Best 5th wheel manufacturers

Best 5th Wheel Manufacturers

Updated on February 1st, 2024

Serious RVers love the space and easier towing a fifth-wheel trailer provides, but what manufacturer delivers the best models?

You only need to read this guide to help you navigate through all the fifth-wheel RV brands and showcase the best of the best. Inside, you’ll find the details on which fifth-wheel manufacturers and models are best for couples or families, along with the top features that make them stand out over the competition.

Don’t go shopping for your new fifth-wheel trailer without checking out this guide to save time finding the camper of your dreams!

What is a Fifth Wheel Trailer?

A fifth wheel trailer

Aside from both campers being one you tow, there are many differences between a fifth-wheel trailer and a travel trailer.

First, the hitch attachment for a fifth wheel is via a hitch that attaches to the center of a truck bed and not from the tow vehicle bumper.

The hitch’s location inside the truck bed changes the center of gravity and turning radius of the trailer, enabling much smoother and safer towing and parking than a traditional bumper-pull trailer.

A fifth wheel is also taller to accommodate the hitch attachment but still provides living space above the connection.

Because a fifth wheel is heavier than most travel trailers, it will require a heavy-duty truck for towing.

Fifth wheels have many slides, and the overall size increases the weight. In addition, the amenities are plentiful, such as dual or even triple air conditioning units, more cabinetry in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom areas, residential-size appliances, multiple couches, and larger holding tanks.

Fifth-wheel interiors have a luxurious design and a more residential feel. The RV manufacturer has the room to install bigger closets and shower stalls, king-size beds, kitchen islands, and even washers and dryers without sacrificing floor space.

What Sets the Top Fifth-Wheel Brands Apart

A few fifth-wheel trailers in a campground

The best fifth wheel manufacturers are:

  • Grand Design RV
  • Keystone RV
  • DRV Luxury Suites

Here are the reasons these fifth wheel manufacturers get rave reviews:

Reputation for Excellent Customer Service

RV companies love to tout their attention to customers’ needs during the sales process, but many fall way short when you need repairs or assistance.

The best fifth wheel manufacturers are readily available to help customers quickly remedy any problems you may encounter when using your new RV.

From answering questions about how the appliances or fifth wheel components operate, to honoring warranties for repair work, the companies above make an effort to keep their customers happy.

Reputation for Best Fifth Wheel Construction

Best fifth wheel construction

Any fifth wheel trailer can look amazing on the showroom floor. Still, once you take it on the road, the bumps and vibrations will highlight any poor quality construction and materials the manufacturer uses in the build.

The best RV brands always use top-quality appliances and components made for the stress of road travel. The companies also use highly-trained builders and technicians who know the demands of the RV lifestyle, so your trim work won’t pop off, or your plumbing-line fittings won’t jiggle loose and leak.

Best Fifth Wheel Floor Plans and Interior Designs

The fifth wheel trailer manufacturers above provide customers an array of floor plans suitable for different customer needs, with well thought out designs to meet traffic flow and storage requirements.

A couple may want the extra space in their RV for an office nook, while a family may want a bunkhouse for the kids. All will want to avoid the hassle of looking for spaces to store camping supplies and personal belongings and tripping over or maneuvering around the awkward placement of furniture.

The interior design of the top fifth wheel brands stay modern in the look of the furniture and fixtures, allowing owners to add in the personal touches and colors they enjoy.

Exceptional Fifth Wheel Value for the Price

The best fifth wheel RV manufacturers provide more value because the construction and amenities are better than those in lesser-quality brands.

If your RV can withstand years of use and still look and function as new, you can recoup much more of your investment if you ever need or want to sell in the future.

While camping, a higher grade of fifth wheel also provides more enjoyment for day-to-day use because you and your guests aren’t frustrated by tight quarters or faulty components that need continual maintenance or repairs.

Ease of Fifth Wheel Towing

The best fifth wheel brands make sure towing their trailer is as stress-free as possible so that you can enjoy travel days just as much as campground days.

From state-of-the-art hitch and trailer suspension systems, trailer brakes, tire pressure monitoring systems, and more, you can rest assured the top manufacturers deliver all the components you need for safe and comfortable towing.

Top 3 Fifth Wheel Trailer Manufacturers

Now it’s time to detail each of the best fifth-wheel brands and highlight which models are a good fit for solos, couples, small families, large families, and full-time RVers.

Grand Design RV

Grand Design RV is a subsidiary of Winnebago Industries, so they have the experience and skills to not only deliver high-quality fifth wheels but also give their customers the attention they require with top-notch customer service.

Grand Design RVs are a favorite for full-time RVers and families who want to enjoy a luxury-level camping experience.

