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A mini camper

9 Best Mini Campers

Published on June 4th, 2021
Updated on February 8th, 2024

Why are small RVs better?

The obvious answer is that a mini RV will cost less, is easier to tow and park, is fuel-efficient, and you can store it in your garage.

While not everyone wants to sleep or live out of a small trailer while camping, many love the simplicity.

If this type of camping sounds good to you, stay right here to learn what makes a small RV better and what features to look for before checking out my top 9 mini camper picks.

RVing doesn’t need to involve the hassles of driving and maintaining a large recreational vehicle. With a small camping trailer, you can enjoy all of the adventures with less stress!

Small Camper Benefits and What Features to Look For

A mini camper in the campground

Before diving into the best mini camper models, take a moment to see what benefits there are to owning a small RV and what features are essential.

Benefits of a Mini Camper

For the most part, mini-size camping trailers are like smaller versions of larger RVs, but here are the biggest benefits of going small:

  • Lower price
  • Cheaper to insure
  • More fuel efficient to tow
  • Easier to maneuver and park
  • Doesn’t require a heavy-duty truck
  • Simplifies camping vs. tenting
  • It doesn’t skimp on comfort
  • Fewer components to break and repair

Mini Camper Important Features

If you’re going to invest in a mini camper, don’t skimp on the features that will make your camping experience better. Here are the top features I feel are critical in any small travel trailer or teardrop camper:

  • Kitchenette
  • Freshwater tank
  • Large bed
  • Toilet and shower (indoor or out)
  • Solar capability
  • Ample storage
  • Good lighting
  • 110V and USB outlets
  • Exterior awning
  • Windows that open
  • Propane system
  • Option for heating and cooling

Luckily, most of the campers below offer all these features as standard or as an option, so you can choose the amenities that fit your camping requirements.

You want your ideal camper to feel like an extension of yourself, with everything you need and nothing that gets in the way and causes frustration.

If you plan to camp off-grid often, look for boondock packages that improve the camper’s performance for travel over rough terrain and efficient use of power, water, and propane.

Top 9 Best Mini Campers

Parked small campers

What are the smallest camper trailers? Tiny travel trailers and teardrops are mini versions of their larger counterparts.

The compact size and lighter weight increase the ease of use for towing, parking, and storage. Next up are my top picks for mini camper models ideal for camping couples or solo RV enthusiasts.

1. Happier Camper HC1

The HC1 by Happier Camper is a retro-look mini camper that is towable by many cars, minivans, and SUVs, which lowers overall ownership costs.

The innovative modular seating inside the HC1 is what makes this camper unique. There are cubes to fit every need, like a cooler, kitchenette, beds, and a toilet that snaps safely into the flooring for secure travel.

You can move about the Adaptive components into the best configuration for each camping trip’s needs, whether you need to sleep an extra person or bring along a kayak. The modules are weather-resistant, which means you can take them outdoors as seating or storage, too!

Open the full-size rear hatch to load in supplies or rearrange the Adaptive components quickly. Did I mention the HC1 is also solar-ready for off-grid adventures?

Length13 ft.
Dry Weight1100 lbs
GVWR3500 lbs
SleepsUp to 5
PriceStarts at $29,950

Happier Camper HC1 Tour (Video)

2. nüCamp TAG XL

The nüCamp TAG XL is a mini teardrop camper that gets consistently high ratings from customers. The sleek design is super aerodynamic and has a cozy vibe from the arched doorway to the huge skylight that brings the outdoors in.

While the company also puts out a slightly smaller version of the TAG, I feel the XL version is the better choice for the extra 12 inches of width that creates more sleeping space.

The rear hatch holds a very functional kitchen with a Yeti cooler for food storage, sink, microwave, two-burner stove, Bluetooth speakers, and plenty of storage. The optional solar and Boondock Edge package can turn this camper into a dry camping dream.

