV that will make the experience even more comfortable.

So, to help you find the best RV for winter camping, check out the top motorhome and travel trailer brands below with all the details to help you compare models.

Best Motorhomes for Winter Camping

It seems the RV industry creates more travel trailers for winter camping versus motorhomes, but here are the top contenders in each class:

Best Winter Camping Class A Motorcoach – Tiffin Allegro

After checking out many reviews and talking to current customers, the Tiffin Allegro Bus tops the list as the best choice for a Class A winter camping motorhome.

This luxurious motorhome doesn’t skimp on construction, features, or appliances, so it transitions beautifully from warm-to-cold-weather camping with no effort.

The motorhome comes standard with a 10kw diesel generator to keep you warm in the event of a power outage or if you enjoy off-grid camping.

The Tiffin also features an Aqua-Hot heating system that maintains the heat for the interior living areas and the water-heating system.

The roof is molded fiberglass with no seams. Along with the 5.5-inch thick insulation and beefier framing, you never have to worry about leaks or damage from heavy snow or ice buildup on the top of the motorhome.

The high-R-value insulation continues through the walls and floor, creating a tight seal against harsh winter weather and maintaining a cool interior during summer months when you’re running the air conditioner.

The thick insulation also buffers noise, so you don’t have to hear campground neighbors or excessive road noise while traveling.

Other impressive winter-camping features include:

  • Heated freshwater and waste water tank compartments
  • Warm floors via the Hydronic Heating System
  • PowerGlide Chassis and rugged tires for additional winter-driving control
  • Heated mirrors
  • Solar ready for off-grid power

The Tiffin Allegro Bus models range in size from 37.5 feet up to 45 feet in length. Prices for the 2022 lineup start at $497,330.

Runners Up for Best Winter Camping Class A

Best winter camping class A

If the Tiffin is out of your price range, check out these other Class A motorhomes that get high marks for winter camping performance:

  • Winnebago Forza 36H
  • Newmar Ventana 4369

Best Winter Camping Class C Motorhome – Jayco Redhawk 26XD

The best Class C motorhome for winter camping has to be the Jayco Redhawk, which combines a modern interior design with an overall stronger construction of the roof and front cap that increases durability and comfort during cold-weather extremes.

The floorplan is suitable for an array of camping needs for small RVing families, couples, or even solo travelers.

Several features put the Jayco Redhawk above other winter-ready RVs, including the Magnum Truss roofing system that can support a deep layer of snow and heating pads on the freshwater and wastewater holding tanks so they don’t freeze or crack.

Another top feature is the front end, which is made from a seamless fiberglass mold, so you don’t have to fear water or wind penetration during travel days or at the campsite.

Other amenities helpful for winter camping include:

  • 31,000 BTU furnace to keep occupants warm
  • 42-pound capacity propane tank to keep the hot water and heat flowing
  • Triton 6.8L EFI V-10 305HP engine and Ford E-450 chassis for reliable road performance
  • Solid insulation to stop drafty spots within the camper

The Jayco Redhawk 26XD is 28.8 feet in length and under 12 feet in height, so you can travel to more winter camping destinations without worrying about size restrictions for road underpasses or parking at a state or national park campground.

The price for the 2022 model starts at $111,893.

Jayco Redhawk 26XD Class C Motorhome on Ford E-450 Chassis (Video)

Runners Up for Best Winter Camping Class C

Here are other Class C motorhomes with high ratings for winter camping performance:

  • Jayco Greyhawk Prestige
  • Winnebago View

Best Winter Camping Class B Motorhome – Winnebago Revel 44E

The Winnebago Revel 44E Class B motorhome is at the top of the list for best winter campervan for solos or couples.

You can set aside the worry of pipes or tanks cracking from freezing weather as this campervan provides serious insulation throughout, including the holding tanks.

The on-demand water heater means you can wash up with warm water whenever you want, and the heavy-duty vinyl flooring withstands whatever dirt, mud, or snow you track during your camping trips.

Other features great for winter camping include:

  • Dual-pane windows to reduce heat loss
  • Hydronic heating system to keep the interior consistently warm
  • Interior cassette toilet and wet bath for travel convenience
  • Dual 125-amp-hour LiFePO batteries for off-grid power
  • Heated power mirrors for clear views no matter how cold it is outside

Spanning 19.2 feet in length and reaching a height of 10 feet, this vehicle allows for secure travel across the US in all seasons. The starting price for the 2021 models begins at $185,838.

