Best places for RV furniture

Best Places for RV Furniture: Uncover Hidden Gems

Updated on February 13th, 2024

Remodeling your RV can be challenging when you don’t know where to find stylish, multifunctional furniture and accessory replacements that will turn your camper into a cozy retreat.

While it’s tempting to purchase residential furniture to install in your RV, it pays to use products made for recreational vehicles’ structural stresses and space limitations.

If you need help with where to begin, here are the ten best places to buy RV furniture so you can finish your project quickly and within your budget!

Why You Should Choose RV-Specific Furniture

RV specific furniture

Trying to remodel or repair your recreational vehicle means locating furniture that fits and works properly. Here are things to consider when shopping for RV furniture:

Keeping the Items Lightweight

Weight is a big concern when you own any RV, and keeping within your camper’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is critical for safety. This total includes the chassis, all the furniture, appliances, camping gear, food, and passengers, so every pound counts.

Depending on your overall plan, you can opt to weigh all the original material coming out of your RV during renovation so you know how many pounds you have to work with when choosing replacements. You can also select items that weigh less, increasing your gas mileage and lowering fuel expenses.

Multifunctional Uses

Most RV owners find that multi-purpose furniture is an excellent replacement when buying new pieces to save on space and weight. For example, you can buy a side table for your RV living area with a litter box or enclosed storage space underneath.

The fewer furniture items inside your camper will increase open floor space, making the interior feel larger and helping you navigate without bumping into things.

Storage is a top priority when choosing RV furniture, so go with a lift-lid ottoman to hold extra blankets and pillows, pick a dinette design with pull-out drawers, or choose beds with a hinged platform that lifts for storage underneath.

Ensuring Furniture Can Withstand Travel Bumps and Vibrations

Durable RV furniture

RV furniture must be durable to withstand years of stress from road trips that will shake and impact items. Builders of recreational vehicle furniture use more glue and fasteners to keep materials from breaking apart under harsh conditions.

Even items you may not think about, such as a TV or a stereo system, can have internal components break from constant rattling. Electronics made for RVs have extra attachments and padding to ensure wires and parts won’t break.

Having the Items Fit Within RV Confines

A new seating in the RV

Nearly all furniture, appliances, and cabinetry inside a recreational vehicle are more compact than a residential version to make the most of the available space.

For example, RV mattresses will be slightly shorter or slimmer than a residential king, queen, or twin bed. In addition, RV refrigerators will be less deep, and most sofas will have a hidden bed in the design to provide more sleeping quarters for guests while camping.

In addition, many larger RV furniture pieces are slim enough to fit through the width of a standard RV entry door for simple installation.

While you can pay a carpenter for custom-made furniture to fit your RV spaces, it’s quicker and cheaper to have an RV furniture company outfit your camper.

Lights, Appliances, and Devices Work on Both 12-Volt and 120-Volt Power

RV camping often involves boondocking or other off-grid adventures that don’t provide the typical 120-volt shore power you get at a standard campground.

This camping style means you’ll rely on your RV’s 12-volt battery power to run lights and other devices when you aren’t plugged into a 120-volt power source. However, RV-specific lights and other devices are wired to handle both voltages of electricity, so they work whether or not you’re plugged in.

If you install 120-volt furniture or lights, you’ll need an RV generator or powerful RV solar power system to run them while boondocking.

Having Sinks, Toilets, and Showers Hook Up Seamlessly to RV Plumbing Systems

A modern RV toilet

It’s common for RV sink drains to be smaller than a standard residential sink. RV toilets have plumbing that drops dirty water directly into a waste tank instead of a sewer drain with a P-trap after each flush.

In addition, RV showerheads are low-flow to extend the camper’s water supply.

While it is possible to install residential bathroom and kitchen fixtures in an RV, it will involve a major alteration of the RV structure and buying extra plumbing fittings and adapters.

Items Being Weather-Resistant

RVs get exposed to a wide range of weather extremes, so all exterior and interior components must be able to handle high heat, excessive humidity levels, freezing temperatures, and dusty and dirty conditions without failure.