Fill the 8-gallon freshwater tank for washing dishes or taking an outdoor shower. Inside, you’ll find a queen-size bed, 19-inch television, air-conditioner, plenty of storage, and USB ports and outlets.

The TAG XL is fitting for campers who plan to spend the majority of their time exploring the great outdoors but provides extra protection for sleeping or dealing with inclement weather.

The option to customize the camper through color and decal choices is another bonus!

Length13.7 ft.
Dry Weight1418 lbs
GVWR2200 lbs
PriceStarts at $20,220

nuCamp Tag XL RV (Video)

3. Timberleaf Classic

The Timberleaf Classic is the ideal mini teardrop camper for single or couple camping trips when you are over the hassles of setting up and sleeping in a tent.

The rugged build is well-insulated for all-weather use, and the low profile is easy to tow and slip into any size campsite. Opt for the roof rack for extreme camping convenience to hold all your gear.

The rear kitchen is under the hatch. Open to reveal a slide-out grill, sink, large drawer to house a cooler, lots of storage for dishware and food, as well as a paper towel holder and outlets.

The birch wood interior features a large skylight so you can stargaze at night yet enjoy plenty of natural light during the day for reading or work. The interior also features a ventilation fan, upper storage, outlets, USB ports, a headboard with cubbies, and enough height to sit comfortably.

Length14 ft.
Dry Weight1500 lbs
GVWR2200 lbs
PriceStarts at $23,400

Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers (Video)

4. Jayco Hummingbird 10RK

The Jayco Hummingbird 10RK may be mini in size, but delivers an impressive amount of amenities.

The build starts with an enclosed underbelly, reinforced steel wheel wells, a power jack, dual-battery mount, self-adjusting brakes, Dexter rubber-torsion axles, and Goodyear radial tires.

Inside the camper is a 54″ x 74″ bed, a flip-down shelf, overhead compartments, outlets, an air conditioner (needs shore power to run), a Fantastic Fan vent, and plenty of windows. Cargo nets cover the walls for extra storage, and you can slide the bed to convert it into a couch.

Expose the kitchen by opening the rear hatch. Inside is a 2-way fridge, 2-way TV, microwave, sink, storage, speakers, propane port to hook up a grill, and enough countertop to prep food.

The Hummingbird is solar-ready, so you can enjoy long off-grid camping trips and have all the power you need to remain comfortable. The camper even comes with an awning for protection from the rain and sun.

Length13 ft.
Dry Weight1545 lbs
GVWR2000 lbs
PriceStarts at $12,927

Jayco Hummingbird 10RK (Video)

5. Dub Box Shortie

Dub Box Shortie looks like an original VW van without the cab! The vintage vibes only enhance the appeal of this mini travel trailer with a fiberglass body that will never rust

The large entry door and rear hatch make it simple to load and provide tons of air circulation, so you never feel claustrophobic. In addition, the build is super-lightweight and is a breeze to tow, park, and level.

The more boxy shape enhances the interior’s headroom and storage capacity. This camper is equipped with a double bed that can be transformed into a seating area and a table. It offers kitchen upgrades, including a sink, stovetop, and compact refrigerator, all of which are accessible from the rear hatch, providing added convenience when at the campsite.

Other options like an awning and water tank let you customize the camper to your exact requirements. The company will even paint it any color you choose!

Length9.5 ft.
Dry Weight1000 lbs
GVWR1653 lbs
PriceStarts at $14,095

Dub Box (Video)

6. High Camp Teardrop

The High Camp Teardrop travel trailer is a mini RV that is so well-built it should last a lifetime.

The simple design stands tall, with attention to the details that matter to those who camp often. For example, the dual wide entry doors allow you to enter or load supplies conveniently from either side of the 5-foot-wide cabin, plus it will enable excellent airflow while at the campsite.

The interior is an escape from the elements and provides comfortable sleeping or lounging on the mattress that spans the entirety of the floor. Cabinets, lights, nooks, a fan, and outlets cover the upper portion of the camper.