With 34 different floorplans to choose from across their three lines of fifth wheels, everyone can find a perfect match for their needs.

Are Grand Design RVs Better? (Video)

Best Grand Design Model For Solo RVers

If you are a solo RVer but wish to have a comfortable RV for travel, the Reflection 150 Series 260 RD has a great floor plan with a private bedroom and bathroom.

The rear U-shaped dinette lounge is expansive, making it ideal for seating many guests or for the room for working, gaming, or crafting. In addition, the position of the couch and fridge in the deep slide keeps the main living and kitchen space open and airy.

Grand Design Reflection 150 Series 260rd 5th Wheel (Video)

Best Grand Design Model For Couples

The Reflection 150 Series 280 RS is ideal for couples who will appreciate the two slides in the main living space that increases seating capacity for watching TV and the free-standing table and chairs for dining or working more comfortably.

The location of the slides allows full access to the bedroom and bathroom even when shut, making pit stops very convenient when you want to use the camper to take a break on travel days.

Reflection 150 Series 280RS (Video)

Best Grand Design Model For Small Families (2-3 Kids)

With a whopping five slides and over 41-feet in length, the Grand Design Solitude 380FL is a great choice for RV families with 1-3 kids.

The floor plan separates the master suite in the rear with the lounge and entertainment area in the front so that parents can have some space peacefully away from the kids. Then, when it’s time for bed, two of the sofas fold out with room for up to four kids to sleep.

What makes this model ideal for family camping is the second half-bath off the kitchen, so the kids or guests don’t need to walk through the master suite to use the toilet.

Grand Design Solitude 380FL (Video)

Best Grand Design Model For Large Families (4-8 Kids)

If your family is large, check out the Reflection 311BHS or Reflection 367BHS models from Grand Design.

Both offer enough sleeping capacity and separation for everyone to spread out. Storage is ample both inside and out, and the upper bed in the 367BHS will get kids excited.

The 311BHS has a rear bunkhouse and secondary half-bath for extreme flexibility and privacy for big families.

Reflection 311BHS (Video)

Best Grand Design Model For Fulltime RVers

The Solitude 280RK is a shorter fifth wheel, coming in at just under 33 feet, which means you can park it with ease at just about any private RV park and at a state or national park campground that often has size restrictions.

What this camper lacks in size, it gains in the functions that make everyday living enjoyable such as:

  • Pass-through storage compartments
  • Residential appliances
  • Large closets and pantries
  • Weather-Tek all-season construction with heated underbelly
  • Extra counter space
  • Fireplace and tech-friendly entertainment center

Solitude 280RK (Video)

Keystone RV

Thor Industries is the owner of Keystone RV, which explains their high ratings for their fifth wheel lines that include yearly upgrades to keep up with the latest technology and design innovations.

Keystone RV has six fifth-wheel lines, including toy haulers, with an incredible 53 floorplans.

The best part about Keystone RV is that you can find high-quality campers at affordable price points.

Best Keystone RV Fifth Wheel For Solo RVers

For solo travelers, the Montana 3121RL is an excellent choice for both value and ease of towing and parking.

The 35-foot length isn’t difficult to maneuver alone, and the three slides make the interior feel very spacious, even if you choose to have guests.

The front bedroom is cozy and is next to the bathroom that features a huge shower. The kitchen features an island and residential appliances, and the living area has a sleeper sofa, theater seating, and an entertainment center with a fireplace and HDTV.

Keystone Montana 3121RL Three Slide Fifth Wheel (Video)

Best Keystone RV Fifth Wheel For Couples

The Keystone Avalanche 338GK has an outstanding floor plan for couples that make camp life super-efficient and comfortable.

The luxury touches upgrade the interior design, such as the wrap-around island with barstool seating in the kitchen, four slides for extreme openness, tons of cabinetry, and a well-appointed bathroom.

The outdoor kitchen and two separate awnings increase the value even more.

Keystone Avalanche 338GK Review (Video)

Best Keystone RV Fifth Wheel For Small Families (2-3 Kids)

The Keystone Alpine 3910RK needs a look if you have a small family and need an affordable, yet spacious, fifth wheel.

The floor plan of this model puts the kitchen in the rear, with an entry for easy access to grab snacks or drinks without needing to track through the whole RV.

The center living and entertainment area converts to sleeping quarters at night and features a half-bath with another outside-access door for convenience.

Parents can enjoy quiet time in the front master suite that boasts a massive full bath with a walk-in closet and a dual-basin sink.