Just as RV-specific furniture can withstand rough movements, they also use materials that resist moisture, cold, and heat, so they last longer.

Furniture Is DOT Compliant

Motorhome furniture, such as sofas and dinette seating, must comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) seatbelt regulations for passenger safety while in motion.

Buying DOT-compliant furniture built for recreational vehicles means you’ll have one less thing to worry about once you remodel.

10 Best Places to Buy RV Furniture

RV Furniture

Now that you know what furniture you need to create a functional RV interior, here are the best shopping resources to make your recreational vehicle custom and comfortable.

1. RecPro RV Furniture

RecPro manufactures and sells RV furniture and accessories at their factory in Bristol, Indiana, and through their website.

The company has a huge variety of chairs, sofas, recliners, sinks, fixtures, lights, tables, appliances, and much more, making it a one-stop shop if you’re looking to upgrade or renovate your camper.

RecPro experts know what RVers want and continually upgrade technology and furniture styles, wall coverings, tiles, flooring, fabrics, and paint and stain colors to meet current decorating trends. The company also offers impressive warranties on construction and materials.

With a great selection of environmentally-friendly stain and moisture-resistant fabrics for RV chairs, couches, or curtains and a professional staff to help customize your order, RecPro furniture has all you need to upgrade your RV’s decorating scheme.

Replacing Our Motorhome Couch with RecPro Furniture (Video)

2. Discount RV Accessories & Furniture

Discount RV is the go-to place if you plan to renovate a Sprinter, Promaster, Transit, camper van, SUV, or truck for camping. The company is in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, or you can shop online by visiting their website.

The company focuses on DOT-compliant furniture for motorhomes, campervans, and trucks but offers products for other RVs like travel trailers or fifth wheels. They have a good selection of RV swivel recliners, fold-down benches, and other furniture if you’re looking for compact yet comfortable seating solutions.

3. Camping World Kathy Ireland Collection

For stylish sofas, theater seats, recliners, and storage ottomans for RVs, check out the Kathy Ireland Collection, sold exclusively through Camping World.

Most of the seating offers a manual or power version, and many sofas convert to sleeping quarters. Customers appreciate the high quality of the build and upholstery and how smoothly the recliners and sofa sleepers operate.

Camping World also sells 18 other RV furniture brands, so you’re sure to find all the items you need in one place. Check out all their furniture and accessories at, and if you see something you like, you can have it shipped to your door.

Kathy Ireland on Her New Furniture Collection (Video)

4. Bradd and Hall

Bradd and Hall offers a full range of RV furniture and accessories for all motorhome classes, travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels, and other recreational vehicles. The superior quality of craftsmanship in all their furniture stands out, with many products Amish made or coming from manufacturers like Fjord, Lafer, Lambright, or Villa.

The company has been around for 40 years and offers everything from automobile shades to mattresses and lighting to RV parts. The expert staff will walk you through your RV renovation needs and can even customize furniture to ensure you’re getting the most function from every inch of space.

You can visit the Bradd and Hall showroom in Elkhart, Indiana, or catch them at big RV shows in Tampa or Hershey, PA. You can also browse the website. The company also sells quality used furniture at affordable prices.

Bradd and Hall RV Furniture (Video)

5. Facebook Marketplace / Craigslist / Nextdoor

For bargain RV furniture, the place to search is your local Facebook, Craigslist, or Nextdoor marketplaces. While the selection will be hit or miss, many people snag free or low-cost RV furniture and cabinets from someone else’s camper renovation project.

Some people also salvage RV parts and furniture in good condition and resell them through these sites. Check the sites daily, as RV furniture is a hot seller.

Your luck will be higher in a region where RVing is popular year-round, such as in the southern or western US, but deals can pop up anywhere. Be prepared to act fast and have the ability to pick up the items, as most sellers will not deliver.