Walk Thru on the 2021 REVEL 44E 4X4 Mercedes Sprinter Van (Video)

Runners Up for Best Winter Camping Class B Campervan

Don’t forget to look into these other Class B motorhomes that are great for winter travel:

  • Fleetwood IROK FSL
  • Winnebago Travato 59K

Best Truck Camper for Winter Camping – Alaskan Campers 10′ Cabover

Alaskan Campers has decades of experience building durable, winter-worthy truck campers that perform above and beyond when temperatures drop below freezing. The 10-foot Cabover model is spacious and features a hydraulic system to lower the roofline during travel for better handling and gas mileage.

The lining of the hardshell exterior uses high-density spray foam insulation that creates a superior seal against wind and water penetration. The exterior siding is also resistant to cracking or scratching.

Enter the well-designed interior to escape the cold and enjoy all the amenities found in larger RVs, such as a kitchen, heating system, bed, and handcrafted cabinetry.

Other features great for winter camping include:

  • 20,000 BTU heater to remain cozy no matter the temperature outside
  • Freeze-resistant appliances for reliable performance
  • 27-gallon freshwater tank for longer travel between fills
  • Upgrade option for solar power, water heater, or thicker insulation
  • Easy-to-clean thick vinyl flooring

Alaskan Campers has a full line of truck camper models that range from 6.5 to 10 feet long in both cabover and non-cabover styles. Some models have a slideout for more space.

The price for the 2021 10′ Cabover model starts at $35,099.

Alaskan Winter Camper Camping (Video)

Runners Up for Best Winter Camping Truck Camper

If a truck camper is on your shopping list, check out these two different brands that get excellent ratings:

  • Lance 4 Season Truck Camper
  • Northern Lite 8-11EX

Best Travel Trailer for Winter Camping – ORV Mountain Series

Outdoor RV Travel Trailers (ORV) is a niche travel trailer company new to the RV industry that offers four lines excellent for winter camping excursions. The Mountain Series offers interior comfort in both design and quality, yet the camper can handle rigorous terrain for both on and off-grid camping any season of the year.

When temperatures drop, you can confidently roll out this travel trailer with its four-season climate package and add the custom details you want, like a faux fireplace or onboard generator.

The 2-inch bonded aluminum frame walls can support heavy, wet snow, while the large furnace and high R-value insulated walls, floor, and ceiling keep occupants warm.

Other features that increase winter camping comfort include:

  • Thermal-pane windows to keep warm air inside the trailer
  • 10-gallon water heater for plenty of hot water
  • Refrigerator kit for cold weather to prevent issues
  • Insulated cargo and exterior doors to protect supply lines and camping gear
  • Tough suspension and off-road chassis for safe travels over all terrain

The Mountain Series offers three classes of travel trailers in various lengths from 18 to 32 feet. Prices for the 2021 models start at around $32,500 for the smallest models.

Runners Up for Best Winter Camping Travel Trailer

Don’t forget to look into these other travel trailers for winter camping trips:

  • Northwood Arctic Fox
  • Jayco Eagle 330RSTS

Best Fifth Wheel for Winter Camping – Forest River Arctic Wolf

The Arctic Wolf by Forest River gives you the choice of six-floor plans and either the Arctic or Extreme Weather package upgrades to create the winter camping RV suitable for your needs.

Larger families will love the 321BH model with a separate master suite, while couples will enjoy the spacious and functional 271RK floor plan. For winter camping, you’ll enjoy draft-free comfort with the block foam insulation in the framing and underfloor heating to keep your feet warm.

Seamless roofing reduces any chance of leaks as snow begins to melt, and the roof is solar-ready if you want off-grid power.

More winter upgrade features include:

  • 35,000 BTU furnace with plenty of ducts to keep the entire interior toasty
  • High-capacity electric fireplace for additional heating
  • Insulator Series Superstructure with wood roof and floor to reduce heat loss
  • Armored underbelly to protect against flying slush or ice chunks during travel
  • Heated holding tanks to prevent freezing and ensure smooth operation during cold snaps

The Arctic Wolf models come in sizes from 31.5 to 43.4 feet in length, with 2021 models ranging from around $34,987 to $68,500.

Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf (Video)

Runners Up for Best Winter Camping Fifth Wheel

Here are two more top picks for winter camping fifth wheels:

  • Coachmen Chaparral
  • Highland Ridge Open Range

Final Thoughts on Best Winter RVs

More and more RVers find that winter camping brings many benefits, like fewer crowds, fascinating new landscapes, and lower campsite prices.

When you have an RV built to withstand brutal winter weather conditions, you can travel in more comfort and safety at any time of the year.

When you choose any of the winter camping RV models above or look for other brands that offer the essential cold-season camping features on my list, you increase the value of your RV.

Extending your camping options through the winter months will bring a new level of adventure to your RV trips, so take a look at the best RVs for winter camping and check them out for yourself!

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