Keystone Alpine 3910RK (Video)

Best Keystone RV Fifth Wheel For Large Families (4-8 Kids)

Although the Montana High Country 385BR only has one bathroom, it can sleep up to ten so large families can camp in comfort.

There’s a central bunk room with a loft for the kids, along with a wide convertible sofa in the rear. The master suite upfront allows parents to have some privacy, while the roomy kitchen provides residential appliances that make cooking for large crowds a breeze.

Four slideouts, two awnings, an outdoor kitchen, and loads of storage make this a family-camping top pick.

Keystone Montana 385BR (Video)

Best Keystone RV Fifth Wheel For Fulltime RVers

Full-time RVers who want a separate workspace or room to bring along motorcycles, kayaks, an ATV, or a golf cart will love the Keystone Fuzion 369 Toy Hauler.

The 39-foot length is spacious, and the interior features such as the bar top with stools and full-size fridge in the kitchen are very convenient for daily life.

Other top features that make everyday living enjoyable are:

  • Extra-tall slide and ceiling height
  • Residential-style furniture with heated seats
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Exterior utility storage w/ 110V outlet
  • Equalizer 6-point hydraulic leveling system

Keystone Rv FUZION 369 (Video)

DRV Luxury Suites

DRV Luxury Suites has risen quickly to the top of the fifth wheel industry for their truly luxury-level designs, constant upgrades, and superior construction quality.

The company has a Mobile Suites and Full House line with a myriad of floor plans in models that range from 36-44 feet in length. The Full House is a toy hauler line.

Full-time and snowbird RVers are especially fond of the DRV fifth wheels, but anyone with the appropriate budget should look into this brand if you want one of the most well-built RVs you can buy.

Best DRV Luxury Suites Model For Solo RVers

The DRV Mobile Suites 36 RSSB3 is an excellent choice for the solo RVer due to the more private bathroom and bedroom access away from the main entrance door.

At around 37 feet, the length is manageable for a single person to drive and park, and the main living and kitchen area boasts two full-wall slides for ultimate roominess for you and your pets or guests.

 DRV Mobile Suites Luxury 36 RSSB3 (Video)

Best DRV Luxury Suites Model For Couples

Couples are going to love the DRV Mobile Suites 41 RKDB model that will make camp life fun.

The rear kitchen features a wrap-around counter for more room to prep meals, and the addition of the half-bath means no more fighting for a turn to use the facilities.

The cozy lounge area and king-size bed are two other touches that appeal to RVing couples.

DRV Mobile Suites 41 RKDB Luxury Fifth Wheel (Video)

Best DRV Luxury Suites Model For Small Families (2-3 Kids)

Small RVing families should look at the DRV Mobile Suites 43 Manhattan model that has a master bedroom and bathroom in the front and a rear bunkhouse with an additional full bathroom for the kids.

The main living and kitchen area offers plenty of storage and seating with two full-wall slideouts. The island provides more counter space for meal prep, and the entertainment center is state-of-the-art.

DRV Mobile Suite 43 Manhattan Walkthrough (Video)

Best DRV Luxury Suites Model For Large Families (4-8 Kids)

If you need more sleeping quarters for your large family, the DRV Full House LX455 is the model to check out.

The main living and kitchen area layout gives you room to add in some additional seating, and the angle of the entertainment center allows room for a half-bath off the garage.

DRV allows plenty of input and options for creating the sleeping capacity you require within the garage space so you can tailor the design to your family’s needs.

Full House lx455 Toy Hauler Exterior (Video)

Best DRV Luxury Suites Model For Fulltime RVers

The Mobile Suites 41 FKMB is a wonderful model for full-time RV life due to the six slides that increase overall living space dramatically.

The rear bedroom features a massive bathroom and king-size bed. The kitchen and living/entertainment area are separate, making the layout feel more residential and giving guests a room to cook meals or watch TV without disturbing others.

More DRV Mobile Suites 41 FKMB features that make everyday living enjoyable are:

  • 20 CF residential refrigerator
  • Bar top seating in kitchen
  • Fireplace
  • Residential Perimeter Heating
  • Large walk-in pantry/closet
  • Heat and A/C ducting in bathroom
  • Industrial hydraulics for jacks and lower level slides

Mobile Suites 41FKMB – Walk Through (Video)

Final Thoughts

When you start your RV life by owning a fifth wheel from one of the top manufacturers, you ensure more time enjoying your camping trips and less time dealing with faulty construction or appliances that create headaches.

I hope you take the time to compare the top fifth wheel manufacturers and models above and check out your favorites in person at your local RV dealership.

If you are thinking of upgrading your current RV or are in the market for the first time, the latest fifth wheel offerings from the best RV manufacturers will be surprising!

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