6. Lippert Thomas Payne Collection

The Thomas Payne Collection by Lippert features top-of-the-line Euro recliners, standard recliners, mattresses and bedding, sofa sleepers, and theater seating for RVs.

Some pieces in the collection offer power consoles with integrated 110-volt outlets and USB charging ports, which is a boon for RVs notoriously short on outlets. You can find a variety of fabric options to match your RV interior design, and you can even buy new dinette cushions to upgrade the look and feel of your existing booth.

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Prices are on par with other top-quality RV furniture makers but should last for decades with proper maintenance. You can browse the collection by visiting the Lippert website.

Lippert’s Thomas Payne Collection! (Video)

7. Coach Supply Direct

Coach Supply Direct has been serving customers for over two decades and specializes in Class A and smaller motorhome furniture and accessories. Still, it has plenty of products that work for a travel trailer, toy hauler, or fifth-wheel RV.

The company has all the traditional RV furniture options, like jack-knife sofas, booth dinettes, and powered Captain’s chairs, but it also sells lighting, appliances, and window coverings.

Coach Supply Direct carries Lambright, Villa International, Thomas Payne by Lippert, and other brands, even those made by Amish craftsmen. You can shop in their Edwardsburg, Michigan showroom or visit

8. RV Yard

If you’re near Glendale, Arizona, the RV Yard could be the most affordable way to locate the furniture and recreational vehicle components for your RV renovation or repair project.

The RV Yard is part used RV sales lot and part old-fashioned junkyard full of recreational vehicles of all models and ages they allow customers to part out. RV Yard is the place to go if you are still looking for that elusive cabinet, light fixture, or couch to complete your project.

Some of the furniture in the campers are like new, while others are in good used condition, and of course, some are not worth reusing. But searching through the lot and seeing all types of RVs is half the fun!

If you can’t visit the RV Yard in person, you can order parts from their website inventory at You can also call or drop an email if you’re looking for a specific part, and they will keep an eye out for you.

9. Colaw RV Salvage

An RV sofa

The Colaw RV Salvage in Carthage, Missouri, is part of the Colaw RV dealership. The Salvage department is the largest in North America and pulls the best components from old or damaged RVs and restores them before offering them for sale at discount prices.

Colaw RV Salvage carries parts from nearly every make and model RV out there and is a fantastic resource for finding the RV furniture you need.

You can search their extensive inventory at, which features everything from engines to bathroom fixtures. They list all the RVs in stock by model and year and then note which parts are available to salvage off the rig.

You can purchase used, new, or surplus items at reasonable prices and have them shipped.

You can call the company with the RV furniture dimensions you have to work with, and they will help you match with items in their inventory that will fit. In addition,

10. Shop4Seats

A custom RV sofa

Shop4Seats is headquartered in La Habra, California, and specializes in Class A, B, and C motorhome captain chairs, sofa sleepers, barrel chairs, and dinette booths and cushions. The company also sells DOT-compliant seat belts and hardware.

What sets this company apart is its customization of seating areas, such as adding a swivel tray, powered tablet holder, extra storage, or wine glass holder to their sofas to make them more functional.

If you plan to gut your existing RV furniture, the company sells complete furniture packages so that all your components match seamlessly into your new design. Check out their website at, and take advantage of the RV Grand Room seating that is super lux and will make your large motorcoach or fifth wheel ultra comfortable.

Shop4Seats RV Furniture Review After 2 Years of Usage (Video)

In Summary

If you want to renovate your RV before the next camping season, the ten best places to buy RV furniture can help you find what you need, no matter how big your budget is. With new recreational vehicle furniture offering cool features like hidden USB ports or massaging recliners, you can easily upgrade your camping experience.

Or, if you prefer to keep your RV retro, you can locate that unusual table or sink only found in a few camper models at a salvage yard or local marketplace.

Regardless of your choice, upgrading or fixing your RV’s furniture with a higher quality, more functional, and stylistically fitting option will undoubtedly enhance your enjoyment of all your RV trips!

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