The incredible woodwork inside the cabin shows you how much effort goes into every build. The rear galley opens up from the hatch that doubles as a cover during use. Inside, you’ll find a slide-out three-burner stainless steel cooktop, Coleman cooler, tons of storage, and another outlet.

Length12 ft.
Dry Weight1620 lbs
GVWR2500 lbs
PriceStarts at $17,150

High Camp Teardrop (Video)

7. Armadillo Mini Camper

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The Armadillo small travel trailer uses a two-piece fiberglass shell that forms a high-strength body that prevents common problems with leaking at seams other campers suffer.

The interior of the camper is stunning, with radius-corner cabinetry that makes excellent use of every inch. The charming porthole windows on the door and rear hatch make the trailer stand out from others.

Enjoy the circulating fan and the screen door that most small camping trailers are missing. The high-density insulation in the ceiling, floor, and walls also increases comfort in hot and cold camping conditions and buffers sound.

The rear kitchen features a Nova Kool fridge, a stainless-steel sink, and a two-burner stove to make campsite cooking easy. In addition, the camper comes with a freshwater tank and a water pump to increase convenience for washing up after cooking or a day exploring the local sites.

Length13.6 ft.
Dry Weight1800 lbs
GVWR2500 lbs
PriceStarts at $19,500

Armadillo Mini Camper (Video)

8. Taxa Outdoor Cricket

The Cricket by Taxa Outdoors is an ultra-lightweight mini travel trailer that even tow-rated 4-cylinder cars can pull safely.

I love the amenities on this tiny camper, like the water heater and outdoor shower, and the option for an air conditioner or a fridge that loads from the top! The comfort level inside this camper is very impressive.

The design allows it to sleep two adults and two children, making it one of the few mini campers for small families. In addition, the pop-up roof increases circulation and headroom, making you feel like you’re in a tent but with all the protection of a hard-shell roof and sidewalls.

There’s no need to go outside to cook with this mini camper. The Cricket has a compact kitchen with a two-burner stove, fridge, and sink with a cover to expand counter space.

Sleeping takes place on the convertible dinette, and you can add optional berths for the kids.

Length: 15 ft.

Length15 ft.
Dry Weight1753 lbs
GVWR2700 lbs
SleepsUp to 4
PriceStarts at $37,500

Taxa Outdoor Cricket (Video)

9. Rockwood Geo Pro G12SRK

The Rockwood Geo Pro G12SRK is a single-axle mini trailer that has a user-friendly interior layout that’s different from other small campers.

The clever design starts with the 74-inch gaucho couch that transitions to a bed. By placing the sofa along the far wall, you can enter the door and access supplies without crawling over the mattress. A small wardrobe and overhead cabinets give you plenty of room to hold personal belongings safely.

The camper also boasts a waste tank, which is rare on such tiny travel trailers, a water heater, propane cylinders, and even a water filtration system.

The kitchen is accessible via the rear hatch, where you’ll find a built-in cooktop, sink, microwave, fridge, and enough cabinets to keep all your cooking supplies organized.

I suggest adding on the 13,500-BTU roof-mounted air conditioner with Chill Chaser heat strip and the awning system for more camping comfort.

Length12 ft.
Dry Weight1763 lbs
GVWR2898 lbs
PriceStarts at $16,442

Rockwood Geo Pro G12SRK (Video)

Final Thoughts

A mini camper can fit perfectly into any camping lifestyle, from the weekend warrior to a full-time RVer.

Not everyone desires or needs all the bells and whistles for total camping enjoyment, and often, a mini camper ends up being a blissfully low-stress way to explore the country.

I hope you give the mini camper models in my list a look and decide for yourself if this type of RV is up your alley. Remember that when it comes to recreational vehicles, big is not necessarily better!

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
-- Andre Gide

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